The Eyes of Glouphrie

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Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Brimstail in his dungeon in the Gnome Stronghold.



  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

Here's a map of the start point and other quest locations:

Location of the start point
  • Gliders will put you on the top floor of the Grand Tree.
  • Spirit Tree in the center of the Stronghold.

Talk to Brimstail, who will start by talking about his new pet. Those cuddly creatures that wander in and around the Grand Tree.


Curiosity will of course get the better of you and, as with all things that will get you into trouble, you are nosey and thus ask him what he is doing there. Brimstail will explain to you he investigates Thaumaturgy, researches the Arcane and, as if nothing else matters, attempts to explain the inexplicable. You, of course, cannot help but blow your own trumpet, and thus a conversation about magic ensues. You will come to the obvious conclusion Gnomes aren't very well know for their magical abilities, and sure enough Brimstail will agree with you. Extremely wise as you are, you will gladly hear the history of Gnomes and their magic, as it is crucial to understanding the Arcane.

Brimstail's Story

You can do one of two things: Read all while doing the quest, or click through the conversation and read it below.

Well, the most famous Gnomish Mage of all got into a bit of trouble. Most gnomes don't really talk about him, other than telling stories about him as if he was some sort of boogie-man. Ridiculous! He was a gnome like any other, he sounds like a fascinating character. He was one the King Healthorg the Great's advisors during the Grand Migration. But he was exiled after the Goblin Wars. Well I'm not really sure. This was all before I was born and no-one talks about what happened to Glouphrie these days. Did he do something wrong? Well, maybe. I'm not so sure. As it happens I've been looking into that part of our History. All I've managed to establish was that he was particularly interested in optics and light magic. I have also found out though he was generally disliked by other gnomes – his moniker was 'Glouphrie the Untrusted'. Oaknock the Engineer and Glouphrie didn't like each other either. Oaknock was an engineer and architect. Very famous. There are statues to him around the place – his reputation amongst gnomes is second only to King Healthrog himself. He built most of the Stronghold you know.

And here Brimstail's story ends….. for now. He now wonders whether you would like to see something and the sends you to the next cave to look around.


In this cave next door you will find a few interesting things: A working machine of some sort...

A machine of some sort...

A Crystal Bowl...

A crystal bowl

And the remains of a broken statue of Glouphrie the Untrusted

A statue of glouphrie

Now walk back to Brimstail and tell him what you have found. He will of course see the Elven origin of the Singing Bowl and he does recognize the machine as being built by Oaknock. Brimstail is at a loss about everything else but he does know about a person that might know a bit more; a man you have visited before on a mission for King Narnode Shareen: Hazelmere.


You obviously break out in a sweat, afraid to use the dictionary again to understand Hazelmere. Brimstail, however, seems to think he would love to talk about the Old Days and if he really wants to talk to you, he will surely find a way. One last request from Brimstail though: Find out anything you can about Glouphrie. And you are off on your merry way. The easiest way of getting to Hazelmere is via the Yanille Lodestone. Should you have your house in Yanille, you can use the House Teleport spell. If not, either with a Watch Tower teleport or a Ardougne teleport you can get in the vicinity of Hazelmere's peninsula. Or you could use the Fairy Rings with the combination CLS that will take you to Hazelmere's house, though you would need to travel to Zanaris to use this.

Hazelmere can be found upstairs in the building on the peninsula.

Hazelmere's location

Walk to his house and strike up a conversation. The conversation that will follow is very long. You can click right through it: The whole story is written down for you. At first it is a bit one-sided as the all too familiar Bla-Bla-Bla, is all Hazelmere has to offer. But then it seems as if Hazelmere is poking around in your brain and all of a sudden:


Totally amazed at speaking without speaking but by thinking, you start blabbering away until Hazelmere orders you to clear your mind, which is close to impossible for you. Thus having nightmares about winged lobsters, pink lobsters and such you reach the conclusion you can't do it. And Hazelmere tells you to shut up and listen.


Hazelmere's Story

Let us travel back in time, to the time you humans call the Fourth Age. King Healthorg had become King. The elves mysteriously decided to travel west, leaving most of Kandarin open for conquest. The humans weren't here yet, only King Healthorg and the gnomes to the north, and a collection of Goblin tribes to the south. Both armies moved to claim the lands, and were of course destined to meet in battle. And so it came to pass the Goblin and Gnome armies met at the Battle of Atarisundri. Both side faced each other on the Battlefield. A bloody battle was in prospect, our gnomes were brave, but we were no match for the mass of brute goblin stupidity, but Glouphrie and King Healthorg had devised a plan: If you don't lead an invincible army – pretend you do. And so, Glouphrie created an army of illusory Giant tortoises, knowing that goblins would be scared of anything bigger than they were.

A line of tourtoises

Goblin: "Big Boss didn' say nuffin 'bout de nomiez havin' monsta tortisses! Dey be huges! Tortisses too scary and pointy. We runz away!

