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The hunter skill is a very interesting skill in RuneScape, giving you the ability to track, set traps, and catch all sorts of creatures that you would otherwise be unable to interact with. It takes patience though, and you'll need to start small and work your way up to the tougher creatures - but it's worth it!


The Basics

To start off the Hunter Skill, go to either Nardah or Yanille, and head towards the hunter shop. Aleck runs the shop in Yanille where you will also find Leon who will sell you a Hunters' Crossbow for 1,300gp. To make the Bolts for the Crossbow you will need Kebbit Bolts made from Kebbit Spikes and Long Kebbit Spikes. The Hunters' Crossbow requires 50+ Ranging to wield and gives a range bonus of +55.

The Hunters' Crossbow also fires faster then normal crossbows, but in turn cannot hold enchanted bolts or spikes. To make 6 Kebbit Bolts you need to give Leon 1 Kebbit Spike and 20gp, or 1 Long Spike and 40gp for 6 Long Kebbit Bolts. At 32 Fletching you can fletch Kebbit Bolts by using a Chisel on Kebbit Spikes, at 42 Fletching you can fletch Long Tipped Kebbit Bolts by using a Chisel on Long Spikes.

Advisory to begin hunting is to go to Yanille first because it's closest to the first creatures you can hunt.

Hunting Equipment

Hunting Equipment
PictureItemHunter LevelCostDescription
Butterfly Net Butterfly Net 15 24gp For catching butterflies.
Butterfly Jar Butterfly Jar 15 1gp For holding butterflies.
Magic Box Magic Box 71 720gp For catching imps.
Noose Wand Noose Wand 1 4gp For catching tracking creatures.
Bird Snare Bird Snare 1 6gp For catching birds.
Box Trap Box Trap 53 38gp For catching box trap creatures.
Teasing Stick Teasing Stick 31 60gp For catching pitfall creatures.
Unlit Torch Unlit Torch 39 4gp For removing your scent.
Rabbit Snare Rabbit Snare 27 18gp For snaring rabbits.

Overall Abilities

Overall Hunter Abilities
LevelHunting Ability
1 Polar Kebbits
1 Crimson Swifts
1 Lay 1 trap at a time
1 Set a bird trap
1 Use a noose wand
1 Polar Kebbit Clothing
1 Common Kebbit fur Clothing
3 Common Kebbits
4 Feldip Weasel Clothing
5 Golden Warblers
7 Feldip Weasels
9 Copper Longtails
10 Desert Devil Fur Clothing
11 Cerulean Twitches
13 Desert Devils
15 Net Butterflies
15 Ruby Harvest Butterflies
19 Tropical Wagtails
20 Lay up to 2 traps at a time
23 Set a deadfall trap (limit of 1)
23 Wild Kebbits
25 Sapphire Glacialis Butterflies
27 Set a Box Trap
27 Catch a Cobalt Skillchompa
27 Set a Rabbit Snare
27 Catch a Ferret
27 Catch a Rabbit
27 Using Giant Eagles
28 Larupia Fur Clothing
29 Set a Net Trap
29 Swamp Lizards
31 Set a Pitfall Trap
31 Spined Larupias
33 Barb-tailed Kebbits
35 Snowy Knight Butterflies
37 Prickly Kebbits
38 Graahk hide Clothing
39 Use smoke to mask the scent on a trap
40 Lay up to 3 Traps at a time
40 Spotted Capes
41 Horned graahks
43 Hunt with a falcon
43 Spotted Kebbits
44 Wear Spotted Cape
45 Black Warlock Butterflies
46 Catch a Viridian Skillchompa
47 Orange Salamanders
49 Razor Backed Kebbits
51 Sabre Toothed Kebbits
52 Kyatt Fur Clothing
53 Chinchompas
54 Wear Gloves of Silence
55 Sabre-toothed Kyatts
57 Dark Kebbits
59 Red Salamanders
60 Lay up to 4 traps at a time
63 Carnivorous Chinchompass
66 Wear Spottier Cape
67 Black Salamanders
68 Catch a Azure Skillchompa
69 Dashing Kebbits
71 Set an Imp Trap
71 Imps
80 Lay up to 5 traps at a time
89 Catch a Crimson Skillchompa

Factors in Tracking

There are 4 primary factors in how well you hunt:

  • Bait - Certain creatures are attracted to certain bait more than others.
  • Smell - When you reach level 39 Hunting, you can smoke the trap in order to improve your chances of capture.
  • Appearance - If you are wearing clothing made out of the fur and skins of creatures in that region the more likely they are to fall into your trap, mainly because the creatures have a tendency to be wary around people.
  • Distance - It's recommended that you stay at least 5 spaces away to improve your capture.

