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Farming is a skill that many Members will decide to neglect for one reason or another because it is 'boring', or 'too expensive', however both these ideas are completely false if you know what you're doing, and do it right. Planting Seeds may sound like a simple thing to do, although there are numerous patches around RuneScape to plant them in, then even more Seeds to plant in these Patches, so you really are spoilt for choice. This guide will try to help you overcome your fears, and become a wonderful green-fingered masterpiece of Farming.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Before starting to Farm you will need to gather a number of Items, some being vital, while others are just helpful and will help you get faster experience. There are also a number of Skills that will help with Farming, and Quests that will give you faster methods of getting around or even a large chunk of experience!

Helpful Skills

All the skills in the game interact with each other in some way. The following levels are suggested before attempting to Farm, but are not vital, and Crops can be grown without them.


The higher your Agility level, the further you will be able to run between Farming Patches without having to drink Energy Potions. This will mean you can spend more time planting crops, and less time getting to the patch itself. Agility also gives you the ability to use Shortcuts which can be found at various places around the World. You may never use some of these shortcuts, however others will be used on a regular basis.


There are several rooms that can be built within your house that can help train Farming if they have the correct items built within them.

At level 1 you have the ability to build a Garden, and at level 55 a Formal Garden. In both of these you can plant Plants to make your house look nice. On the top of the wonderful looks, planting these will give you as much Farming experience as they give Construction experience, so it's a small way to get a few Farming experience.

At level 35 you have the ability to build a Quest Hall, but the advantages of this room don't come until level 47. At this level you have the ability to mount an Amulet of Glory on the wall which can be used to teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Edgeville or Karamja. The advantage with this is that it has unlimited charges and doesn't need to be charged in the fountain in the Heroes' Guild. This means that if you only have a couple of Amulets of Glory, you can just Teleport to your house to get to any of the four Teleports it can take you to rather than having to repeatedly re-charge them.

At level 40 you have the ability to build a Study. This room lets you build Lecterns, which in turn let you create Teleportation Tablets. These Tablets will give you the ability to Teleport to many of the common Teleport locations even if you are on a different Spellbook such as the Ancient Spellbook. This then gives you the combined power of the second spellbook, and the Modern Teleports all at once.

At level 42 you have the ability to build a Costume Room. This will let you store large numbers of sets of equipment that you may have sitting around in your Bank. By storing them in a Costume Room, you will free up the spaces in your Bank, and leave them free for Farming Items such as all the many different Seeds.

At level 50 you have the ability to make a Portal Chamber. Within this room you can build portals which give you unlimited teleports to the location that you have charged them to take you. This is helpful since you will repeatedly head to the same Teleports that are found nearest to the Farming Patches that you use. Carrying around a handful of House Teleports can be a lot easier than working out exactly which Runes you need. One of the Portals that can be added takes you to Canifis, somewhere which is very near to the Mushroom Patch. If you decide to use Lunar Magic to Farm, having all the different Portals you need will give you the ability to just get a number of House Teleportation Tablets, and not have to worry about not having Modern Teleports in your Spellbook.


At level 32 Cooking you can enter the Cooks' Guild, and buy Garden Pies from there which will raise your Farming level by 3 temporarily. These Pies can also be made at level 34 Cooking.


At level 20 Crafting you will have the ability to make Sapphire Necklaces. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-1 Jewelry Spell, requiring level 7 Magic, to create Games Necklaces. These Necklaces will let you Teleport to the Games Room, which is close to the Heroes' Guild so that you can charge Glory Amulets you use up easily.

You will also have the ability to make Sapphire Bracelets at level 20. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-1 Jewelry Spell, requiring level 7 Magic, to create Bracelets of Clay. These will make Clay that you mine soft automatically, something which is extremely helpful if you are planning on making large numbers of Teleportation Tablets to get from one Patch to another.

At level 21 Crafting you have the ability to make Vegetable Sacks. These will let you carry large numbers of Items obtained from Farming at once, as well as letting you pay for the Farmers to watch over certain crops once full.

At level 27 Crafting you will have the ability to make Emerald Rings. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-2 Jewelry Spell, requiring level 27 Magic, to create Rings of Dueling. They are useful since they give you the ability to Teleport to the Duel Arena, which is close to the Cactus Patch, and Castle Wars which is just a bit south of one of the Fruit Tree Patches.

At level 31 Crafting you will have the ability to make Emerald Amulets. Although the normal Amulet isn't much use, if you decide to string it with a Spun Magic Root, and enchant it with the Enchant Lvl-2 Jewelry Spell, requiring level 27 Magic, you will receive a Nature Amulet. This can be attached to any Farming Patch to see how the crops in it are doing, and will inform you if there are any problems such as the Crop becoming diseased.

At level 36 Crafting you have the ability to make Fruit Baskets. These will let you carry large numbers of Items obtained from Farming at once, as well as letting you pay for the Farmers to watch over certain crops once full.

At level 72 Crafting you will have the ability to make Dragonstone Necklaces. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-5 Jewelry, requiring level 68 Magic, to create a Necklace of Skills. This is useful since it gives you the ability to Teleport to the Fishing, Mining, Crafting and Cooking Guilds, which will give another way to easily get to certain Farming Patches such as the Ardougne Allotment via the Fishing Guild Teleport. They have 4 charges, and can be re-charged by using them on the Totem Pole in the Legends' Guild entrance hall.

At level 74 Crafting you will have the ability to make Dragonstone Bracelets. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-5 Jewelry, requiring level 68 Magic, to create a Bracelet of Combat. This Bracelet will give you the ability to Teleport to the Warriors', Champions', Ranging and Prayer Guilds. One way that this is extremely useful is that the Champions' Guild is right next to one of the Bush Patches, so the Bracelet will give you easy access to it.

At level 80 Crafting you will have the ability to make Dragonstone Amulets. These can be enchanted using the Enchant Lvl-5 Jewelry, requiring level 68 Magic, to create an Amulet of Glory. These will let you teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Edgeville or Karamja, all of which are fairly near at least one Farming Patch, or will let you use another method of Transport nearby to get to a Farming Patch.


If you ever decide to plant Wood Trees, being able to burn the Logs you cut down from the Tree will be more rewarding than just dropping the Logs or running large distances to the nearest Bank.


At level 26 Herblore you can make Energy Potions. These potions heal 10% of your energy per dose you drink. At level 52 you can make Super Energy Potions which heal 20% of your energy per dose. By using these to replenish your energy, you will be able to run for longer between patches, meaning you spend more time Farming, and less time running around.


