The Fremennik Isles

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The villages of Neitiznot and Jatizso are located on neighboring islands, and their rulers are bitter rivals. But when the Trolls begin attacking, they request your help to save their kingdoms.

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This page references an aspect of RuneScape from 2007, also known as "Old School RuneScape." This content may have changed since then.

If you are looking for the modern RuneScape guide for this content, please see our The Fremennik Isles guide.

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 06 February 2007

Sibling rivalry can get messy - more so when the siblings are Fremennik princes with a point to prove. The islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot were set up by two brothers who hated each other, and they have been at loggerheads ever since. But now there is a new threat from trolls in the north...

Can you prove your loyalty to both brothers and save the islanders from a fate as troll food? Your skills as a Fremennik warrior, a bridge builder and a jester will be tested on the islands.

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Mord Gunnars on the most northern dock in Rellekka.


* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

  • Skills: 43 Prayer
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: A certain number and type of ore (Mining level 1-29: 6x Tin Ore; Mining level 30-54: 7x Coal; Mining level 55+: 5 Mithril), Armour, 1x Catspeak Amulet, Food, 1x One-click Teleport, 3-4x Prayer Potion, 1x Super Set, Weapon


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Long

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

To start this quest head for Rellekka and its northern dock.

The Fremennik Isles - The start point

Find Mord and Maria Gunnars. Speak to Mord, he will address you with your given Fremennik name, and relate to you the story of how the King of Jatiszo needs your help.

The Fremennik Isles - Mord Gunnars

Apparently there has been a blood feud raging for some time between the descendants of two Fremennik brothers, and it has lasted to this day. The islands of Jatiszo and Neitiznot have been at loggerheads for four generations. Though an interesting story, that would take nine days to relate, Mord will give you an abbreviated form. Interrupted frequently by Maria this will take some time none the less. When he has finished his story ask him to ferry you to Jatiszo, and you will end up on a jetty not far from town.

The Fremennik Isles - Mord gunnarsThe Fremennik Isles - A map of the isles

Wanted: One double-oh-seven-wannabe

Follow the road north and enter the town, passing two guards aptly named Leftie and Rightie though this naming obviously creates some confusion between the two. Find the King's residence, the first building on your left, and enter. Engage the King in a conversation. Be sure to wield your Amulet of Catspeak, that way you will be able to follow the conversation with HRH Hrafn.

The Fremennik Isles - King Sorvott

And once again interruptions are there, this time from HRH Hrafn, a regal cat with a resemblance to Asterix. Until you feed this feline nothing will come from the conversation with the King.

The Fremennik Isles - Hrafn

Use your raw Tuna with this fluffy character and you can continue your audience with the supreme ruler. Should you have forgotten to bring or bank this Tuna the King will gladly offer some advice as where to obtain this delicacy.

The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

Enter stage left another distraction in the guise of Thorkel Silkbeard. Apparently the Kingdom of Jatiszo earn their living by selling their ores to none other than old acquaintances: Traders from Kelda, better known as Keldagrim to us mere mortals. Traders from Red Axe…

The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

As a helpful minion you, of course, offer your assistance since you are handy with a pick axe.

The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel

The ores needed can differ from player to player, though most frequent seems to be six mithril ore. Should you not have this in your bank you can mine it in the near-by mine. The other option is to visit Keldagrim and buy it at the Blast Furnace. Hand over the ores to the King and you will be rewarded for it.

The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel hands you 5000 coins

Back to the conversation with the king and you will hear he needs the help of a bard. Your reputation as a bard has spread this far, though the king has less confidence in the noble craft of entertaining people.

The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

King Sorvott IV apparently has an undercover agent somewhere on this neighboring island. Sadly, while entertaining the islanders, he has had an accident. Still on the island and working to the best of his abilities, you are the chosen one to take his place. To be truly undercover you need to wear a disguise. Take these cover-alls from the chest behind the throne.

