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Firemaking is a skill that can easily be trained with some patience and some money. This is a skill where you need to be able to stick to your task, in order to get experience. This is because it can get very boring sometimes. Even if it gets boring, it is a very interesting skill and if you are motivated enough, you will easily achieve your goal, whatever it is.

Woodcutting With Firemaking

Levels 1-15

So, you just discovered the Firemaking skill and you would like to train it? At those levels, you do not have a lot of choice and you can only light Regular logs, however, these trees are found all around RuneScape and you will have no problems finding them. You need level 1 Woodcutting to cut these trees using a woodcutting axe and a tinderbox to light the logs. All you have to do is to cut trees and light the logs. You will need to burn 60 Regular logs to reach 15 Firemaking. It is an easy task, but a very important one as you are now able to light Oak logs.

cutting regular trees
Cutting regular tree

Levels 15-30

Now that you are able to light Oak logs, everything will be faster. You will need 15 Woodcutting to be able to use this method. Do not forget your tinderbox or your axe because this is what you will need. Now, cut the logs and burn them. It will go faster than before because you can get more than one log from an Oak tree, which you couldn't do with a regular tree. To reach 30 Firemaking, you will need to light 183 Oak logs.

Cutting oak trees
Cutting oak trees

Level 30+

Now that you are able to light Willow logs, your real Firemaking journey really begins. You will need 30 Woodcutting to use this method. You will now need a place with a lot of Willow trees that will not be crowded, but will also come with some space to light those fires. The best place would be Rimmington since that town is not crowded at all. There are a lot of Willow trees so you will have no problem woodcutting those. Do not switch to yews with this Woodcutting/Firemaking training because yews are slow to woodcut and they are usually infested with bots, which makes woodcutting much harder.

  • From 30 to 45, you will need to burn 535 Willow Logs.
  • From 30 to 99, you will need to burn 144,679 Willow Logs.
Cutting willow trees
Cutting willow trees

Level 45+

This is for Members Only. You will now be able to light Maples. With 45 Woodcutting, this is a very good way to train your Firemaking. A Rune axe is recommended here so you will cut logs faster. The best place to cut and light Maple logs would be Seers' Village since there are a lot of Maple trees there. As said before, do not switch to Yews or to Magic trees since cutting these trees will slow you down. Stick with maples if you want to get there easily. Note that maples are the brown colored trees on the map and note that they are not only in that spot, they are all around it as well

  • From 45 to 99, you will need to burn 96,096 Maple Logs
Location of maple trees near seers' village

Slow and Cheap Experience

This method uses Lumbridge's General Store in a Freeplay World. You might need to change worlds a lot until you find a good world with a lot of wood in the General Store with no one firemaking there.

Levels 1-15

You will need some money and a tinderbox to be able to light Regular Logs. All you have to do here is to buy logs from the General store and to burn them in front of the Store. Rinse and Repeat this process until you reach 15 Firemaking. A Regular Log costs 2 coins in the General Store so it shouldn't be that expensive to reach 15 Firemaking.

  • From 1 to 15, you will need to burn 61 Regular Logs costing 122gp.
Thel ubridge general store

Levels 15-30

You will need exactly the same things that you needed previously, a tinderbox and money. You will now buy Oak logs from the General Store. Oak logs will cost 6 coins each and if there is nobody Firemaking there, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to get from 15 to 30 Firemaking.

  • From 15 to 30, you will need to burn 183 Oak Logs costing 1098gp.

Level 30+

Now that you can light Willow logs, you will be able to get experience more quickly. There are a lot of Willow trees there so you should have no problems getting them and firemaking them. Many people woodcut willows near the General Store, then sell them there so they can get faster experience. You can get Willow logs for 12 coins each there so it isn't expensive at all to get a high Firemaking level.

