The Lord of Vampyrium

By: O hai im KAMIL
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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Vanescula near southern Burgh de Rott by the boat.


* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Blisterwood weapons, Darkmeyer Disguise, Drakan's Medallion

Getting Started

To begin, speak to Vanescula near southern Burgh de Rott by the boat.


She will ask you to return Safalaan to Meiyerditch, also confirming his Icyenic heritage. Fetch him by boarding the boat directly south of her.


Upon arriving at the Icyene graveyard, talk to Safalaan near the crypt. He explains that he cannot leave until he finds what he's looking for; being the kind-hearted adventurer you are, you offer to help. He goes on to say that the crypt belongs to Queen Efaritay and King Ascertes, and that he is their son. He wishes to pay his respects, however Lord Drakan placed a vampyric seal barring his entrance. Solving the first puzzle.

To remove the seal, you must rotate the five rings until they all line up with each other (a ring will turn blue once it rotates to the correct spot). Align each ring as shown, then talk to Safalaan before inspecting the statue - you will receive  Efaritay's pendant. Take this back to Safalaan, whom promptly performs a spirit-bomb.

Safalaan goes super-saiyan.

He claims that he could feel the connection with his mother through the pendant, and that he feels protected. After thanking you, he will teleport to the Sanguinesti Myreque HQ. You too should travel there.

The Plan

Teleport to the Meiyerditch Laboratories using your Drakan's medallion and head up the stairs. Walk through the door, and the tapestry after that, then run all the way south. Just north of the base, you will need to climb a ladder, and then jump across the floorboards. Climb down the stairs and push the wall, before pushing the wall decoration in order to unlock the trapdoor.

Vyres in the base.

Upon entering the base you will notice a bunch of vyres grouped up. Fortunately, they are with Vanescula, who can be found in the operations room with Veliaf Hurtz and Safalaan. Speak with her, and before proceeding with the plan Veliaf will promote you to lieutenant, thereby unlocking the 'of the Myreque' title. Congratulations!

After some bickering, Vanescula says that Drakan is returning due to Ranis's death and that you must kill him. She goes on to say that he has called a gathering of the true-borns, which is where you will attack him. Veliaf reluctantly agrees, and so Vanescula instructs you to rendezvous outside the castle gate in Darkmeyer.


The gathering of the Myreque.

Ensure you have your Darkmeyer disguise equipped, and teleport to Darkmeyer using your medallion. Enter the Arboretum, and the rest of the Myreque will follow suit. Talk to Veliaf, and he will voice some concerns over the plan and Safalaan's well-being, and hence will play it safe during the attack. He will then explain that your Darkmeyer disguise will not work on the nobles, so you should talk to Mornid on getting some better attire.

Leave the Arboretum and head west, where you will find Mornid along with Vanescula. Mornid will inform you that she left House Drakan uniforms in the storage of Vanstrom's old mansion. Head south-east to the mansion and enter it. Loot the Vyrewatch crate inside and you will receive several uniforms, which you should take back to Veliaf.

Overwatch Mornid: I've sent scouts ahead to make sure our arrival goes unseen.

 After talking to Veliaf he will hand you a set of House Drakan clothing. He will then instruct you to meet up with Vanescula. Equip your House Drakan uniform and head east to Vanescula. You are only able to smuggle the following items inside: your Darkmeyer and House Drakan outfit, Drakan's medallion, blisterwood weapons/ammo, Ivandis' flail, and runes, so if you have any additional items deposit them into the bank. Speak to Vanescula and she will outline the plan. Since the meeting is held on the roof, you will have to fly up there which Mornid aids you with.


Unfortunately, your status below is disregarded by the elitist nobles on the roof, and so you will need to refill your status bar. You can do this by completing the following actions:

  • Talk to Lord Mischa Myrmel, found south-east. When asked about his blood tithe, tell him to snack on her anyway.
  • Talk to Lord Alexei Jovkai and have him take a tithe from the couple.
  • Talk to Lady Nadezhda Shadum, found north, and have her humiliate the werewolf.
  • You can shoo bats around the area to earn the last portion of status.
Lowerniel Drakan resurfaces.