Clearly an outfit that will turn no heads at all, you are now the proud owner of a fools costume: A 4-piece Jester outfit.

The Fremennik Isles - A jester suit!

As a last warning the King will has one more piece of information: A code phrase to convince our spy master you are truly the one you say you are. "Free stuff please" this time is not a nuisance phrase, but one that will actually help you in this quest.

The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

Time to head back to the jetty and ask Mord to ferry you back to Rellekka.

Let the undercover operations commence

Back in Rellekka you will disembark and find yourself on the jetty you departed from. Luckily this is also the place where you can embark again and arrange transport to the island of Neitiznot. Right-click Maria and choose ferry-Neitiznot and you will find yourself on the idyllic and less industrialized counterpart of Yes-it-is-so, ehm, Jatiszo.

The Spy-master has a tendency to wander about but you are almost sure to find him behind the bank/general store, which is the first building on your left as you enter town. Apparently inconspicuous in his jester outfit, close to everyone walks around looking like a fool, right, you will need to contact him by relaying the magic phrase: "Free stuff please".

Put on your jester outfit and be sure to have nothing in your hands. If you do Slug Hemligssen (that is his actual name) will not talk to you. In this conversation you will be informed of some "things nice to know", or trivial knowledge at its best. One can only wonder who this Panther character is. Osman?

The Fremennik Isles - Slug

Some small talk and you will be informed of what to do: Infiltrate Burgher Burowgar's hall and find out what you can. To do this you will need to entertain the Burgher and his men, and at the same time listen to what is being said.

The Fremennik Isles - Slug

Now off you go to the Long Hall cum Clothes Shop, which is just across the street. Present yourself to Mawnis Burowgar and he will see you as a fool, jester that is. Get ready to entertain and you will enter a cut-scene. The interface is pretty straight forward and explains itself.

The Fremennik Isles - Jester Controls

You will need to do two things at the time: Execute the emotes Mawnis Burowgar asks of you, and take note of what his guards are telling.

The Fremennik Isles - Doing emotes for Mawnis

Once you have finished this part of your undercover operation head back to Slug Hemligssen and relay your findings to him. He will ‘interrogate' you and ask a few questions. These are the answers to them:

  • They Will Be Ready In Two Days
  • Seventeen Are Trained
  • Two Bridges Need Repairing

Now it is time to really gain the Burhgers trust and you are sent back again. This to find out when Neitiznot is going to repair its bridges. Be sure to take off your jesters outfit: No need to betray your secondary status just yet.

The Fremennik Isles - Slug

Now gaining Mawnis Burowgar's trust is not an easy matter, your Fremennik name is not enough for that.

The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

You will be given a few tasks in succession and the first starts with the gathering of 8 ropes.

The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

This can be done two ways: The easy route and the hard route. The easy way out is to head across the street and open your bank. Take out 8 ropes and go back to Thakkrad Sigmundson.

The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

The hard way is more fun however. Go outside and into the enclosure just outside the entrance to town, populated by level 22 Yak. Kill eight of them and pick up the hair they drop, might as well take the hides too: You will need these later on. Now head for the house with the spinning wheel in the south-east corner of town. Use the hair with it and you will end up with a rope in your inventory, it will even give you 25 crafting xp for every rope made.

The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

Go to the bank across the street and take out your trusty hatchet. Head out of the village and you will see a few Arctic Pine Trees. Cut eight logs and head back to the center of the village. You will find ‘Woodcutting stumps' there.

The Fremennik Isles - Stump

Use your logs with them and you can choose from two options. At this point only the second one, Arctic pine split log, will work.

The Fremennik Isles - What would you like to make?

Back to the Burgher again and you will be given your last assignment: Repair two bridges out of commission. For this you will need a knife, eight ropes and eight split logs. It would be wise to fill some spots of your inventory with food, as you will encounter a few nasty Trolls along the way. Refer to the map to locate the bridges in question. Right click on the bridge and choose the Repair option. The bridge to a resource rich area cannot be repaired.

