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So, you've decided to take a crack at Summoning? Whether you're after a Minotaur to fight alongside you in battle, a Beaver to help you in your Woodcutting needs, or a Yak to carry your valuable items, Summoning is the skill for you. The following guide will hopefully make it a little easier for you to make sense of this wild skill.

Requirements: This is a member's only skill. Although once you must have completed the Wolf Whistle quest, the quest is no longer a requirement to start the skill.

Note: During this guide, when it is said you need something to "Summon a creature," it actually costs nothing other than Summoning points (explained below) to bring a creature into the world of RuneScape. The materials are used to create Pouches which contain the 'essence' of the creature, and these Pouches are used to do the actual Summoning. Think of it like making a cocktail with all the ingredients, and then pouring it out when you want to.

Important Locations


A Menagerie is a room for your Player-owned house made by using the Construction skill. Level 37 Construction is required, and building the room costs 30,000gp. In here, you can recharge your summoning points, store and feed your pets, or just enjoy the scenery! Just remember that to add a pet, it must be fully grown. Any type of pet can be kept here, except for Fish and Clockwork cats.

A menagerie inside a player owned house

Obelisks & Shops

Obelisks are an essential part of the Summoning skill. They allow you to create Pouches, Scrolls and also allow you to recharge your Summoning points (explained below), whereas Small Obelisks, dotted all around RuneScape, can only let you recharge your Summoning points. Large Obelisks are only found in several places:


Obelisk: Yes
Shop: Yes

Location of the Taverley obelisk
The Taverley Summoning obelisk

This is the easiest to access, as it is where you begin the quest, and is in a safe region. Simply enter Druid Pikkupstix' house and climb through the trap door. Pikkupstix also runs a shop.


Obelisk: Yes
Shop: No

Location of the Isafdar obelisk
The Isafdar Summoning obelisk

For those that have completed the Underground Pass will be able to access this Obelisk, located in the tunnel towards the end of Pass. You can get to it more easily by teleporting to Lletya using a Teleportation Crystal and walking to the cave entrance highlighted on the map. However, there is no shop at this location.


Obelisk: Yes
Shop: No

Location of the Karamja obelisk
Karamja Summoning obelisk

The Obelisk on Karamja is located on the peninsula on the north-western tip of the island, near Brimhaven. It is just South of the gold mining spot used in the Heroes' Quest. There are a few scorpions nearby, but plenty of plants to hide behind if you get in trouble! Unfortunately, there is no shop at this location.

Mort Myre Swamp

Obelisk: Yes
Shop: Yes

Mort Myre obelisk location
More Myre summoning obelisk
Wishing well

This Obelisk is located in Filliman's Grotto, which can be accessed during and after the Nature Spirit quest. There is also a Wishing Well, which is actually a shop.


Obelisk: Yes
Shop: Yes

Gu'tanoth summoning obelisk location
Gu'tanoth summoning obelisk

Gu'Tanoth is located to the south of Yanille, and luckily, you don't need to complete any quests to use the Obelisk and shop. Bogrog also exchanges your pouches for spirit shards.

Kharidian Desert

Obelisk: Yes
Shop: No

Kharidian Desert summoning obelisk location
Kharidian Desert summoning obelisk

This is found just south-west of Pollnivneach, across the bridge, to the west and down a ladder. Another way to get there is to travel to Nardah, where there is a bank, via Magic Carpet and walk east until you reach the ladder. Due to it being in the middle of the desert, there is no shop to be found. Be sure to bring your Standard Desert Traveling Gear (Desert Robes or Graahk Armour, Waterskins and a knife), and watch out for the level 63 Crocodiles!


Obelisk: Yes
Shop: No

Piscatoris summoning obelisk location
Piscatoris summoning obelisk

The Piscatoris Obelisk is located just South of the Fishing Colony, down a trapdoor. Although it is surrounded by crates, there is no store at this location.

Summoning-Free Areas

There are some places in RuneScape where you cannot Summon a creature, or take one in with you (usually Pets are allowed). These include places such as the Grand Exchange, the Mage Training Arena and some of the other Activities.

However, there are other areas (near Obelisks where you can infuse Pouches) where you still cannot Summon creatures, but you can take Familiars in with you.


Getting Supplies

To be able to Summon a creature, you need the following components:

  1. Pouch A Pouch, which can be bought from any of the Summoning stores for 1gp each. They are stackable.
  2. Spirit shard Several Spirit Shards (depending on what you are Summoning), which can also be bought from any store, but for the price of 25gp each. These are also stackable.
  3. Blue Charm A Charm, of which you would need a different color depending on what Pouch you are making. There are two groups of Charms - basic Charms, required for every creature (Gold, Green, Crimson and Blue), and Charms that act as material objects, and are listed under the "Acquiring Ingredients" section.
  4. Raw ChickenA material object. As Pikkupstix tells you, the entity you are Summoning needs to focus on something solid. This basically means you need something related to the creature you are Summoning, for example, you need a Raw Chicken to create a Dreadfowl Pouch (a Dreadfowl is a type of chicken).

Charms are more difficult to get a hold of, as they are given as monster drops and are non-tradeable or obtained by Thieving from the average chests in Dorgesh-Khaan (level 52 Thieving required). Pikkupstix gives you a fair amount to start with, but the following creatures, listed by Jagex, have high Charm drop rates (most lower level creatures drop one Charm at a time, whereas higher levels, such as Dragons, drop multiple Charms, depending on how strong they are; e.g. a Fire Giant drops Charms one at a time, whereas the King Black Dragon drops four):

Charm-Dropping Creatures
Fire Giants 86 A popular place to kill these is under the Baxtorian Falls, accessed during the Waterfall quest. They are aggressive, but will stop attacking you if you remain there for long enough. They drop mostly Gold Charms, but are known to drop Green, Blue and Crimson occasionally, too.
Ice Giants 53 A good place to kill these is in the caves used during theKnight's Sword quest. There are also some tunnels on White Wolf Mountain, which can be accessed by mining the rockslide to the North, and going up the correct ladder can take you to a few Ice Giants.
Ogres 53+ There are many different Ogres across RuneScape, but you should take note that the ogres in King Lathas' Training Camp do not drop Charms.
Jogres 53 These are found on Karamja, on the east side of the southern island. Be sure to bring antipoison potions, as there are creatures that can poison you.
Blue Dragons 111 These are also known to give good Charm drops, but be warned; take a look at the Dragon Hunting Guide before fighting these dangerous creatures.
Basilisks 61
40 Slayer Required
These are found in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, but don't forget your Mirror Shield!
Bloodvelds 76
50 Slayer Required
These beasts are found on the second floor of the Canifis Slayer Tower and the God Wars Dungeon.

Other creatures have high drop rates of different Charms, but different creatures drop different charms, most more than one type. Moss Giants drop any of the Charms (except for Obsidian, Abyssal or any of the Void Knight Outpost Charms), so are useful if you are after a variety of them. Below is a list of the different Charms you can get, and examples of what creatures are likely to drop them.