Once you have gained enough status, Vanescula permits you to talk with her, however this is interrupted by Drakan entering the party. He muses about Vanescula's failed leadership and the sorry state of the vampyres, before issuing a decree promising a new land with fresh blood - Vampyrium. Soon after he asks you to step forward. After inquiring about Vanstrom, tell Drakan that you killed him yourself. Next, tell him you think humans taste delicious, and finally tell him that you think the human-vyre conversion process should be stopped.

After some further discussion, Drakan ousts you as a human and you have the option of springing the trap or calling the treat. It does not matter which you choose.

Prison Break

Drakan will lock you and the Myreque up, and take Safalaan away. Open your cell door and you will take 10% of your total life points as damage. Go around each cell and unlock all the doors, freeing the Myreque. Head west and you will find another puzzle on the ground, along with Mornid and Vanescula trapped inside vampyre torture devices.

Solving the second puzzle.

Solve the puzzle as above to free them. Safalaan will speak out from the north, and the gate will open. Go and talk to him, and you will hear a voice speak out from the oubliette. After some discussion on whether you should help this mysterious person, they convince you to leave them be. Climb up the stairs and exit the dungeon. Veliaf will once again ask you to scout ahead.

The butcher's room.

Enter the butcher's room east and take from the butcher's table - you will receive  ten pieces of jerky, which heal 2,000 life points each, and a  book. Eat some jerky to regain your health before restocking from the table.

Head south and enter the large circular room. This puzzle requires you to feed the correct type of blood to the eight blood locks around the room. Each House has a specific taste of blood, and these tastes are replicated through the Myreque members. Reading through the book and talking to each of the Myreque will guide you to the answers, or just read on below:

  • House Alzeph - Radigad
  • House Drakan - Ivan
  • House Ghrazi - Veliaf
  • House Jovkai - Safalaan
  • House Myrmel - Mekritus
  • House Pyrah - Kael
  • House Shadum - Vertida
  • House Vitur - Polmafi

Once you have matched all eight, unlock the door and escape.

In the House, in a Heartbeat

Drakan and his Venators.

Polmafi attempts to teleport away, however is unable to due to Drakan's block. Attempt to leave via the tunnel east, at which point Drakan will show up and summon a few Venators. He will throw his spear at Mornid, killing her, which triggers Kael into attacking and promptly getting eaten. Safalaan calls a retreat, and after doing so you should brace the door by vandalising the statue. In doing this, a level 126 Venator penetrates through and you must kill it. After you have killed it, run up the stairs. If you ever require more jerky, just ask Ivan for some.

Barricade the windows.

Go around the room smashing up the furniture and collecting the debris - you require nine pieces in total. Barricade the windows using the debris. If you fail to barricade all three windows before the bar reaches zero, a Venator will smash through and you must defeat it before barricading the window. Upon barricading the windows, unlock the door to the north by offering a tithe to the lock. Smash the bookcases and tables until you have six pieces of debris and barricade the two windows.

Life the table in the center of the room.

Continue on south-east and offer another tithe. Attempt to lift the table and a Venator will smash through and kill Mekritus. Kill it, then lift the table again.

Solving the third puzzle.

Offer another tithe west and enter the room. Grab six pieces of debris and barricade the two windows. After doing this, you will be presented with another puzzle on the floor. This one is more complex, as rotating a ring will also rotate a ring directly outside of it (rotating ring 'E' will also rotate ring 'A'). To aid you, you might like to solve the inner-rings A-D first. Then, solve the rings from E-A, however when solving rings 'E' and 'D' use counter-clockwise rotations by right-clicking.

After you match up all the rings the magical barrier will dispel and you can climb up the stairs. At this point the Myreque (and Vanescula) split off into pairs to search the rooms. Climb up the stairs west and open the blood valve - doing so will cause a Venator to smash through the window, knocking out Ivan. After killing it, check out Ivan and he will awaken. Climb down the stairs and go into the room east. You will see Safalaan and Vanescula exchanging a mysterious item. Open the blood valve and head back down.

Solving the fourth puzzle.