Hunter Areas

There are 4 main Hunter Areas: Woodland, Jungle, Snow, and Desert.

Hunting Locations
MapLocationArea TypeFairy Ring Code
Woodland map Southernmost part of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony Woodland AKQ
Jungle map South of the Feldip Hills, near Gu'Tanoth Jungle AKS
Snow map North of the Entrance to Keldagrim Snow DKS
Desert map East of the River Elid, West of the Ruins of Uzer Desert DLQ
Note: Hunting grounds located to the north.

There are also a few places that are only used in hunting for certain creatures:

Hunting Locations
MapLocationCreatureFairy Ring Code
Swamp map Southeast of Canifis, in the swamps Swamp Lizards DLS
Chaos altar map Chaos Altar located southwest of Ardougne and north of the Observatory Town Red Salamanders -
Wilderness map Level 20 Wilderness near the Chaos altar Black Salamanders -


Required Items: Noose Wand.

To track an animal you must move around obstacles and search for clues as to where the creature may be. Among these are gnawed plants, moving branches, moving obstacles, and food remains, there are four main tracking areas, snow, north of Keldagrim, jungle, south of Feldip Hills, woodland, south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and desert, east of the River Elid, and west of Uzer.

Snow Tracking: You need to head north of the entrance to Keldagrim and continue going until you come to an icy plateau, continue moving north until you find steps and ascend them. Search in bushes, burrows, hollow logs and snow rifts. If you find nothing look somewhere else.

Snow tracking

Jungle Tracking: Head south of Gu'Tanoth, located southwest of Yanille, and search bushes, trees, and burrows.

Woodland Tracking: Either walk around Eagle's Peak, or take the boat to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and head south. Once again search bushes, burrows, and plants.

Desert Tracking: Go southeast of Shantay Pass, between the River Elid and Uzer. Search plants, bushes, burrows, and rockslides.

When you do not find something you will see this message:

Nothing seems to be out of place

If you find animal tracks, do not go where they lead, look in areas around them:

Animal Tracks

As seen in the image above the tracks lead to a snow drift. Don't search the snowdrift, but instead, search other nearby exits to find the next part of the track.


When you have completed the track, search nearby areas and you will obtain a message, stating that it seems like something is hiding where you searched. So right-click that object and attack it:

Attack snow drift

Here's an example of a captured animal (in this case, a Feldip Weasel):

Captured feldip weasel

Creature Info

Tracking Creatures
CreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Polar Kebbit 1 30 Trollweiss & Rellekka Hunter areas
Common Kebbit 3 36 Piscatoris Hunter area
Feldip Weasel 7 48 Feldip Hunter area
Desert Devil 13 68 Uzer Hunter area
Razorbacked Kebbit 49 348 Piscatoris Hunter area


Required Items: Bird Snare.

The main birds you can capture are: Crimson Swifts, Golden Warbler, Copper Longtails, Cerulean Twitches, and Tropical Wagtails. Each one when caught gives you feathers relating to itself.

Crimson Swifts are found on the beach in the Jungle region, when you get there with your bird snare(s), lay them and wait for a Crimson Swift to land on one, if you successfully capture it then it will fall over, if it flies off, it has escaped your trap, you need to disassemble it, and then reassemble it for the snare to work.

Wearing camouflage area that matches the reason and staying a distance away also helps capture birds, recommended 5+ spaces away.

Hunting birds in camoflauge

Here's an example of a captured bird (a Golden Warbler):

Captured gold warbler

Bird Info

PictureFeatherBirdHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Crimson swift Crimson feather Crimson Swift 1 34 Feldip Hunter area
Golden warbler Golden feather Golden Warbler 5 48 Uzer Hunter area
Copper longtail Copper feather Copper Longtail 9 61 Piscatoris Hunter area
Cerulean twitch Cerulean feather Cerulean Twitch 11 64.5 Trollweiss Hunter area
Tropical wagtail Tropical feather Tropical Wagtail 19 95.5 Feldip Hunter area

All birds also drop Bones and Raw Bird Meat.

