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Like many people say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day; even for a RuneScaper. The Cooking skill is used to cook raw food such as pie, pizza, and fish so that it can be eaten by players to restore missing Life Points, or to temporarily boost skill levels. There are many different types of food in RuneScape, each requiring a certain skill level to cook, and each food has its own effect when eaten.

Table of Contents

The Basics

Cooking Food

Before raw foods can be eaten, they must be cooked on either a Range or a Fire created using the Firemaking skill. Cooking Ranges are found throughout RuneScape, and are marked on the map with a Cooking Pot (Cooking Range icon) icon. One benefit to using a Range is that these appliances offer a lower burn rate than that of a Fire. There are also other objects found around RuneScape which can be used to cook food, including the Sulphur Vents of TzHaar, everlasting Campfires, and Iron Spits.

Cooking on a RangeCooking over a Campfire

While meat, fish and stews can all be cooked over a Fire, most other items including bread, pizza and pie must be cooked on a Range. The exception to this includes foods such as Raw Chompy and Raw Rabbit, which must be cooked on an Iron Spit.

To cook an item, simply "use" the raw food with a Fire or Range. If you are carrying multiple pieces of the same food, a cooking dialog will appear allowing you to select how many of a given food you would like to cook. After selecting how many you would like to cook, click on the picture of the food and you will begin cooking them, one at a time. By default, you will cook all of the selected item in your inventory.

Choose how many you wish to cook, then click on the item to begin.

Burning Food

During your adventures while Cooking food, you will undoubtedly burn some of your food, yielding a burnt item. These items cannot be eaten, and are for the most part, useless. Burning food yields no experience. As you continue developing your Cooking skill above the required level for a given item, you will find that you are gradually burning less food. Some foods, particularly those in the low to mid level range, have a point at which they will no longer be burned once a player reaches a certain level.

Cooking GauntletsAs explained above, cooking food on a Fire increases the chance that a raw food item will be burned. Regular ranges have a better chance at cooking food properly. There is also a special Cooking Range located in Lumbridge Castle, which further decreases the chance of burning food when a player cooks on it. To use the range, players must complete the Cook's Assistant quest. For members, wearing Cooking Gauntlets will decrease the chance of burning fish when cooking on a Range or Fire.

Common Cooking Materials

Cooking is quite an expansive skill, and as such, there are many items that players will need to be familiar with. Depending on what you are cooking, you may need one or more of the following items to make your food.

Cooking Supplies & Ingredients
Bowl Bowl
  • Made with the Crafting skill.
  • Bought from the Yanille Cooking Shop.
 Bucket Bucket
  • Bought from General Stores.
Cabbage  Cabbage
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Respawns in the Falador cabbage patch, Rimmington farm, Monastery, and Draynor Manor.
 Cake Tin Cake Tin
  • Bought from General Stores.
  • Respawns in the Cooking Guild.
 Cheese Cheese
  • Made with the Cooking skill.
  • Respawns at the pizza shop in the Wilderness Bandit Camp and in Aggie's House in Draynor Village.
  • Bought from Cooking Shops.
 Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar/Chocolate Dust
  • Bought from Cooking Shops.
  • Respawns in Zanaris and the Cooking Guild.
 Cooking Apple Cooking Apple
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Bought from the Yanille Cooking Shop.
  • Respawns in the Cooking Guild.
 Raw Tuna Fish
  • Obtained with the Fishing skill.
 Pot of Flour Flour
  • Pick some wheat; use the wheat with a Hopper at the top of a Windmill (Windmill icon); operate the controls; collect the Flour at the bottom floor in a Pot.
  • Bought from General Stores and Cooking Shops.
 Grapes Grapes
  • Respawns in the Cooking Guild.
ug  Jug
  • Bought from General Stores.
 Knife Knife
  • Bought from General Stores
 Raw Beef Meat
  • Obtained by killing Bears, Chickens, Cows, Giant Rats, and Yaks
 Bucket of Milk Milk
  • Use a Bucket with a Dairy Cow.
Mushroom  Mushroom
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
 Nettles Nettles
  • Respawns east of Canifis in the Dark Woods, east of Draynor Manor, east and south of the Draynor Village jail, and near the Edgeville Yew Trees.
Onion  Onion
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Respawns in Feldip Hills, Lumbridge farm and Rimmington farm.
 Pie Dish Pie Dish
  • Made with the Crafting skill.
  • Bought from General Stores and Yanille Cooking Shop.
  • Respawns in the Cooking Guild.
 Pot Pot
  • Made with the Crafting skill.
  • Bought from General Stores and Yanille Cooking Shop.
 Potato Potato
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Respawns in Ardougne farm, Lumbridge farm, Rimmington farm, and Rellekka patch.
 Redberries Redberries
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Bought in Port Sarim food shop.
  • Respawns near the Varrock stone circle.
 Strawberry Strawberry
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
Sweetcorn  Sweetcorn
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
Tomato  Tomato
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.
  • Respawns in Wilderness Bandit Camp and Feldip Hills.
 Jug of Water Water
  • Use a Bucket, Jug or Bowl with a Water Source (Water Source icon) such as a sink, fountain or pump. Buckets may collect water from a well too.
Watermelon  Watermelon
  • Obtained using the Farming skill.