Cold CharmGold Charms

  • Fire Giants
  • Zamorak Warriors.

Note: An especially good source for these are Giant Rock Crabs, and can be found either on Waterbirth Island or the new Chaos Tunnels, found north-east of the Zamorak Mage, who is just north of Edgeville and across the Wilderness Ditch. However, these are combat level 137, but can be attacked with magic from safespots.

Green CharmGreen Charms

  • Blue Dragons
  • Basilisks
  • Jellies

Crimson CharmCrimson Charms

  • Cockroaches
  • Greater Demons
  • Waterfiends

Blue CharmBlue Charms

  • Kalphite
  • Iron Dragons
  • Aberrant Spectres - Level 96. Slayer level 60 and a Nose Peg required. Found in the Canifis Slayer Tower.

Note: The other creatures in the Chaos Tunnels, as well as Giant Rock Crabs, are known to have high drop rates of Charms.

Making Pouches

Now that we've covered what you need to make the Summoning Pouches, it's time to learn how to actually make them.

Firstly, gather the required materials for the Pouch. In this example, we will create Bunyip Pouch, which requires 1 Pouch (as all creatures do), 110 Spirit Shards, 1 Green Charm and 1 Raw Shark.

Then you will need to take all of the 'ingredients' to any Obelisk, and click "Infuse-Pouch" on the Altar. The following screen will pop up:

Summoning Pouch Creation

If you have all of the ingredients, click "Infuse Bunyip Pouch", et voila, you have a Bunyip Pouch!

Making a Dreadfowl Pouch
Requirements for Making Pouches
Summoning LevelPouch NamePictureExperience for MakingShards RequiredCharm RequiredObject(s) Required
1 Spirit wolf Spirit Wolf Pouch 4.8 7 Gold Wolf bones
4 Dreadfowl Dreadfowl Pouch 9.3 8 Gold Raw chicken
10 Spirit spider Spirit Spider Pouch 12.6 8 Gold Spider carcass
13 Thorny snail Thorny Snail Pouch 12.6 9 Gold Raw thin snail
16 Granite crab Giant Crab Pouch 21.6 7 Gold Iron ore
17 Spirit mosquito Spirit Mosquito Pouch 46.5 1 Gold Proboscis
18 Desert wyrm Desert Wyrm Pouch 31.2 45 Green Bucket of sand
19 Spirit Scorpion Spirit Scorpion Pouch 83.2 57 Crimson Bronze claws
22 Spirit Tz-Kih Spirit Tz-kih  Pouch 96.8 64 Crimson Obsidian charm
23 Albino rat Albino Rat Pouch 202.4 75 Blue Raw rat meat
25 Spirit kalphite Spirit Kalphite Pouch 220 51 Blue Potato Cactus
28 Compost Mound Compost Mound Pouch 49.8 47 Green Compost
29 Giant chinchompa Giant Chinchompa Pouch 255.2 84 Blue Chinchompa
31 Vampire bat Vampire Bat Pouch 136 81 Crimson Vampire dust
32 Honey Badger Honey Badger Pouch 140.8 84 Crimson Honeycomb
33 Beaver Beaver Pouch 57.6 72 Green Willow Logs
34 Void ravager Void Ravager Pouch 59.6 74 Green Ravager charm
34 Void shifter Void Shifter Pouch 59.6 74 Blue Shifter charm
34 Void spinner Void Spinner Pouch 59.6 74 Blue Spinner charm
34 Void torcher Void torcher Pouch 59.6 74 Blue Torcher charm
36 Bronze minotaur Bronze Minotaur Pouch 316.8 102 Blue Bronze bar
40 Bull ant Bull Ant Pouch 52.8 11 Gold Marigolds
41 Macaw Macaw Pouch 72.4 78 Green Guam
42 Evil Turnip Evil Turnip Pouch 184.8 104 Crimson Carved turnip
43 Spirit Cockatrice Spirit Cockatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Cockatrice egg
43 Spirit Guthatrice Spirit Guthatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Guthatrice egg
43 Spirit Saratrice Spirit Saratrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Saratrice egg
43 Sprit Zamatrice Spirit Zamatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Zamatrice egg
43 Spirit Pengatrice Spirit Pengatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Pengatrice egg
43 Spirit Coroxatrice Spirit Coraxatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Coroxatrice egg
43 Spirit Vulatrice Spirit Vulatrice Pouch 75.2 88 Green Vulatrice egg
46 Iron Minotaur Iron Minotaur Pouch 404.8 125 Blue Iron bar
46 Pyrelord Pyrelord Pouch 202.4 111 Crimson Tinderbox
47 Magpie Magpie Pouch 83.1 88 Green Gold ring
49 Bloated Leech Bloated Leech Pouch 215.2 117 Crimson Raw Beef
52 Spirit Terrorbird Spirit Terrorbird Pouch 68.4 12 Gold Raw bird meat
54 Abyssal Parasite Abyssal Parasite Pouch 94.8 106 Green Abyssal charm
55 Spirit Jelly Spirit Jelly Pouch 484 151 Blue Jug of water
56 Ibis Ibid Pouch 98.8 109 Green Harpoon
56 Steel Minotaur Steel Minotaur Pouch 492.8 141 Blue Steel bar
57 Spirit Graahk Spirit Graahk Pouch 501.6 154 Blue Graahk fur
57 Spirit Kyatt Spirit Kyatt Pouch 501.6 153 Blue Kyatt fur
57 Spirit Larupia Spirit Larupia Pouch 501.6 155 Blue Larupia fur
58 Karamthulhu overlord Karamthulhlu Overlord Pouch 510.4 144 Blue Empty fishbowl
61 Smoke devil Smoke Devil Pouch 268 141 Crimson Goat's horn dust
62 Abyssal lurker Abyssal Lurker Pouch 163.2 119 Green Abyssal charm
63 Spirit Cobra Spirit Cobra Pouch 276.8 116 Crimson Snake hide
64 Stranger plant Stranger Plant Pouch 281.6 128 Crimson Bagged plant
66 Barker toad Barker Toad Pouch 87 10 Gold Swamp toad
66 Mithril minotaur Mithril Minotaur Pouch 580.8 152 Blue Mithril bar
67 War tortoise War Tortoise Pouch 58.6 1 Gold Tortoise shell
68 Bunyip Bunyip Pouch 119.2 110 Green Raw shark
69 Fruit bat Fruit Bat Pouch 121.2 130 Green Banana
70 Ravenous locust Ravenous Locust Pouch 132 79 Crimson Pot of flour
71 Arctic bear Arctic Bear Pouch 93.2 14 Gold Polar kebbit fur
73 Obsidian golem Obsidian Golem Pouch 642.4 195 Blue Obsidian charm
74 Granite lobster Granite Lobster Pouch 325.6 166 Crimson Granite (500g)
75 Praying mantis Praying Mantis Pouch 329.6 168 Crimson Red flowers
76 Adamant minotaur Adamant Minotaur Pouch 668.8 144 Blue Adamantite bar
76 Forge regent Forge Regent Pouch 134 141 Green Ruby harvest
77 Talon beast Talon Beast Pouch 1015.2 174 Crimson Talon beast charm
78 Giant ent Giant Ent Pouch 136.8 94 Green Willow branch
79 Fire titan Fire Titan Pouch 695.2 198 Blue Fire talisman
79 Ice titan Ice Titan Pouch 695.2 198 Blue Air talisman, water talisman
79 Moss titan Moss Titan Pouch 695.2 202 Blue Earth talisman
80 Hydra Hydra Pouch 140.8 128 Green Water orb
83 Spirit dagannoth Spirit Dagannoth Pouch 364.8 1 Crimson Dagannoth hide
83 Lava titan Lava Titan Pouch 730.4 219 Blue Obsidian charm
85 Swamp titan Swamp Titan Pouch 373.6 150 Crimson Swamp lizard
86 Rune minotaur Rune Minotaur Pouch 756.8 1 Blue Runite bar
88 Unicorn stallion Unicorn Stallion Pouch 154.4 140 Green Unicorn horn
89 Geyser titan Geyser Titan Pouch 783.2 222 Blue Water talisman
92 Wolpertinger Wolpertinger Pouch 404.8 203 Crimson Raw rabbit, wolf bones
93 Abyssal titan Abyssal Titan Pouch 163.2 113 Green Abyssal charm
95 Iron titan Iron Titan Pouch 417.6 198 Crimson Iron platebody
96 Pack yak Pack Yak Pouch 422.4 211 Crimson Yak hide
99 Steel titan Steel Titan Pouch 435.2 178 Crimson Steel platebody