  • From 30 to 99, you will need to burn 144,679 Willow Logs costing 1,736,148.
Burning logs in a straight line

Fast and Expensive Experience

Levels 1-30

Since you will not need to buy a lot of Logs to be able to reach 30 firemaking, it will be better to buy them from the General store and burn them. This is the easiest way to get to level 30. Remember to light Regular logs until level 15 and swap to Oak logs.

Levels 30-45

You will now need to burn Willow logs to get to 45 Firemaking. There is a very big Willow log market so you should have no problems buying those from other players. You will need 535 Willow logs to reach 45 Firemaking and Willow logs cost 30 coins each when bought from other players. You can buy them either in Draynor's bank or next to Varrock West bank.

  • From 30 to 45, you will need to burn 535 Willow Logs.

Levels 45-60

To get 60 Firemaking, you will need to get maples and to burn them. The easiest way to buy maples is when browsing the Official Forums since there are a lot of people that will post there. You will need 1573 Maple logs to reach 60 Firemaking and Maple logs will cost around 75-85 coins each.

  • From 45 to 60, you will need to burn 1,573 Maple Logs.
Buying maple logs in the runescape forum

Level 60+

For fast experience, choose Yew logs, that give 202.5 experience per Log, giving some quick experience. All you have to do is to buy them from other players, and then light them. You can buy these in two different places: You can get them in Varrock in high populated worlds or you can get them by browsing the Official Forums. Yews are usually 350-400 coins each. After 75 firemaking, you will be able to light Magic logs, but it is not worth it since these logs are very expensive. If you ever woodcut these, you rather use them for Fletching if you can or sell them.

  • From 60 to 99, you will need to burn 63,016 Yew Logs.
Buying yew logs in falador

Note: It is totally up to you to choose when to change logs. This is just an example of the fastest way, but it is also the most expensive. For example, Willow logs are decent experience until level 70 firemaking, and Maple logs are decent experience until level 85 firemaking. Remember to make all the necessary calculations if you decide to continue with a type of log. Be sure to use the Firemaking Calculator to find out about anything you want to know.

Shade Burning

To make money off of Firemaking you need to be a member of RuneScape. The only way to make money off of the Firemaking Skill is Shade Burning. To be able to burn shades you generally need to get into World 2, where the temple is almost always built.

Required Quests: Priest In Peril, Nature Spirit, Shades of Mort'ton
Recommended Quest: In Aid of the Myreque

Recommended Equipment

  • Helm: Neitiznot Helm, Berserker Helm, or a Dragon full Helm.
  • Cape: Either a Legend's Cape, Obsidian Cape, a Cape of Achievement, or a Fire Cape.
  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory or an Amulet of Fury is recommended.
  • Weapon: Either a Dragon Scimitar, Abyssal Whip or Gadderhammer are useful.
  • Shield: Rune Kiteshield, Obsidian Shied or Rune defender.
  • Body: Either a Rune Plate Body, a Fighter Torso or a Dragon Chain are recommended.
  • Legs: Either Rune Platelegs/Skirt, or Dragon Platelegs/Skirt are recommended.
  • Gloves: Barrows Gloves, substitutable with any other gloves.
  • Boots: Climbing Boots or Rune Boots.

Recommended Inventory

Suggested inventory
  • A Rune axe to cut down normal trees nearby for burning Loar Shades.
  • Logs for higher leveled Shades.
  • Cash to pay for Olive Oil.
  • Monkfish for healing during Combat.
  • Tinderbox for burning.

The Method

Once you are ready, go speak to Razmire in the General Store of Mort'ton and buy some Olive Oils.

Suggested inventory, plus oliveo ils

Now you need to go near the Temple and get your sancticity up to at least 10% while others are building the temple, but it's also recommended that you keep attacking - what ever you attack should go here as over time your sancticity decreases.

Temple repair

When someone lights the altar on fire and your sancticity is over 10%, start using your Olive Oils on the fire to get Sacred Oil.

