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Farming is another interesting skill in RuneScape, tied in with Cooking and Herblore. You have the ability to grow your own variety of plants, from fruits and vegetables, to herbs, trees and other useful plants! Be prepared to get your hands dirty and to do a bit of digging as well!

Obtaining Seeds

There are several ways to collect seeds used in Farming. The majority of seed gatherers will gather in the marketplace of Draynor Village to collect seeds from the stalls, Farmers or the seed shop. There are also other ways to obtain seeds in RuneScape.


She runs the Draynor Seed Market, and she can be found walking around the marketplace. She sells 16 different kinds of seeds, all of which are useful in starting out your Farming skill. Prices range from around 3gp to over 60, depending on the seed.

Draynor Seed Market
Potato Seed Potato
Onion Seed Onion
Cabbage Seed Cabbage
Tomato Seed Tomato
Sweetcorn Seed Sweetcorn
Strawberry Seed Strawberry
Watermelon Seed Watermelon
Barley Seed Barley
Jute Seed Jute
Rosemary Seed Rosemary
Marigold Seed Marigold
Hammerstone Seed Hammerstone
Argarnian Seed Asgarnian
Yanillian Seed Yanillian
Krandorian Seed Krandorian
Wildblood Seed Wildblood

Seed Stalls

There are Seed Stalls that can be thieved from, found in the Draynor Market area. They require level 27 Thieving and will give 10 experience when you steal a seed.

Steal from Seed Stall

Farmers & Master Farmers

The Master Farmers found wandering around in the marketplace will yield various seeds when you pickpocket them. You need to have level 38 Thieving to steal from them, and you'll receive 43 experience when you successfully steal from them.

Master Farmer

The regular Farmers in fields around RuneScape can be pickpocketed or killed for seeds. They can drop various seeds and all types of Farming equipment.

Pickpocket Farmer

Picking Seeds

Picking the plants of some of the regular crops (like Cabbage or Onions) will also give you seeds of that kind of plant.


Killing different types of monsters may also get you some seeds:

  • Ice Warriors
  • Moss Giants
  • Cave Crawlers
  • White Knights
  • Dagannoths
  • Hill Giants
  • Ogres
  • Earth Warriors
  • Goblins & Hobgoblins
  • Guards
  • Jogres


Bird's Nest (red egg)Sometimes while Woodcutting (including potted trees), a Bird's Nest may fall out of the tree containing different kinds of seeds or other items. See the Random Event guide for more information.

Giant Moles & Molanisks

After killing the Giant Mole, it will drop Mole Skin and Mole Claws. When you take these to Wyson the gardener in Falador Park, he will reward you with a Bird's Nest, which may contain seeds. Molanisks also drop Mole Claws which can be traded for a Bird Nest.

If you are wielding a Falador Shield 3 while trading in Mole Skins, you can receive White Lily Seeds.

Farming Tools

Farming tools used in growing your plants can be found by killing local Farmers. They can also be bought from the several Farming Shops located around RuneScape:

Useful Farming Tools
Rake Rake Clears out any unwanted weeds on a Farming plot.
Seed Dibber Seed Dibber Pokes holes in the soil to plant the seeds.
Secateurs Secateurs Trims diseased or dead branches from trees and shrubs.
Magic Secateurs Magic Secateurs Gives a 10% better harvest of hops, vegetables, and herbs.
Spade Spade Harvests your crops.
Gardening Trowel Gardening Trowel Used with a Planting Pot to create a hole for your Tree seed.
Watering Can Watering Can (8) For watering your crops.
Plant Pot Plant Pot Begins growing your Tree seed into a sapling until it can be planted in a Tree plot.
Compost Compost Bucket Buckets filled with compost that treat the soil before the seeds are planted in any plot.
Empty Sack Vegetable Sack Holds up to 10 vegetables.
Basket Fruit Basket Holds up to 5 fruits.
Plant Cure Plant Cure Cures crops if they become diseased.
Gardening Boots Gardening Boots None

Tool-Keeping Leprechauns

These jolly-green Leprechauns can be found near Farming patches, and will keep any gardening supplies and tools you give to them. So you no longer need to store your tools in your bank, as they will be kept safe with the Leprechaun, and whenever you need one of your tools, it will be right there for you. You can get your tools back from any gardening Leprechaun in RuneScape.