The red, orange, brown and blue feathers can be sold to the Fancy Clothing store in East Varrock, and the Stripy feathers can be used to capture the fabled Rainbow Fish for which these are the only bait available.


Required Items: Butterfly Net, Butterfly Jar.

There are four different types of butterflies: Red Harvest Butterflies, Sapphire Glacialis Butterflies, Snowy Knight Butterflies, and Black Warlock butterflies. To capture a Butterfly, you must have a Butterfly catching net, and Butterfly jars which can be bought from the shop. Red Harvest Butterflies are located in the woodlands region, Sapphire Glacialis and Snowy Knight Butterflies, are located in the snow region. Black Warlock Butterflies are located in the Jungle region.

When in a multi-combat area you can use the butterflies to boost other users stats:

  • Ruby Harvest - Attack
  • Sapphire Glacialis - Defence
  • Snowy Knight - Life Points
  • Black Warlock - Strength

Butterflies can be hard to spot as they move quickly and appear as specks of color:

A red harvest butterfly!

While holding a Butterfly Catching Net and Butterfly Jars, you will chase it and eventually catch it and put it in a jar.

Butterfly Info

PictureJar PictureButterflyHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Ruby butterfly Ruby butterfly Red Harvest 15 24 Piscatoris Hunter area
Sapphire butterfly Sapphire butterfly Sapphire Glacialis 25 34 Trollweiss Hunter area
Snowy butterfly Snowy butterfly Snowy Knight 35 44 Trollweiss Hunter area
Black butterfly Black butterfly Black Warlock 45 54 Feldip Hunter area

Butterflies may also be caught barehanded for some more hunter experience along with agility experience. For information about catching butterflies barehanded, check out our Barehanded Butterflies guide.

Deadfall Traps

Required Items: Logs and a Knife.

Deadfall traps are used to capture Wild Kebbits, which are in the woodlands, Barbtailed Kebbits, located in the jungle, Prickly Kebbits, located in the woodlands, and Sabretooth Kebbits located in the snow region.

To set a deadfall trap you must find a rock column on the ground. When you have found a spot select Lay Trap.

Set a deadfall trap

It is then advised that you skewer bait onto the sticks.

Baiting a deadfall trap

Step away, and either the creature will get away or it will be caught in your trap!

I caught a kebbit!

Then check your trap to claim your reward.


  • You may only set one deadfall trap at a time.
  • At level 39, you can use a lit torch with your Deadfall Trap to remove your scent and increase to chance of capturing your prey.
  • When you use meat, use raw bird meat, because if the creature is trapped, you recover the meat, saving a lot of bank runs and it is good for training. You can also set up bird traps with your deadfall traps to restock when the occasional kebbit steals your meat.

Deadfall Creature Info

Deadfall Creatures
KebbitHunter LevelHunter ExperienceBaitLocation
Wild 23 128 Any raw meat. Piscatoris Hunter area
Barbtailed 33 168 Raw Rainbow Fish Feldip Hunter area
Prickly 37 204 Barley Piscatoris Hunter area
Sabretooth 51 200 Any raw meat Trollweiss Hunter area

Box Trapping

Required Items: Box Trap

Box trapping is used to hunt Ferrets, Chinchompas and Carnivorous Chinchompas. Chinchompas can be found in the woodlands, and Carnivorous Chinchompas can be found in the Jungle.

Ferrets can only be hunted once you have completed the Eagles' Peak Quest. They require level 27 to catch, and are only found in the woodland region near Nickolaus' tent.

Box trapping

You can bait the boxes with Spicy Chopped Tomatoes for Chinchompas and Spiced Minced Meat for Carnivorous Chinchompass.

Baiting box traps

During a period of time without catches your boxes will fall over and you will need to reassemble them. If you make a successful catch the box will turn into a Shaking Box.


To make Spicy Chopped Tomatoes: Have a bowl in your inventory with a knife and tomato. Use the knife on the tomato, then add some Gnome Spice to it. To make Spiced Minced Meat: Have a bowl in your inventory with a knife and cooked meat. Use the knife on the meat and then add Gnome Spice to it.