At level 40 Hunter you can wear a Spotted Cape, and at level 66 a Spottier Cape. Both these capes will lower your weight when running, so you will need to use less Energy Potions when running between Patches. At higher levels you will also have the ability to obtain Seeds as loot from the Impetuous Impulses Activity.

Papayas are used as bait to catch Pawya at level 66 Hunter.


The wonderful thing about Magic is the large number of things that it can do. The basic thing is Teleporting, which will let you get between Patches quicker since you won't have to run or walk the whole distance. It can also do other things in Farming for example in the Lunar Spellbook there is a spell that will put Supercompost in the Patch the spell is cast on. It also gives you the ability to cast Alchemy Spells, so if you feel you need to watch over your crops, you can do something while you wait.


At level 1 Mining you can mine Clay, which is used to make Teleportation Tablets, so if you decide to make these yourself, you'll need to mine the Clay.


Runecrafting will give you the ability to make your own Runes, so if you don't want to spend a large amount on Teleportation Runes, you could just get the level required to make them, and go off crafting them. One Rune you will likely want to craft yourself is the Astral Rune. There isn't a huge market for them, but they are required if you decide to Farm with the use of Lunar Magics.


When on Slayer assignments, you will regularly be given tasks to kill monsters that will drop large numbers of Herb Seeds. The number of Seeds from each individual task may seem like petty cash, but when you do hundreds of assignments, the number of Seeds that you obtain can build up dramatically.


At level 4 you can summon a Dreadfowl which will give you a +1 Farming boost, letting you plant higher level crops.

At level 28 you can summon a Compost Mound. This will give you a Farming boost of 1 + 2% of your level, so at level 50 or more you will get a 2 level increase, letting you plant higher level crops. Its scroll will fill a nearby compost bin with compost, with a small chance of producing supercompost, letting you get lots of compost and a small amount of experience for each bucket you fill. This can be enhanced by exchanging your Vinesweeper points for Supercompost Potions which mean that you can get a huge amount of Supercompost by yourself.

At level 64 you can summon a Stranger Plant which will give you a Farming boost of 1 + 4% of your level, so at level 25 you will get a 2 level boost, level level 50 a 3 level boost and level 75 a 4 level boost. This boost will let you plant higher level crops.

At level 78 you can summon a Giant Ent which will increase yield when harvesting Fruit Trees, Belladonna and Cacti.

At level 80 you can summon a Hydra. When used on a Farming Tree Stump, the tree will instantly regrow.


At level 38 Thieving you can Pickpocket Master Farmers, which can be a great source of Seeds to plant in non-tree Patches. At level 27 you can steal from Seed Stalls, giving another method to get Seeds.

Helpful Quests

Questing is something that can be done by all. There are no Quests required to start Farming, although there are a number that will help speed up training.

A Tail of Two Cats - When you complete this quest you are given two lamps which will give 2500 experience to a skill of your choice as long as it is level 30 or above. This skill could be Farming.

As a First Resort - After completing this quest you can use the pools in Oo'glog, one of which gives you unlimited run energy for several minutes. This can be very useful either running to several patches or filling up a Leprechaun with lots of heavy compost that normally drains your energy at a crazy rate.

Back to My Roots - When you complete this quest you will receive a massive 24,000 Farming experience along with the ability the grow Jade Vines, which can give small amounts of experience every couple of days with no cost to you!

Darkness of Hallowvale - When you complete this quest you are given a Tome of Experience (3) that will give you 2000 experience to a skill of your choice per chapter. This skill could be Farming.

Desert Treasure - After completing this quest you have the ability to use the Ancient Magic spells. The Teleportation Spell to Kharyll is useful since it is relatively close to the Mushroom Patch.

Dream Mentor - After completing this quest you have access to even more spells in the Lunar Spellbook, so it has even more use than the basic spell set.

Eadgar's Ruse - After completing this quest you have the ability to use the Trollheim Teleport Spell if you have level 61 Magic.

Enlightened Journey - After completing this quest you can use the Balloon Transport System which is helpful for getting to Patches such as the Taverley Wood Tree and Entrana Hops Patches.

Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains - This quest has a reward of 3500 Farming experience. You also get a pair of Magic Secateurs that will increase crop yield by 10%, which is helpful for crops such as Hops and Herbs.

Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen - When you complete this quest you are given a Skill Lamp which gives 2,500 experience to any skill above level 30. This skill could be Farming. You also get the ability to use the Fairy Rings which can take you to places very near to Farming Patches such as the Mushroom Patch.

Falador Tasks - Upon completing all the tasks, you can obtain White Lilly Seeds from Wyson when trading in Mole Skins.

Fishing Contest - After completing this quest you can use the shortcut under White Wolf Mountain.

Forgettable Tale (of a Drunken Dwarf) - This quest has a reward of 5000 Farming experience. You also get 2 Herb Seeds, which you can plant to get some extra experience, if you helped deliver the letter.

Garden of Tranquillity - This quest has a reward of 5000 Farming experience. You also get 1 Apple Tree Seed, 1 Acorn, and 5 Guam Seeds which can be used to get more Farming experience as well as a Supercompost Potion which will turn a Compost Bin full of Compost into Supercompost!

Ghosts Ahoy - When you complete this quest you will get an Ectophial, which allows you to teleport to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys, which is also near to the Port Phasmatys Allotment.

Grand Tree - Once you have completed this quest, you have the ability to use the Gnome Gliders. These Gliders will give you faster access to certain areas, and the Farming Patches near to them. You can also use the Spirit Tree in the Gnome Stronghold which is located very near to the Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree Patch, and not far away from the Wood Tree Patch.

Great Brain Robbery - When you complete this quest you are given a Blessed Lamp that will give you 5000 experience in the skill of your choice. This skill could be Farming. You also get access to the Allotment which can be found on Harmony.

Grim Tales - This quest has a reward of 4000 Farming experience!

Heroes' Quest - After completing this quest you have the ability to re-charge Glory Amulets. Charged Glory Amulets are extremely helpful when Farming since they let you Teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Edgeville and Karamja.

Horror from the Deep - After completing this quest you can access the Lighthouse and its Basement full of Dagannoths which will drop fairly large numbers of Herb Seeds if you kill them.

King's Ransom - When you complete this quest you are given a lamp which will give 5000 experience to a skill of your choice as long as it is level 50 or above. This skill could be Farming.

Legacy of Seergaze - When you complete this quest you are given a Tome of Experience (3) that will give you 2500 experience to a skill of your choice per chapter so long as it is over level 35. This skill could be Farming.

Legends' Quest - When you complete this quest you have the ability to use lamps with a total value of 30,600 experience on any skill of your choice. This skill could be Farming. It also lets you enter the Legends' Guild so that you can charge Combat Bracelets and Necklaces of Skills.

