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Agility is one of the most helpful skills known to Members, as having a higher level will allow you to run longer distances. You'll have the ability to use all sorts of different Agility obstacles and courses, and some areas are only accessible by using the skill. Many quests also require that you have some experience in Agility.

The Basics

Agility can be a fun skill to train, and it comes in very useful throughout the game. Certain areas around RuneScape require you to have an Agility level higher than one, and many of the more difficult quests, as well as some easy ones, require you to have a certain Agility level to complete them. One of the most important reasons to get experience in Agility is the fact that this skill is closely related to Running.

Run Energy

Run Energy is essentially a measure of a player's Stamina, and gives players the ability to run instead of walk through the land of RuneScape. Running is about twice as fast as walking, and while a player is running, their Run Energy will become depleted until it has been drained to 0. The more weight a player is carrying, the faster their Run Energy will decrease. Once a player has no Run Energy left, they will be unable to run until some Run Energy is recovered.

Run Energy is recovered gradually over time when a player is not running, including walking, standing, or listening to a Musician. The higher a player's Agility level, the faster their Run Energy will be recovered.

The Run Energy icon/indicator

The Run Energy indicator is located along the side of your in-game minimap, at the top-right corner of your game screen. It has two main functions. First, the indicator reflects the amount of Run Energy a player currently has. In the above image, the user's Run Energy is at 100%. Second, it allows the player to toggle "Run Mode" on and off, by clicking on it. When enabled, the icon will light up, and the player will now run when moving around the game.

Run Mode enabledDepleted Run Energy

While the player is running, their Run Energy will decrease, and the Run Energy indicator will update to display the current Run Energy level.

It's worth noting that you can press Ctrl while clicking in-game to run to that location.

Failing Obstacles

In the higher level Agility courses it is possible to fail obstacles. If you do fail an obstacle then you will get hit damage. The amount of damage that you get hit changes depending on which obstacle you failed and your Life Points at the time of failing. If you fail, you don't gain any experience, but you can still get the full course experience if you redo the obstacle that you failed. If you don't retry the obstacle, or if you skip one, you won't earn the full course xp.

Restoring Your Energy

There are a number of ways to restore your energy.

Energy Restoration Methods
 Autumn Sq'irk Juice Autumn Sq'irk Juice Restores 30% of your Energy.
 Energy Mix Energy Mix Restores 20% of your Energy per dose, up to two doses per potion.
Energy Potion Energy Potion Restores 20% of your Energy per dose, up to four doses per potion.
 Explorer's Ring (3) Explorer's Ring Restores 50% of your Energy a number of times per day, depending on the level of the ring.
Gout Tuber Goutweed Tuber Restores 100% of your Energy when eaten. Obtained from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Activity.
Mint Cake Mint Cake Restore 100% of your Energy when eaten. Obtained from the Gnome Restaurant Activity.
Papaya Fruit Papaya Restores 10% of your Energy when eaten. Obtained from picking a papaya tree when Farming.
Purple Sweets Purple Sweets Restores 20% of your Energy per sweet eaten. Obtained from Treasure Trails.
  Oo'glog Salt Water Spring Restores Energy and prevents it from being depleted for a short time.
 Spring Sq'irk Juice Spring Sq'irk Juice Restores 20% of your Energy.
Strange Fruit Strange Fruit When eaten, this odd fruit restores 60% of your Energy. Obtained from Strange Plants located in the northern part of Brimhaven.
Summer Pie Summer Pie When eaten, restores 20% of your Energy and temporarily increases your Agility level by 5. Can be cooked.
 Summer Sq'irk Juice Summer Sq'irk Juice Restores 40% of your Energy.
 Super Energy Mix Super Energy Mix Restores 40% of your Energy per dose, up to two doses per potion.
Super Energy Potion Super Energy Potion Restores 40% of your Energy per dose, up to four doses per potion.
Tireless Run Tireless Run Scroll Restores a certain percent of your Energy depending on your Agility level.
 Unburden Scroll Unburden Scroll Restores a certain percent of your Energy depending on your Agility level.
White Tree Fruit White Tree Fruit When eaten, this fruit restores 16% of your Energy. Can be picked from the White Tree after completing Garden of Tranquillity.
 Winter Sq'irk Juice Winter Sq'irk Juice Restores 10% of your Energy.

