Desert Treasure

By: NJL72413, Valethem
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This page references an aspect of RuneScape from 2007, also known as "Old School RuneScape." This content may have changed since then.

If you are looking for the modern RuneScape guide for this content, please see our Desert Treasure guide.

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 18 April 2005

Rumours abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered clues to a hoard of treasure hidden deep in the desert, south of Al-Kharid.

Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefitting from a very large reward indeed...

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to the Archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp.



  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Long

General Information

Here is a map of the desert, which should be helpful while doing the quest:

Desert Treasure - A map of the desert
  1. Amulet of Glory Teleportation point to Al Kharid
  2. Shanty Pass Bank and Magic Carpet Transportation
  3. Fairy Ring BIQ
  4. The Archaeologist and Magic Carpet Transportation
  5. Entrance from Enakhra's Temple (Camulet Teleportation point)
  6. Magic Carpet Transportation and POH Portal if you have your house in Pollnivneach for House Teleportation
  7. Fairy Ring DLQ
  8. Magic Carpet Transportation and Nardah Bank and Water
  9. Magic Carpet Transportation to Sophanem (Bank there after completing Contact)
  10. Bandit Camp- Eblis is here before he builds the Scrying Glass and the Chest you get the Gilded Cross from
  11. Eblis after he builds the Scrying Glass, and the Scrying Glass
  12. The Smokey Well
  13. The Pyramid of Azzanadra

About Magic Carpet Transportation

Desert Treasure - CamuletThe carpet normally costs 200gp per ride, with the Feud quest done or a Ring of Charos (a) it's only 100gp and with both it's 75gp. You cannot hold anything in your weapons slot if you take the carpet. To get around this go into the desert and your Shantay Pass will disappear, just unequip your weapon and take the carpet.

You will not have to take the carpet at all if you have completed the Enakhra's Lament quest and have your Camulet ready. It has 4 charges and can be recharged by using Ugthanki Dung (camel dung) on it.

You can also use the Fairy Ring teleportation system if you have completed Fairy Tale 2: Cure a Queen, to teleport to the desert, ring BIQ, near the Kalphite Lair.

There is also the Pharaoh's Sceptre found in the Pyramid Plunder minigame that can be used to teleport to the Desert Treasure Pyramid (Jaldraocht).

And finally the house teleport if you have a house in Pollnivneach.

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

Desert Treasure - The archaeologist

As rumors abound you must have heard them and being interested in adventures like any good adventurer you will want to go off and find this treasure.

To start this adventure you must talk to the Archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp right beside the Magic Carpet. If you have not completed all of the quests that are required for this quest than he will just be 'lost in his thoughts'. If you have completed all the quests required than he will tell you that he thinks there is a treasure in the desert and he wants you to take some notes to the Terry Balando, the Archaeological Expert at the Exam Center.

Talk to Balando with the notes and he looks at them. Talk to him again and he will give you the translated notes. Bank and get 650 coins (plus some for the magic carpet if needed), 12 Magic Logs, 6 Steel Bars, 6 Molten Glass, 1 Blood Rune, some Ashes, some Normal Bones, and Charcoal, note all of the items. Return the translated notes to the Archaeologist and he says it confirms what he thought and that if you help him he'll chip you in for part of the reward. Agree and he tells you to go search around the Bandit Camp to the south.

Eblis and the Scrying Glass

Note: Before going to the Bandit Camp make sure you aren't wearing anything related to Saradomin or Zamorak like Holy/Unholy symbols, their God Capes/Staffs, etc. If you do the Bandit's will attack you (this is multi combat area so you may get attacked by a lot of Bandits). They are only level 57 but if they swarm you they can be very annoying and dangerous if you have low Defense. And you can't talk to anyone while being attacked anyways. Guthix items don't effect them (I'm wearing a Guthix's cape in the picture below).

Desert Treasure - Bartender

Go to the camp and buy a beer (Bandit's Brew) from the bartender for 650 coins. Then talk to him about the 4 gems (the lowest talk option, and he will say Crystals not Gems) and he will tell you to talk to Eblis (eastern side of the camp, just south of the general store near the south side of a building there). Go talk to him and he will tell you about the god wars and eventually ask you if you want to help and then he will ask you for some material to make a Scrying Glass.

Desert Treasure - Map of Eblis' location

Use all the other items that he needs (you should have them all noted and ready), Magic Logs, Molten Glass, Steel Bars, Ashes, Blood Rune, Charcoal, and regular Bones. Use them on him, he won't take them from you if you just talk to him. He will go set up the Scrying Glass and tell you to come meet him when you're ready. Go to the top of a little hill with 6 mirrors on it that he wanders around and talk to him. Then look into each of the mirrors, which will show you a little cut scene of each place you will need to visit.

Desert Treasure - The smokey well

Note: You will want to bank the gems as fast as possible once you have them because while you carry them around there is a chance that a Level 95 Stranger will appear with a Ddp++ and attack you (usually near a bank), possibly using the special, so you do not want to carry around the Diamonds any more than you have to.

If you lose any of the Diamonds, you can find them in the area where you got them:

  • Shadow - in Damis' Lair
  • Smoke - in the Smoky Well
  • Ice - from the Ice Troll Child
  • Blood- in front of Dessous' tomb.

Note: The item and equipment lists are only suggestions, change them as you wish to fit your preferences.