The Fremennik Isles - Friedlief

Now head back to the Burgher and he will reveal the plans of the Neitiznotians. Apparently Trolls have invaded and your repairing the bridges means they now can prepare for an assault on the Troll caves. Much to the chagrin of Mawnis Browgar the last few generations have been neglecting the Trolls. Instead they have been fighting their neighbors on Jatizso.

To prevent their society from going under the foul Troll King needs to be defeated. Since you have proven your loyalty you are offered the honor of leading their hired forces into battle.

From double-oh to double agent

The Burgher suspects King Sorvott IV might have some inkling of the actions the Neitiznotians are planning. And he asks your help to find out if this is true. It wouldn't do to be caught unaware.

The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

So again you make the journey to Rellekka and from there to Jatiszo. Once again speak with the King and true to his nature he will prepare for battle. However, the bottom of coffers of the Kingdom are in sight and you are ordered to collect a number of taxes on behalf of the King. Starting with a window tax.

The Fremennik Isles - King Sorvott IV

Though not sitting well with you, you end up agreeing to collect this tax. Go to the various shops and count the windows. Then multiply by 1000 gp and that is the amount the shopkeepers need to pay: Here is the list. Talk to the following people and type the number when asked

  • Hring Hring, Weapon shop, 8000
  • Keepa Kettilon, General Store, 5000
  • Vanligga Gastfrihet, Big Hall, 5000
  • Skuli Myrka, Armourer, 6000
The Fremennik Isles - Thorkel hands you an empty money bag

Return to the King and, alas, the amount raked in is not enough. But there is a solution to that as well: Again a new tax, this time taxing the males who have an abundance of facial hair, or simply put: Let's tax the beards.

The Fremennik Isles - So now you want me to collect money from anyone that has a beard

Again you need to visit some people to collect 1000 gp for every beard in sight. Talk to the the following people:

  • Ketta Kettilon, General Store
  • Flossi Dalksson, General Store
  • Raum Urda-Stein, Weapon Shop
  • Hring Hring, Weapon Shop
  • Skuli Myrka, Armourer

And back you go to the King who will send you back to our intrepid Spymaster. Be sure to wear your Jester outfit again. Once again you will need to entertain the Burgher and remember the answers to the questions Slug Hemligssen will ask:

  • They are in a secluded bay, near Etceteria
  • They Will Be Given Some Potions
  • I have been helping them

Now take your Jester outfit off again.

You now need to travel once again to Jatiszo and speak with the King once more.

And you are about to blow your top…

The Fremennik Isles - You do not have to dress in a jester's costume to act the fool

Finally being able to scold a King for his stupidity your transformation into a spy for the other side is now complete. Your outburst at the King obviously has no effect and his paranoid behavior is only intensified.

The Fremennik Isles - King sorvott IV

The King however, has one more thing for you to do: Deliver his decree to the Burgher. Gladly you accept.

The Fremennik Isles - Fine. I give up,

Back on Neitiznot you once again have a meeting with Mawnis Burowgar and you relate to him the information you have learned. Realizing there is no time to lose the Burgher asks Friedlief to guide you through the Fremennik traditions so you can lead the raiding party.

Thakkrad Sigmundson takes over and he will instruct you on how to make traditional Neitiznot armour. You will need to kill three Yaks, or take three of the hides you banked earlier. Bring them and 15 gp back to Thakkrad, make sure you have thread and a needle in your inventory. When the hides are cured use your needle with the hides and craft both items of the armour.

The Fremennik Isles - Thakkrad

Once you have done this return to the Long Hall and you will be told to make a Round Shield. For this you will need two arctic pine logs, one rope, one bronze nail and a hammer. If you skip this part of the conversation and try to make the shield you won't be able to, since you haven't been taught how to craft it. Head for the Woodcutting stumps and make your shield.