Gnome Agility Course

When you first start training Agility, it's highly recommended that you begin at the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course. The stronghold is located north-west of Ardougne. It's by far the easiest way to quickly gain experience, as there is no chance of failing and getting hurt.

Gnome Agillity Map

For a completed lap around the course, you'll receive a total of 86.5 Agility experience, but you must do all of the obstacles in order. First cross the Log, run forward and climb the Net. Climb up the Tree Branch, balance on the Rope and climb down the tree. Now run forward and climb over the net, climb through the Pipes and start over.

Gnome Agility Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Log Balance 7.5
Climb Net 7.5
Climb Branch 5
Balancing Rope 7.5
Climb Down Tree 5
Climb Net 7.5
Tunnel 7.5

Extended Gnome Course

After reaching level 85 Agility you have the option to use the extended area for extra experience. You can also use an Agility stat booster such as a potion or Summer Pie to gain access to this course before reaching level 85.

To get to the extended section of the course, begin by walking across the log balance, and then climb up the obstacle net. Next, climb up the tree branch, and climb up the next tree branch. To climb up the second tree branch you need 85 agility.

Advanced Gnome Agility Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Climb Branch 25
Signpost Run 25
Pole Swing 25
Barrier Jump 630

The extended course offers 725 experience per run. It is possible to fail the extension, so it is recommended to bring food. To complete the course, you must first walk across the log balance, and climb up the obstacle net. Next, climb up a branch, climb the following branch, and run across a sign. Swing across two poles, pass over the barrier and jump down the pipe to complete the course.

At level 89 Agility, you will stop failing this course.

Agile Legs

Agile LegsAfter you complete 250 cumulative laps successfully, you will be rewarded with a pair of Agile Legs. These legs lower your weight by 10kg when worn, which can greatly help training your Agility!


Once you reach level 25 Agility, you'll be able to play Skullball! You must have also completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest and be wearing a Ring of Charos. The course is found near Canifis, southeast of Mazchna the Slayer Master. You should find a Werewolf in a small hut in the swamp; speak to him and climb down the ladder to enter the Werewolf area.

Skullball Map

Speak to the Skullball Boss to start a game of Skullball. It's a kind of progressive soccer, except for the fact that your ball is actually a Skull. The faster you shoot the Skull through each of the 10 different goals, the more experience you'll gain. There are 3 options that you can use when playing:

1. Tap - Moves the Skullball 1 square ahead.
2. Kick - Moves the Skullball 4 squares ahead.
3. Shoot - Moves the Skullball 10 squares ahead.

You can gain 750 or more xp if you complete the game in under 4 minutes. After that, for ever 3 seconds over 4 minutes, you'll lose about 7-8xp.

Agility Pyramid

The Agility Pyramid, located in the Kharidian Desert is another good place to train your Agility, while trying to reach an artifact that you can trade in for a reward. You need to have 30 Agility or better to train here. So if you're interested in training here, or if you're just curious, put on some Desert Robes, fill up some waterskins and head on over to check it out!

Agility Pyramid Map

There are 5 levels to the pyramid, each containing traps which you must use your agility skill to avoid. These traps are as follows:

Agility Pyramid
ObstacleAgility Experience
Sliding Block 0
Rolling Block 12
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Plank 56.4
Cross Gap 56.4
Jump Gap 22
Completion Bonus 807.2

If you fail an obstacle, you'll fall to the lower level (so if you were on the third level, you'll fall to the second).

At the top of the pyramid you'll find a gold pyramid. Take this, and bring it to Simon Templeton who can be found just outside of the pyramid. He will buy it from you for 1,000gp, which is not a bad deal!

You hand over the artifacts and Simon hands over 1000 coins

For specific information on this Agility course, please visit the Agility Pyramid Guide.

Penguin Agility Course

Penguin SuitAfter completing the Cold War Quest, you'll have access to the Penguin Agility Course which requires 30 Agility and a Penguin Suit disguise.

The Penguin Agility Course is located on the Iceberg north of the Penguin Outpost. To get here, head to Rellekka, either by walking, or by using your Enchanted Lyre teleport. Take the boat from Rellekka to the Iceberg, and then head to the avalanche to the northwest. To the west is a room; follow the corridor to the Penguin Agility Course.

