The Curse of Arrav

By: Mith
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Essential Info

Start Point

Travel to Nardah and speak to Ali the Wise in his house.



  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

First of all, you'll need to find a way of getting to Nardah. You're probably going to want an Enchanted Water Tiara and/or desert survival gear such as waterskins, desert clothing, and a knife. From the Shantay Pass, either take the carpet to Pollnivneach or walk southeast there. From there, go south to the next magic carpet. You can either take that carpet to Nardah or walk south to a bridge, go across and continue directly east to Nardah. Another option, if you've completed Enakhra's Lament, is to take a Camulet and use it to teleport to Enakhra's Temple and walk east. Once in Nardah, head to one of the more northern buildings to find Ali the Wise. Speak with him.

Talk to Ali the wise

He'll tell you he's been doing some research since you last spoke with him and that one of his contacts found something very interesting. He asks that you go on a mission that will aid him on his research of the mysterious Mahjarrat creatures. Accept the mission and he'll state that one of his other contacts found an entrance to some tunnels. He mentions that the tunnels seem to lead directly under the plateau where Jhallan said the Ritual will happen. Ask him where the tunnels are to find out that they are at the top of Trollweiss Mountain. Feel free to ask him other questions, but if you think you're ready to go, you may.

The Tunnels

Beware: During this part of the quest you'll have to run past Thrower Trolls (unless you teleported to Trollheim), Ice Trolls, and fight Arrav (Level 180)

A map of the route to the tunnel entrance

Now you'll have to find a way to the top of Trollweiss Mountain. The fastest way would be to teleport to Trollheim (Level 61 Magic, 2 Law Runes and 2 Fire Runes, requires completion of Eadgar's Ruse) and climb down the mountain. If you can't teleport to Trollheim, you're best bet is to bring Climbing Boots and walk all the way up to the Thrower Trolls and past them. Once you get there using either route, you'll then need to go on the northwest path where it'll start to snow. Once at the Ice Gate your stats and run energy will start to drain, so beware. Feel free to use a super restore potion now if you brought one. Don't go through the gates, instead, go a couple steps northwest up a small hill to a cave entrance. Enter it.

An Ice Troll

Put on Protect from Melee as you run past some level 120/121 Ice Trolls in this cave. Continue through the cave until you find the exit. Once out of there, you'll be on Trollweiss Mountain. From where you are now, head east and enter the cave entrance.

Stone tableStone tableStone tabletStone tableOnce inside this cave you'll see rubble everywhere which require a Mining level of 64 to mine. To get past the first part of rubble, you'll need to mine the smaller pieces. Start mining the rubble from the south side. When it says you can't mine it any more from that side, go around to the east side of the rubble. Mine it from there to get through. Progress through the cave to find your first Stone Tablet on the ground.

Note: Fortunately, if you leave the cave, you don't have to mine the rubble again. However, if you leave the cave without finishing a section of rubble that you were working on, that rubble will have to be mined again.

Take stone tablet

After you pick it up, there will be much more rubble to mine. Start mining any rock until it says you cannot mine it any more from that side. Once that happens and there is no other side to mine it, it's probably because there is a rock that you'll have to mine to mine the other rock from a different side. Keep doing this and make your way to the second Tablet.

Mining the rubble to clear a path

Once you get the second tablet you'll then just need to mine your way past the rest of the rubble. Up ahead you'll find the third Stone Tablet. Again, another rock puzzle. Slightly more confusing than the last, but not too difficult. Just find a rock to mine and go from there. Keep in mind that you will eventually have to clear all the small rocks other than the ones that are unable to be mined. Using that information you should be able to finish this puzzle quickly.

Another pile of rocks blocking the way

Moving on to the final puzzle, as well as the most annoying. First off, head down the most western path to be on the west side of some rubble. You'll want to clear this first. Mine what you can until you get the message saying you'll need to mine it from a different side. Then, go down the path just east of the one you just went down. Finish mining the rubble from there. When you're done, there should be only one pile of rubble left in that area.