Raw Meat can be obtained by killing one of the following monsters:

  • Bear
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Giant Rat
  • Yak

Each of these creatures will drop a piece of raw meat — such as Raw Chicken or Raw Beef — which, when cooked will become Cooked Meat (or Cooked Chicken, after cooking Raw Chicken). It's worth noting that cooking a piece of already-cooked-meat will result in a piece of Burnt Meat.

Snails can also be killed by members to collect their meat. These creatures are found in the swamps of Morytania, near the town of Canifis. To access this area, players must complete the Priest in Peril quest.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Cooked Meat Meat 1 30 30  
 Cooked Chicken Chicken 1 30 30  
Ugthanki Meat Ugthanki Meat 1 40 30 Ugthankis are found south of the Shantay Pass.
Cooked Rabbit Cooked Rabbit 1 30 50 Rabbits are found in the Fremennik Province and Isafdar.
Roasted Rabbit Roasted Rabbit 16 72 70 Rabbits are found in the Fremennik Province and Isafdar. Cook the Rabbit on a spit.
Spider on a Stick Spider on a Stick 16 80 70-100 Jungle Spiders are found on Karamja. Kill one to obtain its carcass, and then use the carcass on a Skewer Stick or Arrow Shaft. Then cook it over a fire.
Cooked Crab Meat Crab Meat 21 100 100
5 bites
Catch some Crabs (from the Recipe for Disaster quest) and cook them over a fire or stove.
Roasted Beast Meat Roasted Beast Meat 21 82 80 Raw Beast Meat is dropped by Kebbits, Feldip Weasels and Desert Devils.
Cooked Chompy Cooked Chompy 30 140 100 Only cookable on an Ogre Spit, found in the Ogre village southeast of Gu'Tanoth.
Thin Snail Meat Thin Snail Meat 35 70 50-70 Thin Snails is a drop by Blamish Snails.
Cooked Jubbly Jubbly 41 160 150 Kill a Jubbly bird, pick up the meat and cook over a Spitroast.
Lean Snail Meat Lean Snail Meat 45 80 80 Lean Snail is a drop by Blamish Snails.
Cooked Oomlie Wrap Oomlie Wrap 50 40 140
  1. Kill an Oomlie Bird in the Khazari Jungle.
  2. Shake a Palm Tree and take the fallen leaf.
  3. Use the Palm Leaf on the Raw Meat.
  4. Cook the Palmed Oomlie.
Fat Snail Fat Snail Meat 65 95 80-100 Fat Snail is a drop by Blamish Snails.


Fish can be obtained using the Fishing skill, and are often the adventurer's first choice in food to bring along on a journey since they are quick to cook and restore many Life Points when eaten.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Anchovies Anchovies 1 30 10  
Shrimp Shrimp 1 30 30  
Crayfish Crayfish 1 30 20  
Karambwanji Karambwanji 1 10 30  
Sardine Sardine 1 40 40  
Cooked Karambwan Karambwan (poisonous) 1 80 -50 Cook for a Short Time on a stove or fire, after completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest.
Herring Herring 5 50 50  
Mackerel Mackerel 10 60 60  
Trout Trout 15 70 70  
Cod Cod 18 75 70  
Pike Pike 20 80 80  
Salmon Salmon 25 90 90  
Cooked Slimy Eel Slimy Eel 28 95 60-100  
Cooked Karambwan (Thorough) Karambwan 30 190 180 Cook for a Long Time on a stove or fire, after completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest.
Tuna Tuna 30 100 100  
Rainbow fish Rainbow Fish 35 110 110  
Cave Eel Cave Eel 38 115 70-110 Cave Eels are found in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
Lobster Lobster 40 120 120  
Bass Bass 43 130 130  
Swordfish Swordfish 45 140 140  
Lava Eel Lava Eel 53 30 110  
Monkfish Monkfish 62 150 160 Used in the Swan Song Quest.
Shark Shark 80 210 200  
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle 82 211.3 210  
 Cavefish Cave Fish 88 214 200  
Manta Ray Manta Ray 91 216 220  
Rocktail  Rocktail 93 225 230  