Making Scrolls

Summoning Scrolls are used to activate your follower's special ability, and to make them, you need the Pouch of the creature that will be using the ability. We will use the example of a Bloated Leech.

The Dreadfowl's special ability is Blood Drain, and to obtain this you will need to 'split' a Bloated Leech Pouch. Each time you split a Pouch, you receive 10 scrolls. To do so, click the "Transform Scrolls" tab after you have clicked on the Obelisk. You will see this screen:

Scroll Creation

If you have a Bloated Leech Pouch, you can click "Infuse." You will receive 10 scrolls.

Making a Dreadfowl Scroll

Summoning With Scrolls

Before learning how to Summon you should be aware of something: "Familiars" are creatures that are Summoned, and are temporary, whereas Pets are bought or captured and are permanent, unless you die with them in your pack or choose to dismiss them. Bringing a Familiar into RuneScape and keeping them there costs points, whereas getting a pet does not (see section on Pets for more information).

To Summon a creature, you will need at least one Summoning Point and a Pouch containing the entity of whatever you want to Summon. Simply right-click a Pouch, and click "Summon [creature] Pouch."

Summon Stranger Plant
Summoning a Stranger Plant

Some areas, mainly in parts of towns and always near an Obelisk, are "Summoning-Free." You will not be able to Summon anything in these areas, but you will be able to take them in with you. Pets, however, can be taken into or put down in these areas, except for certain Activities.

Familiar Interface

Now that you have a Familiar, you will be able to access a new interface, found on the bottom-left of you inventory.

The familiar interface
  1. Call Familiar - Makes the Summoned creature appear beside you. (This happens automatically if the creature falls too far behind)
  2. Take BoB Items - if your Familiar is a forager and picks up something, or is a Beast of Burden and you have given it something, clicking this button takes any items from its inventory (you cannot take anything if your inventory is full).
  3. Dismiss Familiar - After your confirmation, this gets rid of your Familiar, and you will have to use another Pouch to bring another into being. This happens automatically after the timer runs out.
  4. Summoning Points Remaining - This conveniently shows you how many Summoning Points you have left.
  5. Familiar time remaining - Shows how long your follower has until it disappears.
  6. Familiar name and picture
  7. Special points remaining - This is similar to the special meter on weapons with special attacks, and goes down every time you use a Scroll. The amount goes down in different amounts, depending on what scroll you use; the bar recharges over time. Note: This is separate to your weapon's special bar, so if you use one, the other remains unaffected.
  8. Special ability - Clicking this, if you have scrolls in your inventory, will activate your Familiar's special attack. The number shows how many scrolls you have left.
  9. Renew familiar - Click this to renew your familiar, giving it more time to be summoned. A familiar is renewed for the same amount of time that it is orginally summoned for. For example, if you summoned a familiar with an initial timer of 10 minutes and renewed it, you would gain an extra 10 minutes. Using the renew option requires and consumes another pouch.
  10. Attack - This button will get your familiar to attack whatever monster you are attacking. You must be attacking the monster to do this (i.e. you cannot let your familiar go after a monster you are not attacking.

When you Summon a Familiar, it will cost you a certain amount Summoning Points, depending on what Pouch you are using. These are like Prayer Points, and can be recharged by right-clicking on an Obelisk and click "Renew-Points," or left-clicking on a Small obelisk. When Summoned, your creature will have a certain amount of minutes until it disappears, and your Summoning Points will be slowly drained if you have a Familiar out. Warnings will pop up in the chat box to let you know the timer is running out. The time your Familiar lasts depends on the creature you are Summoning (for example, with the Dreadfowl, it costs 1 point to Summon, and it lasts for 4 minutes before disappearing).

You have 1 minute to renew your current damiliar's timer.

Using Special Abilities And Scrolls

Different Familiars have different abilities and different Scrolls. When you interact with your Familiar, they can perform an Ability, which will not drain your Summoning Points or Special Bar. Following the Dreadfowl example, if you talk to it and select "Farming boost," your Farming level will temporarily increase by one.

Can you boost my farming stat please?
Having your Dreadfowl boost your farming skill

There are seven kinds of abilities currently available:

Fights - The majority of Familiars have the ability to fight, but only in multicombat areas. They will only attack if you choose to attack something, and will retaliate if you have the auto-retaliate button switched on.
Light enhancer - Some creatures (notably, bats) have the ability to make any light source with you brighter.
Skill boost - Different Familiars can boost different skills. With some creatures, you must activate them by talking to them, but others, such as the Desert wyrm, can provide 'invisible' boosts, which remain active as long as they remain Summoned.
Remote view - This allows you to see through the eyes of your Familiar, meaning that you can see things much further away. You can see in the different Cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) and directly above.
Beast of burden - These can carry a certain number of items. Some Familiars can only hold specific items (such as the Abyssal parasite, which can only carry unnoted rune and pure essence).
Forager - When having these Familiars Summoned, there is a chance that they will pick up items, specific to the creature. These are then put into the Familiar's 'inventory,' which you can only withdraw from.
Healer - These regularly heal the Summoner for a few Life Points.

