Ernest the Chicken

By: Salmoneus
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Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 21 January 2001

Veronica is very worried. Her fiancé went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour later and he's still not out yet

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Veronica located south of Draynor Manor.


* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Medium

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

First off, speak to Veronica who will be wandering around near the gate of Draynor Manor. The manor is just north of Draynor Village. She says that she's in trouble, and tell her that you can help. Continue north along the path until you reach a large building and go inside.

Veronica, outside the gates of Draynor Manor!

Climb the first set of stairs in the room, and then climb the smaller staircase leading to the third floor. Talk to Professor Oddenstein, the eccentric-looking scientist in the room, and ask him about Ernest. The Professor says that he has turned him into a chicken. Tell him to change him back, and he says that his machine is broken and he needs several parts to get it running again. He needs a Pressure Gauge, a Rubber tube, and an Oil Can.

Pressure Gauge & Rubber Tube

With the list of needed items to get the machine running again, go back down the stairs leading to the second floor. Walk past the other set of stairs and notice the box of Fish FoodFish food on the floor across from the stairs. Pick it up and go down the stairs leading to the ground floor. Now go through the north door, and into the kitchen to the west. Next to the stove is a door, and in the small room is a bottle of PoisonPoison.

Now leave the kitchen and head into the room with a black and grey checkered floor. Next to the stairs is a room with a SpadeSpade in the corner. Pick it up and leave through the door. Walk around the Mansion, first to the north, and then to the west. When you come upon a Compost Heap, walk up to it and use your spade with it to find a Small KeySmall Key.

Continue south until you reach a fountain filled with vicious Piranhas. Use the Poison with the Fish Food to poison it, and then use the Poisoned Fish Food with the fountain to kill them. Search it to find the Pressure GaugePressure Key. Now walk to the east and go back into the Manor. Just past the staircase is a small closet. Use the Small Key with the door and pick up the Rubber Tube Rubber tube.

The Oil Can

Leave the closet and walk into the room with a pink floor and search the bookcase on the west wall to find a secret door. Now climb down the ladder into a basement filled with small rooms and levers on the walls. This is the tricky part of the quest, and you need to pull the levers in order and continue into the correct room.

To help you with this quest, I've made a map of the maze with the levers and doors which you can follow. Each lever has it's own color on this map, and each of the doors are labeled from 1-9, which is how directions are given to completing the maze.

  1. Pull levers A and B down.
  2. Go through door 1.
  3. Click for a full-sized mapPull lever D down.
  4. Walk through doors 2 then 3.
  5. Pull levers A and B up.
  6. Go back through door 3, and through 4 and 5.
  7. Pull levers E and F down.
  8. Head out doors 6 and 7.
  9. Pull lever C down.
  10. Go back through doors 7 and 6.
  11. Pull lever E up.
  12. Go through doors 6, 8 and 3.
  13. Go through door 9 and pick up the Oil CanOil can.

Fixing the Machine

Now go back up the ladder and pull the lever on the wall to open the secret door up. Head back upstairs to Professor Oddenstein and give him the parts to the machine. He'll fix it and turn Ernest back into a human, and you've finished the quest!

Congratulations, Ernest the Chicken Quest complete!


  • 4 Quest Points
  • 3,000gp 300 Feathers

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