Lunar Diplomacy - After completing this quest you can use the Lunar Spellbook which holds numerous spells that are useful when Farming.

Meeting History - When you complete this quest you are given an Old Tome that will give you two lots of 1000 experience and one lot of 500 experience to give to a skill of your choice over level 25. This skill could be Farming.

Monkey Madness - After completing this quest you can access Ape Atoll and the shops on it such as the Food Shop which sells items that can be used to pay Farmers to watch over your crops for you.

My Arm's Big Adventure - This quest has a reward of 5000 Farming experience. You also get access to a Herb Patch that can never get diseased!

One Small Favour - When you complete this quest you are given two lamps which will give 10,000 experience to a skill of your choice as long as it is level 30 or above. This skill could be Farming.

Perils of Ice Mountain - This quest has a reward of 500 Farming experience.

Plague City - After completing this quest you can use the Ardougne Teleport Spell as long as you have level 51 Magic.

Priest in Peril - After completing this quest you can access the Farming Patches east of the Paterdomus Dungeon.

Recipe for Disaster - When you complete this quest you are given a lamp which will give 20,000 experience to a skill of your choice as long as it is above level 50. This skill could be Farming. Part 3 has a reward of 1000 Farming experience. After Part 9 you can use the Ape Atoll Teleport Spell for faster access to the Shops on Ape Atoll as long as you have level 64 Magic.

Royal Trouble - After completing this Quest you will get increased resources from Miscellania, so can get more Seeds by putting money in your coffers.

Rum Deal - This quest has a reward of 7000 Farming experience.

Spirit of Summer - This quest has a reward of 2000 Farming experience, which is increased to 10,000 if you enter the spirit world ruined village after the quest!

Tears of Guthix - After completing this quest you can access the Activity of the same name which will train up your lowest stat. If Farming is your lowest stat, this will give you experience for it without having to plant any Seeds!

Temple of Ikov - During this quest you will obtain some Boots of Lightness. These reduce your weight by 4kg, making your Run energy last for longer.

Throne of Miscellania - After completing this quest you can put money in your coffers to get the people of Miscellania to collect resources such as Maple Logs for you. For every 100 Maple Logs collected, you will also get a Bird's Nest which may have a Tree Seed in which can be planted to get Farming experience.

Tree Gnome Village - After completing this Quest you can use the Spirit Trees to travel around RuneScape, and find yourself fairly near to a number of Farming Patches by using the Trees.

While Guthix Sleeps - When you complete this quest you are given the ability to grant four lots of 100,000 experience to a skill level 65 or above. This skill could be Farming.

Wolf Whistle - After completing this quest you are able to train Summoning and use the several familiars that help with Farming.

Obtaining Items

Now that you have all the skills and completed Quests you want, you will need to collect several Items to make your Farming life slightly easier. Some of these Items are vital, and you can't Farm without them, although others aren't necessary, but will make your life easier. The main Items you will need fall under the headings 'Tools' and 'Seeds'.

Seeds are vital to Farm, since without them Crops won't grow. Some Tools are also vital, although you can manage without others, and most aren't used for every single aspect of Farming.


One of the main places that sells many of the Tools that you will need when Farming are the Farming Shops (Farming Shop icon) located around RuneScape.

These shops can be found in four places, all of which are near the main Allotments:

They all sell the same items, although the ones in Catherby and north of Ardougne are nearest to the Bank, so if you're stocking your Bank up with anything that is sold, it's best to do it one either of those locations. The nearest shop to a Tool Leprechaun is Catherby, so if you want to stock your Leprechaun up with Compost, it's best to do it there. All of the items that you need to train with such as Spades, Compost and Plant Cures have infinite stock, so there won't be problems of other people buying the items before you get there!

Farming Shops
Rake Rake 6gp Lets you clear a Farming Patch of Weeds, so you can plant your crops in it.
Seed Dibber Seed Dibber 6gp Lets you plant Seeds in Allotment, Hops and Bush Patches.
Secateurs Secateurs 5gp Lets you prune Leaves off a Tree or Bush if it becomes diseased so that it becomes healthy again.
Spade Spade 3gp Lets you dig up Crops once they are grown, and clear Patches if the Crops in them have died.
Gardening Trowel Gardening Trowel 12gp Lets you plant Tree Seeds in Plant Pots.
Watering Can Watering Can 8gp Once filled with Water, you can water your Crops with it.
Plant Pot Plant Pot 1gp Used to plant Tree Seeds in so they can become Saplings before being planted in a proper Farming Patch.
Compost Compost 20gp Put onto Patches to lower the chance of the Crop becoming diseased. Also increases the number of Items that will be picked from Allotments and Hops Patches.
Empty Sack Empty Sack 1gp Used to put Vegetables in so that you can save space in your inventory, and carry more Crops. Can hold up to 10 Vegetables of the same kind.
Basket Basket 1gp Used to put Fruit in so that you can save space in your inventory, and carry more Crops. Can hold up to 5 Fruits of the same kind.
Plant Cure Plant Cure 40gp If crops become diseased in an Hops or Allotment Patch, use this with them and the disease will be cured.

The Farming Shops near the four main Allotments don't make up every single Farming Shop, and there is one other Farming Shop owned by Larry the Leprechaun and can be found next to the Herb Patch on the top of the Troll Stronghold.

Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies
Rake Rake 7gp
Seed Dibber Seed Dibber 7gp
Secateurs Secateurs 6gp
Spade Spade 3gp
Gardening Trowel Gardening Trowel 15gp
Watering Can Watering Can 10gp
Compost Compost 26gp
Plant Cure Plant Cure 52gp
Cocktail Glass Cocktail Glass 1gp
Rock Rock 1gp

As well as buying these tools from one of the Farming Shops, most of the Items can be obtained as a drop from Farmers, who can be found in farms around RuneScape.

Although the Farming Shops stock a large number of Farming Tools, they don't stock all the Tools and equipment you may wish to use when Farming. Some of these other Items are Quest rewards, while others have slightly easier ways to obtain them.

Other Farming Tools
PictureNameHow to ObtainUse
Magic Secateurs Magic Secateurs Obtained during the A Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains quest. They have the same use as Secateurs, letting you prune diseased Trees and Bushes. Ontop of that, when equipped, they give you a 10% higher crop yield from Hops and Allotment Patches.
Supercompost Supercompost Put 15 Pineapple or better fruits, Avantoe or better herbs, Jangerberry or better berries or Tree Roots into a Compost Bin, then let them rot. Has a similar effect to Compost, but is more powerful.
Garden Pie Garden Pie Bought from the Cooks' Guild for 24gp. The default stock is two Garden Pies. Will temporarily raise your Farming level by 3 levels. As with all Pies, the Garden Pie has 2 portions.