Penguin Agility Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Climb Platform 55
Platform Jumps 80
4 Icicle Gates 40
Ice Slope 180
Completion Bonus 65

Barbarian Outpost Course

After reaching level 35 Agility, you'll have the ability to enter the Barbarian Outpost training area located northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. But before entering, you'll need to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. Once you complete it, you can enter the area, climb through the Pipe and begin to train your Agility!

Barbarian CourseMap

Be warned however, that the obstacles can be failed and you'll take damage, so it's a good idea to bring some food with you. Should you fail an obstacle, make sure to try it again so that you can receive the full amount of experience.

First, swing on the Rope Swing and then cross the log. Climb up the Net, cross the Ledge and climb over the 3 Low Walls.

Barbarian Outpost
ObstacleAgility Experience
Entrance Tunnel 10
Rope Swing 22
Log 13.7
Net 8.2
Balancing Ledge 22
Wall Climb 13.7
Completion Bonus 46.2

Extended Barbarian Course

After reaching level 90 agility you have the option to use the new extended area for more experience. You can also use a stat booster such as a potion or Summer Pie to use this course at a lower level. To start the extended portion, first swing on the rope swing, walk-across the log balance, and run up the wall next to the obstacle. To run up the wall you need 90 agility.

Advanced Barbarian Outpost
ObstacleAgility Experience
Wall Run 15
Wall Climb 15
Spring 15
Balance Beam 15
Jump Gap 15
Roof Slide 630

To compete the course you must swing-on the rope, walk-across the log balance, and run-up the wall. Then you must spring the device, walk across the balance beam to the next roof, jump to the next roof, and slide down.

Once you reach level 94 Agility, you will no longer fail this course.

Agile Top

Agile TopAfter successfully completing 250 laps, you will be awarded with an Agile Top, which lowers your weight by 12kg when equipped.

Brimhaven Agility Arena

The Agility Arena located in Brimhaven is a great place to train once you have level 40 Agility. It's a big place, and you'll get lots of experience. To some, the Agility Arena is a fun way to train, while it's boring to others. Remember, the arena is supposed to be challenging and you're likely to take quite a bit of damage here.

Brimhaven Agility Map

You'll want to bring several things, including Boots of Lightness, about 1,000gp, Cakes, and teleportation items (Runes, amulets). The reason for bringing Cakes rather than something like Lobsters is the fact that the more Life Points you have, the more damage you'll take. Staying under 200 hits will only cause the obstacles to hit you for 20 Life Points.

Once you have everything, talk to Cap'n Izzy No Beard located in a house north of the entrance to Brimhaven on Karamja Island. Pay him 200gp to enter, and then climb down the ladder into the arena.

Gaining Tickets

Once you're inside, you should see a flashing arrow on your map. It points in the direction of the Ticket dispenser that you must tag for a ticket. Quickly swing, walk and climb your way over the obstacles and tag a dispenser. The first time, you won't get a ticket, but you'll see that the counter in the top of your screen has turned green. Tagging the next dispenser will get you a ticket. If you miss, it will turn red and you'll need to start over. You have about 30-60 seconds to tag the dispenser.

For a more detailed explanation, be sure to check out the Brimhaven Agility Arena Guide.

The Obstacles

There are lots of obstacles to pass in the Agility Arena. Some require Agility levels of 1, while others require you to have 20 or 40.

Agility Arena
ObstacleAgility LevelAgility Experience
Saw Blade 1 0
Walking Plank 1 6
Low Wall 1 8
Rope Balance 1 10
Log Balance 1 12
Monkey Bars 1 14
Balancing Ledge 1 16
Jumping Pillars 1 18
Rope Swing 1 20
Spike Floor 20 24
Pressure Pad 20 26
Hand Holds 20 22
Spinning Blades 40 28
Dodge Darts 40 30

When you wish to leave, just teleport out, or climb the ladder on the northeast-most platform.


You can speak to Pirate Jackie the Fruit to trade your tickets in for rewards:

  • 240 Agility experience - 1 Ticket
  • 2,480 Agility experience - 10 Tickets
  • 6,500 Agility experience - 25 Tickets
  • 28,000 Agility experience - 100 Tickets
  • 320,000 Agility experience - 1,000 Tickets
  • Toadflax Herb - 3 Tickets
  • Snapdragon Herb - 10 tickets
  • Pirate's Hook - 800 Tickets

Ape Atoll Agility Course

This Agility course is located in the southwest part of Ape Atoll Island. It is first used during the Recipe for Disaster Quest in the ninth part to obtain a nut for Mizaru to eat. You'll need at least level 48 Agility to use the Agility course, along with either a Ninja or Archer Monkey GreeGree.

