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The art of Combat plays a large role in RuneScape; there are dangerous creatures wandering throughout the land, quests which require you to slay deadly bosses, and Player vs. Player (PvP) Activities where you'll be fighting against formidable opponents. Combat does have its perks, however, from looting valuable rewards from your enemies, to having the ability to wear stronger equipment.

Table of Contents

The Basics

Combat makes up a large part of RuneScape, involving 8 of the 24 skills, and widely popular among players. Combat is the use of these skills to attack other Non-Player Characters, or other Players. The skills used in Combat are as follows:

These eight skills are the foundation of combat, all of them widely used in all forms.

Combat Triangle

RuneScape has been set out so no one power overcomes the other. Neither Warriors nor Mages nor Rangers can have any certain advantage over the other two. One beats another, but is beaten by the other. In the case of combat, Warriors overpower Rangers, Rangers overpower Mages, and Mages overpower Warriors. This is known as the Combat Triangle.

Warriors Overpower Rangers

Warriors can overpower Rangers for two reasons: Their heavy, sturdy platemail is highly resistant to weak arrows, and easily avoids their damage. Secondly, leather items are no match for a warrior's heavy, sharp weapon.

Ranges Overpower Mages

Rangers can overpower Magicians for two reasons as well: Their arrows are much too powerful for a Magicians fine cloth, and since leather (especially Dragonhide) is slightly magical, it resists spells.

Mages Overpower Warriors

Mages have two reasons to overpower warriors: Although a Warriors platemail is heavily resistant to arrows, it is a conductor of spells, in when metal is worn it decreases the magical Defence Next, a magician can attack from much further away, behind several objects, and even has the power to bind an opponent and hold him down for limited time.

Combat Level

All 8 of the combat skills will contribute to your Combat Level to some degree. Attack and Strength will have the greatest effect on your Combat Level. Defence and Constitution have a lesser effect on your Combat Level, Summoning and Prayer have an even lower effect, and Magic and Ranged have the smallest effect. Your combat level is an equation of the 8 skills, which tells how threatening you are in a battle compared to others.

People who are lower-leveled than you will appear in green, people who match your combat level will appear in yellow, and people who are higher leveled than you appear in red.

(level: 43)(level: 137)

Combat iconThe highest possible combat level is 138. In Combat, Summoning is an appositive, it's not totally necessary, but since it is relevant to combat it is added in. If you want to see your combat level, click on the crossed swords icon.

The combat screen, displaying your combat level and combat styles

Special Attacks

Special Attacks are the rewards for being able to wield special, higher leveled weapons. They are available in all dragon weapons, all godswords, some bows, and a few other weapons. To activate your special attack, click on the special attack bar:

Special Attack energy bar

Using a Special attack will drain some of your Special Power, which is the green on the bar. Your Special Power will regain to 100% from 0% in about a minute. Special attacks can do many things depending on the weapon, from higher damage to an increase of a certain skill level.

Attack Styles

As will be described in the skill sections of the guide, attack styles are very important in fighting an opponent. Your attack style can be viewed by opening the Combat interface. There will be several different attack styles:

  • Accurate: damage dealt / 2.5 to Attack
  • Aggressive: damage dealt / 2.5 to Strength
  • Defensive: damage dealt / 2.5 to Defence
  • Controlled: damage dealt / 7.5 to Attack, Defence, Strength and Constitution

You will also automatically receive 0.133xp in Constitution for each damage point dealt.

Attack Styles For Weapon Types
WeaponAttack Styles
Daggers Accurate, Aggressive (slash), Aggressive (stab), Defensive
Claws Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, Defensive
Shortswords Accurate, Aggressive (stab), Aggressive (slash), Defensive
Maces Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, Defensive
Scimitars Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, Defensive
Longswords Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, Defensive
Spears Controlled (slash), Controlled (crush), Controlled (stab), Defensive
Battleaxes Accurate, Aggressive (crush), Aggressive (slash), Defensive
2-Handed Swords Accurate, Aggressive (slash), Aggressive (crush), Defensive
Warhammers Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive
Halberds Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive (slash), Defensive (stab)
Hatchets Accurate, Aggressive (slash), Aggressive (crush), Defensive
Staffs Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive, Attack with (magical), Attack with (magical/defensive)
Pickaxes Accurate, Aggressive (stab), Aggressive (crush), Defensive
Bows and Crossbows Accurate, Longrange (defensive), Rapid
Abyssal Whips Accurate, Controlled, Defensive
Granite Maul Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive

Melee Combat

Melee (mey-ley) means hand to hand combat. In RuneScape, hand to hand combat involves Attack, Strength, and Defence. In melee combat, weapons and armor are used to increase your stat bonuses. As potions will raise your skills while fighting your opponent, to give you that little extra boost.


Attack does not generally mean fighting, it is only a part of it. Attack is the accuracy of your attack. Your accuracy defines the frequency you hit a Hit Splat: 0 on your opponent. If you have a higher accuracy, you will hit less 0's. This does not necessarily change the amount of damage you hit, however. To increase your accuracy, you can increase your Attack level, set your attack style to Accurate, or wield a more accurate weapon:

AccurateAttack Bonuses

In the above image, the attack styles in brackets represent the accuracy. Since there are three attack styles, and any one weapon will increase all three, it is recommended to use the highest value attack style with your weapon. In this case, the best choice would be to use slash.

Attack Levels & Available Weapons
LevelAvailable Weapons
1 Bronze and Iron weapons.
5 Steel weapons; Ogre Club.
10 Black weapons.
15 Ancient Mace
20 Mithril weapons; Excalibur
30 Adamant weapons; Battlestaffs (with 30 Magic); Fremennik Blade; Swamp Lizards (with 30 Magic and 30 Ranged)
40 Rune weapons; Brine Sabre; Mystic Staffs (with 40 Magic).
50 Ancient Staff (with 50 Magic; Granite Maul (with 50 Strength); Iban's Staff (with 50 Magic); Leaf Bladed Spear (with 55 Slayer); Leaf Bladed Sword (with 55 Slayer);Orange Salamander (with 50 Magic and Ranged)
60 Barrelchest Anchor; Red Salamander (with 60 Magic and Ranged); Dragon (some quests required); TzHaar weaponry
70 Barrows (with 70 Strength); Black Salamander (with 70 Magic and Ranged); Lesser Godly Items, Zamorak Spear and Saradomin Sword; Abyssal Whip
75 Godswords


Defence is how often you can defend from an attack. Defence does not decrease the amount of damage you are hit with, but the frequency that you are hit. It is the opposite of Attack, the higher your Defence, the more 0's will be hit on you. If you want to increase your Defence, raise your Defence level, use the Defensive combat style, or increase your defensive stat with higher level armor:

Defensive styleDefense bonuses

Defence can help you best in avoiding Melee and Ranged attacks. Magic attacks use a slight amount of Defence, but the majority of prevention comes from your Magic Level. Higher level armors will give you higher bonuses, so choose your armor wisely. If you know your opponent's attack style, you may want armor that blocks against that style best. For example, if your opponent is wielding a Whip, which can only attack using the Slash style, you should wear a Chainmail armor, which will defend best against a slashing attack, as opposed to a Platemail armor, which would defend best against a stab.

