Eadgar's Ruse

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Sanfew the Druid needs a special, rare herb for his ritual, and it just so happens that Trolls use this herb as an ingredient in their favourite dish. Can you find the herb and bring it back to Sanfew?

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Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 05 October 2004

Sanfew requires a rare herb for the next part of the purifying ritual.

Travel back to the Troll Stronghold to find this herb that the trolls use as an ingredient for their favourite dish.

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by talking to Sanfew about helping him reclaim the Stone Circle.



  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Medium

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

First off, speak to Sanfew, located upstairs in the Taverley Herblore Shop. Ask ifEadgar's Ruse - Sanfew there's anything else you can do to help reclaim the Stone Circle and he says that he needs a special herb for the purification ritual. He tells you that the Trolls know where the herb is, so head north to the Troll Stronghold.

The easiest way to the Stronghold would be to go through Tenzing's house, buy some Climbing Boots for 12gp and head northeast along the path until you reach some rocks to climb over. Climb over the next 2 piles of rocks and head through the arena. Go through the cave to the west and then follow the path, using your Protect From Missiles prayer when you come across some rocks blocking the path to the side. Run past the Thrower Trolls, and then head southeast up the mountain. Climb the rocks and go inside the cave to find Eadgar.

Talk to Eadgar and ask him about Goutweed, which he'll tell you to talk to the Troll Chef. Head back down the mountain and head south to a group of Trolls. Now head north and up a hill, which leads into the Stronghold. Now head north, down the stairs and then south into the Kitchen, where you'll find Burntmeat. He says that he wants a tasty human to eat, so head back to Eadgar who says that you should get a Parrot.

The Parrot

Of course, we can't give the Trolls a real Human to eat, so we'll have to think of something. Head to the Ardougne Zoo and talk to Parroty Pete, asking about when the Parrots were added and what they eat. He says that they eat Pineapple Chunks. Head to the Gnome Stronghold to the northwest, and buy some Vodka for 5gp, and a Pineapple for 1gp from Heckle Funch's shop upstairs in the Grand Tree.

Eadgar's Ruse - Drunk ParrotNow dice the Pineapple into chunks with your knife, and then use the Vodka with them to get Alco-ChunksEadgar's Ruse - Alco Chunks. Now go back to the Zoo and use the chunks with one of the Aviaries on the western side of the cage to feed a parrot, causing it to get sick. You'll then get a Drunk Parrot.

A Tasty Human

Bring the parrot back to Eadgar, who now tells you that you need to make it look, smell, talk and taste like a human. Go back down the mountain, head south past the trolls and into the Stronghold, heading north and down the stairs. Now go through the door to the east and down the stairs, which leads to the jail. Use the parrot with the Torture Rack to hide it, and then head back to Eadgar to find out the rest of the plan.

Eadgar's Ruse - Dirty RobesYou'll need 2 sets of logs, 10 grain, 5 raw chicken and some dirty clothes to make it look like the parrot is a human. Head back to Sanfew in Taverley, and he says that Tegid may have some clothes for you. Tell him that Sanfew won't be very happy if he doesn't help, and he'll give you some Dirty Robes. Bring everything to Eadgar, along with a tinderbox, vial of water, Ranarr Weed, and a Pestle and Mortar, and he'll take 1 set of logs, the grain, chicken and robes.

A Truth Potion

After bringing everything to Eadgar, he tells you that you now need to make a Troll Truth Potion so that the cook won't lie to you about the herb. Leave the cave and search around in the patches of grass for a Troll ThistleEadgar's Ruse - Troll Thistle to pick. Light a fire and use the thistle with it to dry it, and then grind it up using the pestle with it. Mix the Ranarr Weed into the vial of water, and add the ground thistle to it to make a Troll Potion (gives 78 Herblore Experience). Now bring the potion back to Eadgar and he tells you to get the parrot from the Jail.

The Plan in Action

Eadgar's Ruse - Fake ManSearch the Torture Rack to get the parrot and bring it back to Eadgar, who makes you a Fake Man. Bring this to Burntmeat who eats it, and then ask him where the Goutweed is. He tells you that it's in the Storeroom, and the key is hidden in a fake bottom of a kitchen drawer. Search the Kitchen Drawers in the southeast corner of the room for a Storeroom KeyEadgar's Ruse - Storeroom Key. Now head down the stairs to the north.

Eadgar's Ruse - GotweedOpen the Storeroom door with the key, and inside just happens to be a problem to figure out (I knew it sounded too easy!). First, you'll need to run to safety in between the boxes in the middle of the room when the trolls aren't looking. Then search the crate next to the sleeping Troll in the south part of the room for the Goutweed. Bring it back to Sanfew to collect your reward!

Eadgar's Ruse - Eadgar's Ruse Reward Scroll


  • 1 Quest Point
  • The ability to use Trollheim Teleport 11,000 Herblore experience Sanfew will also trade any Goutweed you bring him for other herbs.

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