If you choose to use a scroll, this will drain your Familiar's special bar by a few points, depending on what scroll you are using. To do so, click on the icon in the top left of the interface. Attack scrolls can only be used in multi-combat areas. For instance, Dreadfowl Strike can be activated in combat, and acts as a low-level missile spell.

Using an attack scroll
Scrolls and Their Effects
Summoning LevelScroll NamePicturePouch RequiredExperience Per 10 ScrollsSpecial MovePoints Used
1 Howl Howl Scroll Spirit wolf 0.1 Causes NPC's to flee 3
4 Dreadfowl Strike Dreadfowl Strike Scroll Dreadfowl 0.1 Magic attack, causes up to 30 damage 3
10 Egg Spawn Egg Spawn Spirit Spider 0.2 Creates a random number of red spider eggs 6
13 Slime Spray Slime Spray Thorny Snail 0.2 Attack, causes up to 80 damage 3
16 Stony Shell Stony Shell Granite Crab 0.2 Gives you a +4 Defence boost 12
17 Pester Pester Scroll Mosquito 0.5 Sends the mosquito to attack an enemy 3
18 Electric Lash Electric Lash Scroll Desert Wyrm 0.4 Magic attack that hits up to 50 damage and stuns the foe 6
19 Venom Shot Venom Shot Spirit Scorpion 0.9 Causes your next Ranged attack to be mildly poisonous, if your ammunition can be poisoned 6
22 Fireball Assault Fireball Assault Scroll Spirit Tz-Kih 1.1 Hits two nearby targets by up to 70 damage each 6
23 Cheese Feast Cheese Feast Scroll Albino Rat 2.3 Puts 4 pieces of cheese into the rat's inventory 6
25 Sandstorm Sandstone Scroll Spirit Kalphite 2.5 Hits up to 5 nearby opponents by up to 20 damage 6
28 Generate Compost Generate Compost Scroll Compost Mound 0.6 Fills a nearby compost bin with compost, sometimes with supercompost 12
29 Explode Explode Scroll Giant chinchompa 2.9 Damages nearby enemies 3
31 Vampire Touch Vampire touch Scroll Vampire Bat 1.5 Causes up to 120 damage on your foe, may restore 20 of your Life Points 4
32 Insane Ferocity Insane Ferocity Scroll Honey Badger 1.6 Reduces its Defence to raise its Attack and Strength 12
33 Multichop Multichop Scroll Beaver 0.7 Cuts up to 3 logs from a nearby tree 3
34 Call to Arms Call to Arms Scroll Void ravager, shifter, spinner or torcher 0.7 Teleports you to the Pest Control landers 3
36 Bronze Bull Rush Bronze Bull Rush Scroll Bronze minotaur 3.6 Magic attack that causes up to 40 damage, may stun the foe 6
40 Unburden Unburden Scroll Bull Ant 0.6 Restores run energy based on your Agility level 12
41 Herbcall Herbcall Scroll Macaw 0.8 May create herbs 12
42 Evil Flames Evil Flames Scroll Evil Turnip 2.1 Magic attack, drains target's Ranged level 6
43 Petrifying Gaze Petrifying Gaze Scroll Spirit Cockatrice (and variants) 0.9 Causes up to 100 damage, and reduces one of the foe's combat skills by 3, depending on which variant you use 3
46 Iron Bull Rush Iron Bull Rush Scroll Iron Minotaur 4.6 Magic attack that causes up to 60 damage, may stun the foe 6
46 Immense Heat   Pyrelord 2.3 Allows you to smelt a gold bar into jewelry without a furnace 6
47 Thieving Fingers Thieving Fingers Scroll Magpie 0.9 Boosts Thieving by 2 12
49 Blood Drain Blood Drain Scroll Bloated Leech 2.4 Restores stat damage, poison and disease by reducing your Life Points 6
52 Tireless Run Tireless Run Scroll Spirit Terrorbird 0.8 Boosts Agility by 2, restores run energy based on normal Agility level 8
54 Abyssal Drain Abyssal Drain Scroll Abyssal Parasite 1.1 Magic attack that gives a Prayer point if successful 6
55 Dissolve Dissolve Scroll Spirit Jelly 5.5 Magic attack, hits up to 120 and drains the target's Attack 6
56 Fish Rain Fish Rain Scroll Ibis 1.1 Produces fish up to Bass 12
56 Steel Bull Rush Steel Bull Rush Scroll Steel Minotaur 5.6 Magic attack that causes up to 90 damage, may stun the foe 6
57 Goad Goad Scroll Spirit graahk 5.7 Sends the graahk to attack an enemy 3
57 Ambush Ambush Scroll Spirit kyatt 5.7 Calls the kyatt to combat, striking immediately and causing high damage 3
57 Rending Rending Scroll Spirit larupia 5.7 Magic based attack, drains the enemy's Strength 6
58 Doomsphere Device Doomsphere Device Scroll Karamthulhu Overlord 5.8 Inflicts up to 160 damage on the opponent 3
61 Dust Cloud Dust Cloud Scroll Smoke devil 3 Inflicts up to 80 damage on up to 6 adjacent opponents 6
62 Abyssal Stealth Abyssal Stealth Scroll Abyssal lurker 1.9 Boosts Agility and Thieving by 4 20
63 Ophidian Incubation Ophidian Incubation Scroll Spirit Cobra 3.1 Turns an egg into a cockatrice egg 3
64 Poisonous Blast Poisonous Blast Scroll Stranger Plant 3.2 Attack that has a 50% chance of poisoning the foe, inflicts 2 damage 6
66 Toad Bark Toad Bark Scroll Barker Toad 1 Inflicts up to 180 damage on your opponent 6
66 Mithril Bull Rush Mithril Bull Rush Scroll Mithril Minotaur 6.6 Magic attack that causes up to 120 damage, may stun the foe 6
67 Testudo Testudo Scroll War Tortoise 0.7 Boosts your Defence by 8 20
68 Swallow Whole Swallow Whole Scroll Bunyip 1.4 Allows you to eat a raw fish, so long as you have the Cooking level to cook it 3
69 Fruitfall Fruitfall Scroll Fruit Bat 1.4 Produces fruit nearby 6
70 Famine Famine Scroll Ravenous locust 1.5 Destroys some of the target player's food 12
71 Arctic Blast Arctic Blast Scroll Arctic Bear 1.1 Magic attack that causes up to 150 damage, may stun the foe 6
73 Volcanic Strength Volcanic Strength Scroll Obsidian golem 7.3 Boosts your Strength by 9 12
74 Crushing Claw Crushing Claw Scroll Granite Lobster 3.7 Inflicts up to 140 damage and reduces the opponent's Defence by 5 6
75 Mantis Strike Mantis Strike Scroll Praying Mantis 3.7 Binds the foe, causes Magical damage and drains Prayer 6
76 Adamant Bull Rush Adamant Bull Rush Scroll Adamant Minotaur 7.6 Magic attack that causes up to 160 damage, may stun the foe 6
76 Inferno Inferno Scroll Forge regent 1.5 Magic attack, can disarm enemy's weapon or shield 6
77 Deadly Claw Deadly Claw Scroll Talon beast 11.4 Three Magic attacks 6
78 Acorn Missile Acorn Missile Scroll Giant Ent 1.6 Inflicts up to 170 damage on up to 3 opponents, may drop acorns 6
79 Titan's Constitution Titan's Constitution Scroll Fire, ice or moss titan 7.9 Boosts your Defence by 12.5% and Life Points by 80 20
80 Regrowth Regrowth Scroll Hydra 1.6 Used on a tree grown with Farming to regrow it instantly 6
83 Spike Shot Spike Shot Scroll Spirit Dagannoth 4.1 Ranged attack, hits up to 180 and stuns the foe 6
83 Ebon Thunder Ebon Thunder Scroll Lava titan 8.3 Magic attack, drains the target's Special Attack energy (for weapons) 4
85 Swamp Plague Swamp Plague Scroll Swamp titan 4.2 Magic attack that can poison enemies in the nearby area 6
86 Rune Bull Rush Rune Bull Rush Rune Minotaur 8.6 Magic attack that causes up to 190 damage, may stun the foe 6
88 Healing Aura Healing Aura Scroll Unicorn Stallion 1.8 Heals up to 15% of your Life Points 20
89 Boil Boil Scroll Geyser titan 8.9 Damages a player, doing more damage depending on the armour they are wearing 6
92 Magic Focus Magic Focus Wolpertinger 4.6 Reduces its Defence to raise its Attack and Strength 20
93 Essence Shipment Essence Shipment Scroll Abyssal titan 1.9 Banks any pure essence in the titan's or your inventory 6
95 Iron Within Iron Within Scroll Iron titan 4.7 Makes the titan's next attack three powerful melee attacks 12
96 Winter Storage Winter Storage Scroll Pack Yak 4.8 Used on one item in your inventory to bank it 12
99 Steel of Legends Steel of Legends Scroll Steel titan 4.9 Makes the titan's next attack four powerful ranged attacks 12