Seeds are what make the Farming Skill the Farming Skill, and without them it would be impossible to farm. There are a number of different ways that they can be obtained, some being more efficient than others. Also, not all Seeds can be obtained from a single method, so various different ways will have to be used if you want to plant every single different type of Seed.

Buying Seeds

Some of the lower level Seeds can be bought from shops such as the Seed Market in Draynor Village. These shops have infinite stock, so you can get as many Seeds as you want without going anywhere near another player!

Draynor Seed Market
Potato Seeds Potato Seed 8gp
Onion Seeds Onion Seed 10gp
Cabbage Seeds Cabbage Seed 25gp
Barley Seeds Barley Seed 38gp
Jute Seeds Jute Seed 86gp
Rosemary Seeds Rosemary Seed 98gp
Marigold Seeds Marigold Seed 84gp
Hammerstone Seeds Hammerstone Seed 52gp
Asgarnian Seeds Asgarnian Seed 60gp
Yannilian Seeds Yannilian Seed 210gp


The Thieving Skill is a great way to get large numbers of Seeds of various types along with fairly good Thieving experience on the side. Much of this Thieving to get Seeds will happen in Draynor Village and be based around the Stalls and people found there.

The first Thieving to obtain Seeds can be done at level 27 Thieving. At this level you become able to steal from Seed Stalls. There are two of these that can be found in Draynor Village, with Allotment and Hops Seeds to be stolen from them. When stealing you will need to make sure that there are no NPCs around watching you. If there are you will be unable to steal from the Stall until you move out of their sight.

Steal from seed stall

After a further 10 levels you become able to pickpocket Master Farmers. There are two of these that can be found in Draynor Village, one being a Master Farmer, while the other is Martin the Master Farmer, who will also sell you the Farming Cape once you reach level 99 Farming.

Pickpocket martin the master farmer

From these NPCs you will be able to get Allotment, Hops, Herbs, Bush and Special Seeds. This means you can get anything from the very basic Potato Seed to the top-of-the-range Herb Seeds, and anything in-between that isn't a Tree. Due to this, they are a great source of Seeds up to the point where you start using large numbers of Tree Seeds.

Unfortunately, you won't manage to successfully steal from them every time, meaning you will get caught. When you do get caught, you will be hit for 30 Life Points of damage as well as being stunned, and unable to move for several seconds.

Pickpocket master farmer


When killing monsters you may find that it will drop a Seed or two. Although finding single Seeds may not seem like much, when you add them all up, it will make a large number of Seeds, and therefore a large amount of experience too.


There are a number of Activities where you can get rewards of Seeds. These include Pest Control, Impetuous Impulses, Temple Trekking, and Vinesweeper.

Pest Control

To get Seeds from Pest Control, you will have to win games then cash in your Pest Points for Seed Packs. Each Seed Pack will cost you 15 Pest Points, so you will need to win several games to get enough points. Each pack will consist of 4 higher level seeds such as Limpwurt or Watermelon and 11 lower level seeds such as Onion. This is a reasonable way to get a few Seeds, although isn't a great way to obtain all your Seeds if you want to get a high level any time soon.

Void Kinght's Rewar Options
Impetuous Impulses

From this Activity you can not only get Seeds, but other items that are useful when Farming such as Gardener Payments and Garden Pies which will temporarily raise your Farming level by 3.

Different Implings will give different Farming-related items when caught, and looted, and some are more useful than others.

Gourmet Implings, requiring level 28 Hunter, will give Curry Leaves and Strawberry Baskets, both of which can be used as payment for certain crops. They will also drop Garden Pies individually and in batches of 6.

Earth Implings, requiring level 36 Hunter, will give both Compost and Supercompost to be put onto Patches so that you can get more Crops from them. They can also give Jangerberry Seeds, which can be planted with level 48 Farming.

Eclectic Implings, requiring level 50 Hunter, will give Curry Leaves, which can be used as payment to get a Farmer to look after Watermelons for you.

Nature Implings, requiring level 58 Hunter, will give the best range of Farming Items of any of the Implings. They will give numerous high level Herbs Seeds, as well as Special Seeds, Bush Seeds, Fruit Tree Seeds, Wood Tree Seeds, and payments for certain crops. The Herb Seeds that they give aren't few in number, and with a high enough Farming level can be of great help.

Dragon Implings, requiring level 83 Hunter, will give Magic and Snapdragon Seeds. These are both drops that are fairly expensive, and give good experience when planted.

Temple Trekking

The only Seeds that you can get from this Activity are Watermelon Seeds, and even then there is only a small chance of getting them. If you happen to be playing the Activity, they can be useful, although going out specifically to get them isn't worth doing.


This is designed to give you lots of Farming rewards. You can get to it from any of the Tool Leprechauns, so it could become part of your Farming run and the higher level you are, the faster you will be able to get points. Once you have enough points, you can either exchange them for experience, Seeds or Compost Potions. Experience is the easiest and often most efficient way to use your points, however the Seeds can be useful and Vinesweeper is the simplest and most reliable method to obtain Spirit Seeds. This is the only method other than the Garden of Tranquillity Quest to obtain Compost Potions.


Miscellania and Managing your Kingdom is certainly worth doing if you are planning on getting a high Farming level, but don't have tens of millions of gp to spend. Although it may be good in the long run, to start with, to let it work efficiently, you will need at least 750,000gp, preferably more like 1,500,000gp. You will also need to have completed the Throne of Miscellania quest to be able to use it at all, and Royal Trouble to get even more produce.

Once you have money and the quests completed, head to Miscellania and get up your approval rating so that it is at 100%. This means that you will get 100% of the resources that you can do for your money. For each day you leave it, and do no work, your approval rating will drop by 1%. To get up your approval, just do something to help on the island such as chopping down Maple Trees. Once you have 100%, you will be unable to get it any higher.

Lumberjack Leif: Don't trouble yourself further

Now that you've got your approval rating up high, head into the castle in the western part of Miscellania, head upstairs and talk to Advisor Ghrim. After asking how the Kingdom is faring, up will come a screen where you will be able to put in money, and change what the people are collecting for you.

There is an option to put money in the Farm, although the Seeds that will be obtained aren't worth the money and can be obtained much cheaper in other ways. What you do want to put the money on are the Trees.

Kingdom of Miscellania

With 10 people working on Maples, over 750,000gp in the coffers and 100% approval you will get 892 Maple Logs per day. As well as this, for every 100 Logs that are collected you will get a Bird's Nest, and from each one there is about a 70% chance of there being a Tree Seed inside. To get the best use out of this, don't collect the resources for several days so that the number of Logs will be just over a multiple of 100, and you will get the most Nests and Seeds possible.