The Diamond of Shadow

Desert Treasure - Location of rasolo the wandering merchant

In that area you will find Rasolo the Wandering Merchant, he just wanders around in that area so just look around for him. Talk to him about the diamonds and he will tell you that one of them is guarded by Damis and that he will give you the Ring of Visibility to find the entrance to Damis' Lair if you get back a Gilded Cross that some bandits stole from his family.

Desert Treasure - Rasolo

Go back to the Bandit Camp (desert) and take about 2 Antipoisons (4), a way to get there, and the rest full of Lockpicks. You may need to return to a bank and restock if you fail continuously. Bandit Brew's do not effect this, you must have at least 53 Thieving no matter what. Go to the tent the farthest south in the Bandit Camp. Try opening the chest in it until you get it right. You have to unlock 5 locks. You automatically go to the next lock and you will get a little message saying that you have unlocked lock number X or failed in your message box (just like the message, 'you have done X'). You can fail on any of the locks. Each time you fail you will be poisoned and break a Lockpick. This process can take from 1 Lockpick if you are extremely lucky up to 50+ and take several Antipoisons. So be prepared to do this for a while.

Desert Treasure - The chest

Desert Treasure - Gilded crossDesert Treasure - Ring of visibilityOnce you have the cross take it back to Rasolo and he will give you the Ring of Visibility. Now go get ready: You will want 100% energy to run through the maze.

Desert Treasure - The Shadow ladder to Damis' Lair, seen with the ring of Visibility

With the Ring of Visibility on go down the ladder that appears in the picnic area near Rasolo and run all the way to the east end of the maze (use Protect from Melee or be ready to eat food when the Level 80 Giant Skeletons attack you).

Desert Treasure - Map of damis' lair

Damis is level 103 first and has 95 HP, then he comes back at level 174 with 160 HP. He only uses melee attacks but they are very fast and can be up to 30 each time, he also drains prayer with every hit whether he damages you or not.

Melee and Prayer, with Poison - For those with high Attack and who don't want much risk, best if you have good Prayer: 60+ Attack, or 70+ Range (higher Attack, the higher your level the faster this way will go).

Desert Treasure - Suggested equipment
  • Armor- Melee
  • Helm- Berserker/Helm of Neitiznot
  • Cape- Obsidian/Legends
  • Amulet- Amulet of Glory
  • Arrows- None
  • Weapon- Ddp++
  • Body- Proselyte/Rune/Granite
  • Shield- Holy Book/Rune Defender/Obsidian Shield
  • Legs- Proselyte/Rune
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves
  • Boots- Climbing Boots
  • Ring- Visibility
Desert Treasure - Suggested inventory
  • 1-2 Super Attack Potions (4)
  • 1-2 Super Strength Potions (4)
  • 5+ Prayer Potions (4) - if you use prayer
  • 1 Click Teleport (Teleportation Tablet, Ectophial)
  • The rest food - Lobster or better

Note: You can do this with Range but it will be slower unless you have very high Range. Just replace Melee armor/weaponry/potions with Range equipment

This can be used for people without prayer, if so then replace Prayer Potions with good food, Monkfish or better. Enter the room (with Prayer if you choose to use it) and when Damis' first form (Level 103) attacks you drink a Prayer Potion if needed (he drains your prayer about half at first) and Ddp++ special him. Go to the hiding place immediately, take off prayer if used and wait for the poison to wear out or kill him. You should poison him whenever you do damage with the special. It should only take up to 6 re-poisonings to kill both forms.

If it wears out then special him 4 times with the Ddp++, or once with the Magic Bow. Repeat this, retreating and attacking until his first form is dead of poison and damage, and wait for your special bar to be at full before you attack him. Let his first form die of poison if possible so that his second form doesn't get a hit off or drain your prayer. Eat while you are in the safe spot, and drink Prayer Potions if needed.

Once the first form is dead he will return as his much more powerful second form (Level 174) and if you are fighting him when this happens he will drain your prayer again. Just continue on the same way but use Super Attack and Strength Potions because his Defense is extremely high and hard to hit through. You will have to be more careful though as he will cause you damage without prayer and he will drain your prayer 4-6 points for each hit whether he does damage or not. Wait for the poison to kill him and defend yourself from the Shadow Hounds and Bats. Re-poison Damis whenever the poison runs out.

High Level Melee and Prayer- 70+ Attack, 20+ Defense, 43+ Prayer (50+ suggested)

  • Armor- Melee
  • Helm- Berserker/Proselyte
  • Cape- God Cape/Obsidian Cape
  • Amulet- Glory, Holy/Unholy
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Dragon Mace (crush attack)
  • Body- Proselyte/Monk Robes
  • Shield- Holy/Unholy Book or Book or Balance Book
  • Legs- Proselyte/Monk Robes
  • Gloves- The best Recipe for Disaster reward gloves you can get, White Gloves
  • Boots- White Boots/Adamant/Rune Boots
  • Ring- Visibility


  • 1 Super Attack Potion (4)
  • 1 Super Strength Potion (4)
  • 5+ Super Restore Potions (acts as prayer restore)
  • 1 Click Teleport
  • The rest Sharks

Make sure that you have your attack type on Crush and drink your potions before entering the area. Once Damis has appeared and drained your Prayer just Melee him until he's dead, you will want to save your prayer restoration and special attack for his second form. Once his first form is dead and he comes back harder than ever you should use Protect from Melee and all you special attacks restoring your prayer and eating when needed.