Familiar Abilities and Skill Focuses

Each creature has a certain skill in which they help you, and this can be either combat or non-combat skills - these are called 'skill focuses.' In the table below, the time each Familiar remains out is shown, the combat level is shown if the Familiar fights, and their skill focus is written with any additional information in the column beside it. Aside from Abyssal parasite, lurker and titan, every slot can hold one item or stack of items (you cannot give them non-tradeable items).

Some creatures have 'invisible' skill boosts. All this means is that the boost applies whilst they remain Summoned, rather than having to interact with them to activate it.

Familiars' Abilities and Skill Focuses
Summoning LevelPouch NameTime in MinutesCombat LevelSkill FocusAbilities
1 Spirit wolf 6 26 Attack -
4 Dreadfowl 4 26 Magic Farming boost (1)
10 Spirit spider 15 25 Forager/ controlled Forages for red spiders' eggs
13 Thorny snail 16 26 Ranged/Beast of Burden 3 slots
16 Granite crab 18 26 Forager/ Defence Forages for fish if the summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (1 - invisible)
17 Mosquito 12 32 Attack -
18 Desert wyrm 19 31 Forager/strength Forages for ores. Mining boost (1 - invisible)
19 Spirit scorpion 17 51 Controlled -
22 Spirit Tz-Kih 18 36 Magic Right click "despair" for the Tz-Kih to drain enemy player's Prayer rather than cause damage
23 Albino rat 22 37 Attack Stores cheese after using scroll (cheese feast)
25 Spirit kalphite 22 39 Beast of Burden 6 slots
28 Compost mound 24 37 Forager/strength Forages for compost and seeds. You can use a bucket on it to deal 20 damage and receive a bucket of compost. Farming boost (1+2% of your normal level)
29 Giant chinchompa 31 42 Ranged May explode in combat to damage nearby targets
31 Vampire bat 33 44 Controlled May heal itself when it causes damage. Light enhancer
32 Honey badger 25 45 Strength May attack again without delay
33 Beaver 27 N/A Forager Forages for logs and planks. Woodcutting boost (2 - invisible). Can be used as a knife if you're Fletching
34 Void ravager 27 46 Forager/strength Forages for ores. Mining boost (1) and mining boost (1 - invisible)
34 Void spinner 27 40 Healer/Defence Heals the Summoner 10hp every 15 seconds. Only fights in self Defence
34 Void shifter 94 46 Attack Acts as a Ring of Life - teleports you to Void Knight Outpost if your health drops below 10%
34 Void torcher 94 46 Magic Right click "strike" to cause 1 extra damage with its next attack
36 Bronze minotaur 30 50 Defence -
40 Bull ant 30 58 Beast of Burden/ controlled 9 slots
41 Macaw 31 N/A Forager Forages for herbs, and improves herb drops. Remote view
42 Evil turnip 30 62 Ranged/forager Forages for evil turnip slices. Can heal itself when using Ranged attacks
43 Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 36 64 Magic/forager Right click "drain" to drain an enemy's combat stat (depends on the cockatrice). Forages for cockatrice eggs
46 Iron minotaur 37 70 Defence -
46 Pyrelord 32 70 Strength Firemaking boost (3 - invisible). Counts as a tinderbox, with 10xp bonus per log
47 Magpie 34 N/A Forager Forages for jewelry
49 Bloated leech 34 76 Attack -
52 Spirit terrorbird 36 62 Beast of Burden/ controlled 12 slots
54 Abyssal parasite 30 86 Beast of Burden/ magic 7 slots for unnoted rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
55 Spirit jelly 43 88 Strength -
56 Ibis 38 N/A Forager Forages for fish if the Summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (3 - invisible)
56 Steel minotaur 46 90 Defence -
57 Spirit graahk 49 93 Strength Hunter boost (5 - invisible). If the graahk has to move to attack, it hits twice. Can teleport you to the horned graahk Hunter area
57 Spirit kyatt 49 93 Attack Hunter boost (5 - invisible). If called or Summoned straight into combat, it's first attack can be 3 times as powerful. Can teleport you to the Piscatoris Hunter area.
57 Spirit larupia 49 93 Controlled Hunter boost (5 - invisible). Can teleport you to the Feldip Hunter area
58 Karamthulhu overlord 44 95 Ranged Right click "drown" to hit opponent with a water spell
61 Smoke devil 48 101 Magic Right click "flames" to hit opponent with a fire spell
62 Abyssal lurker 41 93 Beast of Burden/ controlled 7 slots for unnoted rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
63 Spirit cobra 56 105 Attack -
64 Stranger plant 49 107 Controlled/ forager Farming boost (1+4% of your normal level). Forages for strange fruit
66 Barker toad 8 112 Strength Can be loaded with a cannonball and fired (right click "cannon")
66 Mithril minotaur 55 112 Defence -
67 War tortoise 43 86 Beast of Burden/ Defence 18 slots
68 Bunyip 44 70 Healer Heals 2hp every 15 seconds. Only fights in self Defence If you use raw fish on it, they will be turned into water runes
69 Fruit bat 45 N/A Forager Forages for fruit/seeds. Gathers fruit whilst on Karamja. Light enhancer
70 Ravenous locust 24 120 Attack Can eat your opponent's food. Remote view
71 Arctic bear 28 122 Controlled Hunter boost (7 - invisible). Counts as two pieces of arctic camouflage. Can teleport you to the Trollweiss/Rellekka Hunter area
73 Obsidian golem 55 126 Strength Mining boost (7 - invisible)
74 Granite lobster 47 129 Forager/Defence Forages for fish if the Summoner is fishing. Fishing boost (4 - invisible)
75 Praying mantis 69 131 Attack -
76 Adamant minotaur 66 133 Defence -
76 Forge regent 45 133 Ranged Counts as a tinderbox, with a 10xp bonus per log. Right click "fireball" to launch a magic attack that hits up to 6 enemies by up to 5 damage
77 Talon beast 49 135 Strength -
78 Giant ent 49 137 Controlled/ forager Increased yield when harvesting Player-grown fruit trees, belladonna and cacti. Forages for oak log. Can convert pure essence into nature or earth runes
79 Fire titan 62 139 Magic -
79 Ice titan 64 139 Attack -
79 Moss titan 58 139 Strength -
80 Hydra 49 141 Ranged -
83 Spirit dagannoth 57 148 Controlled May attack again without delay
83 Lava titan 61 148 Strength May inflict 5 extra damage with each attack. Firemaking boost (10 - invisible). Mining boost (10 - invisible). Can teleport you to the Lava Maze in the wilderness
85 Swamp titan 56 152 Attack -
86 Rune minotaur 151 154 Defence -
88 Unicorn stallion 54 70 Healer Use scrolls to heal. Right click "cure" to heal from poison and disease
89 Geyser titan 69 200 Ranged Ranged boost (1+3% of your current level). Use bowls on it to get bowls of hot water. Used amulets of glory on it to recharge them
92 Wolpertinger 62 210 Magic Hunter boost (5 - invisible). Gives a 5% Defence bonus against magic. Doubles experience and yield when harvesting berries
93 Abyssal titan 32 215 Beast of Burden 7 slots for rune/pure essence. Also slows the abyssal Prayer drain
95 Iron titan 60 220 Defence Defence boost (10% to stab, slash and crush Defence - invisible)
96 Pak yak 58 175 Beast of Burden/ strength 30 slots
99 Steel Titan 64 230 Ranged (15% to stab, slash and crush Defence - invisible)

