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For some RuneScapers, the tap, tap sound of a pickaxe against a rock is all that's needed to get the day started. This handy skill allows you to get ores from a rock, which can be used in smithing or trading, and it can be quite profitable once you can mine some of the various kinds of metals.

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The Basics

To begin mining, you should first obtain a basic pickaxe which you can obtain for free from Bob at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge. Once you have one, it's time to set out and find a place to mine. There are several mining spots around Runescape, but the cities of Lumbridge and Varrock are usually where you should start off your first Mining adventures.

Mining Ores

Now that you've found a place to mine, you can either jump right in and click on a rock to mine from, or you can prospect the rock. When you prospect a rock you will search for any ores inside and determine what type of ore is in the rock. This could take some time, so it's best to learn what color each different rock will be when it has ore in it. Now you can click on a rock to mine from it, and your character will keep mining until you obtain the ore.


Mining Gems

Uncut Diamon From time to time you may find an uncut gem while mining. These can be crafted, and are valuable to anyone working on the skill. Gems can be cut with a chisel to make them more valuable when sold to a store, but most people would prefer uncut gems to work on their crafting. There's a greater chance of mining a gem if you are wearing a charged Amulet of Glory, but finding a gem can still be difficult.

See the below "Gems" sub-section for more information.

Dwarven Stouts

Dwarven Stout If you need a quick "level-up," a Dwarven Stout is just the drink for you. Stouts will raise both your mining and smithing levels by 1 for a short amount of time. They can be bought from the Rising Sun Bar in Falador for 3gp, so stock up on them if you plan on using many stouts during your mining career.

Mature Stouts & Beer

As a reward from the Forgettable Tale (of a Drunken Dwarf) Quest you will get 2 Mature Dwarven Stouts which will increase your Mining and Smithing levels by 2, not just the ordinary 1 level. When Brewing Beer there is a chance that it will become Mature and give extra bonuses. To make it more likely that it becomes Mature you can add "The Stuff" which is something you can buy as a reward from Trouble Brewing.

Braindeath Rum

Braindeath rumAs well as giving more Life Points and Strength, the drink also gives you +1 Mining temporarily. The Rum can be brought from Harpoon Joe's House of Rum in Mos Le'Harmless for 30gp.


This is also known as "Drop Mining." Powermining is when you rapidly mine ores and drop them solely for the purpose of gaining quick experience. Generally, players will powermine ores that are easy to mine, such as Iron, Copper, Sandstone and Granite. These ores respawn quickly and are easy to obtain.


NurmofMiners that are more skilled have the ability to use higher quality pickaxes which allow you to obtain ores more quickly when mining. Pickaxes range from Bronze being the lowest quality, and Rune being the highest, but they are rather expensive.

Pickaxes can be bought from Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop, which is found in the Dwarven Mines. There are two entrances to the mine: the first being in a building northeast of the east Falador bank, and the second being to the south of Ice Mountain (located north of Falador). The shop itself is found to the west of the entrance. You must go around the twisting passage, and the shop is north of the General Store.

PicturePickaxeMining LevelCost
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze 1 1gp
Iron Pickaxe Iron 1 140gp
Steel Pickaxe Steel 6 500gp
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril 21 1,300gp
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant 31 3,200gp
Rune Pickaxe Rune 41 32,000gp

Alternatively, you can smith your own pickaxes after the completion of the Peril's of Ice Mountain quest, provided you meet the smithing requirement to make the desired pickaxe.

Special Pickaxes

There are some pickaxes in Runescape that have special requirements that need to be met. These pickaxes also might have a unique ability that other pickaxes do not posses. There are currently three special pickaxes in Runescape: the Dragon Pickaxe, the Inferno Adze, the Sacred-clay/Volatile-clay Pickaxe.