The Fremennik Isles - Stump

Since you now have gone through the rituals of the Neitiznotians, Mawnis Burowgar, going through the final motions of initiation, proclaims you Champion of Neitiznot and asks you to lead the militia against the Troll King.

The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

Demise of a Troll King at the hands of.....

Time to prepare for battle. Best advise is to wield the armour you just made, it seems to have the best defense. Against the Trolls you are about to meet. Prepare wisely, both the route to the dungeon and the fight with the Troll King are not at all easy.

Stock up on high healing food, prayer potions, a super set and your most important thing: A halberd. Bringing a Poisoned Dagger is of great advantage. Take a close look at the map of the islands and make sure you have your bearings.

Turn off Auto Retaliate.

When you cross the bridge you repaired turn on Protect from Range and RUN, don't walk, to the eastern most dungeon. You will take damage from the occasional melee hit but it are the ranged attacks from the Trolls that can do the most damage.

Climb down and you will find the militia waiting for you.

The Fremennik Isles - The militia

You will be greeted by Bjork Sigmundson, and told you need to kill ten Trolls. This is not as hard as it sounds, the militia will make your task easier. Choose which Troll to attack wisely: those who already took some damage are easier to kill. Try to stay out of range from the Throwing Trolls if you use protect from melee.

Tip: You only need to hit a troll once in order for it to count as a kill when it dies. So you could hit one when it's just about dead, or just attack ten different trolls and wait for them to die. Of course, the trolls actually need to die, so it may be better to kill them yourself.

The Fremennik Isles - Fighting

There are three basic strategies to kill the 10 Trolls needed. The range and mage method is fairly simple: Stay close to the entrance and shoot your arrows or cast your spells until you are told you can go and kill the Troll King (your kill count is kept up-to-date in your quest journal).

There are two melee strategies that work equally well: Use Protect from Melee and stay out of the way of the ranging Trolls, or the other way around. Use Protect from Range and stay away from the melee Trolls. Once you are done you can resupply at Bjork Sigmundson. He will give you three 3-dose prayer potions, three 3-dose strength potions and up to six tuna.

The Fremennik Isles - Bjork's shop

Should you need to leave this massacre your kill count will be kept at the level it was. This also means you can leave and stock up for the final battle.

The Fremennik Isles - Kings headGetting the King's head is the next order of business. Though there are various ways to kill the King this next section will explain the easiest and safest way to do so.

Run south toward the bridge and cross it. Your ‘screen' will start to shake and enter the King. He will attack with Range, Mage (ice barrage) and Melee when you are within reach. His melee attacks are the most dangerous: He can hit up to 21 and throw you away which will hit 9. A maximum hit of 30. Range and Mage attacks are limited to 9.

Run toward the King but stay one square away. He will NOT walk toward you but only use range and mage attacks.

The Fremennik Isles - Fighting the king

Whip out your Halberd and start hacking away at the unfortunate victim.

The Fremennik Isles - Fighting the king

Once you have killed the King all you need to do to decapitate him is to left-click him.

The Fremennik Isles - The king is dead!

Finished, you can now leave and return to Mawnis Burowgar and present the Troll King's Head.

The Fremennik Isles - I offer the beast's head as proof...

You will be offered the Burghers helmet and you will need to choose in what two skills you want 10,000 xp. You can choose between Attack, Strength, Defense, or Hitpoints.

The Fremennik Isles - Mawnis

Once done: Quest complete!

The Fremennik Isles - Congratulations, Fremennik Isles Quest complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Fremennik Royal Helmet. All the menial tasks throughout this quest will bring around 14,000gp. 10,000 Woodcutting experience 5,000 Construction experience 5,000 Crafting experience 10,000 Experience in two combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence or Constitution). Access to Runite Vein If you buy some Rope from Ned in Draynor Village, your character will figure out that Ned has been getting his rope from Neitiznot all along! He will now give you Rope for free to keep his secret a secret.