Acquiring Ingredients

Some of the secondary ingredients are harder to acquire than others, and below is a list of where to get them. Remember that the Grand Exchange can be your best friend when leveling Summoning, if you don't mind spending extra to get the ingredients.

Material Charms

These act as any other material object, despite being called charms. All of these Charms are non-stackable.

Obsidian CharmObsidian Charms - only dropped by monsters in TzHaar.

Abyssal CharmAbyssal Charms - only dropped by creatures from The Abyss.

Ravager CharmShifter charmSpinner CharmTorcher CharmRavager, Shifter, Spinner and Torcher Charms - bought from the Void Knights at Void Knight Outpost for the cost of two Pest Control points each.

Talon Beast CharmTalon Beast Charm - found during Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble Activities.

Material Objects
ItemWhere to Obtain
Bagged Plant Bought from the Garden Supplier in Falador park. There are three variations of the plant, costing 1k, 5k and 10k respectively.
Bronze Claws Player Smithed (must have completed Death Plateau quest) or bought from the Lost and Found store in the Rogue's Den.
Carved Turnip Carved from an Evil turnip with a chisel, which can be grown using an Evil turnip seed in any allotment patch. Must have level 42 Farming to grow.
Chinchompa Caught using the Hunter skill with a box trap, level 53 required. They are found at the Piscatoris Hunter area.
Cockatrice Egg Drop from Cockatrice (level 37), level 25 Slayer required. Don't forget to bring your Mirror Shield!
Dagannoth Hide Dropped by the Dagannoths (combat level 90) and the Dagannoth kings (level 303) on Waterbirth Island.
Fishbowl Can be made from molten glass at level 43 Crafting.
Goat's Horn Dust Made by grinding desert goat's horn, which is a 100% drop from Goats and Billy goats in the Kharidian Desert. It is also dropped by Locust riders and Scarab magi, which you can find during and after the completion of the Contact! Quest.
Graahk, Kyatt and Larupia Fur Found by successfully trapping a graahk, kyatt or larupia with a pitfall trap. For more information on pitfall trapping, click here.
Granite (550g) Mined in the Quarry, which is found in the Desert (level 45 Mining required). The Quarry is used during the Enakhra's Lament Quest.
Honeycomb Taken from the beehives in Catherby, must have Insect Repellent in your inventory (found in a house north of the Catherby bank).
Polar Kebbit Fur Dropped by Polar kebbits, which can be caught with the Hunter skill (level 1 required).
Potato Cactus Respawns in areas of the Kalphite Lair, be warned of the level 85 Kalphite Soldiers (poison frequently); it is not recommended to collect them in the Kalphite Queen area, as the chances are, you will be killed!
Proboscis Found by killing mosquito swarms during the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup Activity.
Raw Bird Meat Obtained by successfully catching any bird with the Hunter skill. Can also be bought from the store in Oo'glog for 17gp.
Raw Thin Snail Found by killing Snails in Mort Myre swamp; be sure to bring a Silver sickle(b) to avoid the swamp decay effect. Must have started the Nature Spirit quest. It can also be bought from the general store in Burgh de Rott, so long as you have repaired and supplied it, during the In Aid of the Myreque Quest.
Red Flowers Bought from the Flower girl in Miscellania, or grown from Mithril seeds (bought from the Legend's Guild for 300gp each, given as a reward from the Waterfall Quest).
Ruby Harvest Caught using the Hunter skill with a butterfly net, level 15 required. For more information on using a butterfly net, click here.
Snake Hide Drop from Bush snakes during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Activity,, and Snakes found on Mos Le'Harmless (both combat level 35, poisonous). Both give Snake Hide as a 100% drop, but the snakes on Mos Le'Harmless are much easier to find, and so are a more efficient way of gathering hides.During the Temple Trekking Activity, you can obtain hides from snakes during the Snake Event by using a knife on their corpses after killing them.
Spider Carcass Found by killing Jungle spiders (level 44) on Karamja; be careful, they can poison, although rarely.
Swamp Lizard Caught with the Hunter skill, level 29 and a net trap required. For more information about net trapping, click here.
Swamp Toad There are 3 respawns at the southern end of Taverley, near the lake, and even more can be found in the north-westerly swamp of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Also dropped by Tortoises to the north of the swamp and in the Battlefield of Khazard, to the north of the Tree Gnome Village and south of Ardougne.
Tortoise Shell Sometimes dropped by the tortoises mentioned above, and also by Warped tortoises (level 96, requires 56 Slayer and a Crystal chime to kill) in the sewers that can be accessed during and after the Path of Glouphrie Quest.
Unicorn Horn 100% Drop from Unicorns and Black unicorns.
Vampire Dust 100% Drop from Vampires, found to the east of Canifis.
Water Orb Made by charging an Unpowered orb (made with molten glass, level 46 Crafting required) at the Water Obelisk.
Willow Branch Cut from player-grown Willow tree using secateurs (level 30 Farming required).
Yak Hide 100% Drop from the level 22 Yaks on Neitiznot.