If you have completed both quests you will then have 5 workers left. You could put these on something that will make quite a lot of money such as Flax or Herbs, but if you want the most Tree Seeds possible, put them on Hardwood, and check the 'Teak' option. This is because with both Teak and Mahogany Logs, you will get one Bird Nest for every 350 Logs, but Teak Logs will cost less, so you can get more.

Once you're set up, you can head away for a while, checking back every few days to top up your approval rating, to make sure you get lots of resources. 10% of the money will be taken out of the coffers each day, maxing out at 75,000gp per day. If possible, try to keep the coffers filled up so that it doesn't drop below 750,000gp, and you can get the most out of your money.


Certain seeds require you to have completed Tasks before you can obtain them. An example is the White Lily Seed which requires completion of all Falador Tasks and then you will obtain one seed for each Mole Skin you give to Wyson.

Other Helpful Items

As well as the Items that are required when Farming, there are a number of other Items that are helpful when Farming. These may be Teleports, staves or a piece of Jewelry.

When Farming, you will probably be visiting large numbers of patches which are spread out in all corners of RuneScape. It wouldn't be practical to walk to all of these places, so Teleporting in various ways is advised. This requires you to have Teleport Runes or Teleportation Tablets. The Runes can be obtained by buying them from shops or other players, or if you're feeling like you want to do something different, they can be Runecrafted.

If you wish to save inventory space, use a different spellbook, or just don't have a high enough Magic level, you can use Teleportation Tablets instead. These can be made in the Study of a Player Owned House on a Lectern, with each Lectern having certain Teleports that can be made upon it.


They will require the basic Teleport Runes for the spell, and a piece of Soft Clay to make, and then provide a stackable 1-click Teleport that can be used at any Magic level.

TypeTeleport Tablets that can be made
Oak Lectern Varrock Teleport Tablets
Eagle Lectern Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge Teleport Tablets
Demon Lectern Varrock Teleport Tablets
Teak Eagle Lectern Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, Camelot and Ardougne Teleport Tablets
Teak Demon Lectern Varrock Teleport Tablets
Mahogany Eagle Lectern Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, Camelot, Ardougne, Watchtower and House Teleport Tablets
Mahogany Demon Lectern Varrock Teleport Tablets

If you decide to make lots of House Teleport Tablets, making a couple of Portal Rooms, then filling them with various Teleports will mean that all you need to worry about is the House Tablet, then all the Teleports you would ever need are in your house.

If you want to get to places normal Teleports can't get to, other methods of Transportation may be what you're looking for. Fairy Rings will take you near to a number of Farming Patches, however can only be used part way through Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen. There are also other Items obtained from Quests that will help you get around such as the Ectophial from Ghosts Ahoy.

Amulet of Nature A piece of Farming equipment that can be extremely helpful is the Nature Amulet. It requires a Gold Bar, Emerald and Magic Root to make, then a Enchant Lvl-2 Jewelry Spell to be cast to enchant it. First make the Gold Bar and Emerald into an unstrung Emerald Amulet. Next spin the Magic Root on a Spinning Wheel. Once it is spun, attach it to the Amulet. Up until this point, it is tradeable. Enchant this Emerald Amulet, and you will get a Nature Amulet, which is an Untradeable Item that you can only have one of. Dropping the Amulet will destroy it.

It can then be used with a Farming Patch so that you can keep updated on the progress, finding out if it gets diseased, and getting notified once the crop is ready to be harvested. If the crop gets diseased, the amulet will give you a free Teleport to it so you can save your crop from a nasty death. It can be used as many times as you want, although can only be attached to one Patch at a time.

An alternative to the Nature Amulet is the Amulet of Farming. This does a similar thing, but is more limited. They are bought from Farming Stores with eight charges and can then be attached to either an allotment or flower patch and not any patch that you want. When worn, it will 'hum' if the state of the patch changes - it grows fully, gets diseased or dies. Alternatively, you can rub the amulet to find out the state of the patch. Each time one of these actions happens, it loses a charge until it reaches 0 charges and is destroyed. You can have as many Amulets of Farming as you wish, although they will all be bound to the same patch.

Helpful NPCs

To make your Farming life easier, there are a number of NPCs around most of the Farming Patches who will do something to help you.

Tool Leprechaun

Tool Leprechauns will hold Farming Tools for you and can be found next to just about every Farming Patch there is unless there is another one nearby that has the Leprechaun instead.

Tool leprechaun

The Leprechaun will hold a total of:

  • 1 Rake
  • 1 Seed Dibber
  • 1 Spade
  • 1 Pair of Secateurs (Regular or Magic)
  • 1 Watering Can with any amount of Water in
  • 1 Trowel
  • 31 Empty Buckets
  • 255 Buckets of Compost
  • 255 Buckets of Supercompost
Amazing farming equipment store

Helpers & Payment

When you plant a crop, there is a chance that it will die. To stop this chance completely, with most patches there is a Helper nearby whom you can pay, and they'll watch over the crop for you.

One of the wonderful things about the payments is that other than for the Spirit Tree, all the other items can be obtained by growing lower level crops and where Compost is needed, it can be bought from Farming Shops, so the trouble to obtain it is once again small.

The item that they want varies from crop to crop, and the list looks like:

  • Potatoes - 2 buckets of Compost.
  • Onions - 1 sack of Potatoes
  • Cabbages - 1 sack of Onions.
  • Tomatoes - 2 sacks of Cabbage
  • Sweetcorn - 10 Jute Fibres
  • Strawberries - 1 basket of Apples
  • Watermelon - 10 Curry Leaves
  • Barley - 3 buckets of Compost
  • Hammerstone Hops - 1 bunch of Marigolds
  • Asgarnian Hops - 1 sack of Onions
  • Jute - 6 Barley Malts
  • Yanillian Hops - 1 basket of Tomatoes
  • Krandorian Hops - 3 sacks of Cabbages
  • Wildblood Hops - 1 bunch of Nasturtiums
  • Redberry Bush - 4 sacks of Cabbage.
  • Cadavaberry Bush - 3 baskets of Tomatoes
  • Dwellberry Bush - 3 baskets of Strawberries
  • Jangerberry Bush - 6 Watermelons
  • Whiteberry Bush - 8 Mushrooms
  • Oak Tree - 1 basket of Tomatoes
  • Willow Tree - 1 basket of Apples
  • Maple Tree - 1 Basket of Oranges
  • Yew Tree - 10 Cactus Spines
  • Magic Tree - 25 Coconuts
  • Apple Tree - 9 raw Sweetcorn
  • Banana Tree - 4 baskets of Apples
  • Orange Tree - 3 baskets of Strawberries
  • Curry Tree - 5 baskets of Bananas
  • Pineapple Plant - 10 Watermelons
  • Papaya Tree - 10 Pineapples
  • Palm Tree - 15 Papayas
  • Jade Vine - 10 Wildblood Hops
  • Spirit Tree - 1 Ground Tooth (Suqah Tooth), 1 Monkey Bar, 5 Monkey Nuts
  • Calquat Tree - 8 Poison Ivy Berries

To save space in your inventory, the Farmers are willing to take the items in Noted form, although if you have any of the item they want unnoted, they will take that from you first.