Box Trap Creatures

Box Trap Creatures
PictureCreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceBaitLocation
Ferret Ferret 27 115 Raw Meat Piscatoris Hunter area
Cobalt Skillchompa Cobalt Skillchompa 27 95 Spicy Tomatoes North Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gecko Gecko 27 100 None Northeast Karamja
Raccoon Raccoon 27 100 None West of Barbarian Village
Monkey Monkey 27 100 Banana North of Shilo Village
Viridian Skillchompa Viridian Skillchompa 46 140 Spicy Tomatoes South Port Phasmatys
Chinchompa Chincompa 53 198 Spiced Chopped Tomato Piscatoris Hunter area
Red Chinchompa Carnivorous Chinchompas 63 265 Spiced Minced Meat Feldip Hunter area
Pawya Pawyas 66 400 Papaya Isafdar
Azure Skillchompa Azure Skillchompa 68 210 Spicy Tomatoes North Trollweis Hunter Area
Grenwall Grenwall 77 1,100 Raw Pawya Meat Isafdar
Crimson Skillchompa Crimson Skillchompa 89 450 Spicy Tomatoes South Desert Quarry


  • At level 39, you can use a lit torch with your Box Trap to remove your scent and increase the chance of capturing your prey.
  • Unlike other hunter creatures, Pawyas and Grenwalls completely ignore your trap if you do not bait it.
  • Geckos, Raccoons and Monkeys also require a certain Summoning level to hunt. 10, 80, and 95 respectively.


ChinchompaChinchompas can be used as a Ranged Weapon.

NameRanged LevelRanged Bonus
Chinchompa 45 +45
Carnivorous Chinchompas 55 +70

Chinchompas have 3 different types of attack styles: short, medium, long. These determine the length of the fuse. If your a short distance away from your opponent it would deal most damage short, a medium distance, medium would do most damage, and long is for a lengthy distance.


Crimson SkillchompaSkillchompas can be used as skilling tools.
NameRequired LevelTool EquivelentEnriched Memory %Increased Fishing %
Cobalt Skillchompa 31 Mithril 3% 1%
Viridian Skillchompa 41 Adamant 6% 2%
Azure Chinchompas 51 Rune 10% 3%
Crimson Skillchompa 61 Dragon 15% 4%
Skillchompas are thrown at various skilling nodes and locations and will benefit your gathering performance. Skillchompas are consumed, even if the action wasn't successful - so they are used rapidly. You will gain 10% bonus XP whenever you use Skillchompas.
If an action is unsuccessful, you will still gain 10% base experience of whatever action you were performing.

Net Trapping

Required Items: Small Fishing Net and a Rope.
Required Quests: Nature Spirit, and Priest in Peril (for Swamp Lizards)

Nets are used to trap lizards and salamanders, however these reptiles do not appear in the normal hunting regions, with the exception of Orange Salamanders found in the desert region.

To obtain the bait for a Salamander or Lizard, you must first gain their related herbs:

  • Green Lizard - Guam Leaf
  • Orange Salamander - Marrentill
  • Red Salamander - Tarromin
  • Black Salamander - Harralander

Next head to Lumbridge Swamps and collect 15 pieces of Swamp Tar. While carrying a Pestle and Mortar, use the Swamp Tar with an herb to ground it up and get the tar of the related herb. Now go to the location, for the salamander you wish to catch. You need to find a tree which when you select will allow you to lay a net trap.

Set a net trap

Then either just wait, or add the bait, step back and wait. When you capture the lizard or salamander the net will look like:

A captured creature

Check the net, and you will obtain the lizard or salamander.


  • At level 39, you can use a lit torch with your Net Trap to remove your scent and increase to chance of capturing your prey.

Net Creature Info

Net Creatures
PictureCreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceBaitLocation
Swamp lizard Swamp Lizard 29 152 Guam Morytania Swamp Lizard area
Orange salamander Orange Salamander 47 224 Marrentil Uzer Hunter area
Red salamander Red Salamander 59 272 Tarromin Ardougne Red Salamander area
Black salamander Black Salamander 67 304 Harralander Wilderness Black Salamander area

Using Net Creatures as Weapons

To be able to use your lizard or salamander as a weapon, you need to wield the herb tar of the creature's choice.

Net Creature Weaponry
CreatureLevel (Attack, Ranged & Magic)SlashRangeStrength
Green Lizard 30 +10 +20 +22
Orange Salamander 50 +19 +29 +31
Red Salamander 60 +37 +47 +48
Black Salamander 70 +59 +69 +71

Fighting With These Reptiles

  • Scorch will increase your strength experience.
  • Flare will increase your range experience.
  • Blaze will increase your magic experience.