Magic without Prayer, and with a friend, or from behind a rat- 60+ Magic and a high level friend to help

  • Armor- Magic
  • Helm- Gnome Hat/Ghostly Hood
  • Cape- God Cape
  • Amulet- Phoenix Necklace
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Guthix Staff or Staff of your choice spell
  • Body- Ghostly Robe Top/Wizard Top
  • Shield- Unholy Book
  • Legs- Zamorak Robe Bottom
  • Gloves- The best Recipe for Disaster reward gloves you can get
  • Boots- Ghostly Boots
  • Ring- Visibility


  • 2+ Super Energy Potions 4 dose
  • 1 Magic Potion 4 dose
  • Ectophial or Teleportation Tablet
  • The rest full of good food

To do this you will want a high level friend with you (with high Prayer and Defense) that already has a Ring of Visibility and preferably has also killed Damis.

Desert Treasure - A rat blocking you from attacks

Enter Damis' Lair and follow your friend (running) to Damis. Once there your friend will attract as many of the skeletons and stuff to him/herself and then you will need to go get Damis to attack you, then run back to your friend who should be waiting at a tight spot right outside the multi combat area. Run behind your friend and Damis will not be able to attack you. Mage him until he's dead (Claws of Guthix will lower his extremely high Defense some which will help).

Note: You can also follow the path giving on the map above to the rats, from behind which you can Mage/Range Damis and he can't attack you (Rats are level 3 so they won't bother you).

You start at the pink circle, and when you see Damis appear start running along the pink line. As long as you stay 3-4 squares away he won't get a single hit on you. When you arrive at the purple spot, go behind a rat and you can Mage/Range him from behind the rat.

For this method the suggested inventory is:

  • 2x Super Energies (4)
  • 3x Slots For Runes/Arrows
  • 22x Sharks
  • 1x Teleport Tablet/Ectophial

Desert Treasure - Diamond of shadowOnce Damis is dead... again... pick up the Diamond of Shadow and bank it!

The Diamond of Ice

Desert Treasure - Route to the ice path

There are two ways to get the first part of this section done.

Method One:

You can just use a Games Necklace to teleport to the Burthorpe Games room and use the banks there: One in the Rogues Den under the bar (trapdoor behind the bar counter) and one in the Warriors Guild (130 total combined Attack and Strength levels required).

This means you will have a much longer trip and won't want to take to many trips up the mountain, and you will also have to get past the Troll Throwers every time you go up.

If you do it this way than you should equip yourself to do it in one trip, this will be especially difficult for Pures and you will want a friend to help you and give you supplies.

Inventory for Mains and Pures not using a Cannon only taking one trip:

  • 1 Cake
  • (Super) Restore Potions
  • Food
  • Runes
  • Spiky Boots
  • 1 Click Teleport

For Pures using a Cannon only taking one trip:

  • 1 Cake
  • (Super) Restore Potions
  • Food
  • Spiky Boots
  • Cannon (4 Parts)
  • Cannon Balls
  • 1 Click Teleport

If you do plan on more than one trip than you can replace the cake with something else once you have that part done.

Now head up to the mountain using the blue line on the map. You will end up passing by the evil Troll Throwers, make sure to put on Protect from Prayer when passing by if you can, otherwise be ready to take heavy damage.

Desert Treasure - Thrower trolls

It will start snowing on the mountain once you get up close to the Troll Child. Use the Cake on him (don't eat it!) and talk to him.

You now have to kill 5 Ice Trolls to get to the next area. As soon as you pass the first Ice Gate ALL your skills levels will begin to drain (this is where Restore Potions become necessary). Kill the trolls and continue on, continue below...

The guide continues on from the point after which you have killed the 5 Ice Trolls.

Method Two:

If you have completed the Eadgar's Ruse quest than you can use the Trollheim teleport and just use a bank at any easily accessible city.

Withdraw some cake, your climbing boots and teleportation runes for the Trollheim teleport and runes for a teleport back (or use the Home Teleport) and enough combat supplies to kill 5 Ice Trolls (level 120 and 124).

Teleport up to the mountain and head on along the red and then back to the blue line on the map, give the Troll Child the cake, kill the 5 Ice Trolls and teleport back to a bank to load up for the fight with Kamil.

Load up and teleport back to the mountain. Use the equipment lists later in the guide.

Doing this with a Pure is explained farther down.

Kamil is level 154 with 130 HP, he uses Melee and Ice attacks that will freeze you and halt melee attacks.

Magic and Prayer- Most effective and quite fast- 59/75+ Magic (makes sure your magic is about 5 levels higher than the spell you will be using just to be safe, don't use Fire Wave if you have 75-77 magic as you will constantly need to use restore potions to keep using the spell), and 43+ Prayer.