Now that you know all about the different equipment, crops and patches that are available for use in the Farming Skill, you'll want to know what methods to use to get the most out of them. The main methods that are used are 'Standing around doing nilch Farming', 'Chain Farming', and 'Lunar Magic Farming'. Some of these methods are effective, while others will get you experience at a rate similar to killing monsters in the God Wars Dungeon with a Mouse Toy having drunk enough Beer to lower all your combat stats to 1.

Standing Around - Nilch Farming

This is the nightmare that many people will think of when thinking of Farming, and where the God Wars Dungeon analogy comes from. The basic concept of this method is to plant a couple of Seeds in a Farming Patch, often Catherby Allotment, then stand around watching them, and watching them, and watching them, maybe Alching if you have a bit of sense in you.

Atanding around while farming

Doing this is about as inefficient as you can get. You may be able to fill up all four parts of the Allotment at once, and that's if you're lucky. With this method you'll be pushing about 1,000-2,000 experience for every hour of work you put in. Yes, it may seem like a nice way to do it, since you're watching them the whole time making sure that they don't die, but isn't it just easier to pay a Helper to watch them for you, or just plant the Flower that's required to protect your Veg?

It even costs to buy a Plant Cure to stop the disease!

Using plant cure

If you do this method, you're bound to hate it very quickly, so quite simply... DON'T!

Chain Farming

Chain Farming is where the experience suddenly appears due to the fact that you are growing produce in multiple patches at once, and don't have to be babysitting them the whole time. Quite simply, what you do is plant crops in as many patches as possible, and then pay the nearby Helper to watch them. Come back later, or the next day, and receive the experience. Simple!

Farming Clock

Note: This section is speculation from observed happenings.

The basis behind the Farming Skill is a 'clock' that will move Crops onto the next stage after a certain amount of time. This happens regularly, and appears to re-set when the Servers are re-started. Logging in and out also seems to re-set the process, so if you log in or out, all your crops will re-start the stage that they are currently on, so the less logging in and out you do, the faster crops will grow! From this starting point, every x minutes, all your crops will move onto the next stage in their growth process. Take note that the time of each growth stage is different for each crop, so a Spirit Tree doesn't update as regularly as a Limpwurt Plant.

Whenever the 'clock' ticks onto the next stage, the crop will have two choices:

  1. Live
  2. Die

If the 'Live' option happens, the plant will happily move onto the next stage, and keep on growing. If the 'Die' option happens, the crop will become Diseased. If the crop is already Diseased, the 'Live' option won't be available, and it will automatically die.

When you pay a Helper to watch your crops for you, this still happens, but the moment the 'Die' option happens, they will cure it so that you didn't notice anything happened, but the crop will still be in the previous growth stage. This is why Crops will sometimes take over twice as long as they should to grow if you paid a Helper to watch them.

By putting Compost on the Patch before planting the Crop, you make it more likely that the Crop will 'Live', and Supercompost makes it even more likely still that the Crop will 'Live', also speeding up the time it takes to grow if you paid a Farmer to watch it.


Compost is a vital thing to understand when Farming. It can be made in a Compost Bin, or bought from a Farming Shop. Supercompost can be made from high level ingredients such as:

  • Pineapples or better fruits
  • Avantoe or better herbs
  • Jangerberry or better berries
  • Watermelon
  • Tree Roots
  • Coconut Shells

If you put Tomatoes in the Compost Bin, rather than receiving Compost, you will receive Rotten Tomatoes when you try to empty it.

When you put Compost on a Patch, it increases the chance of the Crop surviving if you haven't paid a Helper to watch it (see Farming Clock section above).

If you use Compost on a Patch with a variable Yield such as Vegetable and Herb Patches, the minimum and maximum number of items that you can get from the Harvest will rise.

Crop Yield
Crop TypeNormal CompostSuper Compost
Allotment 4 to 28 5 to 30
Herb 3 to 10 5 to 12

Even if you can't afford to use Super Compost on everything, using normal Compost will increase your experience, and you'll even get a small amount experience for both getting Compost out of the Compost Bin and putting it on the Patches.

If for some reason you put normal Compost onto a Patch, but then realize that you wanted to use Supercompost, you can use the Supercompost on the Composted Patch to add it. You cannot, however, put normal Compost onto a Patch that's had Supercompost added.

Allotment Chain Farming

The first Chain Farming you do is likely to be Allotment Chain Farming due to the fact that it can be done easily at a low level, and it can make those first few levels before easy access to Trees just fly past.

As a start, you can just run backwards and forwards between Catherby and Ardougne Allotments, filling them up, and harvesting crops as you go.

After that, adding the Falador Allotment into the circle is an obvious next stage, and once that's mastered, if you've done Priest in Peril and Ghosts Ahoy, completing the circle with the Port Phasmatys Allotment will sum it off nicely.

The phasmatys allotment patch

Extended Allotment Chain

Once you have mastered the Allotment Chain, extending it to other lower level crops is a nice way to slightly boost the experience that you obtain, with Hops and Bushes being obvious candidates.

There are numerous loops that can be made up, with some being more direct than others. When trying to invent a loop, make sure that you ignore Plots that are going to slow you down significantly such as trying to get to the Etceteria Bush Patch.

Starting in Catherby, there are a number of routes that can be taken down the Members' section of the World that are fairly direct.

From Catherby, you can either head straight to the Ardougne Allotment, or go via the Hops Patch north of Seers' Village. Then heading down through Ardougne you can get to the Bush Patch near the Monastery, and even further on south is the Hops Patch in Yanille. A Teleport back to Camelot would then finish off that route.

Starting in either Draynor Village or Falador, you can head to the Falador Allotment, then run on down to Rimmington, before Teleporting onto a new loop.

From Lumbridge you can head north to the Hops Patch, then further on to the Champions' Guild Bush Patch. With this route, and a high enough level, it could be started at the Duel Arena or Al Kharid to include the Cactus Patch.

