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Strength is a very important combat skill. It determines how much you will hit when you attack something. With a high strength level and lots of strength-boosting gear, you can hit very high when you are are in combat.

Table of Contents

The Basics

What Does Strength Do?

Strength is a very valuable skill used in Melee combat. The higher your Strength, the higher you will hit during combat. There are also some pieces of equipment that require you to have a certain amount of Strength to wield.

Training Strength

By clicking on the Attack Styles icon (the one with the crossing swords), you'll be able to choose between the different kinds of attacks you can use with your currently equipped weapon. To train your Strength, you'll want to choose the "Aggressive" style from the menu.

Combat styles

Each time you inflict one damage point on your opponent, you'll earn 4 Strength experience. You can also use the "Controlled" method of some weapons to train all of your melee skills (attack, Defence and strength) and earn 1.3 experience to each.

In the picture below, the box is accessible by clicking the Equipment icon (right of the inventory icon), which allows you to equip and unequip items. The "Show Equipment Stats" will pop-up the box you see is in the picture. It will contain what you're wearing, an enlarged picture of yourself, and your stats. Strength bonus is located under "Other bonuses". The higher that number is, the more damage you will deal in combat.

Equip your character

Boosting Your Strength

There are a number of ways to temporarily boost your Strength.

  • Potions - There are a few potions in RuneScape that will give you a generous strength boost
  • Drinks - Several alcoholic beverages will increase your strength level for a short time.
  • Prayers - 3 Prayers exist that will allow you to inflict extra damage in battle.
  • Special Attacks - Some special attacks will increase your strength greatly when used.

All of these methods will be described later on in this guide.

Bronze to Dragon Weapons


Bronze Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Bronze Dagger Dagger +3
Bronze Hatchet Hatchet +5
Bronze Mace Mace +5
Bronze Sword Sword +5
Bronze Scimitar Scimitar +6
Bronze Pickaxe Pickaxe +5
Bronze Longsword Long Sword +7
Bronze Warhammer Warhammer +8
Bronze Battle Axe Battleaxe +9
Claws Claws +5
Bronze 2h Sword 2h Sword +10
Bronze Spear Spear +6
Bronze Halberd Halberd +8


Iron Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Iron Dagger Dagger +4
Iron Hatchet Hatchet +7
Iron Mace Mace +7
Iron Scimitar Scimitar +9
Iron Pickaxe Pickaxe +7
Iron Longsword Longsword +10
Iron Warhammer Warhammer +9
Iron Battle Axe Battleaxe +13
Iron Claws Claws +7
Iron 2h Sword 2h Sword +14
Iron Spear Spear +10
Iron Halberd Halberd +12


Steel Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Steel Dagger Dagger +7
Steel Hatchet Hatchet +9
Steel Mace Mace +11
Steel Sword Sword +12
Steel Scimitar Scimitar +14
Steel Pickaxe Pickaxe +9
Steel Longsword Longsword +16
Steel Warhammer Warhammer +16
Steel Battle Axe Battleaxe +20
Steel 2h Sword 2h Sword +22
Steel Spear Spear +12
Steel Defender Defender +1
Steel Halberd Halberd +20


Black Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Black Dagger Dagger +7
Black Hatchet Hatchet +12
Black Sword Sword +12
Black Scimitar Scimitar +14
Black Longsword Longsword +16
Black Warhammer Warhammer +19
Black Battleaxe Battleaxe +24
Black 2h Sword 2h Sword +26
Black Spear Spear +16
black claws Claws +14
Black Defender Defender +2
Black Halberd Halberd +20


To use any White weapons, you must have completed the Wanted! quest. White weapons are also members-only.

White Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
White Dagger Dagger +7
White Sword Sword +12
White Scimitar Scimitar +14
White Longsword Longsword +16
White Warhammer Warhammer +19
White Battleaxe Battleaxe +24
White 2h Sword 2h Sword +26
black claws Claws +14
White Halberd Halberd +20


Mithril Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Mithril Dagger Dagger +10
Mithril Hatchet Hatchet +13
Mithril Mace Mace +16
Mithril Claws Claws +17
Mithril Sword Sword +17
Mithril Scimitar Scimitar +20
Mithril Pickaxe Pickaxe +13
Mithril Longsword Longsword +22
Mithril Warhammer Warhammer +20
Mithril Battle Axe Battleaxe +29
Mithril 2h Sword 2h Sword +31
Mithril Spear Spear +18
Mithril Defender Defender +3
Mithril Halberd Halberd +29