It is advised to take into account the cost of the material item required before using this table to work out the expense of training. Charms are also a big factor when deciding upon a method of training; some Charms are much harder to come across than others.

Experience Per Shard
Summoning LevelPouch NameExperience Per Shard
1 Spirit wolf 0.69
4 Dreadfowl 1.16
10 Spirit spider 1.58
13 Thorny snail 1.4
16 Granite crab 3.09
17 Mosquito 46.5
18 Desert wyrm 0.69
19 Spirit scorpion 1.46
22 Spirit Tz-Kih 1.51
23 Albino rat 2.7
25 Spirit kalphite 4.31
28 Compost mound 1.06
29 Giant chinchompa 3.04
31 Vampire bat 1.68
32 Honey badger 1.68
33 Beaver 0.8
34 Void ravager, shifter, spinner and torcher 0.81
36 Bronze minotaur 3.11
40 Bull ant 4.8
41 Macaw 0.93
42 Evil turnip 1.78
43 Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 0.86
46 Iron minotaur 3.24
46 Pyrelord 1.82
47 Magpie 0.95
49 Bloated leech 1.84
52 Spirit terrorbird 5.7
54 Abyssal parasite 0.89
55 Spirit jelly 3.21
56 Ibis 0.91
56 Steel minotaur 3.5
57 Spirit graahk 3.26
57 Spirit kyatt 3.28
57 Spirit larupia 3.24
58 Karamthulhu overlord 3.54
61 Smoke devil 1.9
62 Abyssal lurker 0.92
63 Spirit cobra 2.39
64 Stranger plant 2.2
66 Barker toad 8.7
67 War tortoise 58.6
68 Bunyip 1.08
69 Fruit bat 0.93
70 Ravenous locust 1.67
71 Arctic bear 6.66
73 Obsidian golem 3.29
74 Granite lobster 1.96
75 Praying mantis 1.96
76 Adamant minotaur 4.64
76 Forge regent 0.95
77 Talon beast 5.83
78 Giant ent 1.46
79 Fire titan 3.51
79 Ice titan 3.51
79 Moss titan 3.44
80 Hydra 1.1
83 Spirit dagannoth 364.8
83 Lava titan 3.34
85 Swamp titan 2.49
86 Rune minotaur 756.8
88 Unicorn stallion 1.1
89 Geyser titan 3.53
92 Wolpertinger 1.99
93 Abyssal titan 1.44
95 Iron titan 2.11
96 Pack yak 2
99 Steel titan 2.45


If you are fed up of wandering round, mindlessly killing anything in your path, then you may want to get a pet. Then you can continue said killing, except that you will have a companion to keep you company! Pets do not require any Summoning Points to care for them, just a little food and attention.

Pet Stores

There are currently two pet stores in RuneScape, and they are found in Taverley and Yanille:


This is located South of the quest start point for the Wolf Whistle quest.

The pet store located in taverley


The Yanille pet store is between the Hunter store and the Wizards' Guild, near the center of the town.

The pet storel ocated in yanille

The pet shop owners sell an infinite supply of the following items for 10gp each:

  • Nuts: Used to feed squirrels, and also helps when catching them by using them with a Net trap (level 60 Summoning and 27 Hunter required).
  • Flies: Used to feed Baby Geckos, and helps when catching them with a Box trap (level 10 Summoning and 27 Hunter). Also feeds Chameleons.
  • Beetle Bits: Used to feed Adult Geckos.

The pet store owner, when spoken too, will also sell you a dog of your choice for 500gp.

How much is that puppy in the window?

Pet Interface

When you have got your pet, you can choose to "drop" it. This will not get rid of it, but allows your pet to follow you. You can access the Pet Interface the same way as you would the Familiar Interface, by clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner; they are quite similar.

The pet interface
  1. Call Pet - Makes your pet appear beside you.
  2. Dismiss Pet - If you confirm, your pet will disappear and you will not be able to get the same one again. You will have to get another and start caring for it from the beginning!
  3. Pet Growth Percentage - Shows how close your pet is to growing to its next stage. For most pets, at 100% it becomes fully grown, but several pets have more than one stage. For example, when you hatch a Guthix Raptor, it will start off as a chick, grow into a bird, and then become a fully grown Raptor. Pets only grow when you are logged in. If your pet is fully grown, the icon will show "NA" (as seen in the picture).
  4. Pet Hunger - You must feed your pet in order for it to survive! The higher this percentage, the hungrier your pet is. Different pets eat different food, as shown in the table below.
  5. Pet Name and Picture

Finding and Feeding Pets

The pictures shown are just one color of each Pet - some of them can have different variations (colors). To obtain a different color dog, you would have to dismiss your current one and purchase a new one.