Defence Levels & Available Weapons
LevelAvailable Weapons
1 Anti-Dragon Shield, Bronze Armor, Iron Armor, Elemental Equipment (after Elemental Workshop I), Mind Equipment (after Elemental Workshop II), Rock-shell Gloves, Rock-shell Boots, Skeletal Gloves, Skeletal Boots, Spined Gloves, Spined Boots
5 Steel Armor, Spiny helmet
10 Black Armor, Fist of Guthix Combat Armor (with 20 Magic), Hard Leather Body, Slayer Helmet (after Smoking Kills), White Armor
20 Corrupt Morrigan's PvP Armor, Corrupt Statius's PvP Armor, Corrupt Vesta's PvP Armor, Enchanted Robes (with 40 Magic), Initiate Armor (after Recruitment Drive, with 10 Prayer), Mirror Shield (with 25 Slayer), Mithril Armor, Mystic Robes (with 40 Magic), Studded Body (with 20 Ranged), Yak-hide Armor
25 Infinity Robes (with 50 Magic), Fremennik Round shield, Frog leather armor
30 Adamant Armor, Dwarven Helmet (after Grim Tales), Fremennik Helm, Fremennik Shield, Gold Helmet, Proselyte Armor (after Slug Menace, with 20 Prayer), Ram skull helmet (after Rag and Bone Man), Snake skin armor (with 30 Ranged), Third-Age Robes (with 65 Magic)
40 Black Dragonhide (with 70 Ranged), Blessed Dragonhide (with 70 Ranged), Blue Dragonhide (with 50 Ranged), Fighter Torso, Green Dragonhide (with 40 Ranged), Lunar Equipment (after Lunar Diplomacy, with 65 Magic), Penance Gloves, Penance Skirt (with 60 Ranged), Red Dragonhide (with 60 Ranged), Rock-shell Armor (after Fremennik Trials), Rune Armor, Runner Boots, Skeletal Armor (after Fremennik Trials, with 40 Magic), Sacred Clay Armor, Sacred Clay Ranged Armor (with 40 Ranged), Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 30 Prayer), Spined Armor (after Fremennik Trials, with 40 Ranged), Splitbark Armor (with 40 Magic)
45 Fremennik Helms, Penance Hats
50 Granite Armor
55 Helm of Neitiznot (after Fremennik Isles)
60 Dragon Armor (Dragon Sq Shield, after Legends Quest), Fist of Guthix Battle Robes (with 60 Magic), TokTz-Ket-Xil, Obsidian Shield
65 Bandos Armor, Third Age Melee Armor
70 Ahrim's Armor (with 70 Magic), Armadyl Armor, Blessed Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 60 Prayer), Dharok's Armor, Guthan's Armor, Karil's Armor, Torag's Armor, Verac's Armor
75 Arcane Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 70 Prayer and 65 Magic), Divine Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 75 Prayer), Dragonfire Shield, Elysian Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 75 Prayer), Spectral Spirit Shield (after Summer's End, with 70 Prayer and 65 Magic)


Strength is considered one of the most important parts of combat, as it increases the amount of damage you can hit, commonly referred to as your "max hit." The higher your strength is, the higher your max hit will be. To increase your strength, raise your Strength level, set your attack style to Aggressive, or wear armor that increases your strength and wield a more powerful weapon:

AggressiveStrength bonus

The higher your strength bonus is, the higher you can hit. Strength is not only affected by weapons you wield, but also by some armors, such as a Fighter Torso (strength +4), and Dragon Boots (strength +4). Many armors are made more valuable due to their added strength bonus. Powerful weapons such as 2-Handed weapons, Battleaxes, and special weapons such as the whip (Remember the Whip can't be trained for Strength xp), while lesser weapons such as the shortsword and dagger provide a lower strength bonus.

Strength Levels & Available Weapons
LevelAvailable Weapons
5 Black Halberd (with 10 Attack), White Halberd (with 10 Attack)
10 Mithril Halberd (with 20 Attack), Adamant Halberd (with 30 Attack)
15 Fishing: Leaping Trout (with 15 Agility and 48 Fishing)
19 Agility Shortcut: River Crossing to Al Kharid (with 8 Agility and 37 Ranged)
20 Rune Halberd (with 40 Attack)
21 Agility Shortcut: Karamja Crossing, south of volcano (with 53 Agility and 42 Ranged)
22 Agility Shortcut: Water Obelisk Island Escape (with 36 Agility and 39 Ranged)
30 Dragon Halberd (with 60 Attack), Fishing: Leaping Salmon (with 30 Agility and 58 Fishing)
35 Agility Shortcut: Catherby Cliff (after Fishing Contest, with 32 Agility and 35 Ranged), Fishing: Tuna (with 55 Fishing)
37 Agility Shortcut: Falador Wall (with 11 Agility and 19 Ranged)
38 Agility Shortcut: Yanille Wall (with 39 Agility and 21 Ranged)
45 Fishing: Leaping sturgeon (with 45 Agility and 70 Fishing)
50 Granite Armor (with 50 Defence), Granite Maul (with 50 Attack), Fishing: Swordfish (with 70 fishing)
60 Ability to enter the Godwars Dungeon using the Strength Route, TzHaar-Ket-Om (Obsidian Maul)
70 Agility Shortcut: Cross Cave south of Dorgesh-Kaan (after Death of the Dorgeshuun, with 70 Agility and 70 Ranged), Ability to enter Bandos' Stronghold, Dharok's Greataxe (with 70 Attack), Torag's Hammers (with 70 Attack)
76 Fishing: Shark (with 96 Fishing)

Combat From a Distance

Distance Combat not only consists of Ranging; it also includes using Magic to attack your opponent using missiles from afar. Usually, this type of combat is done from behind obstacles to prevent your opponent from hitting you.


Ranged is the use of a solid missile to attack your opponent. You can use the Ranged skill from several spaces away, and the convenient part is that you can attack an opponent from behind a low obstacle, and they can't attack you back. Ranged accuracy and strength depends purely on your Range level and weapon used (including Bow and Arrow).

Ranging attack bonus

There are three attack styles for most Range Weapons: Accurate (hits your opponent more accurately), Rapid (hits your opponent more frequently) and Longrange (can hit your opponent from further, and you get 2 Defence xp and 2 range xp per hit instead of 4 range xp).

Bows, Crossbows, and Thrown Weapons:

These are the standard weapons used in training range. Items listed simply as weapons are Thrown weapons, which include Darts, Knives, Javelins and Thrownaxes. They all require the same level to use.

Ranged Levels & Available Weapons
LevelAvailable Weapons
1 Bronze C'Bow, Bronze Weapons, Crossbow, Iron Weapons, Phoenix Crossbow, Training Bow, Shortbow, Longbow
5 Oak Shortbow, Oak Longbow, Steel Weapons
10 Black Weapons
16 Blurite C'Bow
19 Agility Shortcut: Falador Wall (with 11 Agility and 37 Strength)
20 Mithril Weapons, Willow Comp Bow, Willow Shortbow, Willow Longbow
21 Agility Shortcut: Yanille Wall (with 39 Agility and 38 Strength)
26 Iron C'Bow
28 Dorgeshuun C'Bow
30 Adamant Weapons, Ava's Accumulator (after Animal Magnetism), Maple Shortbow, Maple Longbow, Ogre Bow, Ogre Composite Bow, Swamp Lizard (with 30 Attack and 30 Magic)
31 Steel C'Bow
35 Agility Shortcut: Catherby Cliff (after Fishing Contest, with 32 Agility and 35 Strength)
36 Mithril C'Bow
37 Agility Shortcut: River crossing to Al Kharid (with 8 Agility and 19 Strength)
39 Agility Shortcut: Water Obelisk Island Escape (with 36 Agility and 22 Strength)
40 Rune Weapons, Yew Shortbow, Yew Longbow, Yew Composite Bow
42 Agility Shortcut: Karamja Crossing, south of the volcano (with 53 Agility and 21 Strength)
45 (Herbivorous) Gray Chinchompa
46 Adamant C'Bow
50 Ava's Attractor (after Animal Magnetism), Broad Arrows (with 55 Slayer), Hunter's C'Bow, Magic Shortbow, Magic Longbow, Magic Composite Bow, Orange Salamander (with 50 Attack and 50 Magic), Seercull
55 (Carnivorous) Red Chinchompa
60 Dark Bow, Dragon Dart, Red Salamander (with 60 Attack and 60 Magic)
61 Rune C'Bow
70 Black Salamander (with 70 Attack and 60 Magic), Agility Shortcut: Cross cave, south of Dorgesh-Kaan (with 70 Agility and 70 Strength), Crystal Bow (with 50 Agility), Enter Armadyl's Eyrie, Karil's C'Bow

Chinchompas are special weapons, obtained from the Hunter skill. When you throw it at an enemy, any surrounding enemies are hit with too.


Chinchompas are special weapons, obtained from the Hunter skill. When you throw it at an enemy, any surrounding enemies are hit with too.