Dragon Pickaxe

Dragon pickaxeThe Dragon Pickaxe is a rare drop from the Chaos Dwogres (level 117), Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers (level 100), and the Chaos Dwarfs (level 48) at the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield. To reach the monsters, you must have completed the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Quest. This pickaxe requires a Mining level of 61 to use and is the fastest pickaxe in the game, even beating the Inferno Adze in terms of speed. This pickaxe has a special attack called "Shock", which drains 100% of the Special Attack Energy Bar and increases your maximum hit while draining your victim's Attack, Ranged, and Magic levels by 5%. This special attack takes slightly longer to perform than a normal attack.

Inferno Adze

Inferno AdzeThe Inferno Adze is a tool capable of being a mining tool and a woodcutting tool. It is obtained from the All Fired Up Activity. It requires level 41 Mining to use as a mining tool and level 92 Firemaking to wield. It has the same mining speed as a Rune Pickaxe, as its main purpose it to be used as a Woodcutting tool, with the benefit of serving as a pickaxe.

Sacred Clay & Volatile Clay Pickaxes

Sacred clay pickaxeThe Sacred-clay/Volatile-clay pickaxe is a reward obtained through the Stealing Creation Activity. Both pickaxes require level 40 Mining to use and each give bonus experience per ore mined (with the exception of a few ores in Runescape). The sacred-clay variant of the pickaxe gives double the normal given experience, while the volatile-clay version gives 2.2 times the normal experience. Be aware that neither of these pickaxes are permanent and will disappear or morph into a different tool after a certain number of uses. These pickaxes are relative to that of a Rune Pickaxe in terms of mining speed.

Rocks & Ores

Of course, we can't forget the main part of mining; the ores! Each ore can be found in a specifically colored rock to match the ore, and when a rock is full of the ore it will change color. Instead of prospecting each rock, it's best to remember what each rock looks like, in order to make mining go much quicker.

Mining Chart
Picture of RockPicture of OreOreMining LevelMining Experience
Clay Rock Clay Clay 1 5
Copper rock Copper Ore Copper 1 17.5
Tin rock Tin Ore Tin 1 17.5
Iron rock Iron Ore Iron 15 35
Silver rock Silver Ore Silver 20 40
Coal rock Coal Coal 30 50
Gold rock Gold Ore Gold 40 65
Mithril rock Mithril Ore Mithril 55 80
Adamantite rock Adamant Ore Adamantite 70 95
Runite rock Runite Ore Runite 85 125


While mining rocks, you may happen to mine a Gem. Gems can be used to make various objects such as jewelry or bolt tips, and come in a variety of types. Regular gems, including Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds can all be mined from regular rocks containing ore; the most common ones being Sapphires. If you're a Member and wearing a charged Amulet of Glory, you'll have a better chance of mining gems.

Gem rockThere are also other kinds of gems, including Opals, Jades and Red Topazes which can only be mined from the Shilo Village rocks. Once you complete the Shilo Village Quest, you will be able to use these rocks to mine all types of gems.

Mineable Gems
PictureGemMining Experience
Uncut Sapphire Sapphire 65
Uncut Emerald Emerald 65
Uncut Ruby Ruby 65
Uncut Diamond Diamond 65
Uncut Opal Opal 65
Uncut Jade Jade 65
Uncut Red Topaz Red Topaz 65

Special Ores

Some of the ores that you'll mine in RuneScape only have a certain purpose, such as being used in a quest. Others have unique uses instead of being able to be smithed into armor and weapons.