Adamantite Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Adamant Dagger Dagger +14
Adamant Hatchet Hatchet +19
Adamant Mace Mace +23
Adamant Sword Sword +24
Adamant Scimitar Scimitar +31
Adamant Pickaxe Pickaxe +19
Adamant Longsword Longsword +31
Adamant Warhammer Warhammer +31
Adamant Battleaxe Battleaxe +41
Adamant Claws Claws +24
Adamant 2h Sword 2h Sword +44
Adamant Spear Spear +28
Adamant Defender Defender +4
Adamant Halberd Halberd +42


Runite Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Rune Dagger Dagger +24
Rune Hatchet Hatchet +29
Rune Mace Mace +36
Rune Sword Sword +39
Rune Scimitar Scimitar +44
Rune Pickaxe Pickaxe +29
Rune Longsword Longsword +49
Rune Warhammer Warhammer +48
Rune Battleaxe Battleaxe +64
Rune Claws Claws +39
Rune 2h Sword 2h Sword +70
Rune Spear Spear 42
Rune Halberd Halberd +68
Rune Defender Defender 5


All Dragon items are members-only.

Dragon Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Dragon Dagger Dagger 40
Dragon Hatchet Hatchet 42
Dragon Mace Mace 55
Dragon Scimitar Scimitar 66
Dragon Pickaxe Pickaxe 42
Dragon Longsword Longsword 71
Dragon Battleaxe Battleaxe 85
Dragon Claws Claws 56
Dragon 2h Sword 2h Sword 93
Dragon Spear Spear 60
Dragon Halberd Halberd 89


Elemental Staffs

Elemental Staffs
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Staff Staff 3
Magic Staff Magic Staff 7
Staff of Air Staff of Air 3
Staff of Earth Staff of Earth 5
Staff of Fire Staff of Fire 6
Staff of Water Staff of Water 3


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Battlestaff Battlestaff 32
Air Battlestaff Air Battlestaff 35
Earth Battlestaff Earth Battlestaff 35
Bire Batt;estaff Fire Battlestaff 35
Water Battlestaff Water Battlestaff 35
Lava Battlestaff Lava Battlestaff 35
Mud Battlestaff Mud Battlestaff 35

Mystic Staffs

Mystic Staffs
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Mystic Air Staff Mystic Air Staff 50
Mystic Earth Staff Mystic Earth Staff 50
Mystic Fire Staff Mystic Fire Staff 50
Mystic Water Staff Mystic Water Staff 50
Mystic Lava Staff Mystic Lava Staff 50
Mystic Mud Staff Mystic Mud Staff 50

Other Staffs

Other Staffs
PictureItemStrength Bonus
  Iban's Staff 50
Ancient Staff Ancient Staff 50
Dramen Staff Dramen Staff 10
Guthix Staff Guthix Staff 2
Zamorak Staff Zamorak Staff 2
Saradomin Staff Saradomin Staff 2
Slayer's Staff Slayer's Staff 35
Toktz-mej-tal (Obsidian Staff) Toktz-mej-tal (Obsidian Staff) 55


Amulets & Necklaces

PictureItemStrength Bonus
Amulet of Strength Amulet Of Strength 10
Amulet of Fury Amulet Of Fury 8
Berserker Necklace Berserker Necklace 7
Amulet of Glory Amulet Of Glory 6
Amulet of Power Amulet Of Power 6


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Berserker Ring Berserker Ring 4


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Fire Cape Fire Cape 4


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Family Gauntlets Gauntlets (Klank's gauntlets, Family Gauntlets) 2
Gloves (Bronze) Gloves (Bronze) 2
Gloves (Iron) Gloves (Iron) 3
Gloves (Steel) Gloves (Steel) 4
Gloves (Black) Gloves (Black) 5
Gloves (Mithril) Gloves (Mithril) 6
Gloves (Adamant) Gloves (Adamant) 7
Gloves (Rune) Gloves (Rune) 8
Gloves (Dragon) Gloves (Dragon) 9
Gloves (Barrows) Gloves (Barrows) 12

Note: Klank's gauntlets are obtained in the Underground Pass Quest, and cooking, chaos, and goldsmith gauntlets are obtainable by having your steel gauntlets enchanted by one of the Family Crest brothers after you complete the Family Crest Quest. Armored gloves are available for purchase in The Culinaromancers' Chest. Depending on how many sub-quests you have completed in the Recipe For Disaster quest, only some gloves may be available for purchase.