45 (Herbivorous) Chinchompa
55 Red (Carnivorous) Chinchompa


Salamanders were added as Range/Magic weapons when the Hunter skill came into RuneScape. Salamanders are like Bows, they use ammunition, except they fire a magical attack. For each type of Salamander, there is a different type of Ammunition. The ammunition used is Swamp Tar mixed with an Herb.

30 Swamp Lizard Guam
50 Orange Salamander Marrentil
60 Red Salamander Tarromin
70 Black Salamander Harralander

Dwarf Multi-Cannon

Upon completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest, players have access to the amazing piece of technology that is the Dwarf Cannon. The Dwarf Cannon is amazing in that it has the ability to attack multiple enemies (so long as they are in a multi-combat area) with cannonballs that can hit up to 300 Life Points of damage. There are five parts to the cannon:

  1. Cannon Barrel Barrels
  2. Cannon Base Base
  3. Cannon Furnace Furnace
  4. Cannon Stand Stand
  5. Cannonball Cannonballs

You must set up the four parts of the cannon, then deposit 1-30 cannonballs before the cannon will function. After 30 shots, or the barrels become empty, the cannon needs to be reloaded. Every 400 shots, the cannon will rust. Take it back to Nulodion at the Dwarven Mine above-ground camp, and it can be replaced for free.

Ranging Armour

All combat types have their own special armors, and Rangers are no exception. All range armor gives a slight range attack bonus, and a magic Defence bonus.

Ranged Levels & Available Armor
LevelAvailable Armor
1 Leather Items, Hardleather body (with 10 Defence), Spined Boots and Gloves, Archer Helm (with 45 Defence)
20 Studded Leather Armor (with 20 Defence), Coif
25 Frog-leather items (with 25 Defence)
30 Snakeskin items (with 30 Defence)
40 Green Dragonhide items (with 40 Defence), Ranger Boots, Robin Hood Hat, Spined Armor Items (with 40 Defence)
50 Blue Dragonhide items (with 40 Defence)
60 Red Dragonhide items (with 40 Defence), Penance Skirt (with 40 Defence)
65 Third Age Range Armor (with 45 Defence)
70 Black Dragonhide items (with 40 Defence), Karil's Range Armor (with 70 Defence), Blessed Dragonhide, Armadyl Armor (with 70 Defence)
78 Morrigan's PvP Range Armor (with 78 Defence)


Magic, commonly referred to as "Mage," is the use of Magical Runes to attack your opponent with spells. It is similar to the Ranged skill, as you can attack your opponent from afar and over obstacles. But Magic has a more varying spell amount, with over 20 combat spells and 5 cursing spells. You can also access 2 more spellbooks filled with spells: The Ancient Magicks Spellbook after completing Desert Treasure, and the Lunar Spellbook after completing Lunar Diplomacy. Your Magical Accuracy, as well as your Magical Defence, is affected by your Magic level, armour, weapon and spell. Wearing metal equipment and dragonhide armor will decrease your Magic attack and Defence.

Modern Spells

The modern magic spellbook

Modern spells are the spells in the spellbook you see originally. They consist of normal elemental spells, specific spells, and curse spells.

Modern Magic Combat Spells
Magic LevelMagic SpellRunes
1 Wind Strike 1 Air, 1 Mind
3 Confuse 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
5 Water Strike 1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Mind
9 Earth Strike 2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Mind
10 Mobilising Armies 1 Air, 1 Water, 1 Law
11 Weaken 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
13 Fire Strike 3 Fire, 2 Air, 1 Mind
17 Wind Bolt 2 Air, 1 Chaos
19 Curse 3 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Body
20 Bind 3 Earth, 3 Water, 2 Nature
23 Water Bolt 2 Water, 2 Air, 1 Chaos
29 Earth Bolt 3 Earth, 2 Air, 1 Chaos
35 Fire Bolt 4 Fire, 3 Air, 1 Chaos
39 Crumble Undead 2 Earth, 2 Air, 1 Chaos
41 Wind Blast 3 Air, 1 Death
47 Water Blast 3 Water, 3 Air, 1 Death
50 Iban Blast 5 Fire, 1 Death, Iban Staff
50 Magic Dart 4 Mind, 1 Death, Slayer Staff
50 Snare 4 Earth, 4 Water, 3 Nature
53 Earth Blast 4 Earth, 3 Air, 1 Death
59 Fire Blast 5 Fire, 4 Air, 1 Death
60 Saradomin Strike 4 Air, 2 Fire, 2 Blood, Staff of Saradomin
60 Claws of Guthix 4 Air, 2 Blood, 1 Fire, Staff of Guthix
60 Flames of Zamorak 4 Fire, 2 Blood, 1 Air, Staff of Zamorak
62 Wind Wave 5 Air, 1 Blood
65 Water Wave 7 Water, 5 Air, 1 Blood
66 Vulnerability 5 Earth, 5 Water, 1 Soul
70 Earth Wave 7 Earth, 5 Air, 1 Blood
73 Enfeeble 8 Earth, 8 Water, 1 Soul
75 Fire Wave 7 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood
79 Entangle 5 Earth, 5 Water, 4 Nature
80 Stun 12 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul
80 Charge 3 Fire, 3 Blood, 3 Air
85 Teleblock 1 Law, 1 Chaos, 1 Death

Ancient Magicks

Ancient Magicks spellbook

The Ancient spells are only available once you complete Desert Treasure and pray at the Temple Altar. They consist of Smoke, Shadow, Blood and Ice Spells. Players who have attained Zuriel's Armor and Staff can use Miasmic Spells. Smoke Spells poison your opponent. Shadow Spells lower your opponent's accuracy. Blood Spells transfer 25% of the damage you deal unto you. Ice Spells freeze your opponents for up to 20 seconds. Miasmic spells will slow down Melee or Ranged attacks by 50%.

Ancient Magicks Combat Spells
SpellMagic LevelRunes
Smoke Rush 50 2 chaos, 1 fire, 2 deaths and 1 air
Shadow Rush 52 2 chaos, 2 deaths, 1 air and 1 soul
Blood Rush 56 2 chaos, 2 deaths and 1 blood
Ice Rush 58 2 chaos, 2 deaths and 1 water
Miasmic Rush (with Zuriel's Staff) 61 1 earth, 2 chaos, 1 soul
Smoke Burst 62 4 chaos, 2 deaths, 2 fires and 2 airs
Shadow Burst 64 4 chaos, 2 deaths, 2 soul and 2 airs
Blood Burst 68 4 chaos, 2 deaths and 2 bloods
Ice Burst 70 4 chaos, 2 deaths and 4 waters
Lassar (Ice Mountain) Teleport 72 2 laws and 4 waters
Miasmic Burst (with Zuriel's Staff) 73 2 earths, 4 chaos, 2 souls
Smoke Blitz 74 2 deaths, 2 bloods, 2 fires and 2 airs
Shadow Blitz 76 2 deaths, 2 bloods, 2 airs and 2 souls
Blood Blitz 80 4 bloods and 2 deaths
Ice Blitz 82 2 deaths, 2 bloods and 3 waters
Miasmic Blitz (with Zuriel's Staff) 85 3 earths, 2 bloods, 3 souls
Smoke Barrage 86 4 deaths, 2 bloods, 4 fires and 4 airs
Shadow Barrage 88 4 deaths, 2 bloods, 4 airs and 3 souls
Blood Barrage 92 4 bloods, 4 deaths and 1 soul
Ice Barrage 94 4 deaths and 2 bloods and 6 waters
Miasmic Barrage (with Zuriel's Staff) 97 4 earths, 4 bloods, and 3 souls

Lunar Spells

Lunar Magicks spellbook

Lunar Magicks are available after completing Lunar Diplomacy, and more spells are unlocked once Dream Mentor is completed. Most Lunar spells are only used in non-combat skills, but a few spells can be used to boost your performance in combat. Spells marked with a * can only be used after completion of Dream Mentor.

