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There are a number of ways you can train your Prayer level, and this guide will cover some of the best ways to raise your Prayer level quickly and efficiently.

Free to Play


The only major goals that F2P can hit in Prayer are being able to use the Protect Prayers at level 37 for Protect from Magic, 40 for Protect from Missiles (Range), and 43 for Protect from Melee. At level 45 you will be able to use all the F2P Prayers (up to Mystic Might). Level 99 is a rather unrealistic goal for this skill if you are training in F2P and there is nothing much else to achieve in Prayer other than being able to use prayer longer.


There is no Prayer level requirement for burying any bones so the best way to get your level up is only using the best bones from the start. The best bones to bury in F2P are Big Bones, they give 15 experience each. You can either buy them if you have plenty of money to spend on them (prices vary, but in any case they are expensive to buy in bulk), or kill various larger creatures (Hill Giants are most commonly killed for Big Bones) if you have a good combat level and aren't in much of a hurry.

It will take 3,356 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 43 (with Regular Bones it will take 11,187). It will take 4,101 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 45. It will take 868,963 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 99.

Normal (tons of creatures) and Burnt Bones (Greater Demons) give 4.5 experience each. Monkey Bones (Karamja Monkeys) give 5 experience each. Lesser and Greater demons drop accursed ashes, which give 13.5 experience when scattered. 

If you happen to be killing Lesser or Greater demons, think about carrying around accursed urns, which can be crafted at level 26 crafting from clay. These urns will automatically collect your ashes and, when teleported away, give 15 experience per ash instead of 13.5 experience per ash.

You can also just pick up regular bones at the chicken coop east of Lumbridge if you want to get free experience that's fast for low levels, but after about level 30 it's really slow. And in case you really want to know, it takes 2,896,541 regular bones until 99.

If you are serious about training prayer in freeplay, you should cremate bones. By far the best method of training your prayer in freeplay is through cremating bones. Cremating bones requires you to use bones on a bonfire (can be yours or somebody else's). This will give you 2.5x the experience you normally would get from burying them. For big bones you would get 37.5 experience. You will also get some firemaking experience.

Cremating Bones

Collecting & Burying Bones to Earn 1,000xp

  • Chaos Temple (in the wilderness, bones respawn there) - 20 minutes
  • Boneyard (in the wilderness, bones respawn there) - 18 minutes (a bit faster once the skeletons stop auto-attacking after 20 minutes)
  • Chickens, Goblins, Cows, scavenging and picking up your drops - 25 minutes
  • Chickens - kill and bury - over 60 minutes
  • Hill Giants - kill and bury (average 3-hit kill) - over 60 minutes
  • Banked (bought) Bones - 6 minutes
  • Banked (bought) Big Bones - under 2 minutes
  • Banked (bought) Big Bones cremated — 95 seconds


Experience Rewards

Prayer Level Requirements

There are no F2P quests that require a Prayer level, though Protection Prayers may be useful in some combat oriented quests.



There are many more ways to raise your Prayer level with Membership and many more efficient ways as well. There are also greater rewards for gaining higher Prayer levels.

Early Levels

The Nexus

At level one you can train your prayer at the Nexus in the Lumbridge Swamp. You can breeze through your early prayer levels fairly quickly here. To start, grab a charmed sack from Ysondria and collect from the Nexus (the hole with tentacles). After you have the maximum amount of corruption your sack can store (15), go to one of the pillars and pour your corruption into one of the bowls.


The problem with the Nexus is that you need four or five people to get the maximum experience, which is unfortunate because this is considered by many people to be dead content. If you are looking for people to do this with, try checking world 2 at peak times. You also have an experience cap at around 40,000 experience per day, but this should get you from 1 to 40 prayer.

Other ways to breeze past the early levels

The quests The Restless Ghost and The Holy Grail are commonly done to get past early levels because they give large amounts of experience but do not require prayer levels to begin. Doing both of these quests will get you to level 29 prayer from level 1.

Commonly used bones and ashes

Here are some bones and ashes commonly used in prayer training. DO NOT bury these bones, use them either in cremation (see above), gilded altar training, or ectofucntus training.

Dragon Bones

Dragon BonesTo start with there are Dragon Bones, the most commonly used bone to gain prayer with. Dragon Bones give 72 experience each and can only be acquired by killing the Dragons yourself (don't forget your anti-dragon shield!) or buying the bones for exorbitant prices. Luckily there are much more efficient ways to train your Prayer level in members and even profitable if slow ways.