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Adamant Boots Adamant Boots 1
Climbing Boots Climbing Boots 2
Rune Boots Rune Boots 2
Dragon Boots Dragon Boots 4


PictureItemStrength Bonus
TzHaar-Ket-Xil Toktz-Ket-Xil (Obsidian Shield) 5
Dragonfire Shield Dragonfire Shield 7
Adamant Berserker Shield Adamant Berserker Shield 2
Adamant Spikeshield Adamant Spike Shield 1
Rune berserker shield Rune Berserker Shield 4
Rune Spike Shield Rune Spike Shield 3


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Berserker Helm Berserker Helm 3
Helm of Neitiznot Helm of Neitiznot 3

Torso Armour

Torso Armour
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Fighter Torso Fighter Torso 4
Bandos Chestplate Bandos Chestplate 4
Bandos Tassets Bandos Tassets 2

Quest Weapons

Quest Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Silverlight Silverlight 12
Darklight Darklight 13
Wolfbane Wolfbane 10
Bone Spear Bone Spear 13
Bone Club Bone Club 15
Excalibur Excalibur 25
Gadderhammer Gadderhammer 35
Blurite Sword Blurite Sword 10
Magic Secateurs Magic Secateurs 1
Rat Pole Rat Pole 3
Silver Sickle (b) Silver Sickle (b) 1
Rod of Ivandis Rod Of Ivandis 3
Ivandis Flail (30) Ivandis Flail 26

Note: Your fighting ability with Magic Secateurs depends on your Farming skill rather than your Strength skill.

Other Weapons


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Abyssal Whip Abyssal Whip 82


PictureItemStrength LevelStrength Bonus
Granite Maul Granite Maul 50 79


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Fremennik Blade Fremennik Blade 28

Barrows Weapons

Barrows Weapons
PictureItemStrength LevelStrength Bonus
Dharok's Greataxe Dharok's Greataxe 70 105
Guthan's Warspear Guthan's Warspear - 75
Torag's Twin Hammers Torag's Twin Hammers 70 72
Verac's Flail Verac's Flail - 72
Ahrim's Staff Ahrim's Staff - 68

TzHaar Weapons

TzHaar Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
TokTz-Xil-Ak (Obsidian Splitsword) TokTz-Xil-Ak (Obsidian Splitsword) 49
TokTz-Ket-Em (Obsidian Mace) TokTz-Ket-Em (Obsidian Mace) 56
TokTz-Ket-Om (Obsidian Maul) TokTz-Ket-Om (Obsidian Maul) 85
TokTz-Xil-Ek (Obsidian Dagger) TokTz-Xil-Ek (Obsidian Dagger) 39


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Zamorak Mjolnir Zamorak Mjolinir 14
Saradomin Mjolnir Saradomin Mjolinir 14
Guthix Mjolnir Guthix Mjolinir 14


PictureItemStrength Bonus
Bandos Godsword Bandos Godsword 132
Zamorak Godsword Zamorak Godsword 132
Armadyl Godsword Armadyl Godsword 132
Saradomin Godsword Saradomin Godsword 132

Castle Wars

Castle Wars Weapons
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Basic Decorative Sword Basic Decorative Sword 16
Detailed Decorative Sword Detailed Decorative Sword 22
Intricate Decorative Sword Intricate Decorative Sword 31
Profound Decorative Sword Profound Decorative Sword 49

Culinaromancer's Chest

All of the below items are bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest, which is located in the Lumbridge Castle Basement. Depending on how many sub-quests you have completed in the Recipe For Disaster quest, only some items may be available for purchase.

Culinaromancer's Chest
PictureItemStrength Bonus
Wooden Spoon Wooden Spoon 7
Egg Whisk Egg Whisk 4
Sport Spork 12
Spatula Spatula 22
Frying Pan Frying Pan 20
Skewer Skewer 31
Rolling Pin Rolling Pin 36
Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife 24
Meat Tenderizer Meat Tenderizer 48
Cleaver Cleaver 44


These quests all give experience to Strength when you complete them.

Temporary Bonuses

A number of items and Prayers exist in runeScape which can give you a temporary boost to your Strength.

Strength Boosters
Burst of Strength Burst Of Strength +5%
Superhuman Strength Superhuman Strength +10%
Ultimate Strength Ultimate Strength +15%
Chivalry Chivalry +18%
Piety Piety +23%
Dragon Battleaxe Dragon Battleaxe Special Attack +15 Strength. Other combat stats including range, attack, Defence, and magic are lowered.
Beer Beer +4 Strength; Heals 40 Life Points; -8 Attack.
Keg of Beer Keg of Beer +7 Strength; Greatly reduces Attack.
Zamorak Brew Zamorak Brew +2 to +11 Strength, depending on your level.
Strength Potion Strength Potion +3 to +12 Strength, depending on your level.
Super Strength Potion Super Strength Potion +5 to +19 Strength, depending on your level.

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