Witch's House

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A grouchy, old witch has taken a young boy's ball hostage after being kicked into her yard. Can you help retrieve it for him?

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 27 February 2002

A young boy who lives in Taverley has kicked his ball into the garden of a scary old lady.

He asks you to get it back for him. This proves more difficult than it first sounds.

Essential Info

Start Point

To begin this quest, speak with the Boy in Taverley by the eastern gates.


  • Skills: Ability to defeat level 24, 34, 54 and 70 enemies
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 1x Cheese, 1x Gloves (not Mime Gloves, Karamja Gloves, Ice Gloves, or RFD Gauntlets)


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

First off, you'll need to find a route to Taverley. The fastest would be to teleport to Taverly and walk south. Another method is by teleporting directly to Taverly from your Player Owned House (if you have one).

Talk to the Boy

He'll be crying, so ask him what the matter is. He'll tell you his story; apparently he kicked his ball over the hedge and into the garden. He says the old lady who lives there took the ball and locked it up in her shed. The boy wants you to get it back for him. Tell him you'll see what you can do.

Breaking In

Now you're going to break into the Witch's house. Head west from your current position. Then follow the path north to the first house on the left. Here's a map for more specific directions:

Route from the Boy to the witch's front door

Try opening the door; you'll find out that it is locked. Fortunately, you're very observant! To the left of the door you are able to 'look-under' a potted plant. Look under it to find the key.

Look-under the potted plant near the door

Now open the door and you'll be able to go inside. There is a Diary on the table. Pick it up and read it.

Take the diary off the table

Make sure to read the entire thing (or just click through it). If you did read it, you'll find out the old lady has a monster that she is feeding a mixture of fungus, tar, and clay. It also mentions she has it living in the garden shed. She wrote about how the 'pesky' kid keeps kicking his ball into her garden. Finally, the Diary also reveals the key to the lock on the garden door.

Now, go down the ladder, and put your gloves on. If you forgot to bring gloves, search the boxes and crates until you get some. Now open the gate (with Gloves on or you will be dealt damage), and search the cupboard on the wall to get a magnet.

Search the cupboard

Now, once you have the magnet, head back out through the gates and upstairs. Go to the small southern room. Use your cheese on the mouse hole. This will lure the mouse out of the hole; quickly use the magnet on the mouse while it's out. When it goes back in its hole, the door to the garden will unlock.

Use the magnet on the mouse

You will get a message if successful, saying you hear noises inside the walls and whirring noises from above the door frame. You can now open the door and enter the garden.

Sneaky and Strong

This is actually very simple, just make sure the old lady (Nora T. Hagg) doesn't catch you. Move from hedge to hedge while she isn't around. When she walks by you, make sure you are in the center of the hedge or you may get caught.

Stand behind the hedge

If you do get caught, you'll be teleported out of the house and have to start all over. When you do make it to the shed, you'll find out that it is locked. Continue hiding behind hedges on the northern side to get to the fountain. Make sure you've read the entire Diary. Then check the fountain for a secret compartment and you'll find the key.

Check the fountain

Return to the shed once again and use the key on the door. Be prepared for a fight. If you think you're ready, grab the ball and the first form of the experiment, level 24, will attack you. You will have to kill all four forms to be able to grab the ball. The forms are:

  • Level: 24 - Odd Experiment
  • Level: 34 - Spider
  • Level: 54 - Bear
  • Level: 70 - Wolf
The witch's experiment

If you flee at any time, you will have to start the battle over again. Once you've killed the fourth form (Wolf), you are able to grab the ball. Grab the ball and exit the shed, you aren't able to teleport.

Take the ball

Note: If the Witch catches you, you will be teleported outside, without the ball. You will have to go back in and get the ball again, but you will not have to fight the experiments again.

You are going to have to sneak past the witch to her house for the last time. Once at her house, go through the doors and leave. Now return to the boy. Talk to him and give him the ball back.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Witch's House Quest!


Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak with Boy
  2. [^] Look under flower pot left of Witch's House door
  3. [^] Go in door
  4. [^] Read Diary on the table, the entire thing
  5. [^] Go down ladder and put on Gloves
  6. [^] Open the gate while wearing Gloves
  7. [^] Open and search cupboard
  8. [^] Go back up and into small southern room
  9. [^] Drop the Cheese and use Magnet with Mouse
  10. [^] Enter garden
  11. [^] Make way past witch to shed
  12. [^] Shed is locked, make way past witch to fountain
  13. [^] Check fountain
  14. [^] Use key on shed door
  15. [^] Try to grab ball
  16. [^] Kill all experiments that attack
  17. [^] Take ball and leave garden without getting caught
  18. [^] Give ball to Boy
  19. [^] Quest Complete!

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