Tree Gnome Village

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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to King Bolren in Tree Gnome Village near the Spirit Tree.


  • Skills: Ability to defeat a level 76 enemy
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 6x Logs


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

Start by making your way to the Tree Gnome Maze located southwest of Ardougne. Once there enter the maze through the northwest entrance and make your way to the loose railing.

A map of the route to the quest start point

Once at the loose railing squeeze-through it.

Squeeze-through the loose railing

Now that you are in the Tree Gnome Village make your way to King Bolren, who is located east by the Spirit Tree. Speak to him.

Talk to King Bolren

He will ask for you help in retrieving a Protection Orb that has been stolen. Agree to help him and Elkoy will escort you out of the maze.

Locating the Trackers

Locate Commander Montai who is just a little north of the Tree Gnome Maze and speak to him.

Talk to Commander Montai

He will ask for six sets of logs to build the battlements up. Give him the six logs and speak to him once more. He will ask you to get the coordinates from the three Gnome Trackers.

The locations of the commander and the three Gnome Trackers

Locate the first tracker who above the most northern building. Talk to him and he will tell you the Height Coordinate.

Talk to Gnome Tracker 1

Head east from the Gnome Tracker 1 to the building with a jail cell. Enter the building and talk to Gnome Tracker 2 from behind the cell bars. He will tell you the X-Coordinate.

Talk to Gnome Tracker 2

From Gnome Tracker 2 head southwest to the area near one of the bridges. Speak to the Gnome Tracker 3 and he will give you one of five possible riddles:

  • "Less than my hands" means 1
  • "More than my head" means 2
  • "Less than our feet" means 1-3
  • "Less than my fingers" means 1-4
  • "My legs and your legs" means 4
Talk to Gnome Tracker 3

Head back to where Commander Montai, and 'Fire' the ballista with the coordinates the trackers gave you. If you enter the coordinates correctly the ballista will hit a northern Khazard building.

Fire the ballista

The Orbs of Protection

Head over to the northern Khazard that the ballista hit. Climb over the rubble and a level 70 Khazard Commander will attack you, kill him and go upstairs. Once upstairs you will be attacked by another Khazard Commander, kill him and search the closed chest.

Attack Khazard Commander
Search the open chest

Two Orbs of ProtectionYou will now have one of the Orbs of Protection.

Head back to the entrance of the Tree Gnome Maze, right click Elkoy and click follow.

Follow Elkoy

Squeeze-through the loose railing and head back to King Bolren. He will tell you his family was killed and the other two Orbs of Protection have been stolen by the Khazard Warlord. Head northwest of the battlefield a little north of the level 60 wolves, just a little bit south of the Underground Pass, until you find a level 76 Khazard Warlord.

The location of the Khazard Warlord

Two Orbs of ProtectionKill the Khazard Warlord using any combat type that you like. It is recommended to wear a high level melee armour with strength bonuses, and eat good food when your health gets low. If you have 43 prayer it is strongly recommended to pray protect from melee. After he dies you'll grab the remaining two Orbs of Protection.

Talk to Khazard Warlord

Orbs of ProtectionHead back to King Bolren and give him the Orbs of Protection. He will you give you his reward and...

Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest!


Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Make your way through Tree Gnome Maze
  2. [^] Talk to King Bolren
  3. [^] Talk to Commander Montai
  4. [^] Give him 6 Regular logs
  5. [^] Speak to Commander Montai again
  6. [^] Locate and talk to Gnome Tracker 1
  7. [^] Locate and talk to Gnome Tracker 2
  8. [^] Locate and talk to Gnome Tracker 3
  9. [^] Solve Gnome Tracker 3's riddle for right coordinate
  10. [^] Head back to Commander Montai
  11. [^] Fire ballista with correct coordinates the Gnome Trackers gave you
  12. [^] Head to building ballista hit.
  13. [^] Climb over rubble
  14. [^] Kill level 70 Khazard Commander
  15. [^] Head upstairs
  16. [^] Kill other Khazard Commander
  17. [^] Open and search close chest
  18. [^] Head back and talk to King Bolren
  19. [^] Head to level 76 Khazard Warlord
  20. [^] Kill the Khazard Warlord
  21. [^] Take last two Orbs of Protection to King Bolren
  22. [^] Quest Complete!

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