Amazing farming equipment store

Leprechauns will also convert any of your harvested crops (including clean herbs) into bank notes. Simply use your crops on him and he will note them for you.

Farming Plots

There are various Farming Plots located around RuneScape (28 in total), and can easily be found by using the world map on the official RuneScape site. Open the "Overview" and "Key," and go to the last page in the key. Click on the Farming Patch symbol and a yellow dot will blink where a Farming Patch exists.

Also, for quick reference, see the Farming Patch Locations Map if you need help!

Vegetables, Flowers & Herbs (Allotment)


Regular Trees

Fruit Trees

Spirit Trees


Other Plots

Preparing Plots

Before you can actually grow anything, you need to prepare the plot so that your crops will grow. Be sure to have the following items in your inventory:

  • Rake
  • Bucket of Compost
  • Seed Dibber

First, use your Rake to remove any and all weeds from the plot you are going to be using to grow your seeds. There should be 3 layers of weeds the first time you clear a plot, and you will receive 4xp per layer. Over time, the weeds will grow back and you will need to clear the plot again to use it.

After removing the weeds, you'll need to use a Bucket of Compost on the plot before any seeds can be planted. You can either buy compost from the Farming Shops for about 20gp, the nearby Gardeners, or you can make your own. You will earn 18 experience for spreading Compost in each plot.

Once the compost is in the plot, be sure to be carrying a Seed Dibber in your inventory. Click on a seed and use it with the cleared, nutrient-rich plot to use the Dibber to make a hole and plant the seed.


There are 2 different kinds of compost: regular Compost, and Super Composts. The best way to see if an item will make either regular or super compost is to use the item with a nearby Gardener. He will tell you what kind of compost it will make.

Note: Using a Tomato on a Compost Bin will not yield compost, but instead a Rotten Tomato! The only real use for these is in the Duel Arena, where you can throw them at other players that are dueling.

To make your own compost, you will need to collect various grown materials such as Weeds, grown produce, flowers or others, and place them in a Compost Bin. Once it's full, close the lid and wait for about an hour for it to be ready. You will need 15 empty buckets to collect the compost from the bin. Then you can refill it while watching over your crops!

Compost Bin

For each bucket of Compost you remove, you'll earn 4.5 Farming experience.

Super Compost

Super Compost allows for your crops to grow faster and it ensures that your plants are more resistant to disease or dying. They will also yield or grow more produce than using regular Compost. For making Super Compost, you will earn 8.5 Farming experience per bucket you fill.

To make your own Super Compost, you'll need to gather 15 materials and use them on the Compost Bin:

  • Pineapples or better fruits
  • Avantoe or better herbs
  • Jangerberry or better berries
  • Watermelon
  • Tree Roots

Any combination of these will yield Super Compost. So, 10 Pineapples, 2 Jangerberries and 3 Watermelons will make Super Compost. However, adding something else will only yield regular compost. for instance, if you add 10 Pineapples, 2 Jangerberries, 2 Watermelons and 1 Potato will only make regular compost.

Pineapples are a cheap item to use for Supercompost, and there are three main methods to obtain them:

  1. Picked from the Pineapple Trees near Brimhaven.
  2. Bought from Arhein by talking to him. He stocks 40 Pineapples at a time, and will restock his supply 24 hours after the supply has been completely depleted. Each Pineapple costs 2gp.
  3. Bought from Heckel Funch's Fine Groceries shop in the Grand Tree from 2gp each. He stocks 10 Pineapples at a time.

Growing Crops

Now that you have the basics down, it's time to start growing your crops! Be sure to have the following tools in your inventory:

  • Watering Can
  • Spade
  • Plant Cure Potion

Or if you're growing a tree:

  • Planting Pot
  • Trowel
  • Watering Can

Don't forget, your crops will continue to grow even after you log out. They grow at a slower rate, but they're still growing! Use your own discretion before leaving.

Plant Care

Once your seeds have been planted, water them with your Watering Can. Watering your crops is the main objective when looking after them. After a duration of time, they will grow bigger and will not have moist soil. When you see that the soil is no longer wet, water them again. The following plants do not need watering:

  • Bushes & Trees
  • Herbs
  • Cacti
  • Mushrooms

If your crops become diseased, use your Plant Cure Solution on the plant and it will be cured. Trees and bushes cannot be cured using the solution, so instead, just use your Secateurs to trim away any diseased portions.

