Skill Training

Every skill in RuneScape can be trained, to increase the amount of experience and advance the player's level in that skill. When a player's level in a skill increases, more abilities may open up, or the player may improve at performing certain actions. Each skill is unique, so naturally there are different methods for training each skill. Depending on whether a player is looking to earn the maximum amount of resources, maximize profit, or is simply interested in gainign experience as fast as possible, a different method of training is to be used.

Icon Title Member Status
Agility Agility Members
Construction Construction Members
Construction, Level-By-Level (Part I) Construction, Level-By-Level (Part I) Members
Construction, Level-By-Level (Part II) Construction, Level-By-Level (Part II) Members
Cooking Cooking Freeplay
Crafting Crafting Freeplay
Farming Farming Members
Farming - Crops Farming - Crops Members
Farming - Patches Farming - Patches Members
Firemaking Firemaking Freeplay
Fishing Fishing Freeplay
Fletching Fletching Members
Herblore Herblore Members
Hunter Hunter Members
Magic Magic Freeplay
Melee Melee Freeplay
Mining Mining Freeplay
Prayer Prayer Freeplay
Prifddinas Thieving Guide Prifddinas Thieving Guide Members
Ranging Ranged Freeplay
Runecrafting Runecrafting Freeplay
Slayer Tips & Tricks Slayer Tips & Tricks Members
Smithing Smithing Freeplay
Summoning Summoning Members
Thieving Thieving Members
Woodcutting Woodcutting Freeplay

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