First you'll need to transform into a Ninja or Archer Monkey, and then cross the Stepping Stone and climb up the Tropical Tree:


Next, climb along the Monkey Bars:

Monkey Bars

Run along the Skull Slope:

Skull Slope

Swing across the river using the Rope Swing:

Rope Swing

Lastly, climb down the last Tropical Tree:

Monkey Agility Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Stepping Stone 40
Climb Tree 40
Monkey Bars 40
Climb Skull Slope 60
Rope Swing 100
Zip Vine 300

Wilderness Agility Course

The training course is located in the northwest part of the deep Wilderness around levels 50-55. It's one of the most dangerous Agility courses as you may be attacked from Renevant ghosts while training! It is suggested that you take:

  • A Knife or Sword for cutting the Webs, upon taking the Ardougne house teleport. If you take a weapon along with no other valuable items then if you get attacked then you will have the ability to try to protect yourself.
  • Decent food.
  • Boots of Lightness
  • Do not bring armor!
  • Do not bring teleport Runes or expensive stuff; there's no quick way out!
Wildy Agility Map

Be warned, if you fall, you'll lose a big percentage of your Life Points, and downstairs there are some aggressive Skeletons as well. So good food is recommended, and if you need to get some more, go to the Mage Arena bank. Be careful, there are level 22 Skeletons throughout the course!

Wilderness Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Tunnel 12.5
Rope Swing 20
Stepping Stones 20
Balance Logs 20
Rocks 0
Completion Bonus 498.9

Werewolf Fetch

This is the ultimate Agility challenge! You need at least 60 Agility to play (as well as a Ring of Charos), and you can find it just west of the Skullball arena. It's very difficult, and it's also timer-based like Skullball. The object of the game is to get the stick that the Agility Trainer throws and bring it back to him to get an experience reward.

Werewolf Fetch Map

First, jump across each of the Stepping Stones over the water. Then jump over the 3 Hurdles, climb through the Tunnel, climb over the Skull Slope and slide down the Death Slide/Zip Line.

Warning: Do not have any type of head gear equipped when you attempt to do this course, because you'll need to use your teeth to slide down the Zip Line at the end.

For accomplishing this feat, you can receive 540xp. It's helpful if you don't carry much weight while doing this course.

Werewolf Agility Course
ObstacleAgility Experience
Stepping Stones 50
Hurdles 60
Tunnel 15
Skull Slope 25
Death Slide 200
Completion Bonus 190

Yanille Agility Dungeon

North of Yanille is a small shack with some Webs blocking the entrance. Slash them with a sharp weapon and you'll be able to enter the Agility Dungeon, mainly used for Herblore and Combat training. At the entrance are some Giant Bats, and a Balancing Ledge. Cross it and you'll find some Chaos Druids for Herblore training. Don't use the Prayer Altar unless you want to fall into a pit of Poison Spiders!

Past the Druids are some Monkey Bars, which lead to another room with more Chaos Druids. The door to the south leads to the Yanille Bank, but it requires level 82 Thieving to open. Continuing east and down the stairs, you'll find Salarin the Twisted. He can only be killed with Strike spells, and he sometimes drops a Sinister Key. This key grants access to the Sinister Chest, which contains a collection of nine herbs:

  • 2 Harralander
  • 3 Ranarr Weed
  • 1 Irit Leaf
  • 1 Avantoe
  • 1 Kwuarm
  • 1 Torstol

Warning: Be warned - opening the Sinister Chest will poison you, so it might be a good idea to be prepared with an Antipoison Potion.

Yanille Agility Dungeon
ObstacleAgility LevelAgility Experience
Balancing Ledge 40 23
Pipe 49 7
Monkey Bars 57 20
Pile of Rubble 67 5

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course

Nestled in the underground city of Dorgesh-Kaan is a high level agility course. The course requires level 80 Agility, 70 Ranged, and you must have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun Quest. You will also need a light source to use the course.

A map of the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course

The Task

In this task you help Turgall by getting objects from the Power Station. Turgall will give you a Wrench, and he will ask you to bring him certain materials which are located around the agility course. Some items he requests are heavy, and other items are fragile.