To make Bread, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. In the case of Bread, you should make Bread Dough. Regardless of which type of dough you make, it must be cooked on a Range.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Bread Bread 1 40 50  


Pies are a type of food that is eaten in two bites. Each half of the pie will heal half of the pie's total replenishing amount. For example, if you eat one half of a Meat Pie, it will replenish 60 Life Points. the other half will remain in your inventory until it is eaten. Some pies also yield a stat bonus (eg. the Farming Pie boosts Farming by +3). Each bite will boost by the full amount, but the effects do not stack with one another (so, eating one bit immediately after the other will not boost Farming by +6).

To make a pie, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. Select Pastry Dough, and use the newly-created dough with a Pie Dish to make an empty Pie Shell. Now, simply add the necessary fillings and cook the pie on a Range. You may also use the Lunar "Bake Pie" spell if you have access to the Lunar Magic spellbook, which guarantees that the pie will be cooked successfully.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Redberry Pie Redberry Pie 10 78 100 The main ingredient is one bunch of Redberries.
Meat Pie Meat Pie 20 110 120 The main ingredient is Meat
Mud Pie Mud Pie 29 128 0 The main ingredients are Compost, Water and Dry Clay.
This pie is not edible, and instead it is used as a Ranged weapon which lowers the target's Run Energy by 50%.
Apple Pie Apple Pie 30 130 140 The main ingredient is one Cooking Apple
Garden Pie Garden Pie 34 138 120
+3 Farming
The main ingredients are a Tomato, an Onion, and a Cabbage.
Fish Pie Fish Pie 47 164 120
+3 Fishing
The main ingredients are a Potato, Trout, and a Cod.
Admiral Pie Admiral Pie 70 210 160
+5 Fishing
The main ingredients are a Potato, Salmon, and a Tuna.
Wild Pie Wild Pie 85 240 220
+5 Slayer
+4 Range
The main ingredients are Raw Bear Meat,Raw Chompy, andRaw Rabbit Meat.
Summer Pie Summer Pie 95 260 220
+5 Agility
+10% Energy
The main ingredients are a Strawberry, Watermelon, and a Cooking Apple.


Pizzas, like pies, are eaten in two separate bites. Each half of the pizza will heal half of the pizza's total replenishing amount. to make a pizza, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. Select the Pizza Base type. Now add a Tomato and some Cheese to make a Plain Pizza. Now you must Bake the pizza in a Range. Afterwards, additional toppings, such a Cooked Meat or Pineapple, can be added to the pizza to increase its healing properties.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Plain Pizza Plain Pizza 35 143 140  
Meat Pizza Meat Pizza 45 169 160 Add some Cooked Meat to a Plain Pizza.
Anchovy Pizza Anchovy Pizza 55 182 180 Add cooked Anchovies to a Plain Pizza.
Pineapple Pizza Pineapple Pizza 65 195 220 Use a Knife on a Pineapple to cut it into slices. Use the slices on a Plain Pizza.

Baked Potato

First, cook a Potato on a Range. Next, add a Pat of Butter to the Baked Potato. You can now add a topping to your Potato With Butter. Baked Potatoes are only available to members.

Baked Potatoes
PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Baked Potato Baked Potato 7 15 40  
Potato With Butter Potato With Butter 39 40 140 Cook a Potato on a Stove and add some Butter.
Chilli Potato Chilli Potato 41 125 140 Make a bowl of Chilli and add it to a Baked Potato with Butter.
Potato With Cheese Potato With Cheese 47 80 160 Cook a Potato on a stove and add some Butter and Cheese.
Egg Potato Egg Potato 51 150 160 Make a bowl of Egg and Tomato and add it to a Baked Potato with Butter.
Mushroom Potato Mushroom Potato 64 230 200 Make a bowl of Mushrooms and Onions and add it to a Baked Potato with Butter.
Tuna Potato Tuna Potato 68 265 220 Make a bowl of Tuna and Corn (above), and add to a Baked Potato with Butter.