Lunar Magicks Combat Spells
SpellMagic LevelRunesEffects
Bake Pie 65 1 Astral,5 Fire, 4 Water Allows you to bake an unbaked pie in your inventory
Monster Examine* 66 1 Astral, 1 Cosmic, 1 Mind Identify a monster's stats
Cure Other 68 1 Astral, 1 Law, 10 Earth Cure another person of Poison or Disease
Cure Me 71 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 1 Law Cure yourself of Poison or Disease
Cure Group 74 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 2 Law Cure people around you of Poison or Disease
Stat Spy* 75 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 5 Body See another player's stats
Boost Potion Share 84 3 Astral, 12 Earth, 10 Water Gives some of an Attack, Super Attack, Strength, Super Strength, Defence, Super Defence, Ranging, Magic potion to players around you
Energy Transfer 91 3 Astral, 2 Law, 1 Nature Give some of your Run energy and Special attack energy to another player
Heal Other 92 3 Astral, 3 Law, 1 Blood Sacrifice some of your Life Points to give to another person
Vengeance Other 93 3 Astral, 2 Death, 10 Earth Gives another player Vengeance
Vengeance 94 4 Astral, 2 Death, 10 Earth Allows you to attack with 75% of the damage dealt to you when hit
Heal Group 95 4 Astral, 3 Blood, 6 Law Sacrifice up to 75% of your Life Points to give to people around you

* Only accessible after completion of the Dream Mentor Quest.

Other Important Skills

The following skills are not used as widely in comparison to the other skills, or cannot be classified as any of the other types of skills. However, they are still very important to combat.


Constitution is the center of Combat. It controls the number of Life Points (LP) a player or monster has. Life Points are essentially a measure of how much life force you have in your character, and once your Life Points have dropped to 0, you will die. The maximum number of Life Points a player may have without using a stat booster is ten times the player's current Constitution level.

Whenever you are hit for damage, you lose Life Points. Damage can be caused by an attack from another player or monster, a poison effect, an armed trap, or other damage-dealing events. Poison effects are commonly caused by either a poisoned weapon such as a dagger or arrow, or a poisonous monster. The highest amount of poison you can sustain from another player is 68, and it gradually wears off over time. There are also potions which can cure the effect of poison immediately.

There are a number of ways to regenerate lost Life Points. First, Life Points will slowly recover over time, at a rate of approximately 1 Life Point every six seconds. Using a Prayer such as Rapid Heal or Rapid Renewal will increase the recovery rate for Life Points (2x and 5x, respectively). Resting will double your Life Point recovery rate, and listening to a Musician will triple your Life Point Recovery rate. The Lunar Dream spell will increase the recovery rate for Life Points to 5x. Another way to recover your Life Points is to simply eat food. There are all sorts of different foods in RuneScape, and better foods will regenerate a greater number of Life Points. Players may also drink certain potions to recover Life Points. Drinking a Saradomin's Brew will recover 15% of a player's lost Life Points.

Should you die, you are teleported to Lumbridge (default), Falador (For those who have completed Recruitment Drive) or Camelot (For those who have completed the Knights Waves miniquest).

When you die, you will normally keep your three most valuable items. The exception to this is being "Skulled." When a player is Skulled, a white skull and crossbones will appear over the character's head. If a player dies while Skulled, the player will lose all of the items in their possession (inventory and equipment). Becoming Skulled happens when entering a Player-versus-Player world, a Bounty Hunter world, or the Abyss. If you have 25 Prayer and use the Protect Item Prayer, you will save one extra item upon death.



Prayer plays a distinct role in Combat, it gives several bonuses and protections that most warriors couldn't live without. Prayers starting at level 1 and going all the way to 70 include Attack raising, Strength raising, Defence raising, Range raising, and Magic raising prayers, as well as Protection Prayers (Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, Protect from Melee), Knightly Prayers, that act as stat raising Prayers (Chivalry and Piety), and effective prayers that will only work under a certain circumstance (Protect Item, Retribution, Redemption).

The stat boosting prayer have 3 different degrees, 5% increase, 10% increase and 15% increase. They go all the way up to level 45.

The protection prayers will defend you against Magic, Range and Melee attacks. You will be defended against Monster attacks 100%, and defended by Player attacks 40%.

The knightly prayers boost your Defence, attack and strength. Chivalry boosts it 20%, 18% and 15% respectively. Piety boosts it 25%, 23% and 20% respectively.

The effective prayers will do something special, ranging from protecting 1 more item when you die, to decreasing your opponents prayer.

While your prayers are active, your prayer ability will drain. Once it hits 0, you can no longer use prayers and have to recharge at an altar. To decrease the rate of prayer loss, you can wear holy items:

Prayer bonuses

A higher prayer level will not decrease the rate of loss, but it will give you more prayer points to use.

Prayer Chart
PicturePrayerPrayer LevelAffect of Prayer
Thick Skin Thick Skin1 1 Defence +5%
Burst of Strength Burst of Strength1 4 Strength +5%
Clarity of Thought Clarity of Thought1 7 Attack +5%
Sharp Eye Sharp Eye 1 8 Ranged +5%
Mystic Will Mystic Will1 9 Magic +5%
Rock Skin Rock Skin1 10 Defence +10%
Superhuman Strength Superhuman Strength1 13 Strength +10%
Improved reflexes Improved Reflexes1 16 Attack +10%
Rapid Restore Rapid Restore 19 2x faster restore for all stats except Hits & Prayer.
Rapid Heal Rapid Heal 22 2x faster restore rate for Hits.
Protect Items Protect Items 25 Allows you to keep an extra item if you die.
Hawk Eye Hawk Eye1 26 Ranged +10%
Mystic Lore Mystic Lore1 27 Magic +10%
Steel Skin Steel Skin1 28 Defence + 15%
Ultimate Strength Ultimate Strength1 31 Strength +15%
Incredible Reflexes Incredible Reflexes1 34 Attack +15%
Protect From Summoning Protect From Summoning 35 100% Protection from all familiars' (summoned creatures) right-click abilities.
Decreases damage done by familiars' special attacks by 40%.
Protect From Magic Protect From Magic2 37 100% Protection from Magical attacks.
Protect from Missiles Protect From Missiles2 40 100% Protection from Ranged attacks
Protect From Missiles Protect From Melee2 43 100% Protection from close combat attacks.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 1 44 Ranged +15%
Mystic Might Mystic Might1 45 Magic +15%
Retribution Retribution2 46 Deals damage up to 25% of your maximum Prayer to any nearby enemies if you die.
Redemption Redemption2 49 If your health drops below 10%, you'll be healed for 25% of your maximum Prayer. Also drains all of your Prayer Points.
Smite Smite2 52 When fighting another player, they will lose 1 Prayer point for every 40 Life Points of damage you hit.
Chivalry Chivalry1 60 Increases your Defence by 20%, strength by 18%, and attack by 15%.
Piety Piety1 70 Increases your Defence by 25%, strength by 23%, and attack by 20%.
  1. These prayer effects don't "stack" with each other. So you can't use Thick Skin and Rock Skin to gain an additional Defence bonus.
  2. These prayers can't be used at the same time as each other.


Summoning is the most recent addition to combat. In a nutshell, it's using familiars that you summon to help fight against your enemies. These can prove useful in most fights, with monsters ranging into combat levels of 230. Remember, combatant familiars can only fight in Multi-Combat Areas. These areas are signified with a symbol in the lower-right of your screen. Multi combat areas are areas where multiple monsters can attack you, or vice versa.