Desert Treasure - suggested equipment

Mage armor that you may want to use if you've done Lunar Diplomacy

Desert Treasure - Suggested equipment
  • Armor- Magic
  • Helm- Farseer
  • Cape- God Cape
  • Amulet- Amulet of Glory/Magic/Holy/Unholy, or a Phoenix Necklace
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Air/Fire staff
  • Body- Monk Robe or Mystic
  • Shield- Book of Balance or Unholy book
  • Legs- Monk Robe or Mystic
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves
  • Boots- Mystic
  • Ring- Recoil (recommended) or Life (not recommended)
Desert Treasure - Suggested inventory
  • 1 Cake (You can bank after you do this part so you can bring more food if you wish)
  • Spiky Boots
  • 8-16 good food, Monkfish or better recommended
  • 7 Super Restores (4)
  • Fire or Air Runes (depending on which staff you are using)
  • Death or Blood runes (depending on if you can use Fire Wave)
  • 1 Click Teleport (Teleportation Tablet, Ectofial, etc)

Enter the area and when Kamil attacks you restore your stats and put on Protect from Melee. Now use your Fire spell on Kamil, eating and restoring your stats as you need to. Use a spell that is about 5 levels or more below your current level because the effect of the ice wind will stop you from using it if your magic is drained enough. If you took Mage armor that should cause some of Kamils magic attacks to splash otherwise you will have to depend on your Defense level and a lot of food to keep you through this battle.

Once he is dead continue on up to the Ice Path.

Getting to Kamil as a Pure:

To kill the 5 Ice Trolls with a Pure can be challenging but with a cannon and a friend it's easier. You will need a friend to give you food between killing trolls and for alter on (you can do it without a friend but it's more dangerous as you will have to pack up and unpack your cannon each time you leave to refill on supplies).

Just set up your cannon and let it do most of the work while you eat to heal from the Ice Trolls hits, most of which will be 10+, making Sharks are almost necessary. Do them one at a time so you don't run out of food. The trolls will run away if you retreat to far back so you will have to keep attacking them to keep their attention.

Once the 5 Ice Trolls are dead, you will get a message that some ice has fallen off the entrance of the cave. Go to the southeast end of this area and head through the cave you find there.

Desert Treasure - Cave entrance

The cave- You will go through this and come out the other end closer than you would like to a lot of level 132 Ice Wolves.

Again if you are a pure then you will have a very tough time just getting to Kamil. For this you will need a friend who can do Protect from Melee. Have this friend walk/run in front of you all the way to Kamil. Your friend will take the brunt of the attacks from wolves. You will take some damage but not nearly as much as you would without a friend.

Go up to the rock at the entrance to the area where Kamil attacks you. Kamil will not be able to attack you over this nor you him. Trade with your friend to stock up on food before fighting him.

Magic and Cannon (or friend) without Prayer or Defense for Pures- 59/75+ Magic or 79+ for Entangle (again your Magic level should be higher than the spell you are going to use) and high Range are suggested

  • Armor- Mage/Range
  • Helm- Coif/Ghostly Hood/Elemental Helm/Mind Helm
  • Cape- God Cape
  • Amulet- Phoenix Necklace
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Fire/Lava Staff
  • Body- Monk Robe/Ghostly Robe Top
  • Shield- Holy Book/Elemental Shield/Mind Shield
  • Legs- Monk Robe/Dragonhide Chaps
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves or Dragonhide Vambraces
  • Boots- Ghostly Boots
  • Ring- Recoil


  • 2+ Restore or Super Restore Potions
  • 4 Cannon parts
  • 60+ Cannon Balls
  • Nature Runes
  • Water Runes
  • Earth Runes (If you don't use a Lava Staff)
  • Ectophial or Teleport Tablet
  • The rest Sharks (you should be able to get more form your friend)

Once you are at the Rock at the entrance of the area where Kamil appears than stay behind it while Kamil appears and he will walk up to the opposite side, just in case have your friend stand on the north side of the rock in case Kamil does come around. Now get some more food from your friend if you are low. Use Entangle or Snare on Kamil and go out to the other side of the rock and set up your cannon (have your friend stand between you and Kamil once you have your cannon up).

Desert Treasure - Blocking kamil from attacking

You can also have a friend block for you if you are willing to risk taking Mage damage from Kamil.

Now make sure that your friend is between you and Kamil, that your cannon is set up and loaded to the side and just let it fire. It will attack Kamil; Kamil will not destroy it; and you will be safe. Just let the cannon kill him, reloading it whenever needed.

The Ice Path and Getting the Diamond

Desert Treasure - On the ice path

The Ice Path is not on the minimap, it only shows black when you are on it. You may slip and fall several times taking 2-3 damage. Eventually after quite a while you will come to another Ice Gate, go through and continue a little farther on the path. You will find 2 Blocks of ice with 10hp each. Mage/Melee/Range them both (fire spells are quick effective) until you have done 10 damage (if you Melee them you may slip and fall several times before hitting them).

The Father Troll will speak to you as soon as he comes out. Just ignore him until you have both trolls out. Once they are both out talk to the Father Troll and you will be taken back down the mountain, the Troll Child will thank you and give you the Diamond of Ice.

Desert Treasure - Ice troll family

Desert Treasure - Diamond of iceTake the Diamond of Ice and get to the bank!

The Diamond of Smoke

Desert Treasure - Entrance to the smokey well

Head to the Bandit Camp/Enakhra's Temple/Pollnivneach and go to the Smoky Well. You must have the Facemask on. Enter and go the chest in the large area to the east but not all the way to the east. Try to open the chest (beware Fire Giants) and it will give you a short message. Now go the the farthest northeast corner and light the torch, run to the southeast corner and light that torch, then the northwest one, then the south west one, drink super energy when you are under 50% energy. You will make it easily if you don't get lost. As soon as they are all lit run back to the chest and open it. If all the torches are still lit then you will me able to, if not then you will have to try again.