Infernal Ashes

Infernal AshesInfernal ashes are generally seen as a cheaper but slower alternative to Dragon Bones. They can be found from killing high level demons such as abyssal demons or black demons. They give 62.5 experience when scattered.

Airut Bones

Airut BonesAirut bones are seen as a gateway between Dragon Bones and the very expensive Frost Dragon Bones. They can be collected from killing Airuts, a level 92 Slayer creature found near Piscatoris and in Kuradel's Slayer Dungeon. They give 132.5 experience when buried.

Frost Dragon Bones

Frost Dragon BonesFrost Dragon Bones are seen as the rich man's way of getting prayer up. They can be collected from killing Frost Dragons in the level 85 Dungeoneering Resource Dungeon in the Ice Cavern below Port Sarim. They can be buried for 180 experience.

Gilded Altar & Marble Burners


This requires you to have a house and at least 66 Construction (The Gilded Altar requires 75 but you can get a bonus of +3 construction from a Crystal Saw, and from a -6 to a +6 bonus from Evil Dave's Stew [3 Orange Spices], or you can use Tea from a Teak Shelf in your kitchen to get a +3 bonus) to install a Gilded Altar and Incense Burners, plenty of House Teleportation Tablets and some method of getting back to a bank ASAP (such as a Tokkul-Zo or an amulet of glory), a beast of burden familiar, bones/ashes of your choice, a Tinderbox, and Marrentil (incense) or a friend who is willing to stay in your house and relight the incense burners while you train.

This method can be done without tabs (using runes instead), a beast of burden familiar, marrentil (using someone else's house), or a gilded altar of your own (by using someone else's house or a friend), but this will cut into your XP/hr gain.


In your invent you will need a Tinderbox, 2 Marrentil (make sure to get 2 more every trip), 2000 House Teleportation Tablets (you could put your house in Yanille and just walk back and forth if you don't want to use the House Tele/Glory system, or you could use the butler system which will be explained later), and 24 Dragonbones for every trip. Or you can have a friend light the incense whenever it goes out, this will take a lot less Marrentils and save you 3 inventory spaces and use all 28.


You'll want your Chapel to be placed in the square closest to the side of the house portal you come in on.

Teleport to your house (with a House Teleportation Tablet) go straight to your Chapel and light the incense burners (or go ahead to the next step if you have a friend do this). Now offer your bones at the altar (the one click option will probably save you a lot of bones here once you get going). When your inventory begins to empty, use the "Take from BoB" option on the summoning icon to replenish your inventory. When you are out of bones in both your inventory and familiar, quick teleport to a bank. If you are using an amulet of glory, teleport to Edgeville and bank there. If you are using a TokKul-Zo, teleport to the Fight Caves and bank there. Refill and repeat until you have reached your goal. Using bank presets can help a significant amount when refilling.

This will take 2156 trips at 24 dragon bones per trip (normal), 1916 trips at 27 dragon bones per trip (with a friends help), and 1848 trips and 28 dragon bones per trip (Yanille). And if you use one of the three travel methods than a Familiar is highly suggested for helping you carry more bones with you, a Familiar could bring down your total time by from 1/8th to 1 half the normal time.

Note: You cannot use a butler to un-note bones. They won't do it.

Here are some calculations, for those interested in doing this method for a variety of bones and ashes.

Dragon Bones
Level Number of Dragon Bones
1-20 18
1-40 148
1-43 200
1-52 491
1-60 1,087
1-70 2,928
1-99 51,724
Infernal Ashes
Level Number of Infernal Ashes
1-20 20
1-40 159
1-43 215
1-52 528
1-60 1,168
1-70 3,148
1-99 55,613
Frost Dragon Bones
Level Number of Frost Dragon Bones
1-20 8
1-40 60
1-43 80
1-52 197
1-60 435
1-70 1,171
1-99 35,207
Airut Bones
Level Number of Airut Bones
1-20 9
1-40 75
1-43 102
1-52 249
1-60 551
1-70 1,485
1-99 26,233

Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing CrystalCleansing Crystals can be bought by trading with the Hefin monk at the Hefin Church in northern Prifddinas for 130,000 GP. Due to this, this method requires the Plague's End quest. After you have bought the stone, click on the corrupted Seren stone in the middle to cleanse. You will receive 2,100 experience when you start and 2,450 experience when you finish. You will gain 9,300 experience per crystal without the voice of Seren and 11,160 experience with the voice of Seren.