Familiars' Abilities and Skill Focuses
Summoning LevelPouch NameTime in MinutesCombat LevelSkill FocusAbilities
1 Spirit wolf 6 26 Attack -
4 Dreadfowl 4 26 Magic Farming boost (1)
10 Spirit spider 15 25 Forager/ controlled Forages for red spiders' eggs
13 Thorny snail 16 26 Ranged/Beast of Burden 3 slots
16 Granite crab 18 26 Forager/ Defence Forages for fish if the summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (1 - invisible)
17 Mosquito 12 32 Attack -
18 Desert wyrm 19 31 Forager/strength Forages for ores. Mining boost (1 - invisible)
19 Spirit scorpion 17 51 Controlled -
22 Spirit Tz-Kih 18 36 Magic Right click "despair" for the Tz-Kih to drain enemy player's Prayer rather than cause damage
23 Albino rat 22 37 Attack Stores cheese after using scroll (cheese feast)
25 Spirit kalphite 22 39 Beast of Burden 6 slots
28 Compost mound 24 37 Forager/strength Forages for compost and seeds. You can use a bucket on it to deal 2 damage and receive a bucket of compost. Farming boost (1+2% of your normal level)
29 Giant chinchompa 31 42 Ranged May explode in combat to damage nearby targets
31 Vampire bat 33 44 Controlled May heal itself when it causes damage. Light enhancer
32 Honey badger 25 45 Strength May attack again without delay
33 Beaver 27 N/A Forager Forages for logs and planks. Woodcutting boost (2 - invisible). Can be used as a knife if you're Fletching
34 Void ravager 27 46 Forager/strength Forages for ores. Mining boost (1) and mining boost (1 - invisible)
34 Void spinner 27 40 Healer/Defence Heals the Summoner 10 Life Points every 15 seconds. Only fights in self Defence
34 Void shifter 94 46 Attack Acts as a Ring of Life - teleports you to Void Knight Outpost if your health drops below 10%
34 Void torcher 94 46 Magic Right click "strike" to cause 1 extra damage with its next attack
36 Bronze minotaur 30 50 Defence -
40 Bull ant 30 58 Beast of Burden/ controlled 9 slots
41 Macaw 31 N/A Forager Forages for herbs, and improves herb drops. Remote view
42 Evil turnip 30 62 Ranged/forager Forages for evil turnip slices. Can heal itself when using Ranged attacks
43 Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 36 64 Magic/forager Right click "drain" to drain an enemy's combat stat (depends on the cockatrice). Forages for cockatrice eggs
46 Iron minotaur 37 70 Defence -
46 Pyrelord 32 70 Strength Firemaking boost (3 - invisible). Counts as a tinderbox, with 10xp bonus per log
47 Magpie 34 N/A Forager Forages for jewelry
49 Bloated leech 34 76 Attack -
52 Spirit terrorbird 36 62 Beast of Burden/ controlled 12 slots
54 Abyssal parasite 30 86 Beast of Burden/ magic 7 slots for unnoted rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
55 Spirit jelly 43 88 Strength -
56 Ibis 38 N/A Forager Forages for fish if the Summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (3 - invisible)
56 Steel minotaur 46 90 Defence -
57 Spirit graahk 49 93 Strength Hunter boost (5 - invisible). If the graahk has to move to attack, it hits twice. Can teleport you to the horned graahk Hunter area
57 Spirit kyatt 49 93 Attack Hunter boost (5 - invisible). If called or Summoned straight into combat, it's first attack can be 3 times as powerful. Can teleport you to the Piscatoris Hunter area.
57 Spirit larupia 49 93 Controlled Hunter boost (5 - invisible). Can teleport you to the Feldip Hunter area
58 Karamthulhu overlord 44 95 Ranged Right click "drown" to hit opponent with a water spell
61 Smoke devil 48 101 Magic Right click "flames" to hit opponent with a fire spell
62 Abyssal lurker 41 93 Beast of Burden/ controlled 7 slots for unnoted rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
63 Spirit cobra 56 105 Attack -
64 Stranger plant 49 107 Controlled/ forager Farming boost (1+4% of your normal level). Forages for strange fruit
66 Barker toad 8 112 Strength Can be loaded with a cannonball and fired (right click "cannon")
66 Mithril minotaur 55 112 Defence -
67 War tortoise 43 86 Beast of Burden/ Defence 18 slots
68 Bunyip 44 70 Healer Heals 20 Life Points every 15 seconds. Only fights in self Defence If you use raw fish on it, they will be turned into water runes
69 Fruit bat 45 N/A Forager Forages for fruit/seeds. Gathers fruit whilst on Karamja. Light enhancer
70 Ravenous locust 24 120 Attack Can eat your opponent's food. Remote view
71 Arctic bear 28 122 Controlled Hunter boost (7 - invisible). Counts as two pieces of arctic camouflage. Can teleport you to the Trollweiss/Rellekka Hunter area
73 Obsidian golem 55 126 Strength Mining boost (7 - invisible)
74 Granite lobster 47 129 Forager/Defence Forages for fish if the Summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (4 - invisible)
75 Praying mantis 69 131 Attack -
76 Adamant minotaur 66 133 Defence -
76 Forge regent 45 133 Ranged Counts as a tinderbox, with a 10xp bonus per log. Right click "fireball" to launch a magic attack that hits up to 6 enemies by up to 5 damage
77 Talon beast 49 135 Strength -
78 Giant ent 49 137 Controlled/ forager Increased yield when harvesting Player-grown fruit trees, belladonna and cacti. Forages for oak log. Can convert pure essence into nature or earth runes
79 Fire titan 62 139 Magic -
79 Ice titan 64 139 Attack -
79 Moss titan 58 139 Strength -
80 Hydra 49 141 Ranged -
83 Spirit dagannoth 57 148 Controlled May attack again without delay
83 Lava titan 61 148 Strength May inflict 5 extra damage with each attack. Firemaking boost (10 - invisible). Mining boost (10 - invisible). Can teleport you to the Lava Maze in the wilderness
85 Swamp titan 56 152 Attack -
86 Rune minotaur 151 154 Defence -
88 Unicorn stallion 54 70 Healer Use scrolls to heal. Right click "cure" to heal from poison and disease
89 Geyser titan 69 200 Ranged Ranged boost (1+3% of your current level). Use bowls on it to get bowls of hot water. Used amulets of glory on it to recharge them
92 Wolpertinger 62 210 Magic Hunter boost (5 - invisible). Gives a 5% Defence bonus against magic. Doubles experience and yield when harvesting berries
93 Abyssal titan 32 215 Beast of Burden 7 slots for rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
95 Iron titan 60 220 Defence Defence boost (10% to stab, slash and crush Defence - invisible)
96 Pak yak 58 175 Beast of Burden/ strength 30 slots
99 Steel Titan 64 230 Ranged (15% to stab, slash and crush Defence - invisible)

Types of Warriors

Fighters don't have to be an all-around fighter, there are many types of variations that players have adapted to to come to a better kill, and lower their combat level to seem less threatening while fighting other players.


Pures are players that, as their name dictates, train purely in one or two skills. These pures can vary in between Warriors, Mages and Rangers, and combination's of all 3. The advantage of a pure only training certain skills is that their Combat level does not rise as dramatically, and they can both seem less threatening to other higher level players while still packing a punch, and they can also do better in PvP battles against players their level.

Warrior/Melee Pures

Warrior Pures are some of the most commonly seen. Warrior Pures commonly focus on Attack and Strength, or Defence

Attack and Strength pures will usually only train Attack and/or Strength to as high as possible, leaving Defence at level 1. The advantage of having this type of pure is that the combat level is unaffected by Defence, and the player can hit higher on its own level player than most. The disadvantage is that with low Defence, the armor is limited to Iron. If the player can't pack a straight kill, they have a high chance at death.

Defence pures are pures that have a high Defence level, with very low attack and strength, usually no higher than 10. Defence pures can use any armor, and sustain many attacks. Yet, the disadvantage to having high Defence and no strength or attack is that weapons are highly limited to Iron weapons. High damage cannot be dealt, but the battle will last longer.

Ranger Pures

Ranger Pures are players with very high range, but no further than 40 Defence, and hardly any Attack or Strength. The benefit to this is that, with a high range level and the abilities of the Range skill itself, a hard first hit can be dealt before a battle commences. The downside is that attacks are limited to Range, so if a player begins the Protect from Missile prayer, the attack is lost.

Mage Pures

Wizard Pures are players who have a high Magic Level, and a generally low Defence (up to 20 or 30), and no Attack or Strength. They are very similar to Range Pures, except Magic requires Runes, and there is a different variety of spells. The advantage is that of Range Pures; a high Magic level combined with the basic abilities of the Magic Skill. The disadvantage is that the Combat Triangle will not protect magicians as much, since only one attack style can be used, and the Protect from Magic prayer is common.


Hybrids are players that use two types of combat styles, usually Range/Magic and Melee. The advantage to Hybrids is that the Protection Prayers don't work against them, and neither does the Combat triangle. They can always switch their combat style, and use different armor. The downside is that inventory space is used carrying different types of armor and weaponry, and their combat levels are not as low as a pure's, compared to their power.