Pitfall Trapping

Required Items: Logs, Knife, Teasing Stick.

Pitfall trapping are used to capture the larger creatures which cannot be caught using the smaller hunter tricks. These traps can be set in areas including the jungle of the Feldip Hunter Area (Larupias), northeast of Cairn Isle on Karamja (Graahks), and the snowy Trollweiss Hunter Area (Sabretooth Kyatts).

Setting a pitfall trap

Once you have laid your traps, you need to lay two in case you don't capture the creature the first time, you need to use a Teasing Stick on the creature you wish to capture, and when it is chasing you, jump one of your pitfall traps. The creature chasing you will either walk on it and fall into the trap or jump the trap, and the creatures will not jump the same trap twice, so if it gets by your first one, jump your second and continue going around until you capture it.

Capturing a pitfall creature

Pitfall Creature Info

Pitfall Creatures
CreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceDropsLocation
Spined Larupia 31 180 Good Larupia Fur, or Tatty Larupia Fur, Big Bones. Feldip Hunter area
Horned Graahk 41 240 Good Horned Graahk Hides, or Tatty Horned Graahk Hides, Big Bones Karamja
Sabretooth Kyatt 55 300 Good Sabretooth Kyatt Fur, or Tatty Sabretooth Kyatt Fur, Big Bones. Trollweiss Hunter area


Falconry allows you to use falcons for hunting in order to attack Spotted Kebbits, Dark Kebbits and Dashing Kebbits. To use a falcon you must pay its owner, Matthias for 500gp per time you enter.


You must remove your weapons and any hand equipment you may be wielding in order to use the falcon.

A falcon!

Have the falcon attack a kebbit to claim your reward.

Falconry Info

Falconry Creatures
PictureCreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Spotted kebbit Spotted Kebbit 43 104 Falconry area
Dark kebbit Dark Kebbit 57 132 Falconry area
Dashing kebbit Dashing Kebbit 69 156 Falconry area

The furs dropped by these Kebbits are used to produce the rewards shown in the Falconry Rewards section.


At level 71 hunting, you can start catching imps. To hunt them, you need a magic box and beads. Beads are dropped by imps. Take any colored bead and place it into the magic box. Set up the magic box in an area populated with imps. Wait for the imps to walk over the box. If successful, the imp will be sucked into the box. If not, the imp will walk over the box and disable the trap. Simply set the trap up again and try again. If you catch an imp, you can release them or keep for personal use. You can use imps to send two items to the bank.

Setting a magic box trap

Once captured you have an Imp-in-a-box(2). The (2 marks that it will take your 2 items to the bank, whereas a (1) would mean you could only use it to send one item or one stack of items to the bank.

Imp release form

Right click on the Imp-in-a-box, and select the bank option which will allow you to ask the Imp to take 2 items, or 2 stacks of items to the bank.

Note: The Imp will flat out refuse to bank for you if you are past level 30 in the Wilderness.

Imp Box Info

Imp Box
PictureCreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Imp Imp 71 450 Throughout RuneScape


Required Items: Ferret.
Required Quests: Eagles' Peak.

FerretTo hunt rabbits you will need 27 Hunting and a Ferret as well as a Rabbit Snare that can be bought at the Hunting Stores in Yanille or Nardah.

Lay the Rabbit Snares out in front of burrows in the woodland region, and send the Ferret in a burrow you didn't put a Rabbit Snare in front of. A Rabbit will eventually get caught in one of your snares allowing you to collect your prize.

A rabbit snare

Rabbit Info

CreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Rabbit 27 144 Throughout RuneScape


Required Quests: Eagles' Peak.

To use a Giant Eagle you must have at least 27 Hunting and have completed the quest Eagles' Peak. A common misconception is that to use the Eagles you need to wear your Bird Costume that you obtained from the Quest (Fake Beak & Eagle Cape), however you do not. Bring Rope and go past the first Eagle in the Eagles' Peak cavern. There you will find three eagles, a Polar Eagle, a Jungle Eagle, and a Desert Eagle. Each will take you to the places they are named for:

Lassoing an eagle

Jungle: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Jungle. If you exit this area, you may not turn around because you will fall a little ways from a cliff, that is unreachable unless you have a Thatching Spar obtained from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup or a Teasing Stick that you can use with the young vine to help it grow, making it able for you to climb back up into the cave.