Be sure to harvest when the crop is ready or it may become Rotten Produce. Click on the crop once it's ready to be harvested and you'll use your spade to harvest it until the plot is empty. To clear away any diseased vegetation, dig it up with your Spade.

Vegetable Seeds

These seeds are to be planted in an Allotment Patch, and you'll need 3 seeds to plant them.

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceHarvesting ExperienceTime to Grow (Minutes)
Potato Seed Potato 1 8 9 30-35
Onion Seed Onion 5 9.5 10.5 30-35
Cabbage Seed Cabbage 7 10 11.5 30-35
Tomato Seed Tomato 12 12.5 14 35-40
Sweetcorn Seed Sweetcorn 20 17 19 50-55
Strawberry Seed Strawberry 31 26 29 50-55
Watermelon Seed Watermelon 47 48.5 54.5 76-80

Flower Seeds

These seeds are planted in a Flower Patch. Marigolds, Rosemary and Nasturtiums are used to protect allotment crops (see the Protecting Your Plants section below). They require 1 seed to plant.

Grow Time: 17.5 minutes

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceHarvesting Experience
Marigold Seed Marigold 2 8.5 47
Rosemary Seed Rosemary 11 12 66.5
Nasturtium Seed Nasturtiums 24 19.5 111
Woad Seed Woad 25 20.5 115.5
Limpwurt Seed Limpwurt 26 21.5 120
White Lily Seed White Lily 52 50 250

Hops Seeds

Hops need to be planted in a Hops patch, and they require different amounts of time to grow. It seems that the more you water them, the more Hops you'll be able to harvest. To plant a patch of hops, you'll need 4 seeds, with exception to Jute plants which only need 3 seeds.

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceHarvesting ExperienceTime to Grow (Minutes)
Barley Seed Barley 3 8.5 9.5 35
Hammerstone Seed Hammerstone 4 9 10 35
Argarnian Seed Asgarnian 8 10.5 12 45
Jute Seed Jute 13 13 14.5 45
Yanillian Seed Yanillian 16 14.5 16 55
Krandorian Seed Krandorian 21 17.5 19.5 65
Wildblood Seed Wildblood 28 23 26 75

Herb Seeds

Herb seeds are to be planted in an Herb Patch. You don't need to water them, and they only require 1 seed to plant.

Grow Time: 70 minutes (just over an hour)

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceHarvesting Experience
Guam Seed Guam 9 11 12.5
Marrentil Seed Marrentil 14 13.5 15
Tarromin Seed Tarromin 19 16 18
Harralander Seed Harralander 26 21.5 24
Gout Tuber Gout Tuber 29 105 45
Ranarr Seed Ranarr Weed 32 27 30.5
Spirit Weed Seed Spirit Weed 36 32 36
Toadflax Seed Toadflax 38 34 38.5
Wergali Seed Wergali 42 41 46
Irit Seed Irit Leaf 44 43 48.5
Avantoe Seed Avantoe 50 54.5 61.5
Kwuarm Seed Kwuarm 56 69 78
Snapdragon Seed Snapdragon 62 87.5 98.5
Cadantine Seed Cadantine 67 106.5 120
Lantadyme Seed Lantadyme 73 134.5 151.5
Dwarf Weed Seed Dwarf Weed 79 170.5 192
Torstol Seed Torstol 85 199.5 224.5

Bush Seeds

Bush seeds are planted in Bush Patches and require 1 seed to plant. Like trees, you can keep picking the fruit from the bush until there isn't any left, and then you just need to wait for it to regrow.

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceCheck Health ExperienceHarvesting ExperienceTime to Grow (Minutes)
Redberry Seed Redberry 10 11.5 64 4.5 90
Cadavaberry Seed Cadavaberry 22 18 102.5 7 110
Dwellberry Seed Dwellberry 36 31.5 177.5 12 130
Jangerberry Seed Jangerberry 48 50.5 284.5 19 150
Whiteberry Seed Whiteberry 59 78 437.5 29 150
Poison Ivy Seed Poison Ivy 70 120 674 45 150

Regular Tree Seeds

Trees require 1 seed to plant in a Planting Pot, and later can be planted in a Tree Patch. Once it's fully grown, you can chop the tree down for logs. It will regrow shortly after. Check the Trees section below for more info.