Tanks are players with a very high Range/Magic level, and a very high Strength and Defence level. This way they resemble a tank; very powerful ranged attacks, but not easily hit. Most tanks are based around Range, not Magic, due to the expenses of Runes, and Runes cannot be retrieved after they are used. The advantage of being a tank is that the Combat triangle doesn't work against you, and a fight can easily be made with any player. Tanks were meant mostly to be able to fight against pures. The disadvantage is that a player still has to deal with Protection Prayers, and the cost of missiles can be expensive at times.


Your combat skills will not go un-rewarded, as if you are high enough in any skill, you may join a group of others similar to your skill level in an exclusive guild.


Once your Attack and Strength levels add up to 130 (65 and 65, 60 and 70 etc), you can access the Legendary Warrior's Guild. Here is a guild based solely on your Attack, strength and Defence skills. It's loaded with Activities, and the reward: Monsters to train on, as well as Defenders.


For those whose mystical powers surpasses others (at level 66, actually), you can enter the Wizard's Guild. It contains a few shops, interesting portals and Zombies to train on (magic exclusive).


All the best Rangers (who've gotten level 40) can come to the Range Guild. It contains a few shops, a tanner for hides and the Archery Competition, where you can use your tickets to buy special rewards.


The Prayer Guild is for the holiest of warriors (not really, requiring only level 31 Prayer), and some of the perks in here are actually useful! Starting with the special altar. It is one of only 3 Altars in RuneScape that gives you a 2 level prayer boost when prayed on, so when you pray there with 55 Prayer, it will be boosted to 57/55. You can also find a set of monk robes.

Stat Boosters

Level 99 isn't exactly the limit on your Combat ability. Potions, foods and special equipment can temporarily boost your levels tremendously, far beyond its capacity. But remember that potions and foods don't always add onto each other, so you won't be able to drink 2 Attack potions and raise your level by 30%.

Attack Boosters

  • Attack Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Jangerberry - 2 level boost
  • Attack potion - 15% boost per dose
  • Cup of Tea - 2 level boost
  • Combat potion - 3-12 level boost, depending on your attack level
  • Super attack potion - 20% boost per dose
  • Zamorak potion - 20% boost per dose
  • Clarity of Thought (prayer) - 5% boost
  • Improved Reflexes (prayer) - 10% boost
  • Incredible Reflexes (prayer) - 15% boost
  • Chivalry (prayer) - 15% boost
  • Piety (prayer) - 20% boost
  • Salve amulet (amulet) - boosts attack 15% when fighting undead, if Enchanted (e) the boost is 20%
  • Ruby Harvest (item) - if you use it on another player in a multi-combat area, their attack increases by 20%

Strength Boosters

  • Strength Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Beer - 2 level boost
  • Strength potion - 3-12 strength levels per dose
  • Combat potion - 3-12 strength levels per dose
  • Super strength potion - 5-19 strength levels per dose
  • Zamorak potion - 2-13 strength levels per dose
  • Burst of Strength (prayer) - 5% boost
  • Superhuman Strength (prayer) - 10% boost
  • Ultimate Strength (prayer) - 15% boost
  • Chivalry (prayer) - 18% boost
  • Piety (prayer) - 23% boost
  • Dragon Battleaxe Special Attack (weapon) - 20% boost
  • Salve amulet (amulet) - boosts strength 15% when fighting undead, if Enchanted (e) the boost is 20%

Defence Boosters

  • Defence Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Cabbage (food) - 1-2 level boost, only from Draynor Manor
  • Defence potion - 15% boost
  • Super Defence potion - 20% boost
  • Saradomin brew - 25% boost
  • Thick Skin (prayer) - 5% boost
  • Rock Skin (prayer) - 10% boost
  • Steel Skin (prayer) - 15% boost
  • Chivalry (prayer) - 20% boost
  • Piety (prayer) - 25% boost
  • Excalibur Special Attack (weapon) - 9% boost

Ranged Boosters

  • Ranged Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Ranging potion - 3 level boost, plus 10% extra
  • Sharp Eye (prayer) - 5% boost
  • Hawk Eye (prayer) - 10% boost
  • Eagle Eye (prayer) - 15% boost
  • Wild pie (food) - 4 levels

Magic Boosters

  • Magic Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Wizard mind bomb - 2-3 level boost
  • Magic essence potion - 3 levels
  • Magic potion - 4 levels
  • Mystic Will (prayer) - 5% boost
  • Mystic Lore (prayer) - 10% boost
  • Mystic Might (prayer) - 15% boost

Prayer Boosters

Summoning Boosters

  • Summoning Skillcape - 1 level boost when operated
  • Summoning potion - 7+ levels per dose, however you will only regain levels that you have lost due to summoning a familiar.


Training is undeniably the most tedious part of combat. It takes up your time, willpower and money, but once you find you can hit 400s you'll be pleased with yourself, and your hard work.

This guide is not totally accurate, and should you not believe the training methods listed are not worthy, indefinitely do not follow them.


Melee Combat Suggestions
LevelsMembers or Freeplay?LocationMonstersCheckpoints
3-9 Both Lumbridge Chickens (level: 1), Cows (level: 2), Men (level: 2), Giant Rats (level: 3), Goblins (level: 2) Giant Spiders (level: 2) At level 5 Defence/Attack, use any money that you've obtained from Chickens, Men and Goblins to buy steel equipment in Varrock.
10-16 Both Al-Kharid, Dwarven Mines Al-Kharid Warrior (level: 9), Dwarf (level: 10) At level 10, use extra money to buy Black Armor and a weapon.
17-25 Both Draynor Manor Ghost (level: 19) If you have money, buy Mithril armor and a weapon at level 20.
26-40 Freeplay Varrock, Falador, Crafting Guild Guards (level: 21) or Hobgoblins (level: 28) Buy adamant at level 30, and make money after level 40 to buy rune.
26-35 Members Taverley Dungeon Chaos Druid (level: 13) Use money to buy adamant (and rune armor, if you have any extra)
36-44 Both Dwarven Mines, Taverley Dungeon Black Knights (level: 33) When your skill levels are 44, do Dragon Slayer and buy a Rune Platebody.
45-68 Freeplay Stronghold of Security, level 2 Flesh Crawler (level 28, 35, 41) None
45-99 Members Under Fenkenstrain's Castle Experiment (level: 25) These are good until your last levels
45-68 Members Elemental Workshop Water elemental (level: 34) You may want to start dressing your level: Dragon items, specifically platelegs and med helm
69-99 Freeplay Crandor Isle, Stronghold of Player Safety Lesser Demons (level: 82), Moss Giants (level: 42), Cockroach Soldier (level: 83) These are pretty much the last great things available for you to train on. Cockroach soldiers have decent drops, and there is a nearby bank.
69-80 Members Pest Control - Another OK Training spot, only good until 85, then it gets boring.
80-99 Members Baxtorian Waterfall, Axe Hut in level 55 Wilderness Fire Giant (level: 86), Ghostly Warrior (level: 42) This is primarily a range location, but it's safe to train here with melee as well. Ghostly Warriors are easy to kill, aggressive and have an excellent drop rate of Chaos, Cosmic and Mind Runes.
90-99 Members Bandit Camp, Under White Wolf Mountain Bandit (level: 56), Ice Warriors (level: 57) A fast paced training location.