To obtain a fragile item, use the Wrench on the Console in the power station. For heavier items, use your Wrench on the boiler.

Returning to Turgall

There are two routes which you can take to return to Turgall. For more fragile items, you must use a grappling hook. This requires a Mithril Crossbow or better, and a Grapple Hook, and you will receive bonus Ranging experience for using it. Heavier items, on the other hand, are too heavy to bring with you on a grappling hook. You'll need to take a longer path back to Turgall, but you will receive more Agility experience.

Lap bonuses are received upon giving the object to Turgall. If you take the tunnel both ways (most Agility experience) you would get 169.5 experience (each way), plus a bonus of 1,028.5 (each way), for a total of 2,771 Agility experience.

The Objects


  • Capacitor
  • Fuse
  • Meter


  • Cog
  • Lever
  • Power Box

The Obstacles

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course
ObstacleAgility LevelAgility ExperienceOther Experience
Total (with Grapple)705454 Ranged
54 Strength
Total (Tunnel, without Grapple)701,2160
Grapple Hook 70 18 18 Ranged
18 Strength
Cable Balance 70 25 0
Cable Swing 70 22 0
Ladder Swing 70 25 0
Squeeze-through Gap 70 7.5 0
Tunnel 70 7.5 0
Bonus (with Grapple) 70 0 571 Ranged
Bonus (Tunnel, without Grapple) 70 1,028.5 0

Helpful Items

Certain items can give an advantage while performing Agility-oriented tasks, including equipment and Summoning familiars.


Agile Equipment

The Gnome and Barbarians offer special equipment to players who have proven themselves worthy by completing certain obstacle courses a number of times.

For players who have successfully completed the Tree Gnome Stronghold Course 250 times, a pair of Agile Legs can be obtained by speaking with a Gnome Trainer. When equipped, Agile Legs decrease your weight by 10kg.

For Players who have completed 250 laps around the Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course, speak to Gunnjorn to obtain an Agile Top. When equipped, the Agile Top decreases your weight by 12kg.

Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses Damage Absorption
Stab Slash Crush Magic itemdb.equip_ranged Stab Slash Crush Magic itemdb.equip_ranged Summon Strength Prayer Ranged Strength Magic Damage Absorb Melee Absorb Magic Absorb Ranged
0 0 0 0 0 +25 +25 +25 +25 +25 +10 0 0 0 0% 0% 0% 0%
0 0 0 0 0 +40 +40 +40 +40 +40 +30 0 0 0 0% 0% 0% 0%

Penance Horns

Penance HornThe Penance Horn can be obtained for free by speaking to Commander Connad at the Barbarian Assault activity. When charged, this item doubles the amount of experience players earn from Agility, Firemaking, and Mining. While performing tasks, the Penance horn will lose charges. All Agility Courses, excluding the Agility Pyramid, Werewolf Agility (Skullball), and Penguin Agility courses, can benefit from earning bonus experience from the horn.

Penance Master HornThe Penance Master Horn is available to players who have achieved level 5 in any Barbarian Assault role. The drain rate is slower than that of the regular Penance Horn.

Other Equipment

Any equipment that reduces a player's weight when equipped can be useful when training Agility. Examples of such equipment include:

Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses Damage Absorption
Stab Slash Crush Magic itemdb.equip_ranged Stab Slash Crush Magic itemdb.equip_ranged Summon Strength Prayer Ranged Strength Magic Damage Absorb Melee Absorb Magic Absorb Ranged
0 0 0 0 0 +1 +1 +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0% 0% 0% 0%
0 0 0 0 0 0 +3 +4 0 +2 +2 +4 0 0 0% 0% 0% 0%
0 0 0 0 0 0 +1 +1 0 +2 0 0 0 0 0% 0% 0% 0%

Summoning Familiars

Certain Summoning Familiars offer a boost to your Agility level, or offer other Agility-related perks that can assist you in training.

Summoning Familiars
 Tireless Run Scroll Tireless Run +2 Agility; Restores a certain percent of your Energy depending on your agility level.
 Abyssal Stealth Scroll Abyssal Stealth +4 Agility; +4 Thieving
 Unburden Scroll Unburden Restores a certain percent of your Energy depending on your agility level.

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