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This calculator will help you calculate how many pouches you must create in order to reach your goal Summoning level.

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The Calculator

Highscore Lookup
Calculator Options
You have completed 0% of your goal (83 XP to go).
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Can Perform Level Action Members Only Experience Number of Actions
Yes 1 Spirit Wolf Yes 4.8 18
Yes 4 Dreadfowl Yes 9.3 9
Yes 10 Spirit Spider Yes 12.6 7
Yes 13 Thorny Snail Yes 12.6 7
Yes 16 Granite Crab Yes 21.6 4
Yes 17 Mosquito Yes 46.5 2
Yes 18 Desert Wyrm Yes 31.2 3
Yes 40 Bull Ant Yes 52.8 2
Yes 52 Spirit Terrorbird Yes 68.4 2
Yes 66 Barker Toad Yes 87 1
Yes 67 War Tortoise Yes 58.6 2
Yes 71 Arctic Bear Yes 93.2 1
Yes 28 Compost Mound Yes 49.8 2
Yes 33 Beaver Yes 57.6 2
Yes 34 Void Ravager Yes 59.6 2
Yes 41 Macaw Yes 72.4 2
Yes 43 Spirit Cockatrice Yes 75.2 2
Yes 47 Magpie Yes 83.2 1
Yes 54 Abyssal Parasite Yes 94.8 1
Yes 56 Ibis Yes 98.8 1
Yes 62 Abyssal Lurker Yes 109.6 1
Yes 68 Bunyip Yes 119.2 1
Yes 69 Fruit Bat Yes 121.2 1
Yes 76 Forge Regent Yes 134 1
Yes 78 Giant Ent Yes 136.8 1
Showing 1 to 25 of 210 results.

Using the Calculator

  • First, enter your RuneScape username into the "Your Username" field, and then click the "Fetch Stats" button to retrieve your stats from the RuneScape Highscores. You must be ranked in the highscores to use this feature. Alternatively, you can enter either your current level or your current XP into their respective fields.
  • Next, enter your goal. Use the dropdown to select whether your goal is a certain level, an amount of experience, or a specific number of actions. Then enter the goal value in the next field.
  • The goal bar will be updated with your current percentage of progress on your selected goal. The table of Actions will also be updated accordingly, displaying the number of actions you must complete for Level and XP goals, or the Total XP, Final XP, and Level Achieved for goals consisting of completing a certain number of actions.
  • The right side of the calculator interface allows for some additional filtering options, including filtering by a certain category of Actions, filtering out Members-only Actions, and filtering out Actions that you cannot perform at your current level.
  • If there are bonus effects associated with this calculator, you can select one or more bonuses to apply to the experience calculations.
  • The "Pick My Own Plan" option allows you to select your own set of Actions to display, making it easy to compare a certain collection of Actions with one another.

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