Ranged Combat Suggestions
LevelsMembers or Freeplay?LocationMonstersCheckpoints
1-5 Both Lumbridge Cow (level: 2) Switch to Oak Shortbow at level 5.
5-20 Both Lumbridge Goblins (level: 2) Switch to Willow Shortbow at level 20.
17-99 Members Rellekka Rock Crabs (level: 13) These are very tedious monsters, and can also be crowded. But it's excellent with a cannon.
21-40 Freeplay Edgeville Dungeon, Barbarian Village Hill Giant (level: 28), Minotaurs (level: 27) Switch to Maple Shortbow at level 30. Wear green Dragonhide at level 40. Make sure to use the wall for a safespot!
41-60 Freeplay Crandor Hobgoblin (level 28 and 42), Moss Giant (level: 42) None
41-60 Members Crandor, Slayer Dungeon Moss Giant (level: 42), Pyrefiend (level: 43) Switch to blue dragonhide and a magic shortbow at level 50. Switch to red dragonhide at level 60.
61-99 Freeplay Crandor, Stronghold of Security Lesser Demon (level: 82), Ankou (level: 75) None
61-75 Members Combat Training Camp, Slayer Dungeon, Waterfall Dungeon Ogres (level: 63), Turoth (level: 83), Fire Giants (level-86) Switch to black dragonhide at level 70. Use a Crystal Bow at level 75.
65-99 Members Neitiznot Yak (level: 22) Switch to black dragonhide at level 70. Use a Crystal Bow at level 75.
70-99 Freeplay Stronghold of security, level 3 Ankou (level: 75) None really, these are pretty decent xp. If you use adamant or mithril arrows, you can get some of that money back from their drops.
75-99 Members Taverley Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Slayer Tower Blue Dragon (level: 111), Red Dragon (level: 152), Nechryael (level: 115), Gargoyle (level: 111) Switch to black dragonhide at level 70. Use a Crystal Bow at level 75.
80-99 Members Zooknock's Dungeon, Wilderness Chaos Tunnels Skeletons (level: 40), Zombies (level: 40), Mummies (level: 103) These are decent training so long as you use Chinchompas, prayer potions are needed and range potions can help increase accuracy.


Magic Combat Suggestions
LevelsMembers or Freeplay?LocationMonstersSpell
1-25 Both Lumbridge Cows, Goblins Wind Strike
11-19 Both Wizard's Tower Lesser Demon Weaken
19-39 Both Wizard's Tower, Varrock Castle Lesser Demon, Monk of Zamorak Curse
26-45 Freeplay In a cage behind Varrock Castle, near the Yew trees Bears Fire Bolt/Fire Strike
35-99 Freeplay Fist of Guthix Players The best available to you
40-45 Both Varrock Sewers Skeletons Crumble Undead
45-55 Members Camelot - Camelot Teleport
46-60 Freeplay Wizard's Tower, Karamja Volcano Lesser Demon Water Bolt/Fire Bolt
59-99 Both Any - High Alchemy
66-74 Members Magic Guild Zombies Vulnerability
74-99 Members Any - Lumbridge/Falador/Camelot Tele-other

Making Money

Combat is a strong way of making money in RuneScape, due to a monster's drops and how easy some can be killed. This is a big part where the Slayer skill comes in handy, as some very valuable monsters are only available if that skill has reached a certain peak. Below is a list of monsters that either have a rare but valuable drop, or a common (even 100%) but semi-valuable drop. A full list of monsters that drop valuable items can be found here.

Monster Drops
Monster NameDropsDrop RateSlayer Monster?
Ankous Blood Rune, Mithril Ore Common No
Chickens Feathers Very Common No
Cows Cow Hide 100% No
Giants & Ogres Big Bones, Valuable Seeds 100%, Semi-Rare No
Fire Giants Rune Scimitar Semi-Rare No
Flesh Crawlers Half of a key, Fire Runes (42), Nature Runes (5), Herbs, Iron ore Common No
Minotaurs Iron Arrows Common No
Aviansies Adamantite Bars, Rune Daggers, and Rune Limbs Common No
Bloodvelds Blood Runes Common Yes
Giant Moles Rune kiteshield, Half of a key, Clue scroll (level-3) Rare No
Cockroach Soldiers Dragon scimitar, Clue scroll (Level-2) Very Rare No
Kalphite Queen Dragon Chainbody Very Rare No
Dagannoth Kings Dragon Hatchet, Fremennik Rings Very Rare No
Chaos Elemental Dragon 2H Sword Very Rare No
Jellies Clue Scroll (3) Very Rare Yes
Dust Devils Dragon Chainbody Very Rare Yes
Nechryaels Rune Boots Semi-Rare Yes
Abyssal Demons Abyssal Whip Rare Yes
Spiritual Mage Dragon Boots Semi-Rare Yes
Dragons Dragon Bones, Dragonhide 100% No

Player vs. Player (PvP) Training

Combat against monsters, generated by the game and made to seem both challenging and easy, may be fun, but the real excitement is when you get to fight actual people. In Player vs Player Combat (abbreviated as PvP), you can gear yourself up in several different Activities to fight real people from around the world - face to face.


Activities aren't the only way to fight other players, in some worlds the entire world can be your fighting arena. These are, specifically, Player-vs.-Player Worlds, worlds where all players can attack any other player that is within 10% of your Combat level, plus 5.

The algebraic formula is: (letting your Combat level represent X) [X/10] + 5.

To start the mass Player vs Player adventure, head to any Player vs Player world. You must be Combat level 20 to enter, and you should be carrying some slightly valuable items (25,000 worth for Freeplayers, 75,000 worth for Members). There are certain safe zones, where you cannot be attacked:

  • All Banks
  • Grand Exchange
  • Entrana
  • Respawn points (note that the Falador and Camelot respawn points have moved to the nearest banks on PvP worlds)
  • Skill Guilds with entry requirements (not including the Champions', Heroes', Legends' or Warriors' Guilds)
  • The beach you wash up on if the Fishing Trawler sinks by the Tower of Life

If you manage to get yourself killed, you will die as normal at a safe respawn point, with 3 items (or 0 with a skull). If you kill another player, a random drop will be generated (the player may or may not have had the item), which is determined by how much money you and the opponent carry. Sometimes you may get a special PvP exclusive item from a drop. These crumble to dust after a given amount of time of use. These include:

  • Corrupted Dragon
  • Statius's (Melee) Equipment
  • Vesta's (Melee) Equipment
  • Zuriel's (Magic) Equipment
  • Morrigan's (Range) Equipment


Listed is a list of Activities and worlds that are specific for that Activity.

Bounty Hunter

PvP Worlds: 17, 86, 26, 21, 72
Bounty Worlds: 124, 57, 136, 137
Bounty Hunter (+1 Item) Worlds: 18, 32, 65

Bounty Hunter is the exciting, all-out, free-for-all combat Activity where the limits are minute. Bring your weapons, armors, food and nothing more and prepare to enter a world of enemies. Once you enter one of the level-classified craters, you can begin. You will be assigned somebody to kill, and you can either find them, use the Bounty Locate spell (level 32 Magic), or kill anybody you want. Should you kill your target, the rewards are their items and equipment (less their best three), but you have only 2 minutes to grab the loot, and Mandrith (the Activity leader) will even give you a reward. But should you 'go rogue,' and kill anyone other than your target, you have to wait before you can take the loot. If you take the loot before the timer runs, you will have to wait a few more minutes before you can escape the crater! Surviving may be tough, but the rewards can be greater.

Castle Wars

Freeplay Worlds: Members-only
Members Worlds: 15, 24, 52, 82 , 166

Castle Wars is your RuneScape version of Capture the Flag. With a slight twist. Instead of being tagged and having to release the flag, you have to be killed. So if you think you're brave enough to enter the enemy fortress alone, or in a team, and grab the flag, by far do so. The rewards are special decorative armors, whose Defence do not succeed Adamant. The full report is here.

Clan Wars

Freeplay Worlds: 50, 141
Members Worlds: 68, 129

If you're done fighting solo, or want to challenge a more distinguished opponent, Clan Wars is here. Gather a team of 2 to 100 brave fighters and fight another clan, over a series of 5 maps. Change your settings to "Knock-Out" (first team to lose every member loses), or "Numbered Kill" (team who reaches the kill goal first wins), or "Timed Kill" (team who kills the most in a certain time limit wins). Or you can go solo and fight in an arena similar to Bounty Hunter, but without the danger (or with the danger, should you choose). The rewards? Knowing your clan has the power to defeat another.

Duel Arena

Freeplay Worlds: 1, 3
Members Worlds: 54, 83, 114, 132

The Duel Arena can set up a duel challenge for any two players, with settings for limitations and use of other skills. You can stake up to 3,000 coins a person, and the victor gets keeps. If you want to play in a more organized, larger scale duel, you can take up a Tournament Challenge, with stakes of up to 400,000 coins a person!

