The Elemental Workshop I

By: Salmoneus
Special Thanks to: Ambo100, Astrojon007, Azza Kill, Irplop, KaBob799, Mrcsupertrain, Neo Avatars, Richard_ba, Roy, Shooter585

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by searching the bookcase just southwest of the Seers' Village bank.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Short

Getting Started

Battered bookFirst off, head to the Seer's Village and search the bookcase in the house just southwest of the bank to find a Battered Book. Read it to find out that an ore with magic properties was found and a workshop was built to create new inventions, but it was closed down because the new inventions were becoming too powerful. Also note the last statement: " may still find a way to enter the workshop within this leather bound volume." You should keep this book with you until you finish the quest.

Search this bookcase

The Workshop

Battered keyUse a Knife with the book to find a Battered Key and head north to the Smithing building. Use the key with the odd looking wall and head down the stairs to the workshop. From the stairs, head north to a small room with a water wheel; turn the right valve first, and then turn the left one. Pull the lever in front of the wheel to get it started, and head back to the stairs.

Stone bowlNow go to the east room to find a large Bellows that appears to have a hole in it. You'll need some soft Leather as well as a needle and thread to fix it (all 3 items can be found by searching the boxes and crates in the various rooms), and when you have those items just click "Fix Bellows." Now pull the lever in front and search the boxes and crates in the various rooms for a Stone Bowl.

Elemental metalHead to the west-most room and try to mine from the rocks. You'll be attacked by a level 64 Earth Elemental, so kill it and take the Elemental Ore. Now go to the south room and use the bowl with the Lava Trough to fill it with lavaLava bowl, and then use it with the furnace to the east. Smelt the ore, as well as 4 Coal in the furnace to get a bar of Elemental Metal. Smith this on one of the Workbenches to make an Elemental Shield (gives 8 Smithing xp). Congratulations, quest complete!

Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Elemental Shield 5,000 Crafting experience 5,000 Smithing experience

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Search Bookcase in house south-west of Seers Bank
  2. [^] Read Book
  3. [^] Use Knife with Book
  4. [^] Go into Smithing Building to north
  5. [^] Use Key with Odd Looking Wall
  6. [^] Climb down Stairs
  7. [^] Head north into room with Water Wheel
  8. [^] Turn right valve
  9. [^] Turn left valve
  10. [^] Pull lever
  11. [^] Head into east room
  12. [^] Fix Bellows with Soft Leather, Needle and Thread
  13. [^] Pull lever
  14. [^] Search Boxes and Crates in room to find Stone Bowl
  15. [^] Head to west room
  16. [^] Mine Rock
  17. [^] Kill Elemental that appears
  18. [^] Take Elemental Ore
  19. [^] Head into south room
  20. [^] Use bowl with lava trough
  21. [^] Use with Furnace to east
  22. [^] Smelt Ore and 4 Coal in Furnace
  23. [^] Smith Elemental Bar on Workbench to make Elemental Shield
  24. [^] Quest Complete!

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