Desert Treasure - Map of the smokey well

There are Fire Elementals, Fire Giants, and Dust Devils in here. The Dust Devils won't attack you and Fire Elementals shouldn't bother you, but beware the Fire Giants especially in the room with the chest. Make sure to turn auto retaliate off otherwise you could get sucked into a fight that might mess up your running to the next torch.

Desert Treasure - Warm keyGet the Warm Key out of the chest and go to the gate into the area where Fareed is.

Fareed is level 167 with 130 HP and uses melee, he can hit very high often. He also uses a weak magic attack on rare occasions.

Desert Treasure - Fareed

Magic and Prayer- The suggested way for more balanced players- 47/65+ Magic, 43+ Prayer, 20+ Defense (optional)

  • Armor- Magic Armor
  • Helm- Facemask --- you must wear this to survive in this dungeon
  • Cape- God Cape or a Spotty/Spottier cape (recommended)
  • Amulet- Holy/Unholy, Magic, or Glory
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Air/Water Staff
  • Body- Monk Robe or Mystic
  • Shield- Unholy Book
  • Legs- Monk Robe or Mystic
  • Gloves- Ice Gloves (needed to pick up the Smoke Diamond)
  • Boots- Boots of Lightness
  • Ring- Recoil (recommended) or Life (not recommended)

Note: No armor is actually needed because Protect from Melee will take away all of his Melee damage. But, Prayer armor might save you a Prayer Potion it's free and it doesn't weigh much, and Mystic gives a Magic attack bonus.


  • 3-5 Super Energy Potions (4)
  • 3-5 Prayer Potions (4)
  • Air or Water Runes (depending on which staff you take)
  • Death or Blood runes (depending on if you can use Water Wave)
  • Food, Lobster or better
  • 1 Waterskin (4) should tide you over
  • 1 Tinder Box
  • 1 Shanty Pass (unless you use the Camulet), don't forget to throw out your disclaimer and unequip your weapon for the Carpet Ride
  • 1 Click Teleport (Teleportation Tablet, Ectophial, etc)

Turn on Protect from Melee before entering. Enter and Mage him with Water magic until he's dead. It won't take long.

Magic without Prayer for Pures, running, Snaring/Entangling, or with a friend- 47/65+ Magic (79+ for Entangle).

Desert Treasure - Suggested equipment
  • Armor- Monk or Wizard/Zamorak Robes, or Mystic
  • Helm- Facemask --- You must wear this to survive in this dungeon
  • Cape- God Cape or Spotty/Spottier Cape (recommended)
  • Amulet- Amulet of Magic or Glory, or a Phoenix Necklace (suggested)
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Air/Water staff- If you are willing to risk it, not required
  • Body- Monk or Wizard/Zamorak robes
  • Shield- Holy/Unholy Book or Book of Balance
  • Legs- Monk or Wizard/Zamorak Robes
  • Gloves- Ice Gloves
  • Boots- Boots of Lightness
  • Ring- Life or Recoil

Note: You can use Mystic if you are willing to risk it and have 20 Defense


  • Water and/or Air Runes (you will only need one type if you take a staff for autocast purposes)
  • 20-50 Death/Blood Runes
  • 1 Super Energy (4)
  • 1 Magic Potion (4)
  • Lots of good food (Lobsters or better, not an option)
  • 1 Shantay Pass and 200/100/75 gp (or a Camulet), don't forget to throw out your disclaimer and unequip your weapon if you take the Carpet Ride

If you do have a friend to help you that has already completed killing Fareed than just have that person enter the area where Fareed is before you do. Then just enter, Fareed will appear and get stuck on your friend if in the right place and from there just Mage Fareed to death.

Before you fight Fareed (he attacks you when you open the gate), drink your magic potion and make sure your energy and health are at full and that you have Water Wave set to autocast (if you are taking a staff). As soon as you enter run north/south away from Fareed (he may still hit you this first time).

Once you are out of his range Water Wave him (autocast can be useful but if you do it manually you don't have to right click on Fareed to attack him though this is harder overall). Eat if you need to and run around Fareed to the north and attack him again. Mage him as often as possible between eating and running around him (north to south around the edge of the chamber). He can do up to 43 damage! And he may be able to do more than that. Drink super energy whenever you need to so that you keep running.

Just keep this going staying as far away from Fareed as possible and still Maging him. You will be hitting (with magic at 70 potted) 10+ pretty much each time.

Also, you can Snare/Entangle him and Maging him instead of running around him, this takes more concentration but if you do it right then there is less chance of you dying.

Desert Treasure - Diamond of smokePick up the Diamond of Smoke with your Ice Gloves and get to the bank!

If you die while fighting Fareed you do not have to get the key again, the door to this area will now open forever, there is nothing in this area after the quest is done. If you loose the Smoke Diamond will respawn in this room.

The Diamond of Blood

Go to Canifis (Ectophial or ability to use of Fairy Rings is very useful here) and talk to Malak. It will show a cutscene with Malak asking for a blood tax. He says he wants to talk to you so talk to him as soon as the cutscene is over. He will tell you that if you kill Lord Dessous he will give you the Diamond of Blood, talk to him about how to kill Dessous and he says that you will need to make a Pot of Blood.