Armour, shield and helmet statistics:

The Fremennik Isles - Armour statsThe Fremennik Isles - Shield StatsThe Fremennik Isles - Helmet Stats

A new contraband shop will open up for you if you refund the tax paid by Vannliga Gastfrihet. You can find her in the big hall opposite of where the King resides. These are the the items on sale.

Contraband Yak Produce
The Fremennik Isles - Yak hide Yak Hide 55gp
The Fremennik Isles - Raw yak meat Raw Yak Meat 2gp
The Fremennik Isles - Hair Hair 2gp
The Fremennik Isles - Cured yak hide Cured Yak Hide 110gp

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Mord Gunnar on the northern jetty in Rellekka. Click through the conversation and ask him to ferry you to Jatiszo.
  2. [^] Enter the town to the north and the first building on your left. Talk to the King and feed the cat when asked.
  3. [^] Click through the conversation until you are asked which ores to bring. Get these and hand them over.
  4. [^] Again go through the conversation, take the 4-piece jester costume from the chest behind the throne.
  5. [^] Take the ferry back to Rellekka and take the ferry to Neitiznot. Put on jester outfit. Find the jester, usually close to the bank.
  6. [^] Talk to the jester.
  7. [^] Head for the Long Hall marked clothes shop and talk to the Burgher. Execute the emotes asked for in the short cut-scene.
  8. [^] Go back to the jester and give these answers:
  • They Will Be Ready In Two Days
  • Seventeen Are Trained
  • Two Bridges Need Repairing
[^] Take off jester clothes. [^] Gather 8 ropes, talk to Mawnis Burowgar and hand him the ropes. [^] Cut 8 Arctic Pine logs, go to the center of town and use the tree stumps there to split them. [^] Back to Mawnis Burowgar, hand over the logs. [^] With 8 ropes, 8 split logs and a knife in your inventory: Head out the village, across the first bridge. Repair the next bridge you see. Back across the bridge, head east and repair the last bridge. [^] Back to Mawnis Burowgar, click through the conversation. [^] Back to Jatiszo and talk to the king. [^]Taxing windows: Talk to the following people and type the number when asked Skuli Myrka, Weapon shop, 6000 Keepa Kettilon, General Store, 5000 Vanligga Gastfrihet, Big Hall, 5000 Raum Urda-Stein, Armourer, 8000 [^]Beard Tax: Talk to the following people: Ketta Kettilon, General Store Flossi Dalksson, General Store Raum Urda-Stein, Weapon Shop Skuli Myrka, Weapon Shop Hring Hring, Armourer Raum Urda-Stein, Armourer [^] Back to the king and Thorkel Silkbeard. [^] Travel to Neitiznot, talk to the jester (wear jester outfit). [^] Speak to Mawnis Burowgar again. Execute the emotes asked for in the cut-scene [^]Back to the jester and give these answers: They are in a secluded bay, near Etceteria They Will Be Given Some Potions I have been helping them [^] Take off jester outfit. [^] Back to Jatiszoand talk to the king. [^] With the Royal Decree in your inventory, back to Neitiznot. [^] Speak to the Burgher [^] Kill 3 yaks, take the hides and bring them to Thakkrad Sigmundson (close to the Burgher). He will cure them for 15 gp. Use needle on them and make Fremennik Armour. [^] Talk to the Burgher again. [^] With 2 Arctic Pine logs, 1 Bronze nail, 1 Rope and a Hammer in your inventory go to the stumps in the middle of town and make a Round Shield. [^] Speak to the Burgher. [^] Prepare for the fight. [^] Head north over 2 bridges then north-east to reach a peninsula. Run east and enter the dungeon. [^] Kill 10 Trolls, ask for supplies afterward from Bjork Sigmundson. [^] Head south past the Trolls and across the bridge. [^] Kill the Troll King, once done click his corpse to get his head. [^] Back to the Burgher and click through the conversation. [^] Quest complete!

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