Finding and Feeding Pets
Summoning LevelPet NameBaby PictureAdult PictureFoodLocation
4 Bulldog Bulldog puppy Bulldog Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Dalmatian Dalmation puppy Dalmation Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Greyhound Gryhound puppy Greyhound Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Labrador Labrador puppy Labrador Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Sheepdog Sheepdog baby Sheepdog Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Terrier Terrier puppy Terrier Raw meat (not fish or chicken) Pet stores
4 Rune Guardian Baby Rune Guardian Adult Rune Guardian Enter a rune altar to feed it. Reward from Rune Mechanics
4 Creeping Hand     Leather Gloves Purchased from Soul Wars for 5 Zeal.
4 Baby Basilisk     Eye of Newt  Purchased from Soul Wars for 40 Zeal.
4 Baby Kurask     Bones  Purchased from Soul Wars for 70 Zeal.
4 Abyssal Minion     Ashes Purchased from Soul Wars for 85 Zeal.
10 Gecko Gecko baby Gecko Eats flies as a baby, beetle bits as an adult Hunted on the north-eastern side of Karamja (near the shipyard), level 27 and a box trap required.
10 Platypus Platypus baby Platypus Raw fish/fishing bait (ground in baby form) Hunted with a box trap after completing the As a First Resort Quest. You must be holding burning Lavender to attract them.
30 Penguin Penguin baby Penguin Raw fish Egg is obtained from the Penguin minder in the Ardougne Zoo.
40 Giant crab Crab baby Crab Raw fish Obtained from Nung in the Mogre Encampment, found during the Recipe for Disaster Quest. You must have a Crunchy claw token, which is a drop from Mogres.
50 Raven Raven baby Raven Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait as an adult Egg found in Bird's nests from Woodcutting.
60 Squirrel Squirrel baby Squirrel Eats nuts Hunted to the west of Barbarian Village, level 29 Hunter and a net trap baited with Nuts required.
70 Guthix raptor Raptor baby Raptor Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait when older Egg found in Bird's nests from Woodcutting.
70 Saradomin owl Owl baby Owl Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait when older Egg found in Bird's nests from Woodcutting.
70 Zamorak hawk Hawk baby Hawk Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait when older Egg found in Bird's nests from Woodcutting.
80 Raccoon Raccoon baby Raccoon Raw meat and fish Hunted to the east of Barbarian Village, level 27 Hunter and a box trap required.
85 Vulture Vulture baby Vulture Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait as an adult Egg obtained by killing Vultures in the Desert.
90 Chameleon Chameleon baby Chameleon Eats flies Egg found on Cairn Isle, near Shilo Village.
95 Monkey Monkey baby Monkey Eats bananas Hunted on Karamja, level 27 Hunter and a box trap baited with a banana required.
99 Baby dragon Dragon baby Dragon Eats lots of raw meat, fish or chicken Egg dropped by the various Dragons throughout RuneScape. It is possible to get different colored Dragons, depending on what you are killing.

Raising Pets

Even though your pet may be nothing more than pixels and coding, it still has to be fed! Every pet gets hungry in its younger form, and each has its own food requirements. Some Pets, such as adult cats (from the Gertrude's Cat Quest (no Summoning level required) do not need to be fed when they are older.

By looking at your follower's Hunger Percentage, you can see how hungry it is. You shouldn't let your pet get too hungry, as if it begins to starve (at 100% hunger) it will run away, and you will have to acquire a new one.

Since every pet needs to be fed a certain type of food, you should probably find out what to feed your Pet before you get one. The table below also shows where to find your pet (click the thumbnails for more detail).

The vast majority of Pets have two forms (baby and adult) and take 10 hours in game to raise, but the 'God Birds' (Zamorak hawk, Guthix Raptor and Saradomin Owl) have three forms (chick, bird and hawk/raptor/owl) and so they take 20 hours to raise in game.

Note: You can only have one follower out at a time, and the number of pets you can have increases with your Summoning level. This starts at 1 pet at level 4, and with every 10 Summoning levels, you can raise one more pet.

Note on Eggs: Eggs are a random yield from Bird's nests obtained from Woodcutting. They must be found when cutting trees or with the Managing Miscellania Activity (when collecting maple logs, you may receive a nest), rather than by exchanging Mole skin / claws with Wyson, if you wish to get one of the three colored eggs or a Raven egg. All eggs must be incubated in the Incubator at either the Yanille or Taverley Pet Stores.


There are various types of headgear that you can wear at different Summoning levels. Three of these are specifically designed for this purpose (Antlers, Lizard skull and Feathered headdresses), and the rest can be converted (and unconverted) by Pikkupstix. When converted, they cannot be traded, and have the ability to hold scrolls, and they will also look a little lighter than the original helmet. Each of these can store a different number of scrolls, and activate when you are in combat and have the Familiar Summoned that matches said scrolls.

Only Combat scrolls can be stored in headgear. The headgear becomes 'charged' when you use scrolls on them, but become uncharged again by removing the scrolls. Below are the three specific items of headgear, and the tables show the other items that can be enchanted by Pikkupstix:


Antlers (charged)Summoning level 10 required, can store up to 40 scrolls. Bought from Summoning Stores for 100gp.

Lizard Skull

Lizard SkullLizard SkullSummoning level 30 required, can store up to 65 scrolls. Bought from Summoning Stores for 200gp.

Feather Headdresses

HeaddressHeaddressHeaddressHeaddressHeaddressSummoning level 50 required, can store up to 150 scrolls. Crafted from a Coif and 20 colored feathers (i.e. Red, Brown, Stripy; obtained from bird snaring with the Hunter skill), level 79 Crafting Required.

Enchantable Headgear
PictureHeadgearScroll CapacityRequired Levels
Adamant Full Helm Adamant Full Helm 50 20 Summoning, 40 Defence
Slayer Helm Slayer Helm 50 20 Summoning, 10 Defence, 35 Slayer
Snakeskin Bandana Snakeskin bandana 50 20 Summoning, 30 Defence, 30 Ranged
Splitbark Helm Splitbark helm 50 30 Summoning, 40 Defence, 40 Magic
Rune Full Helm Rune full helm 60 30 Summoning, 50 Defence
Berserker Helm Berserker helm 70 35 Summoning, 45 Defence
Warrior Helm Warrior helm 70 35 Summoning, 45 Defence
Archer Helm Archer helm 70 35 Summoning, 45 Defence
Farseer Helm Farseer helm 70 35 Summoning, 45 Defence
Helm of Neitiznot Helm of Neitiznot 90 45 Summoning, 55 Defence
Dragon Med Helm Dragon med helm 110 50 Summoning, 60 Defence
Lunar Helm Lunar helm 110 55 Summoning, 40 Defence, 65 Magic
Armadyl helm Armadyl helm 120 60 Summoning, 70 Defence, 70 Ranged


Bogrog's Exchange

In Gu'Tanoth, you can "swap" pouches with Bogrog - he will give you 70% of the shards used to create the pouch/pouches back to you. He accepts pouches in noted form, and the amount of shards you will receive is rounded up. For example, the Pyrelord needs 111 shards to be created, and you will receive 78 (111*0.7=77.7) shards. Each type of pouch requires a different level to swap, which can be calculated using the following formula:

(9 * [level to make pouch] + 111) / 10

Swap Stranger Plant pouch

Summoning Potions

Summoning potionSummoning potions can be used to restore a percentage of your Summoning points with each dose, like a Prayer potion (7-31 points, depending on your level). You can make them by adding a clean spirit weed and a Cockatrice egg to a vial of water.

Speaking to Your Pets

When you are ten levels above the required Summoning level to Summon, buy, or catch your familiar/pet, you will be able to understand them, but you will need a M'Speak Amulet to understand monkeys (obtained during the Monkey Madness Quest). Therefore you will never be able to understand creatures that require a Summoning level of 90+ (you cannot use the Summoning boost that comes with the skill cape to talk to them, either), and this does not apply to the Abyssal creatures, who will always talk a garbled language.

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