Desert Treasure - Malak

To make a Pot of Blood, you will need 1 silver bar, some spices (Gnome or normal will do), and garlic. Take the silver bar to Draynor, go to just west of the jail and go down into the sewer, head north until you come to a room with an anvil. Talk to Ruantun in the room and he will make you a silver pot. Now go to Entrana (remember, no weapons or armor at all) and have the high priest in the church bless your silver pot (it's now a Blessed Pot).

Go back to Malak with some spices and garlic. He will do 5 damage to you and fill the pot with blood (make sure you have more than 5 hp...). Now just add the spices and garlic to the Pot of Blood (this will not change the name so make sure that you did add spices and garlic).

Desert Treasure - Map of the area
  1. Canifis Bank
  2. Port Phasmatys and Ectofunctus
  3. The tunnel beneath the Mort Myre Swamp
  4. The Bridge
  5. The Graveyard and Dessous Tomb

Blue Line - Path to the Graveyard from Canifis
Purple Line - Path to the Graveyard from Port Phasmatys
Red Line - Path to the Graveyard from Canifis via the underground tunnel once you've done In Search of the Myreque
Orange - The underground tunnel from south of the tavern to north of the bridge
The Black Box - There are Ghasts in this area that will ruin you food or drain you HP/Prayer

Desert Treasure - The graveyard

Dessous is level 139 with 200 HP. He uses powerful melee attacks and a magic and range attack that do 5 damage each.

Magic/Melee/Range and Prayer- Suggested for more Balanced characters- 62+ Magic, 43+ Prayer, and 20+ Defense (not required)-

Desert Treasure - Suggested equipment
  • Armor- Magic or Prayer
  • Helm- Farseer
  • Cape- God Cape
  • Amulet- Amulet of Glory/Holy/Unholy
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Guthix/Void Knight or Elemental Staff
  • Body- Monk or Mystic Robes
  • Shield- Book of Balance or Unholy Book
  • Legs- Monk or Mystic Robes
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves or Mystic Gloves
  • Boots- Mystic
  • Ring- Recoil
  • Armor- Melee
  • Helm- Berserker/Helm of Neitiznot
  • Cape- Obsidian/Legends or better
  • Amulet- Amulet of Glory
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Dragon Weapon or Abyssal Whip
  • Body- Proselyte/Rune
  • Shield- Book of Balance/Holy/Unholy Book, Rune Defender or Obsidian Shield
  • Legs- Proselyte/Rune
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves
  • Boots- Climbing Boots/Adamant Boots
  • Ring- Recoil
  • Armor- Range
  • Helm- Archer
  • Cape- Any cape
  • Amulet- Amulet of Glory
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Magic Short Bow/Crystal Bow/Karil's Crossbow
  • Body- Black Dragonhide
  • Shield- None or an Unholy Book
  • Legs- Black Dragonhide
  • Gloves- Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves
  • Boots- Snakeskin
  • Ring- Recoil


  • Pot of Blood
  • Druid Pouches (10+ recommended, only available if you have done Nature Spirit, not required but recommended if doing the quest without a friend's help)
  • 1+ Prayer Potions (4)
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with food, Lobster or better (if you haven't done In Aid of the Myreque and/or Nature Spirit then have a friend how has go to the graveyard and trade you food)
  • 1 Magic Potion 4 - If using Magic
  • 1 Range Potion 4 - If using Range
  • 1 Super Attack Potion 4 - If using Melee
  • 1 Super Strength Potion 4 - If using Melee

Now get your battle gear and go to the grave yard. Once there drink any boosters you brought if any, put on protect from Melee and use the Pot of Blood on the tomb. It will open up and Dessous will appear and attack you, he switches between summoning bats (5 Magic damage and 5 Range damage) and Melee which is the more powerful attack. Don't move around but just attack him (Claws of Guthix recommended for Mages). Eat when needed and drink Prayer Potions when needed. He will die quickly but you will probably take some damage.

Desert Treasure - Dessous

Magic or Range for pures with no Prayer or Defense and a Cannon can be used- High enough Magic for any effective spell or a good Range weapon.

  • Armor- Mage
  • Helm- Ghostly Hood/Gnome Hat
  • Cape- God Cape
  • Amulet- Amulet of Magic or any amulet/necklace you are willing to use
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Elemental Staff of your choice spell or Staff of your choice spell
  • Body- Ghostly Robe Top/Wizard Robe Top
  • Shield- Unholy Book
  • Legs- Ghostly Robe Bottom/Zamorak Robe Bottom
  • Gloves- The best Recipe for Disaster reward gloves you can use
  • Boots- Ghostly Boots/Wizard Boots
  • Ring- Ring of Life


  • Armor- Range
  • Helm- Coif
  • Cape- Ava Accumulator
  • Amulet- Amulet of Accuracy or any amulet/necklace you are willing to use
  • Arrows- The best you can use
  • Weapon- The best bow you can use
  • Body- Studded Leather Body
  • Shield- None or an Unholy Book
  • Legs- Best Dragonhide you can wear
  • Gloves- The best Recipe for Disaster reward gloves you can use
  • Boots- Boots of Lightness
  • Ring- Ring of Life


  • Pot of Blood
  • 4 Cannon Parts (if using Cannon)
  • 60+ Cannon Balls
  • 1 Magic/Range Potion 4 dose (depending on what you use)
  • The rest good food
  • Ectophial or Teleportation Tablet

Once you get to Dessous' Tomb then set up your Cannon if you are using one. Once it's set up load it and turn it on, then go use the Pot of Blood on the Tomb; Dessous will come out. Run back a few steps to just outside the entrance to the Tomb. Dessous should get stuck just on the corner of the fence. He will still be able to use his Magic and Range attack on you so watch your health but he won't be able to Melee you which where he is deadly to Pures (and Balanced Characters).