Hazelmere: Sadly, the golden times were not destined to last for long. There was once a very special Spirit Tree in the Stronghold. Silver as a birch, old and wise – I considered him a friend. I called him Argento, his true name was unpronounceable. He was the first Spirit Tree I had befriended, and the one I knew the best. I would sometimes travel, visiting and finding other Spirit trees, and during one such trip I was filled with a great sense of foreboding. I felt a shadow pass over me, and a tingling in the air, even though the weather was fine and dry. Then I felt a sudden pain, as if the Anima Mundi was crying out with the loss of a favored child. And I knew that one of the Old Ones had died, and I had lost a friend.


Someone had been hiding his death. I talked to Oaknock and he was incensed. He immediately blamed Glouphrie, and although Oaknock could be rather irrational when it came to Glouphrie, they never saw eye to eye, I knew he was right this time. Glouphrie had used his magicks to hide the truth from all of us. Oaknock had made a machine – an anti-illusion machine, with some help from the elves. He prepared it, and summoned the advisors to Argento.

King Healthorg: "Why have you summoned us here?"
Oaknock: "You'll see sire. Switch the machine on!"
King Healthorg: "What is the meaning of this?"
Oaknock: "The Silver Spirit Tree is dead! Glouphrie has been using his foul arts to mask the truth! What other secrets has he been keeping?"
King Healthorg: "Explain yourself!"
Glouphrie: "I live to serve you sire. I work for the good of us all"
King Healthorg: "How can lying to your fellow gnomes be 'Good'?
Glouphrie: "Some things are best kept secret."
King Healthorg: "Enough! How can I trust a gnome who hides things from me?"
Glouphrie: "No gnome can blame you for what you do not know."
King Healthorg: "Glouphrie, you are no longer my advisor. Leave this place.
Glouphrie: "Only the naïve believe they can rule without someone like me. Your empire will crack and gnomes will become but a joke.

Hazelmere: And so Glouphrie left and traveled with some companions to a place they called Arposandra. We have heard nothing but rumours about them since. Nobody knows for certain where it is, somewhere rocky I suppose. The rumour is that after founding his new home, Glouphrie used his magicks to shroud the city in mist. Arposandra may not exist at all, however I suspect that Glouphrie is still around, one way or another. Just call it Gnomish intuition.

And now back to present day Runescape and the thing that troubles us most: The machine.

You now can head back to Brimstail. Be sure to stop off at a bank along the way, because there are a few items you will need for the next part: An Oak log and a Maple log, a Saw, Hammer, Bucket, Knife, Pestle and Mortar and a Mud Rune (items on your toolbelt WILL work). You should collect a bucket of sap, which can be obtained by using an empty bucket on an Evergreen tree.

Enter Brimstail's Dungeon again and strike up a conversation. You will relate all you have heard from Hazelmere. Brimstail concludes the machine emits an anti-illusion glamour. In all your innocence you wonder what that can be, to which Brimstail questions your intellect. In response you acknowledge that Brimstail is correct. Oh yes it does have such a glamour

Like Hazelmere, Brimstail remembers he has some of those crystal disks, but before he can give them to you, you see movement behind Brimstail and at the same time Brimstail hears a banging noise. The machine broke down and it looks like sabotage. Suspicion all around because only three people knew of the existence of it. Luckily common sense prevails, and with the logic of Sherlock Holmes, a culprit is found: An invisible one. Strong reasoning brings the both of you to an inevitable conclusion: The anti-illusion machine was sabotaged to keep something from being discovered. Thus the machine needs to be repaired.

Go to the next room and inspect the machine, try to repair it and you will see what you need: 2 types of logs and a resin based glue that smells of pine, and contains flecks of gray powder that glint and sparkle.

The easiest way to get sap from an evergreen (actually, just about any "pointy" tree will work fine) is north of Falador. Plenty of them around and a quick Falador teleport will put you very close to them, a glory teleport to Al Kharid, and the glider back is pretty fast traveling. Use your knife on one of them with an empty bucket in your inventory and it will automatically fill with sap. Grind down a Mud rune with your Pestle and Mortar and your will end up with Magic glue.

Now head back to Brimstail's Dungeon and you can start repairing the machine. Once fixed there still is one problem remaining: The machine is locked and you need to figure out a way to get to the control panel that will make it work.

To unlock the machine you need to look at the sign on the left hand side next to the machine. On it you will find a shape in different colors. Red is 1, Yellow 3 and so on till the end of the stacks.

Colored shapes

To open the front panel you need to equal a number (random for each player), for this you can only use one specific crystal.