Cleansing Crystals

If you move while cleansing you will lose your crystal and your progress, so do not move! This method is more expensive and slower than most gilded altar methods, but this is also much more AFK. It's only recommended if you have money to blow and are trying to get some work done on the side. Using a cleansing crystal is also a hard task for the Tirannwn tasks.


This gives 4x experience on all bones but it's not nearly as fast as with a house altar. You must have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest to use this. See the Worshipping the Ectofuntus guide to see how this is done.

Dragon Bones
Level Number of Dragon Bones
1-20 16
1-40 130
1-43 175
1-52 430
1-60 951
1-70 2,562
1-99 45,259

It is not suggested you use Ectofunctus and instead use the Gilded Altar method because the time you save in doing the Gilded Altar method can be used to make back the money you lost in the Gilded Altar method and much more.

Jiggig & Undead Ogre Bones

Some of the bones that you can get here provide quite a bit more experience than Dragon Bones. It is quite a bit slower than Dragon bones but you will also get some Ranged experience while killing Skogres and Zogres. See the Jiggig Guide to learn how to kill Skogres in Jiggig.

Using Undead Ogre Bones with the Ectofuntus you will need about 25-26 thousand (an approximation based on getting some of each of the 3 bones) to get to level 99.

Other Bones

Wyvern Bones give 50 experience each but you have to kill Skeletal Wyverns to get them, this may be worth it though because you may get some Granite Legs and, if your lucky, a Draconic Visage, while you train. Skeletal Wyverns require 72 Slayer and an Elemental Shield to kill and are level 140. There is no guide to killing Wyverns yet.

Dagannoth Bones give 125 experience each but you can only get them by killing the Dagannoth Kings which are extremely powerful level 303 creatures that you can get to after the Fremennik Trials Quest.


After completing the Nature Spirit quest you can kill Ghasts, for each Ghast you kill you get 30 Prayer Experience. You will need Druid Pouches to attack Ghasts and they don't drop anything worthwhile so I don't suggest this.

Shades of Mort'ton

After completing the Shades of Morton quest you can play the Activity in which you kill Shades and burn their remains for Prayer experience. With this method you can make money, gain Prayer, Firemaking, and Combat. Of course you can buy all your Shade Remains and Olive Oil and just build the temple but not many people sell Shade Remains or Olive Oil. You can get up to 100 experience from burning Fiyr Shade Remains and you can also get Rune items and tons of other stuff as rewards. Here is a guide to getting splitbark armor that includes how to use the Shades of Morton Activity.

Cremating only Fiyr remains you will need 130,345 (about 10,800 trips at 12 per trip) to get to 99 but you will also get a lot of Firemaking experience (15 million xp for Willows, 25 million xp for Maple, 35.5 million xp for Yew, and 59.4 million xp for Magic), quite a bit of Combat experience (57.3 million xp combined, and 14.3 million Constitution xp) and some good rewards along the way just to make it worth while.

Pyre Ship Burning

With Barbarian Training you can get Firemaking and Prayer experience from burning Pyre Ships but this is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of combat and doesn't give any better experience than a Marble Altar. It's not worth it.

Pest Control

You can also get Prayer experience through the Pest Control Activity.

Tears of Guthix

And if Prayer is your lowest skill you can get experience for it from the Tears of Guthix Activity.

Training Prayer during Slayer

There are ways to train Prayer via the Slayer skill. If you are fighting opponents that drop any type of bone you can use the bonecrusher Dungeoneering reward to automatically bury them, granting prayer experience. If you are fighting demons that drop ashes (such as abyssal demons) you can use infernal urns to collect these. This prayer experience is not comparable to gilded altar methods but it is experience you normally would not have gotten in the first place.

Summoning Familiars

The Summoning skills gives you the ability to summon familiars to aid you. Some of these familiars can benefit you while training prayer by holding additional items for you, and by providing additional benefits.

Helpful Familiars
Level Familiar Holds # Items Other Effects
13 Thorny Snail 3 -
25 Spirit Kalphite 6 -
40 Bull Ant 9 Restores run energy based on level.
52 Spirit Terrorbird 12 Restores run energy based on level; +2 Agility
67 War Tortoise 18 -
87 Ghast - Grants you prayer experience during combat. A reward from Temple Trekking.
96 Pack Yak 30 -


Experience Rewards

Any quest with an asterisk (*) next to its name is a Freeplay quest.

Prayer Level Required

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