Desert Treasure - Fighting dessous

If you used a Cannon than you don't have to hide but you will be less likely to die if you do hide. The Cannon will do good damage to Dessous and all you have to do it hit him every once in a while if you can, but mostly you should focus on eating so you don't die.

If you didn't use a Cannon then you will need to hide and just Range/Mage him until he is dead.

Note: You may not get him trapped on the first try (not using a Cannon) so I suggest that you make several Pots of Blood before hand and get ready to teleport out quick.

Desert Treasure - Diamond of bloodOnce he is dead go back to Malak and he will give you the Diamond of Blood . Bank it and that's that!

The Pyramid of Azzanadra

The Pharaoh's Sceptre, found in the Pyramid Plunder mini game, can be used to teleport directly to the pyramid to switch to or from Ancient Magicks if it is charged. The Sceptre can have up to 3 charges. You may not want to use this in the quest as you don't want to die with it.

  • Armor- Light and Melee defensive as Possible
  • Helm- None
  • Cape- Spotty or Spottier Cape
  • Amulet- Defense/Gnome Amulet of Protection or Camulet (from Enakhra's Lament quest)
  • Arrows- N/A
  • Weapon- Ddp++ or Whip (if a Stranger attacks, turn auto retaliate off)
  • Body- Dragonhide if you use the Camulet, Desert Robes if not
  • Shield- Defender or Holy Book
  • Legs- Dragonhide if you use the Camulet, Desert Robes if not
  • Gloves- Penance Gloves (recommended) or Recipe for Disaster gloves
  • Boots- Boots of Lightness
  • Ring- Life

Note: You will want to be able to run as long as possible and have as much Defense as possible in this part.

Desert Treasure - Suggested inventory

These are the items you will need if you have already banked after placing the gems and are using a Camulet


  • 5+ Super Energy 4 dose
  • 2+ Anti Poison 4 dose
  • Prayer Potions 4 dose if you want to use protect from melee
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with food, Lobster or better and weighing as little as possible (if you are a Pure you will want Sharks)
  • The 4 diamonds, Shadow, Smoke, Ice, and Blood (or you can do the diamonds first and bank to use those 4 spaces)
  • 1 Shantay Pass and 100-200gp for Magic Carpet (or the Camulet) (non if you use the Camulet)
  • 1 Full Waterskin (non if you go from Enakhra's temple)

Withdraw the 4 Diamonds last and head to Eblis. Talk to him and then go to the Pyramid (marked out of the RS map as Pyramid south of Eblis and east of Enakhra's Temple). There are 2 Sphinx statues in front of the Pyramid.

Desert Treasure - The pyramid

Place each of the gems on the correct obelisk (smoke and shadow may be confusing, nothing happens if you get one wrong).

Desert Treasure - An obelisk

When all 4 obelisks are pulsing with colored light head to the top of the pyramid go through the doors and down the ladder. Each ladder is a safe point so stop there to drink energy/prayer potions and eat food.
This is a dangerous place and you may fall down a trap door completely randomly and be taken back outside the pyramid, no damage is dealt when you fall through a trapdoor.

Keep run on all the time and try to stop only at each ladder. You will be attacked by level 103 Mummies that wander the pyramid and can do up to 25+ damage but with 60+ defense only hit about 13 mostly and hit lots of 0s, but they hit quickly so you may take a high hit. Also a level 93 Scarab may randomly appear in front of you and attack you. When a Scarab begins to appear you will stop moving and will not be able to run again until it has fully appeared (it only take about a second to appear), once it has fully appeared it will attack you and can poison you, doing 2+ poison damage. If this happens wait for it to form and move your character again as quickly as possible.

Desert Treasure - AzzanadraIf you are poisoned then drink your Antipoison and keep running. Once you have made it all the way to the bottom Azzanadra is in a chamber behind a door that is not marked on the map. Open the door and you are safe (Scarabs may appear in here, if this happens then kill it so you can talk to Azzanadra).

Talk to Azzanadra and you will be granted the use of ancient Magicks and switch your magic book to Ancients. If Azzanadra is not there than try to use the alter and he will appear. Quest complete!

Desert Treasure - Congratulations, desert treasure quest complete!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 20,000 Magic experience Ring of Visibility - allows you to start the Ghostly Robes Mini-Quest. Ability to wield the Ancient Staff. Ability to use ancient Magicks.


The Ancient Staff

This staff requires 50 Attack and Defense to wield, and can auto-cast Ancient Magicks. You can buy your first one from Eblis for 80,000gp, and you can also get them as rare drops from mummies in Azzanadra's Pyramid if you lose yours. They are tradeable, so you can also buy one from another player.

Ancient Magicks

After finishing the quest, you have the ability to use Ancient Magicks. To access these spells, you need to visit the altar inside the pyramid and pray at it.

