Skill Calculators

These skill calculators can be useful in deciding what to train on when leveling skills in RuneScape. They allow players to look up their current level and experience in a given skill, and then select a goal level or amount of XP to reach. From there, the skill calculator displays the number of "actions" required to reach the goal. Players may instead choose to perform a specific number of actions. In this case, the skill calculator will display the total XP earned for each action, along with the skill level the player will reach after completing all of the actions.

Icon Title Member Status
Agility Agility Members
Construction Construction Members
Cooking Cooking Freeplay
Crafting Crafting Freeplay
Farming Farming Members
Firemaking Firemaking Freeplay
Fishing Fishing Freeplay
Fletching Fletching Members
Herblore Herblore Members
Hunter Hunter Members
Magic Magic Freeplay
Mining Mining Freeplay
Prayer Prayer Freeplay
Runecrafting Runecrafting Freeplay
Smithing Smithing Freeplay
Summoning Summoning Members
Thieving Thieving Members
Woodcutting Woodcutting Freeplay

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