Potato Topping

Potato Toppings are added to Baked Potatoes to increase the number of life points they recover when eaten. They may also be eaten as-is, but obviously restore fewer Life Points than the complete meal would heal. Potato Toppings are a member-only feature.

Potato Toppings
PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsInstructions
Spicy Sauce Spicy Sauce 9 25 20
  1. Use some Garlic and Gnome Spice on a Bowl.
  2. Cook on a stove.
Chilli Con Carne Chilli Con Carne 11 55 50
  1. Make some Spicy Sauce, and add some cooked meat while holding a knife.
  2. Cook on a stove.
Scrambled Egg Scrambled Eggs 13 50 50
  1. Obtain a knife, bowl and an egg.
  2. Use the egg with the bowl and cook it over a stove.
Egg and Tomato Egg and Tomato 23 50 80
  1. Obtain a knife, 2 bowls, an egg and tomato.
  2. Use the egg with one bowl and the tomato with the other. Cook the eggs over a stove, then add the tomatoes.
Fried Onions Fried Onions 42 60 50
  1. Obtain a Bowl, Knife and an Onion. Use the Onion with the Bowl.
  2. Cook on a stove.
Fried Mushrooms Fried Mushrooms 46 60 50
  1. Obtain a Bowl, Knife and some Mushrooms.
  2. Add the mushrooms to the bowl and cook over a range.
Mushroom and Onion Mushroom and Onion 57 55 110
  1. Obtain a knife, mushroom, onion and 2 bowls. Add the mushroom and onion each to a separate bowl.
  2. Cook the onions and mushrooms over a stove, then add the mushrooms to the onions.
Tuna and Corn Tuna and Corn 67 204 130
  1. While carrying a Knife, add a cooked Tuna to a bowl.
  2. Add a Roasted Corn to the bowl.


Stews are made by combining a Bowl of Water, Potato, and a piece of Cooked Meat (or Cooked Chicken). The stew can then be cooked on either a Range or Fire.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Stew Stew 25 117 110  
Curry Curry 60 221 190
  1. Make some stew and get some spices.
  2. Add the spices to the stew and cook it over a fire or stove.


Cakes are a type of three-bite food, in which each of the three slices account for one-third of the cake's total healing properties. To make a cake, gather a Cake tin, Pot of Flour, Egg, and a Bucket of Milk. Now simply use one of the items with another (eg. use the Egg with the Cake Tin) to mix the ingredients into the Cake Tin. Now cook the cake on a Range to obtain a Cake, separated from its Cake Tin. Chocolate can also be added to the Cake by using a Chocolate Bar or Chocolate Dust on it to further enhance its healing properties.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Cooked Fishcake Fishcake 31 100 110 Obtain some Crab Meat, Kelp and Raw Cod and use them on each other to make a fishcake.
You must have already made one during Recipe for Disaster.
Cake Cake 40 180 120  
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 50 210 150  


Dairy items are made on a Dairy Churn, and can only be created on Members worlds.

Dairy Products
PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Pot of Cream Cream 21 18 10 Obtain some milk and use it on a Dairy Churn to make Cream.
Pat of Butter Butter 38 40.5 - Milk
22.5 - Cream
0 Obtain some milk or cream and use it on a Dairy Churn to make Butter.
Cheese Cheese Wheel 48 64 - Milk
46 - Cream
23 - Butter
20 Get some milk, butter or cream and use it on a Dairy Churn to make Cheese.


Wine is created by adding Grapes to a Jug of Water. After waiting approximately ten seconds, the Wine will ferment and either become a Jug of Wine, or a Jug of Bad Wine. Bad Wine yields no experience and does not heal any Life Points.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Jug of Wine Wine 35 200 110  


Nettle Tea is made by adding Nettles to a Bowl of Water, creating Nettle Water. This can then be cooked on a Range or Fire to create Nettle Tea. Optionally, you can use the bowl of Nettle Tea with an Empty Cup. Also, you may add Milk to your tea, although it yields no additional effect to the tea.

PictureItemCooking LevelCooking ExperienceHealsNotes
Nettle TeaCup of Nettle Tea Nettle Tea 20 52 30  


There are numerous drinks in RuneScape which can be brewed using the cooking skill. these drinks include Cider as well as ales and other alcoholic beverages. Many drinks yield a temporary stat boost when a player drinks them, but for the most part, they do not have any healing properties. Mature Ales offer a more potent skill level boost than their non-mature variants.