Fist of Guthix

Freeplay Worlds: 20, 25, 35, 41, 75, 93, 107, 119, 128, 149
Members Worlds: 44, 92, 98, 110

The Fist of Guthix will set you up with another players, whom you must fight and defend against. There are two rounds, round of the hunter and round of the hunted, and you will play both. In the hunter, you must kill your opponent as soon as possible, before he/she can collect too many charges. As the hunted, you are doing the exact opposite; collecting as many charges as possible before your opponent kills you. If you win, you receive tokens which can be used to buy special magic armor and other items.

Stealing Creation

Freeplay Worlds: Members-only
Members Worlds: 158, 164

Stealing Creation is an Activity that utilizes not only your power in combat, but also a wide majority of your non-combat skills, Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing and Smithing just to name a bare few. While winning the game will rely mostly on your skills rather than combat, once you manage to create some decent Armor, Weapons and a bit of supplies like Food (or borrow them from your team's Supply Table), you can head to the other team's base and fight it out.

TzHaar Fight Pits

Freeplay Worlds: Members-only
Members Worlds: 79, 138, 148

In the Fight Pit, you are placed in an arena with several other people. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. This is a game primarily revolving around 'Last Man Standing.' The Last Man Standing is named the Champion, and is rewarded with a Red Skull over their character.


While fighting against other players, you need to give yourself as much advantage as possible, and the best way to do this is with better equipment. Equipment that can evade the Combat Triangle. Obviously, the Triangle can't be completely turned around, but you want to be able to Defend and Attack the other 2 classes, so you want to dress for it.


Suggested melee equipment
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Fighter torso
  • Torag's platelegs/Dragon skirt
  • Dragon boots
  • Barrows("dark") gloves/Combat brace(4)
  • Amulet of glory
  • Fire cape/Skillcape/Legend's cape/Obsidian cape/Team cape/Cape
  • Rune defender
  • Abyssal Whip
Suggested inventory
  • 1 (Super) Defence Potion
  • 1 (Super) Strength Potion
  • 1 (Super) Attack Potion
  • 5 Saradomin brews
  • 4 Super restore potions
  • Dragon Dagger (p++)
  • Snare runes
  • 12 Sharks/Tuna potato


Suggested ranging equipment
  • Void Ranger Helm
  • Void robetop
  • Void robebottoms
  • Void gloves
  • Snakeskin boots
  • Rune arrows (70+)
  • Dark bow
  • Amulet of glory
  • Ava's accumulator
Suggested ranged inventory
  • 20-30 dragon arrows
  • Ranging potion
  • Super Defence potion
  • Saradomin brews (4)
  • Super restore/Sanfew serum (6)
  • Sharks/Tuna potatoes (15)


Suggested mage equipment
  • Farseer Helm
  • Mystic Robetop
  • Splitbark Legs
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Fire Cape
  • Staff
  • Holy Book
  • Wizard Boots
  • Barrows Dark Gloves
  • Seer's Ring
Suggested mage inventory
  • Runes (depending on spell)
  • Magic (Essence) Potion
  • Defence Potion
  • Prayer Potion
  • Saradomin Brew (4) x3
  • Food x 16


Suggested hybrid equipment
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Ahrim's robetop
  • Ahrim's robskirt
  • Barrows ("Dark") gloves
  • Wizard boots (if strength level exceeds magic level)/Dragon boots (if magic level exceeds strength level)
  • Armadyl godsword/Abyssal whip+Rune defender
  • Amulet of glory
  • Fire cape(if experienced in PK'ing)/Skillcape/Legend's cape/Obsidian cape/Team cape/Cape
Suggested hybrid inventory
  • Dragon Dagger (p++)
  • 5 Super restore potions/Sanfew Serum
  • 5 Saradomin brews
  • 15 Sharks/Tuna potatoes

Using Your Skills

When fighting against other players, you need a strong strategy to ensure that you can defeat your opponent in any circumstance. You need to use each of the 8 skills to give you the strongest advantage, compounded with a good Equipment Setup.


When using Melee to attack another Warrior, you should be relatively even (if your combat levels come close to even), so it's down to the weapon, attack styles and use of prayer to determine the winner, but this section will only cover the use of weapon and attack styles. One of the most commonly used Weapons is the Abyssal Whip, for its strength and speed, being one of the fastest weapons in RuneScape. Its only flaw is its inability to use the Aggressive feature, so when that become an issue a common weapon is the Dragon Scimitar.

While fighting, it's good to know your opponents armor as well, and some of the most common armors you will see are Barrows (for its high Defence), Rune (for its cheap cost and relative Defence), or Bandos (for its strength bonus and high Defence). All those are weak to Crush, except Bandos which has a weak spot in Slash. Some of the strongest weapons for those purposes are:

  • Godswords (both)
  • Saradomin Sword (both)
  • Abyssal Whip (Slash)
  • Dragon Scimitar (Slash)

With the above weapons, your melee powers can be at their most accurate.


Magic can be at its strongest when used wisely. To do this, you should take advantage of all types of spells, not only combat spells, but also Curse spells and Binding spells. Before you start attacking, you want to set an automatic spell by right-clicking on the spell you wish to autocast:


This will let you automatically attack with that spell when you click "Attack." Don't use your best spell with your first attack, you want to save the most powerful for later. Choose one about two elements downwards. Once you've chosen your spell and your opponent, get as far away from them as possible, while still in your view. The first spell you want to use is either a Bind (in a large arena, such as Bounty Hunter or Fist of Guthix) or a Curse (in a smaller area, like the Duel Arena). If the spell isn't successful, you're out of luck; just attack them. But if it has worked, and they either can't move or have been weakened, begin to attack with your spell. When your opponent is dying, and you can win the battle, use your best spell. You can use Curses and Binds in between attacks, but if they're failed and splash, you'll have only wasted a spell.


In Range, your safest bet is the same as with magic: Don't just use combat, bring Binds as well! Attack with either Longrange or Rapid for the best kill. If you use Longrange, a binding spell would be useful before you begin to attack, but this requires at least 20 magic, but you won't be as effective wearing Dragonhide, as magic is distorted in the magic of the Dragon's skin, so multiple spells may be necessary. You should use your best arrow available at your level, less it be too expensive for you.


Prayer is the most commonly used skill in player combat, mostly for the higher leveled Protection Prayers. If you're using Prayer, you will want to dress with the best Prayer Bonus items, a full list of which can be found here, so that your prayers last longer. The Prayer Potion also gives you a better bonus, but isn't frequently used in combat. You should use your three protection prayers accordingly, and you shouldn't have any problems unless fighting Hybrids. Hybrids are players that use all three combat types, but it shouldn't be hard to tell which they're using at any one time.

As you're dying, you should use either the Retribution or Redemption prayer. Retribution will deal damage to anybody near you when you die, which could deliver a kill. Redemption will heal you about 100 Life Points when your Life Points falls under 10%, but if you are hit for more than 10% of your Life Points, you won't receive the bonus. Redemption will also use all your prayer when the effect is complete.

Also, when fighting in Dangerous Arenas such as Bounty Hunter or Clan Wars Free-for-all, you will lose items. Using the Protect Item Prayer at level 25 will allow you to keep 1 more item than normal. This only works on Bounty Hunter (+1 Item) worlds, when you risk 75,000gp (or 25,000gp for freeplayers), however. If your prayer level is substantial, you can even use Chivalry and Piety with Protection Prayers, giving you added bonuses in Melee Combat.


Summoning has recently become a part of combat, and for some the monsters can actually prove useful, being up to Combat Level 230. If you want to use Summoning effectively, you must save at least 2 inventory spots for a Pouch and a Scroll. The scroll contains a special power that your familiar possesses, usually applying more damage, weakening your opponent, or strengthening you. Lower level familiars can be used as "bait." In most Activities, hordes of people would rather attack the Familiar before they attack you, so if you need some cover you can just pop one out and run, which can prove useful in Castle Wars. But remember the key to using Familiars in combat: It must be in a Multi-Combat Area (Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Duel Arena, Bounty Hunter).

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