There are large numbers of loops that you can make, so once you've got a few, stick them all together, work them as one, and find the experience faster than ever before!

Tree Farming

Tree Farming is what should be done if you ever want to reach high levels, although it will set you back a bob or two.

When Planting Trees you must first plant them in a Plant Pot with a Trowel, Water them, and let them grow into a Sapling. Once they have become a Sapling, you can finally plant them out in the scary world in a Farming Patch.

Tree Farming includes all Wood and Fruit Trees along with other more 'Special' Trees of Calquat and Spirit Trees. To Chain Farm Trees to full ability, there are a number of things that you will need to be able to do:

  • Use all Spirit Trees
  • Teleport to Ardougne
  • Chop down Magic Trees
  • Burn Magic Logs
  • Spend a lot of money on a skill without worrying

Before starting a run, you should make sure that you have got all the Trees you are going to want grown into Saplings, and sitting comfortably in your Bank, along with payment so that Helpers can look over them for you. This stops faffing around at a later stage, trying to work out what you've forgotten.

A basic route including all Tree Spots in a fairly efficient manner would look like:

  1. Plant Fruit Tree in Catherby
  2. Teleport to Ardougne
  3. Take boat to Brimhaven
  4. Plant Spirit Tree in Brimhaven
  5. Plant Fruit Tree in Brimhaven
  6. Plant Calquat Tree in Tai Bwo Wannai
  7. Teleport to Ardougne
  8. Head to Khazard Spirit Tree and take to Gnome Stronghold
  9. Plant Fruit Tree in Gnome Stronghold
  10. Plant Wood Tree in Gnome Stronghold
  11. Take Spirit Tree back to Khazard
  12. Plant Fruit Tree next to Tree Gnome Village
  13. Teleport to Lletya
  14. Plant Fruit Tree in Lletya
  15. Teleport to Lumbridge
  16. Plant Wood Tree in Lumbridge
  17. Teleport to Varrock
  18. Plant Wood Tree in Varrock
  19. Teleport to Falador
  20. Plant Wood Tree in Taverley
  21. Teleport to Falador (House if located in Taverley)
  22. Plant Wood Tree in Falador Park
  23. Wait and repeat
To make sure that all the Trees survive, spend the small amount it costs to buy the payment, and pay the Helper next to each patch to watch over the Tree for you.

With crops such as Magic Trees, you'll need to pay 25 of an unstackable item, so get the payments in note to pay the Helpers with. If you have any of the item they want in an unnoted form, they will take that first, then dig into the Bank Notes.

When you have obtained the experience from the Tree, you can either chop it down yourself, getting Logs and Roots from it, or pay the Helper a small fee and they'll chop it down for you, but take the Roots in the process.

When you are Farming Trees, it's likely that it will be costing you about 10gp for every one experience you gain, so make sure you're Piggy Bank is full to the brim before you go pro!

Lunar Magic Farming

There is a small Spellbook found on Lunar Isle that some say completes Farming once and for all. With the first half unlocked during Lunar Diplomacy, and the second during Dream Mentor, it isn't easy to obtain the full Book, but once you do, some wonders can be found with a high enough Magic level.

The main things about the Lunar Spellbook that are so great for Farming are two small Spells called Cure Plant and Fertile Soil. Cure Plant gives you the ability to rid a Plant of Disease without needing to go out and either find a Plant Cure or Secateurs from somewhere an hour and a half away.

Fertile Soil will cover the Patch it is cast on in Supercompost, so that can be crossed off your Shopping List too! The Fertile Soil Spell also gives you 18 Farming experience for each cast made.

The lunar plant cure spell
Lunar Fertile Soil spell

This is great, however there are also a couple of drawbacks. The Cure Plant Spell requires level 66 Magic, 1 Astral Rune, and 8 Earth Runes, while the Fertile Soil Spell requires 83 Magic, 3 Astral Runes, 2 Nature Runes, and 15 Earth Runes per cast. The Earth Runes can be eliminated by wielding an Earth Staff, but the cost of the Astral and Nature Runes is still there, putting the cost of one cast of each spell at about 1400gp, which is slightly more expensive than a Bucket of Supercompost and Plant Cure put together.

The other slightly helpful spell it gives you is only available after completing Dream Mentor, and is Humidify. This spell requires level 68 Magic, 1 Astral, 3 Water and 1 Fire Rune, and will fill all the Watering Cans in your inventory with water with a single cast.

The other problem you will find is that you have lost all the Modern Teleports that you are used to, although this can be overcome on the whole if you have level 50 Construction. What you'll need to do is make two Portal Rooms, filling each one with the Portals you use most for Farming, then making large numbers of Home Teleportation Tablets for easy access to your house on the foreign Spellbook. If you position your house in Yanille, then have Portals to all the places available other than the Watchtower, most things will be covered.

If you have level 96 Magic, it will be easiest due to the Spellbook Switch Spell that becomes available, letting you use Modern Teleports at will, although there are other ways to get to the patches almost as efficiently.

  • Ardougne Allotment - Fishing Guild Teleport
  • Catherby Allotment - Catherby Teleport
  • Falador Allotment - Draynor Village Glory Teleport
  • Port Phasmatys Allotment - Ectophial Teleport
  • Harmony Allotment - Ectophial Teleport
  • Disease-free Herb Patch - Spellbook Swap and Trollheim Teleport/AJR Fairy Ring and enter secret backdoor to Troll Stronghold
  • Ardougne Bush - Khazard Teleport/Khazard Spirit Tree/DJP Fairy Ring
  • Champions' Guild Bush - Champions' Guild Combat Bracelet Teleport/House Tab - Varrock Portal
  • Etceteria Bush - CIP Fairy Ring/Etceteria Spirit Tree
  • Rimmington Bush - AIQ Fairy Ring/Crafting Guild Skills Necklace/Rimmington House Portal
  • Brimhaven Fruit Tree - Karamja Glory Teleport/House Tab - Ardougne Portal/Brimhaven Spirit Tree
  • Catherby Fruit Tree - Catherby Teleport
  • Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree - Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree/Glider
  • Lletya Fruit Tree - Tiny Elf Crystal
  • Tree Gnome Village Fruit Tree - Khazard Teleport/Khazard Spirit Tree
  • Entrana Hops - Draynor Village Glory Teleport/Port Sarim Spirit Tree
  • Lumbridge Hops - House Tab - Lumbridge Portal/Duel Arena Ring of Duelling/Al Kharid Glory Teleport/Al Kharid Glider
  • Seers' Village Hops - ALS Fairy Ring/Fishing Guild Teleport
  • Yanille Hops - Yanille House Portal/House Tab - Watchtower Portal/CIQ Fairy Ring
  • Falador Wood Tree - Mining Guild Skills Necklace/House Tab - Falador Portal
  • Gnome Stronghold Wood Tree - Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree/Glider
  • Lumbridge Wood Tree - House Tab - Lumbridge Portal/Duel Arena Ring of Duelling/Al Kharid or Draynor Village Glory Teleport/Al Kharid Glider
  • Taverley Wood Tree - Mining Guild Skills Necklace/Taverley House Portal/House Tab - Falador Portal
  • Varrock Wood Tree - Dig Site Glider/House Tab - Varrock Portal/Varrock Spirit Tree
  • Brimhaven Spirit Tree - Karamja Glory Teleport/House Tab - Ardougne Portal
  • Etceteria Spirit Tree - CIP Fairy Ring
  • Port Sarim Spirit Tree - Draynor Village Glory Teleport
  • Belladonna - Draynor Village Glory Teleport
  • Cactus - Duel Arena Ring of Duelling/Al Kharid Glory Teleport
  • Calquat - Karamja Glory Teleport/House Tab - Ardougne Portal/Brimhaven Spirit Tree/CKR Fairy Ring/Shilo Village Karamja Gloves Operate
  • Mushroom - CKS Fairy Ring/House Tab - Kharyll Portal