Once you have Sacred Oil start collecting the remains of shades. Then use the Sacred Oil on logs to get Pyre Logs.

Sacred oils

After that, look for one of the funeral pyres located around the town. Once you have located one, use the Pyre Logs on it, then use the Shade Remains on the funeral pyre. Then use a tinderbox on the funeral pyre to burn the shade.

Pyres, for burning shades

As a result of burning shades you usually get a key of a metal, with a color. The metal marks the level of doors the key can open, the color marks the chest behind that type of door which it can open.

After burning a shade, you can pick up a key

Once you have several keys, it is recommended that you start going into the dungeon, and fighting higher leveled shades and collect their remains to burn. Higher level shades use higher leveled logs, but the higher level the key, the better the rewards, being anything from Swamp Tar to a Rune Scimitar.

You find some treasure...

The primary reward you are looking for is Fine Cloth, which can be obtained from any level chest and can be sold for up to 20,000gp a piece.

Have fun Burning Shades!

Tips and Tricks

  • When firemaking, you want to have all your logs close to a Tinderbox so you can light them easier. When having 2 tinderboxes, it is easier. This picture shows how to place your logs so you take less time firemaking. If however, you want 27 logs in your inventory, you should have the tinderbox in the middle, so it is close to everything.
Inventory with two tinderboxesInventory with one tinderbox
  • When firemaking, you want to be in a place where you can make fires without having to move a lot unless for banking or for getting to the spot. Since you move from East to West when you make fires here are the Best Spots:


Falador burn area


Edgeville burn area

Port Phasmatys

Completion of Ghost Ahoy is required. An Amulet of Ghost-Speak is recommended for fast banking.

Port phasmatys burn area

Seers' Village

Seers' village burn area

Piscatoris Fishing Colony

Completion of Swan Song is required.

Fishing colony burn area

Duel Arena

Duel arena burn area
  • There are three quests that give Firemaking Experience:
  • There are some other quests that give choosable experience, you can use that experience on Firemaking:
    • Recipe for Disaster - An Antique Lamp than you can rub to receive 20,000 exp in any skill of your choice that is level 50 or higher.
    • Legends' Quest - 7,650 exp to four skills of your choice.
    • King's Ransom - An antique lamp which gives 5,000 exp to any skill of your choosing, if it is at least level 50.
    • One Small Favour - Two Antique Lamps that give 10,000 exp to two skills of your choice, although they must be at least level 30.
    • A Tail of Two Cats - Two Antique Lamps that give 2,500 exp to any 2 skills of your choice that are level 30 or higher.
    • Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen - An Antique Lamp which gives 2,500 exp to any skill above 30.
    • Darkness of Hallowvale - A Tomb of Experience which gives 2,000 exp to any skill of your choice, per chapter in the book.
    • The Great Brain Robbery - Blessed Lamp - gives 5000 experience in a skill of your choice.
  • If you want to train your Firemaking Skill but you do not have any logs, there is a solution. You can repair Dorgesh-Kaan's Lamps. To repair a lamp (52 Firemaking required) you need to make a dorgeshuun lightorb and adding to it a filament that you can get from the Wire Machine in the South-West part of the City. Repairing a lamp gives 1000 Firemaking experience! Also, if you repair 100 of them, you get another 5000 extra Firemaking experience, so that is over 105,000 Firemaking experience! (87 Crafting is required to make a dorgeshuun lightorb)
  • Many people think that a fire lasts longer if it is a higher-level wood, Jagex clearly stated that it doesn't, it is completely random.
  • If you have completed your Barbarian Training, you will be able to light a fire with using a bow and a set of Log. It comes handy when you are using a fire to cook your food, as it saves an inventory space.
  • Firemaking achievement capeOnce you reach 99 Firemaking, you will have access to the Firemaking Skillcape. You can buy it from Ignatius Vulcan, located in the forest south of Seers' Village. The cape costs 99,000 coins and it comes with a matching hood.

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