Head north and enter the door. Open the blood valve once again and head back to the seal, however before you can do that Drakan will appear and engage in a fight with Radigad. Go to the seal and you will be presented with a final puzzle, almost identical to the previous one. Solve it as above.

Brave New World

Upon completion, climb the stairs. As you ascend to the top you realise that you are no longer in Darkmeyer, but have travelled all the way to Vampyrium! Polmafi, channeling his inner Sherlock Holmes, figures that the entire castle is a portal and thinks he can work out how to use the pylons to focus the energy and activate it. At this point Drakan will appear, and after detailing how much of a monster he is, will spawn three Venators which you must kill. During the fight, be sure to avoid Drakan as he flies around, as standing underneath him will result in large damage taken.

Fighting Drakan himself

After killing the Venators, Drakan will land and attempt to kill Polmafi, however Valescula saves him by sacrificing herself. This is where you must fight Drakan, who is level 666 and has 50,000 lifepoints. Using magic or ranged attacks are recommended, due to providing distance between you and Drakan. During the fight he performs several special attacks, which include:

  • Turning green, healing any damage he takes, so do not attack him
  • Throwing fiery orbs, which deal large damage if they hit you, so try to avoid them
  • Performing rapid-fire melee attacks, so try to avoid melee distance
  • Teleporting him to you if you run too far away

It is advised that you not run far away from him as he will constantly teleport you back, stunning you in the process. Keep running around the middle of the roof to avoid the orbs and protect against melee attacks.

After 'defeating' him, he will transform into a smoke monster and destroy Vertida. He will respawn with 50,000 lifepoints and you must defeat him again. This time, his two special attacks consist of:

  • Transforming into a puff of smoke
  • Charging a fireball which deals fatal damage

It is advised that you run away from him when he is in his smoke form, as you cannot deal any damage to him, and when he begins charging his fireball you should immediately run to Safalaan as he will protect you with his force-field.

Jump into the portal that opens.

After defeating him again, the final pylon will be charged and the portal will be open. Jump through it and you will arrive back in Darkmeyer.

The Final-Final Battle

Congratulations, quest complete! Err, not quite. Drakan resurfaces, knocking everyone out, and you must battle him one final time. This battle is much like the first one, only this time he will also transform into a puff of smoke along with his other special attacks.

Drakan gets speared by Vanescula.

Finally, after defeating him one last time, it is over. Valescula jumps through the portal and spears Drakan, finishing him...

...Heh, only kidding. Enraged, Drakan snaps the spear and utilizes the pointy bit as a sword. You must defeat him once again; this time he only has 20,000 life points however will constantly throw fire orbs. On completion of this battle, Drakan will finally yield and you will execute him mercilessly.

You execute Drakan.

Talk to the Myreque. Vanescula claims her throne atop House Drakan, and in doing so promises to bring peace between the humans and the vyres, what could go wrong? In an unexpected twist Vanescula kills Safalaan and inherits his icyenic powers. This now allows her to cross the Salve, and will facilitate her plans in taking over Misthalin. She will teleport away, and you and the Myreque will return to the hideout.


After some discussion in the hideout, Veliaf reveals the the Myreque leader, Calsidiu, was a lie this whole time, and admits defeat by sulking into a corner and crying. Talk to Ivan and escort him back to Paterdomus, where he will catch up Drezel on the events that transpired.

Head to King Roald in Varrock castle and tell him everything that has happened. He will suggest heading over to Paterdomus in order to stop the encroaching vyre army, although that's a quest for another day. Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest Complete.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 3x 75,000 XP tomes 75,000 Construction XP 50,000 Hunter XP 50,000 Slayer XP Sunspear House Drakan outfit Drakan's Wings cosmetic override Ability to create new blisterwood weapons Two Treasure Hunter Keys

Drakan's Wings cosmetic override

Can be equipped by accessing the wardrobe tab in the 'Gear' interface, and selecting it in the 'wings' slot.

Drakan's Wings.


The Sunspear is a level-75 one-handed sword that has the ability to automatically burn Vyre corpses, provided you deal the finishing blow with it.

The Sunspear.

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