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceCheck Health ExperienceTime to Grow (Minutes)
Acorn Acorn (Oak) 15 14 467.3 140
Willow Seed Willow 30 25 1,456.3 220
Maple Seed Maple 45 45 3,403.5 300
Yew Seed Yew 60 81 7,069.9 380
Magic Seed Magic 75 145.5 13,768.3 460

Fruit Tree Seeds

These seeds require a single seed to plant in a Planting Pot, and later can be planted into a Fruit Tree Patch. Once it is fully grown, you can keep picking the fruit as it regrows over time if you wish.

Grow Time: 880 minutes (about 14 hours and 40 minutes)

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceCheck Health ExperienceHarvesting Experience
Apple Tree Seed Apple 27 22 1,199.5 8.6
Banana Tree Seed Banana 33 28 1,750.5 10.5
Orange Tree Seed Orange 39 35.5 2,470.2 13.5
Curry Tree Seed Curry 42 40 2,906.9 15
Pineapple Seed Pineapple 51 57 4,605.7 21.5
Papaya Tree Seed Papaya 57 72 6,146.4 27
Palm Tree Seed Palm 68 110.5 10,150.1 41.5

Special Seeds

PictureSeedFarming LevelPlanting ExperienceCheck Health ExperienceHarvesting ExperienceTime to Grow (Minutes)
Evil Turnip Seed Evil Turnip 42 41 - 46 5
Mushroom Spore Bittercap Mushroom 53 61.5 - 57.7 220
Jade Vine Seed Jade Vine 53 50 1,500 30 220
Cactus Seed Cactus 55 66.5 374 25 520
Belladonna Seed Belladonna 63 91 - 512 270
Calquat Tree Seed Calquat Tree 72 129.5 12,096 48.5 1,200
Spirit Seed Spirit Tree 83 199.5 19,301.8 - 3,680


Plant PotTrowelWhen growing a tree seed, you'll need to obtain a Planting Pot and a Gardening Trowel. Take the 1 seed that you wish to grow and place it in your inventory along with any others. Use your Trowel with the pot and your seed will be planted inside. Use your Watering Can to water the seed and wait until it become a sapling, which can be planted into a tree plot. It will eventually grow into an adult tree which you can chop for logs.

Apple SaplingOnce your tree has grown into an adult, check its health by right-clicking on it. If it's healthy, you can begin to chop away. Once you've gotten all of the logs, a stump will appear, but within a few seconds the tree will respawn and can be cut down again.

To get rid of the stump, dig it up with your Spade. No one else can see your tree, and once it's fully grown it will be your own personal tree that you can chop for wood, and it only takes several seconds to respawn.

Hops & Brewing

Hops are grown in Hops Plots and can be used for making home brews at the Breweries located in Port Phasmatys and Keldagrim.


The brews that you can make, along with their ingredients can be found below:

  • Cider - level 14 Cooking - 4 Buckets of Apple Mush
  • Dwarven Stout - level 19 Cooking - 4 Hammerstone Hops
  • Asgarnian Ale - level 24 Cooking - 4 Asgarnian Hops
  • Greenman's Ale - level 29 Cooking - 4 Harralander Herbs
  • Wizard's Mind Bomb - level 34 Cooking - 4 Yanillian Hops
  • Dragon Bitter - level 39 Cooking - 4 Krandorian Hops
  • Moonlight Mead - level 44 Cooking - 4 Bittercap Mushrooms
  • Axeman's Folley - level 49 Cooking - 1 Oak Tree Root
  • Chef's Delight - level 54 Cooking - 4 Chocolate Dust
  • Slayer's Respite - level 59 Cooking - 4 Wildblood Hops

To make your own home-made brew, head over to 1 of the Breweries with the following items:

  • 2 Barley Malts (cook a Barley on a Range)
  • 1 Pot
  • 2 Buckets of Water
  • The indicated ingredients for what you are making

1. Put the buckets of water into the Fermenting Vat.
2. Add the Barley Malt.
3. Add in the ingredients for the brew you are making.
4. Buy Ale Yeast from the Brewer for 5 Ecto Tokens (goes into your empty pot).
5. Add the Ale Yeast into the Vat.
6. Wait about 24 hours for the brew to finish fermenting.
7. Turn the valve and the barrel will fill up with your brew.
8. Fill the 8 pint glasses from the barrel of the brew you have just made.