Special Ores
PictureOreMining LevelMining ExperienceUse
Limestone Limestone 1 26.5 Use a Chisel with this to make a Limestone Brick. Used in the Construction skill.
Rune Essence Rune Essence 1 5 Used in Runecrafting to make Freeplay Runes.
Plain Rock Plain Rock 1 1 Used for baloon toads in Recipe for Disaster.
Blurite Ore Blurite 10 17 Used in the Knight's Sword Quest.
Elemental Ore Elemental 20 0 (not mined) Used in the Elemental Workshop Quest.
Daeyalt Ore Daeyalt 20 17 Used in the Darkness of Hallowvale Quest. It's worth noting that there are 3 ores per rock, and it is possible to powermine it.
Pure Essence Pure Essence 30 5 Used in Runecrafting to make any type of Runes.
Sandstone rock Sandstone 35 1kg - 30 1kg
2kg - 40 2kg
5kg - 505kg
10kg - 60 10kg
Sandstone is currently only used during the Enakhras's Lament Quest. It is pretty easy to mine and can be powermined for fast experience.
Gem rock Gem Rocks 40 65 Found in Shilo Village. You can mine any gem (except Dragonstone) from these.
Obsidian ore Obsidian 41 40 Used during the TokTz-Ket-Dill Quest and can be crafted into pillars of obsidian with a chisel and hammer, giving 20 experience per slab made. 2 pieces of Obsidian can be mined from each section of wall.
Granite rock Granite 45 Tiny- 50 tiny
Small - 60 small
Medium - 75medium
Granite is currently only used during the Enakhras's Lament Quest. If you have a high enough mining level it is possible to effectively powermine it for quick experience.
Rubium Rubium 46 17.5 Used to make Super fishing explosives. You first discover how to use and get Rubium in the Kennith's Concerns Quest.
Lunar Ore Lunar Ore 60 - Used only during the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.
Living Minerals Living Minerals 73 25 Obtained through mining the dead remains of living rocks within the Living Rock Caverns. Used as fishing bait to catch Rocktail, which require level 90 Fishing to catch and are located in the same area.
Concentrated Coal Deposit Concentrated Coal Deposit 77 50 Located within the Living Rock Caverns. These deposits hold a vast amount of ore per rock. It is possible to mine 2 ores per swing on these rocks as well. Guarded by several high level monsters. Great for superheat mining.
Concentrated Gold Deposit Concentrated Gold Deposit 80 85 Located within the Living Rock Caverns. These deposits hold a vast amount of ore per rock. It is possible to mine 2 ores per swing on these rocks as well. Guarded by several high level monsters.

Ore Notes

  • A higher mining level will make it easier to mine bigger chunks of Sandstone. You can also break the chunks of Sandstone with a chisel. For example a 5kg piece would break into two 2kg and a 1kg. You can only carve granite during the quest. Chiseling sandstone does not give any crafting experience.

Ore Respawn Times

Each ore in the game takes a certain amount of time to respawn, or reappear so that you can mine it. Generally, the higher-level ores take a longer time to respawn than lower level ones, and the number of players on a server also effect ore respawn times: the more people on a server, the quicker an ore will respawn. The following is a chart of approximate respawn times for ores:

Average Ore Respawn Times
OreServer Population
Clay 1 sec 1.2 sec 1.4 sec 1.6 sec 1.8 sec 2 sec
Tin & Copper 2 sec 2.4 sec 2.8 sec 3.2 sec 3.6 sec 4 sec
Iron 5 sec 6 sec 7 sec 8 sec 9 sec 10 sec
Silver 1 min 1m 12 s 1m 24s 1m 36s 1m 48s 2 min
Coal 30 sec 36 sec 42 sec 48 sec 54 sec 1 min
Gold 1 min 1m 12s 1m 24s 1m 36s 1m 48s 2 min
Mithril 2 min 2m 24s 2m 48s 3m 12s 3m 36s 4 min
Adamant 4 min 4m 48s 5m 36s 6m 24s 7m 12s 8 min
Rune 12m 30s 15 min 17m 30s 20 min 22m 30s 25 min

Respawn Notes

  • Timing spawns on perfectly empty servers without the aid of a private server is technically impossible, and as such these are approximated times.
  • In the case of rune ores, accurately timing the spawns becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, on lesser populated servers as the times differ by up to a minute between spawns due to rapidly changing sever sizes. As such, these times are based on the underlying pattern, and were loosely checked for accuracy.

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