Desert Treasure - The altar you must pray at to switch between Ancient and regular magic

If you want to go back to using regular Magic, you will need to pray at the altar again. However, after completing the quest, you can use the "back" entrance which grants quick access to the altar.

Desert Treasure - Shortcut to the altar

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Start the quest by talking to the Archaeologist by the Magic Carpet at the Bedabin Camp.
  2. [^] Take the notes the Archaeologist gives you and take them to the Archaeological Expert at the Exam Center.
  3. [^] Take the Translated Notes that the Archaeological Expert gives you back to the Archaeologist.
  4. [^] Finish talking to the Archaeologist and go south to the Bandit camp (make sure you don't wear any Saradomin or Zamorak related items)
  5. [^] Buy a beer from the Bar Tender there and talk to him about the '4 Crystals'.
  6. [^] Talk to Eblis (a little ways east of the bar), once he's done talking get him the items he asked for, note them all so that you can carry them more easily (and so that you don't bury the bones):
  • 12 Magic Logs
  • 6 Molten Glass
  • 6 Steel Bars
  • Ashes
  • 1 Blood Rune
  • Charcoal
  • Regular Bones
[^] Diamond of Shadow
  1. [^] Talk to Rasolo the Merchant in the Waterfall area
  2. [^] Get the Gilded Cross for him from the Chest in the Bandit Camp (Lockpicks required and antipoisons suggested)
  3. [^] Get the Ring of Visibility from Rasolo and fight Damis
[^] Diamond of Ice
  1. [^] Talk to the Troll Child and give him some cake (or something else 'sweat')
  2. [^] Kill 5 Ice Trolls (level 120) and go up the mountain (In this area all your stats will be drained slowly)
  3. [^] Fight Kamil (Super Restore Potions suggested)
  4. [^] Continue up the mountain and cross the Icy Path (Spiky Boots required)
  5. [^] Free the Ice Troll Parents and get the Diamond of Ice from the Ice Troll Child
[^]The Diamond of Smoke
  1. [^] Enter the Smokey Well and light the torches very quickly
  2. [^] Quickly to the chest in the middle of the dungeon before the torches go out and get the key
  3. [^] Fight Fareed and get the Diamond of Smoke
[^]The Diamond of Blood
  1. [^] Talk to Malak in Canifis
  2. [^] Make a Pot of Blood by:
    • Having Ruantun in the Draynor sewer make you a Silver Pot with a silver bar.
    • Then having the High Priest at Entrana bless it
    • Then going back to Malak who will fill it with your blood (does 5 damage to you)
    • And adding Garlic and Spices to this
  3. [^] Fight Dessous
  4. [^] Go back to Malak and get the Diamond of Blood
[^] Go to the Pyramid and place each of the Diamonds [^] Get to the bottom of the Pyramid and talk to Azzanadra to complete the quest.

Detailed Boss Information


He has 2 forms, use Protect from Melee with both if you can. The first form (Level 103, 95 HP) is easy and just drains about half your prayer at the beginning of the battle. The second form (Level 174, 160 HP) can be extremely hard if you let him drain your prayer. He drains your prayer 4-6 points every time he hits and he hits fast and up to 28+ damage. You will need lots Prayer Potions and a Ddp++ to poison him. Claws of Guthix is useful to drain his Defense. His Defense is extremely high so it is very hard to get melee damage off. You can use a safe spot northwest of where he attacks you (it is still in multi combat area) to hide and eat. You cannot safely use Magic, Range or a Halberd from this spot, when you do you will automatically walk to where Damis can attack you and most likely take damage and lose prayer points from his attack.


He is Level 154 with 130 HP and can be hard to Melee because every time he freezes you it will stop your melee attack and you will have to attack him again manually. He uses Melee and Ice Magic that will freeze you in place (and can do quite a bit of damage). Use Protect from Melee; Mystic or Dragonhide armor should deflect some of his magic attacks. He has medium HP, so several good Fire Magic attacks can finish him off. Take food for the damage he will do with Magic attacks. He is in an area where your stats (noncombat included) will be drained 1 or more points every 5-10 seconds you are there.


He is Level 169 with 130 HP and does incredible Melee damage if you let him but not if you use Protect from Melee. He can do up to 43+ damage if you don't have Protect on! He uses a magic attack that seems similar to Flames of Zamorak (which can do up to 20-30 damage and drain your Magic level) but he rarely uses it and it doesn't seem to do much damage when he does. It is unconfirmed whether it drains any stats or not. He has medium HP, so a few good Water Waves will finish him off. You will want Prayer Potions, some food and Water Blast or Wave runes; a Dragon Weapon/Abyssal Whip; or high level Range weapon.


He is Level 139 with 200 HP and uses powerful Melee (about 10+ each hit) and semipowerful Range and Magic attacks. The Magic and Range attacks will send what looks like purple bats at you that do 5 damage for each type (10 damage total each time he uses it). If you use Protect from Range or Magic it only cancels out one of them so you still get hit 5 damage. Use Protect from Melee and use Claws of Guthix or any high level Magic attack or a good Melee Weapon. Dessous has medium HP, and several good hits will do him in. You can also use any attack type you wish. Take good food, Monkfish or better to heal from this Magic/Range attacks. Crumble Undead does not effect him, he is not classed as Undead.

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