The cleared path

Now continue on to the main part of this last puzzle. It's recommended to start down the middle path and mine as much as you can there. Once you have, go to the puzzle from the northern path. You won't be able to clear out any rocks from here, but you'll be able to degrade them a bit. As soon as you've done that you can finally go to the southern path to the puzzle and you should be able to finish clearing all the rocks from there. If not, you probably missed something. Like all of these rock puzzles all rocks that are possible to be mined must be cleared to complete it. A picture of the finished product is below.

The cleared pathway

NotesYou'll now be able to access a cellar. Search the bookcase next to the stairs for some Notes (a-j). All the other bookcases will have nothing in them. The other set of notes will come later in the quest. Read the Notes along with the Stone Tablets if you have not done so already. You don't need any of the Stone Tablets or the Notes for any part of the quest, however, after the quest you may show them to Ali the Wise for no rewards.

Search the bookcase to find some notes


Now head up the stairs only to meet Arrav (Level 180). Speak with Arrav. It'll appear that Zemouregal has a great hold on Arrav and wants Arrav to attack you. The conversation will suddenly end and Arrav will attack you. Simply turn on protect from melee and fight him. He'll start telling you things that could help you both. After you get him down to about half life, he'll teleport.

Fighting Arrav

KeyPlansDuring the battle, you will be told to go to the room to the south and look behind a flame tapestry. You'll find a key and some plans attached to the back of the tapestry. Now you should head back to Ali the Wise in Nardah to help you interpret what these things mean.

Search the Tapestry
You find a key and some plans attached to the back of the tapestry.

Learning About the Heart

Once you make it to Ali the Wise, speak with him and he'll ask if you found the tunnels yet. You'll tell him about what you've done so far and tell him about the key and plans you found behind the flame tapestry.

Yes, I found some plans in them, too.... might help me get into the deeper chambers.

He'll notice that something seems to be marked as the heart of Arrav on the plans. Finding the heart may be the way to free poor Arrav. However, Ali states that there will probably be some significant problems in reaching the heart. Now cutscene appears. Ali the Wise will explain all the difficulties of getting through the base. It seems like so much security that it very well could be impossible. Ali states that the trickiest part will be moving Arrav's heart while keeping it alive. You'll say you have no idea of how to do something like that, but you know a mummy that could.

Arrav's heart on a table

Time to head to Senliten. From your current location, all you have to do is hug the desert edge until you find the pyramid (basically just northeast of Ali the Wise). Enter the pyramid just as you did in the Missing My Mummy quest. When inside, head northwest to the imposing doors. Pass them and head south to go down the stairs. You'll have to pass the puzzle again. For more information on how to pass the puzzle, head to the Missing My Mummy guide. Now that you're across, speak with Senliten the Pharaoh Queen.

Talk to the Pharaoh Queen

Your character will explain everything to her. She'll tell you that you truly live in dark times for someone to do this to another. However, she knows of a way to do what you asked. You will have to store the heart in the Canopic Jar she'll give you, but, you'll have to supply the preservations that'll keep the heart alive. These are: Sacred Oil, 3 Dwellberries, and a Ring of Life.

Pharaoh Queen: This is a canopic jar, used for carrying organs.

After she hands you the Canopic Jar, she'll explain what the Dwellberries are for. If you have all the materials, first put in the Sacred Oil. Then put in the Dwellberries followed by the Ring of Life. You should now have a full jar. Now you must return to Ali the Wise to see if he has any ideas on how to get further into Zemouregal's base yet. It turns out Ali the Wise did come up with some things while you were gone. You'll need Insulated Boots to get past the electrical shocks in the sewer. You'll also a need to find some way of remotely seeing what is happening in secure areas. For that you'll need a Macaw summoned. Finally, you'll also need a a Mithril Grappling Hook, and a Mithril or better Crossbow.