Front panel

Here is the trick to solve the puzzle: A circleCircle has one side, a triangleTriangle three sides, a squareSquare four and a pentagonPentagon five. The different colors decide the numerical value of each of the crystal shapes. Red coin: 1 side times 1 color value equals 1 numerical value. A yellow square is 3 in color value and has 4 sides so the numerical value would be 3*4=12. This you can do with every shape and thus get the value you need to complete the puzzle. In the picture above you will need to get the value 16 in one crystal. 4 sides to a square and 4 in color value would do the trick. Or in this case you would need a square, green crystal. In this screen, the door will automatically open once the correct value is entered. Here is a list of the shape values:

Red Circle = 1
Red Triangle = 3
Red Square = 4
Red Pentagon = 5

Orange Circle = 2
Orange Triangle = 6
Orange Square = 8
Orange Pentagon = 10

Yellow Circle = 3
Yellow Triangle = 9
Yellow Square = 12
Yellow Pentagon = 15

Green Circle = 4
Green Triangle = 12
Green Square = 16
Green Pentagon = 20

Blue Circle = 5
Blue Triangle = 15
Blue Square = 20
Blue Pentagon = 25

Indigo Circle = 6
Indigo Triangle = 18
Indigo Square = 24
Indigo Pentagon = 30

Violet Circle = 7
Violet Triangle = 21
Violet Square = 28
Violet Pentagon = 35

Change discs

Brimstail will happily give you a certain amount of crystals. Should you need more you can try and ask for more but once you have enough to work the machine or enough to get other shapes through the Crystal changer he will not give more of them. On the right hand side of the center panel is a "Crystal changer" you can add up to 3 different crystals in the machine. On the exchanging machine to make them change you must click on the 2-way arrows between the two vertical squares. If the counter value is too high, the machine will reject them, and put them back in your inventory. If the value of counters is valid then a combination of other counters equal to the value that you have put in will appear in the 2x2 grid. You can keep on clicking the 2-way arrow until the counter selection that appears is what you want. To confirm a transaction, click on the green 'V'. To cancel a transaction, click on the red 'X'.

The operating panel is the same thing again but with a twist. Now you need to complete three different puzzles. With the other machine when you enter a counter it will appear in the top empty box within the range that has been selected. If the value is too small, an arrow will appear to the right of the counter pointing upwards. If the value is too high, a similar arrow will appear, but pointing down this time. If the value is correct, the square to the right of the corner will turn green.

And what is more you will need, in succession, 1 crystal for the first lock, 2 crystals for the second lock and 3 crystals for the third lock. You must fill all of them at the same time or the lock won't open. On the operating panel screen once all the squares have turned green you must click the green 'V' to unlock it. This is an example of what it could look like:

Front panel

The numbers in question like the one on the front panel are random and different for each player.


Once the machine is up and running both you and Brimstail are overjoyed, but there is one fly in the ointment. Remember what the machine did? Anti-illusion? Well here is the proof: Those cuddly creatures? Brimstail's pet? It changes…


And sure enough after some more Holmes like deduction it is decided these creatures formerly known as cuddly are nothing less than spies in the service of the Arposandrans.

Good day sire...

Brimstail suggests you go to King Narnode Shareen to relate the story to him. Well, you need to go there but first take a short detour: It will save some time.

What you need to do now is to kill six wandering spies. The location of each spy is shown on the map provided at the start of the guide. The first one is at your feet, or at least at Brimstail's, use whatever means necessary to rid yourself of this enormously dangerous adversary and kick the living daylights out of it. You could bury the only thing this creature drops: bones. It shouldn't be much of a problem with the 1 Life Point they have. Exit the cave and look for victim number two at the front gate of the Stronghold. You could have a waiting period, as with all the others you need to kill. If a fellow player killed this evil beast just as you walk up, you need to wait about 15-20 seconds before the next one appears. Now take a leisurely walk up to the Spirit Tree to rid yourself of number three. One more outside and that one is north of the Swamp in the Tortoise Training Area. Now you can go into the Grand Tree and talk to King Narnode Shareen.

After relaying a very short version of what has happened, the King instructs you to seek out and destroy the rest of the little critters, so get smashing.

Well, since you already did finish off four of them you need only find two more. One is at King Narnode Shareens feet. Kick it, hit it, put an arrow in it, bop it, doesn't matter what as long as it doesn't see another sun-set it is ok. Only one more to go, and this one means climbing some ladders. Climb up to the glider platform and dispatch the last one (make sure you receive the XP drop before descending the ladder).

Now find King Narnode Shareen again and strike up your last conversation. In this the King will worry about future things: Why are they spying on him and his people? What are they planning? You as faithful helper will of course offer your assistance should the need arise. And with his last parting gift he'll tell you to kill 'em all!

You will have finished this history-ridden quest.

Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Eyes of Glouphrie Quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 1 Small Crystal Seed 12,000 Magic experience 6,000 Runecrafting experience 2,500 Woodcutting experience 250 Construction experience


The Making of... the Crystal Saw

Crystal sawOnce King Narnode Shareen has handed you the Small Crystal Seed head back to Brimstail and enter the cave. Now go to the middle of the next room and cross the Crystal Bridge to the Singing Bowl. Use the first option and you will see yourself charging the seed and thus turning it into a Crystal Saw. The Crystal Saw adds +3 to your construction level thus making it possible to make items well above your present level. It even works in combination with other construction enhancing materials like tea and stew.

The Crystal Saw has 28 uses, and once you have made 28 pieces of furniture with it, it will revert back to its seed form. You can recharge it by bringing it back to the Crystal Bowl in Brimstail's Cave and using the seed with the bowl.

If you happen to lose your crystal saw or small crystal seed, you can get another small crystal seed by talking to Brimstail. Select the option: "Hello, just wanted a chat" and he will give one to you.

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