To make Cider, bring the following items to 1 of the Breweries:

  • 16 Cooking Apples
  • 4 Buckets
  • 1 Pot

1. Use the 6 Cooking Apples on the Apple Press.
2. Fill the buckets with Apple Mush and pour them into the Vat (4 times).
3. Buy Ale Yeast from the Brewer for 5 Ecto Tokens(goes into your empty pot)
4. Add the Ale Yeast into the Vat.
5. Wait about 25 hours for the Cider to ferment.
6. Turn the valve and the barrel will fill up with your Cider.
7. Fill the 8 pint glasses from the barrel of the Cider you have just made.

For a fun idea, scoop out the inside of a Calquat fruit with a knife and you can have your very own keg that can hold 4 pints' worth of brew.

Bad Ale

Sometimes your character will fail at brewing the different kinds of Ales, and it will become un-drinkable. The Vat will have Bad Ale in it should the fermenting process fail. Simply turn the valve and choose the "Drain Barrel" option to remove the ale and start over.

Protecting Your Plants

You can protect your crops by growing certain kinds of Flowers that will allow for prey to not pick on your produce. They are to be placed in the flower plots while you are growing the vegetables that are being protected. They can be grown fully and remain there while you are growing the vegetables and will not die.

  • Marigolds protect Onions, Potatoes and Tomatoes from disease.
  • Rosemary protects Cabbage from disease.
  • Nasturtiums protect Watermelons from disease.
  • White Lilies protect all surrounding fruits and vegetables from disease.


When you reach level 23 Farming, you'll have the ability to make a Scarecrow. They will ward birds away from your Sweetcorn, thus preventing disease. They are to be placed in allotment patches once you've planted Sweetcorn. You will not be able to plant other crops around the Scarecrow.

To make a Scarecrow, first fill an Empty Sack with Straw by using with a Bale of Hay. An empty Sack can be crafted or bought from a Farming Shop. Stick the Sack of Hay onto a Bronze Spear, which can be obtained by killing Goblins. Place a Watermelon on top of the spear to make the Scarecrow's head. Now just stand the fully completed Scarecrow inside of an empty allotment patch to protect your Sweetcorn plots.

Spirit Trees

You can also pay nearby Farmers to protect your Spirit Trees. Of course, you must pay them to protect your tree, and they require 5 Monkey Nuts, a Monkey Bar, and a ground Suqah Tooth.

Yulf Squecks
  • Both monkey Nuts and Bars can be bought from Solihib's Food Stall on Ape Atoll.
  • Suqah Teeth are a possible drop from Suqah monsters, located on Moonclan Island.

Produce Containers

Once your crops are ready to be harvested, you can place your produce in the different containers to store them. Be sure to have the following in your inventory:

  • Empty SackVegetable Sack
  • BasketFruit Basket

These items can either be bought from a Farming Shop, or crafted on a Loom located in Sarah's Farming Shop at the old farm south of Falador.

  • Vegetable sacks are made of 4 Jute Fibres grown by planting Jute seeds in a Hops plot.
  • Fruit baskets are made by pruning a young willow tree that you have grown and obtaining 6 branches.

Other Events & Items

There are a few events and helpful things that may help you out while Farming.

Gardener Assistance

If you need hired help to watch over a crop you can ask a nearby gardener to watch over your crop. They will love to help you for a tiny price of some farmed items.