Polar: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Snow region. When you exit this dungeon you will appear on a crevice and must use handholds to get down, and this time you can go back up to use the Eagle again, to return to the Woodland.

Desert: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Desert region, however you cannot exit this dungeon unless you have entered it from the desert at a point in time beforehand, and moved the boulder out of the way.

A boulder

The entrance to this dungeon is located north of the desert phoenix and west of the clay mines of the Ruins of Uzer.

Lasso Info

CreatureHunter LevelHunter ExperienceLocation
Eagle 27 - Eagles' Peak Cavern

Hunter Clothing

You can use your fur and some gp to have it turned into camouflage clothing. Go to the Fancy Dress Shop in East Varrock, and ask if he can make your furs into clothing.

Custom Fur Clothing

Required Materials

  • Polar Camo Top: 2 Polar Kebbit Furs and 20gp.
  • Polar Camo Legs: 2 Polar Kebbit Furs and 20gp.
  • Wood Camo Top: 2 Common Kebbit Furs and 20gp.
  • Wood Camo Legs: 2 Common Kebbit Furs and 20gp.
  • Jungle Camo Top: 2 Feldip Weasel Furs and 20gp.
  • Jungle Camo Legs: 2 Feldip Weasel Furs and 20gp.
  • Desert Camo Top: 2 Desert Devil Furs and 20gp.
  • Desert Camo Legs: 2 Desert Devil Furs and 20gp.
  • Larupia Headdress: 1 Good Larupia Fur and 500gp.
  • Larupia Top: Any one Larupia Fur and 100gp.
  • Larupia Legs: Any one Larupia Fur and 100gp.
  • Graahk Headdress: 1 Good Graahk Hide and 750gp.
  • Graahk Top: Any one Graahk Hide and 150gp.
  • Graahk Legs: Any one Graahk Hide and 150gp.
  • Kyatt Headdress: 1 Good Kyatt Fur and 1000gp.
  • Kyatt Top: Any one Kyatt Fur and 200gp.
  • Kyatt Legs: Any one Kyatt Fur and 200gp.
  • Gloves of Silence: 2 Dark Kebbit Furs and 600gp.
  • Spotted Cape: 2 Spotted Kebbit Furs and 400gp.
  • Spottier Cape: 2 Dashing Kebbit Furs and 800gp.

Capes & Gloves

Here are the capes that you can have made. They each require a number of Kebbit furs and some money to have made, and they each have a unique effect when worn.

Falconry Rewards
PictureItemHunter Level to Make & WearRequired ItemsEffect
Spotted cape Spotted Cape 40 2 Spotted Kebbit Furs and 400gp Weight: -2 or -3kg (depends on current weight)
Gloves of silence Gloves of Silence 54 2 Dark Kebbit Furs and 600gp Increased chance of thieving.
Spottier cape Spottier Cape 66 2 Dashing Kebbit Furs and 800gp Weight: -4 or -5kg (depends on current weight)

Note: Each time you're caught thieving while wearing the Gloves of Silence, they degrade a small amount.

Both capes also have the same stats:

Attack Bonuses
Stab: 0 Slash: 0 Crush: 0
Magic: 0 Ranged: 0  
Defence Bonuses
Stab: 0 Slash: +1 Crush: 0
Magic: 0 Ranged: +2 Summoning: 0
Other Bonuses
Strength: 0 Prayer: 0 Ranged Strength: 0
Magic Damage: 0  

Hunter Camo Outfits

There are also some stylish camouflage outfits that you can wear as well.

Camo Outfits
Snow Camo Jungle Camo Wood camo Desert camo Larupia camo Graahk camo Kyatt camo
Snow bodySnow legs Jungle bodyJungle legs Wood topWood legs Desert topDesert legs Larupia topLarupia bodyLarupia legs GraahktopGraahk bodyGraahk legs Kyatt topKyatt bodyKyatt legs

All of these outfits have the same stats as well:

Attack Bonuses
Stab: 0 Slash: 0 Crush: 0
Magic: 0 Ranged: -8  
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +25 Slash: +30 Crush: +32
Magic: 0 Ranged: +26 Summoning: 0
Other Bonuses
Strength: 0 Prayer: 0 Ranged Strength: 0
Magic Damage: 0  

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