Pirate's Treasure

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Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 11 June 2001

Redbeard Frank knows where secret pirate treasure is hidden. It may require some work to persuade him to let you know where, though.

Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Falador Teleport Runes, Varrock Teleport Runes


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Short

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

Redbeard frankFirst, talk to Redbeard Frank about any treasure he may know about. Usually he can be found near the Rusty Anchor Bar in Port Sarim, and he says that he will tell you about treasure if you get him some Karamja Rum. So, travel along the walkway and talk to either of the 3 sailors near the boat. When they ask if you want to take a trip to Karamja for 30gp, say yes.

Getting the Rum

RumOnce on Karamja, follow the dirt road until you reach the bar owned by Zambo. Speak with him and buy some Karamja Rum for 30gp. Now, you need to smuggle the Rum off of the island because the Customs Officer will not allow you to bring it to the mainland.

Head back down the road and talk to Luthas, the banana plantation owner about a job. He says that he will pay you 30gp for each crate of bananas you fill up. Pick about 10 bananas from the trees behind his house, and then walk up to the crate on the other side of the building. Now use the Karamja Rum with the crate to store it, and then pack the crate with bananas.

Talk to Luthas again to collect 30gp, and then leave the island by speaking to the Customs Officer and letting her check you for anything you shouldn't have with you. Once you're off of the island, go to Wydin's Grocery Store and try to get into the back room. Ask him for a job, and he says that you need a White Apron to work for him. You can find one hanging up on a hook behind the counter of the Fishing Shop (next door to the Grocery Store). Go into the back room and search the crate in the middle of the floor for the Rum.

The Pirate's Treasure

Pirate messageBring the Rum back to Redbeard Frank, who gives you a Chest Key. He says that there's a chest upstairs in the Blue Moon Inn, so head to Varrock. Upstairs in the pub is a chest, and after unlocking it with the key you should find a Pirate Message that reads:

Visit the city of the White Knights, in the park Saradomin points to the "X" which marks the spot.

It looks like we're going to Falador.

Digging for treasure!

You're going to need a Spade to dig up the buried treasure, and you can find one in the small house just east of the Furnace in Falador. In the garden you will see a statue of Saradomin pointing west. Right in front of him is a flower bed that crisscrosses like an X, so walk towards the center of it, right-click on the ground and select the "dig" option. Before you can dig the treasure up however, you'll be attacked by a level 4 Gardener. After killing him, dig the treasure up to complete the quest!

Congratulations, Pirate's Treasure Quest complete!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 1x Emerald 1x Gold Ring 450gp

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