To create Cider, bring 4 Buckets and 16 Apples to either the Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys brewery. Crush the Apples on the Cider Press to obtain Apple Mush, which must be collected in your empty Buckets. Add the buckets of Apple Mush to the Fermenting Vat, and then use some Ale Yeast on the Fermenting Vat. The Cider will then ferment, which can take quite awhile (24 hours or more). After it has finished fermenting, turn the valve on the Fermentation Vat and then collect the brew from the barrel using either Beer Glasses or Calquat Kegs. Each barrel will make 8 glasses of Cider.

Ales are also created in either one of the Breweries. Add two Buckets of Water, two Barley Malts, the main ingredient, and finally a Pot of Ale Yeast to the Fermenting Vat. The order is important! Then, simply wait for it to ferment, and then collect it following the steps above.

For a more detailed look at Brewing, please see our Brewing guide.

Brewed Beers
ImageNameCooking LevelIngredientsPriceEffects
Cider Cider 14 4 Apple Mush Not sold. -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Farming
Dwarven Stout Dwarven Stout 19 4 Hammerstone Hops 2gp -6 Attack
-6 Strength
+1 Smithing
+1 Mining
Asgranian Ale Asgarnian Ale 24 4 Asgarnian Hops 3gp -8 Attack
+4 Strength
Greenman's Ale Greenman's Ale 29 4 Harralander Herbs 10gp -8 Attack
-6 Defence
-6 Strength
+2 Herblore
Wizard's Mind Bomb Wizard's Mind Bomb 34 4 Yanillian Hops 2gp -4 Attack
-3 Defence
-3 Strength
+3 or +2 Magic, depending on your level
Dragon Bitter Dragon Bitter 39 4 Krandorian Hops 2gp -6 Attack
+4 Strength
Moonlight Mead Moonlight Mead 44 4 Bittercap Mushrooms 5gp Heals 40 Life Points
Axeman's Folley Axeman's Folley 49 1 Oak Root 993gp -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Woodcutting
Chef's Delight Chef's Delight 54 4 Chocolate Dust Not sold. -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+4 or +5 Cooking, depending on your level
Slayer's Respite Slayer's Respite 59 4 Wildblood Hops 2gp -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Slayer

Gnome Dishes

Gnome foods and beverages are mainly involved in the Gnome Restaurant Activity, in which you take food orders from different NPCs, create the meal, and then deliver it. The various dishes you can create are made up of unconventional ingredients which are unique to Gnomic cuisine, and can be found in a cookbook which you can obtain from Aluft Gianne Sr. in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. After you offer your help to him, he will give you a series of dishes to prepare. Once he is satisfied that you are prepared, you can begin the Gnome Restaurant Activity!

For more information about Gnome cuisine, please see our Gnome Food and Drinks guide.

Temporary Stat Boosters

There are two drinks available to members which will temporarily boost your Cooking skill level when consumed.

Cooking Boosters
PictureItemIncrease Amount
Chef's Delight Chef's Delight +1-5
Chef's Delight (m) Chef's Delight (m) 5% + 2

Skill Cape of Accomplishment

Once you reach level 99 Cooking, you can speak to the Head Chef in the Cooking Guild to purchase a Cooking Cape for 99,000gp. This can be used in place of a Chef's Hat to enter the guild.

Other Cooking Info

The Moveable Cooking Spit

If you're the type of RuneScaper that's always on the run, and you're looking for a way to cook your food wherever you are (whether in the middle of the jungle, or on the sidewalks of Varrock), the mobile Roasting Spit is just the tool for you.

Spits can be Smithed, and all you do is use it with either a piece of Rabbit Meat, or a Chompy Bird to skew it. Next, light a fire and use the skewed meat with it to set up a Rotisserie Cooker in just seconds!

Making Sinew for Crossbows

Due to how Crossbows are designed, they need a much stronger string than Flax can provide. So, you need to make some Sinew to string your Crossbow so that it can be used!

SinewIt's actually very easy to make Sinew, and it only requires level 1 Cooking to do. Simply use a piece of Bear Meat (or Beef) with a Range, and choose to make it into Sinew rather than an edible piece of meat. And that's it! You can then spin the newly created piece of Sinew on a Spinning Wheel to get a Crossbow String, and then attach it to your crossbow (u) to complete it.

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