So, to summarize, I need some sort of insulated protection, some way of remove viewing...... under the Chaos Temple in the south-east of the Wilderness.

The Great Heist

Head to Varrock and climb the tower in the northwest corner of Varrock Castle. Speak to Hartwin who will guide you safely to the entrance of Zemouregal's base. Once at the Temple, enter the trapdoor just south of the altar, just as you did in the Defender of Varrock quest.

A map of the temple

When you're in the base just follow the path as far as you can go, ignoring the zombies. When you get to the metal door, you'll only be able to go through if you have the base key on you. When the path comes to a split, you'll be at the area where the cutscene was at.

Note: If you accidentally trigger the alarm, don't worry, you'll only be taken closer to the entrance of the base. You may also be dealt some damage. Just head back.

A split in the tunnel

Head into the kitchen and enter the pipe to the sewers. Make sure you're wearing your Insulated Boots to protect you from the electricity. Basically just follow the sewer until it ends and summon your Macaw. Interact with your Macaw and tell it to 'remote view'.

Summon your Macaw and interract with it.

You'll see that it is clear and enter the pipe. Head to the room to the south and search the tables. You should get Decoder Strips and another set of Notes (k-z). Now pick-lock the chest to receive a Code Key, read it. Head on over to the big metal door and operate the keypad.

Operate the keypad

Ignore everything in the middle right now. Remember your four letter code. Use the arrows above the strips to control them. For your first strip, you'll want to put it over the first letter in your code. The second strip will have to be done the same; move it over the second letter in the code. Repeat that for the last two strips as well. An example code could be FGHI. If you had that code, here would be your end product:

The keypad

Now to enter your code. All you have to do is take the numbers the strips reveal and put them in the code box in order. So in this situation you'd put in '1' first. To do that use the up/down arrows until a 1 is shown. Then hit the arrow pointing right to enter it. The arrow pointing left will delete a number in the code box. Do this for all the numbers to complete the code. The end result for FGHI would look like this, except with 9 in the last box:

The keypad

Once you get it to work, you'll hear the door unlatching. You'll now be in the room with the heart on the pedestal. To get past the fire traps you have to grapple the pipes on the ceiling. Your character will pull themselves onto the pipes and climb across to the other side of the fire traps.

Grapple the pipes

Take from the pedestal and your character will very, very carefully put the heart into the jar. Now you'll want to teleport out and travel back to Ali the Wise. From here, Ali will do the rest of the work and figure out how to get the heart back into Arrav. You get to sit back and enjoy your experience rewards. Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed The Curse of Arrav.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 30,000 Mining experience 14,000 Thieving experience 9,000 Agility experience 9,000 Ranged experience 9,000 Strength experience 4,000 Summoning experience 2,500 Slayer experience 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak with Ali the Wise.
  2. [^] Head to Trollweiss Mountain.
  3. [^] Enter the cave on the northeast part of the mountain.
  4. [^] Mine rubble.
  5. [^] Pick up stone tablets.
  6. [^] Search bookcase.
  7. [^] Speak with Arrav
  8. [^] Fend off Arrav
  9. [^] Search Tapestry for a key and some plans.
  10. [^] Go back and talk to Ali the Wise.
  11. [^] Go to Senliten, the pharaoh queen, and speak with her.
  12. [^] Put sacred oil, 3 dwellberries, and a ring of life in the canopic jar.
  13. [^] Head back to Ali the Wise again and speak with him.
  14. [^] Go to the Chaos Temple
  15. [^] Enter trapdoor and head to kitchen.
  16. [^] Enter pipe into the sewer.
  17. [^] Travel to end of sewer and summon Macaw.
  18. [^] Remote View Macaw.
  19. [^] Search tables in southern room.
  20. [^] Pick-lock chest.
  21. [^] Operate keypad and solve puzzle.
  22. [^] Go through door and grapple pipe.
  23. [^] Take from pedestal
  24. [^] Go back and talk to Ali the Wise for the last time.
  25. [^] Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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