  • Potatoes - 2 buckets of Compost.
  • Onions - 1 sack of Potatoes
  • Cabbages - 1 sack of Onions.
  • Tomatoes - 2 sacks of Cabbage
  • Sweetcorn - 10 Jute Fibres
  • Strawberries - 1 basket of Apples
  • Watermelon - 10 Curry Leaves
  • Barley - 3 buckets of Compost
  • Hammerstone Hops - 1 bunch of Marigolds
  • Asgarnian Hops - 1 sack of Onions
  • Jute - 6 Barley Malts
  • Yanillian Hops - 1 basket of Tomatoes
  • Krandorian Hops - 3 sacks of Cabbages
  • Wildblood Hops - 1 bunch of Nasturtiums
  • Oak Tree - 1 basket of Tomatoes
  • Willow Tree - 1 basket of Apples
  • Maple Tree - 1 Basket of Oranges
  • Yew Tree - 10 Cactus Spines
  • Magic Tree - 25 Coconuts
  • Apple Tree - 9 raw Sweetcorn
  • Banana Tree - 4 baskets of Apples
  • Orange Tree - 3 baskets of Strawberries
  • Curry Tree - 5 baskets of Bananas
  • Pineapple Plant - 10 Watermelons
  • Papaya Tree - 10 Pineapples
  • Palm Tree - 15 Papayas
  • Spirit Tree - 5 Monkey Nuts, 1 Monkey Bar and 1 Ground Suqah Tooth
  • Calquat Tree - 8 Poison Ivy Berries (Jungle Potion Quest must be complete)
  • Redberry Bush - 4 sacks of Cabbage.
  • Cadavaberry Bush - 3 baskets of Tomatoes
  • Dwellberry Bush - 3 baskets of Strawberries
  • Jangerberry Bush - 6 Watermelons
  • Whiteberry Bush - 8 Bittercap Mushrooms

It's worth noting that the farmers will accept these items in Bank Notes, which is very helpful if you need to have the farmer watch mutiple crops at once.

Amulet of Nature

Amulet of NatureA Nature Amulet will allow you to hear about the quality of your crops. You will be able to go and work on other skills and your Nature Amulet can tell you your crop's progress when you rub it. Nature Amulets have unlimited rubbing charges.

You can only have one Nature Amulet at a time. When you attempt to enchant an amulet you have just crafted, a message will appear blocking your magic. A Nature Amulet can only be used on one patch at a time.

To make one of these useful amulets, you'll need to craft an Emerald Amulet unstrung and obtaining some Magic String from the roots of a grown Magic Tree. The Magic String can be spun on a spinning wheel. Attach the Magic String to the Emerald Amulet and enchant it. If your farming level or crafting level is not high enough to make an amulet, you can buy a Pre-Nature Amulet from other players. Once you have a Pre-Nature Amulet, use the Emerald Enchant spell to transform it into a Nature Amulet. Once it is enchanted, it is untradable.

Capt' Arnav

Capt' Arnav

He will come and tell you that you are planting seeds in a place where he buried treasure and will ask you for help with opening the chest. A puzzle screen will pop up with 3 columns (up and down) and may have 3 rotating items in each column:

  • Gold Necklace
  • Gold Ring
  • Gold Bar
  • Coins

At the bottom of each column will be the word of the item you will need to move into the middle row. Use the cursors at the top and bottom to move that named item into the middle of each column and unlock the chest. For helping him, he will give you a token of thanks and be gone. If you do not help him he will teleport you away. For more info, check the Random Events guide.

Tips & Tricks

  • A good place to start with farming is the Catherby vegetable, flower and herb plots. It is the closest place to the bank, so if you need more seeds or farming items you can quickly make a bank run for them. Also in the time that you are waiting for your seeds to grow, you can go fishing and check on them every 5-10 minutes. That way you can practice fishing, cooking and farming at the same time.
  • If you are in need of lots of Compost just to have in your bank, go to the plots where the compost bins are (Catherby, Ardougne, Old Farm - because these are more close together) and make 3 bins full. In the long run you will have 3 times as much compost that you'd regularly get from one bin.
  • It's easy to carry a few main things at all times in your inventory so you can just hang out at the plots. For example: take the vegetable seeds you are planting (Potatoes) and bring the flower that will help fight against the diseases (Marigolds) and some herb seeds (Guam). Always bring the seeds you are planting and a rake, seed dibber, 2 plant cures, 2 watering cans, and 4 compost buckets. Then you are ready for anything that will come along. If you want, you can bring sacks to fill your produce with.
  • Need more buckets? Not a problem. It seems that people who buy the Compost tend to drop their buckets! Great way for collecting a bunch for when you make your own. There are also bucket spawns in Catherby if you tend to farm there regularly.
  • If you need produce to pay Gardeners to watch over your crops, pick up the produce other players have dropped from their crops and hand it over to the gardener.
  • Magic secateurs can be obtained as a reward for completing the A Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains quest. They increase the amount of herbs, vegetables or hops you collect when farming by 10% when you wield them. 10% may seem small, but in the long run, it is very useful, and makes that quest worthwhile to complete only to get that farming tool.
  • Deadfowls can use their special ability to raise your farming by one level temporarily.

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