Lunar Magics gives you the ability to Cure Plants even when you don't have money on you, put Supercompost on any Patch you wish without needing to search through your Bank for it, get to Patches almost as quickly with the right abilities at hand, and gives plenty of Magic experience, so is certainly something that is worth a look at some point if you can afford a few Teleport Tablets and Astral Runes!


With all these methods to choose from, it can be hard to decide quite what to do, although there are a few large decisions you'll have to make. If you want to make money out of the skill, and use it to aid Herblore, there are a number of methods outlined in the Money Making Guide that will make you more knowledgeable about that.

If you want to just about break even, using Miscellania to obtain all your Tree Seeds, buying payments, and planting them is going to be the best option.

If you have lots of money to splash out on getting a high stat, just grow the best Crops you can repeatedly, finding yourself tens of millions of gp poorer after obtaining your desired level. Magic and Palm Trees should be the pick of the day as soon as you can grow them, and experience should come flooding in. If you Chain Farm enough, it's possible to get over 500,000 experience within 24 hours, and a couple of people have actually done it!

If you are Farming lots of Herbs or Vegetables, it's worth getting the Magic Secateurs, and wielding them when harvesting your crops, since they will increase the number of crops you get by 10%.

If you want to Farm a Seed that is 3 levels above your current Farming level, eating a Piece of Garden Pie will temporarily raise it by 3 levels.

Level 1-14

With these levels you are unable to grow any Trees at all, so just fill the Allotments to bursting point, visiting the Hops Patches if you have time before Allotments need picking. At level 9 you can start growing Guam Leaves, and getting used to it as early as possible will help your Herblore level rise at a rapid rate.

Level 15-26

At level 15 you can grow Oak Trees from Acorns, so move slightly away from your precious Allotments, and start growing Trees, keeping on increasing the type of Crops you are growing as you become able to grow them.

Level 27-71

At level 27 you become able to grow Apple Trees, which are the lowest level Fruit Tree it is possible to grow. If you can be bothered trying to get payment for these, start planting them immediately, otherwise wait until level 33 at which point you can grow Banana Trees. If you are buying your own Tree Seeds, keep on getting higher and higher level Seeds until you get to level 68 and the Palm Trees that come with it. Due to the fact that these require 15 Papayas as payment, it may be easier to plant 1 Palm Tree and 3 Papaya Trees to get enough Papayas without needing to buy any. The Pineapples needed for payment for the Papayas can be easily found just south of Brimhaven on the multiple Pineapple Plants, so there should be no problems getting hold of them.

Keep on increasing the type of Crop you are growing in other places if you are still doing so, switching to Ranarr Weeds in Herb Patches at level 32 to make a bit of profit from the skill. Other Herbs that may be worth switching to are Kwuarm at level 56 and Snapdragon at 62.

At level 55 you can grow a Cactus, so plant one, check its health, and take the Spines off it. You could dig it up, and plant a new Cactus, although this means it can take a while to fully grow again, and the Spines that reproduce are great for Yew Tree payments.

Level 72-74

At level 72 you become able to grow Calquat Trees, which are amazing experience for the cost of the Seed, and are certainly worth planting. Unfortunately they cannot be watched by a Helper, so you'll have to hope the Supercompost does its job, but even so, they're still an amazing Crop to grow.

Other Crops should stay similar to previously, maybe growing some Lantadymes if you want the experience from Herbs to be slightly higher.

Level 75-82

At level 75 you can grow the highest level Trees there are - Magic Trees. The Seeds may cost a bit, and the payment a bit of a pain to obtain, but the 13,000 experience from them is certainly a pleasant treat for the minimal effort that's required. You could even try cutting a few inventories of the Logs to lower the loss that you make, and then sell the Magic Roots to cover even more of the cost.

If you're going for flat out experience, this is pretty much where you've reached the steady going, with Palm, Calquat and Magic Trees all being growable.

If you don't want to plant such expensive Crops as Magic Trees, just keep on going with lower level Trees such as Willows, Maples and Yews. At level 79 there is a chance to switch to growing Dwarf Weeds which can give large amounts of both Farming and Herblore experience.

Level 83-84

At level 83 you can grow Spirit Trees, which will give over 19,000 experience when fully grown, although are untradeable, so you'll have to rely on getting your own either from Miscellania or as Random Events when Woodcutting. Other than planting those few Spirit Seeds, you should carry on in a similar way.

Level 85-99

Level 85 is where the Farming Skill seems to end, with you being able to grow Torstol Seeds, although they're hugely uncommon, and sticking with whatever was happening previously is the easiest option.

Due to the massive experience gaps between levels, dumping lower level crops such as Hops, Bushes and Allotments will make it seem less tedious to jump hundreds of thousands of experience without a level. Sticking to planting Tree Seeds including Fruit, Wood, Calquat and Spirit will require a lot less of your time, and the experience will also be a lot faster than playing around with 500 experience here, and 500 there.

Skill Cape

Once you reach level 99 Farming you can buy the Cape of Achievement from Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village for 99,000gp.

Farming achievement cape
Wearing the farming cape of achievement

For the emote, your character will pull out a watering can. They will water the ground in front of him, and look into the sky for a second. They will then look back down to notice flowers growing and blooming. They will pick one up and sniff it.

If you have managed to reach this stage, a massive congratulations should go your way!

Oh, and one more thing.... Emote pl0x!

The farming cape emote

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