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Woodcutting is a skill in RuneScape that requires players to cut down trees in order to obtain experience as well as logs. Along with it being one of the first skills since RuneScape Classic, woodcutting benefits both the player and other skills. Without it, skills such as Fletching or Firemaking would not be possible.

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The Basics

On Tutorial Island, you learn how to cut trees by clicking on a regular tree with a Bronze Axe in your inventory (or equipped). This yields a set of regular logs, which has various uses such as creating a fire or fletching a bow. The tree also disappears for a short while until it "respawns" or grows back.

Once you start cutting trees such as oak and higher, you'll be able to swing more often and obtain more logs before the tree disappears. The higher your woodcutting level and the better your axe, the quicker you will obtain logs.

Chopping a Willow Tree


There are nine different types of woodcutting hatchets, each with its own level requirements to use. The better the hatchet, the faster you will be able to chop down trees.

PictureHatchetWoodcutting Level
Bronze Hatchet Bronze 1
Iron Hatchet Iron 1
Steel Hatchet Steel 6
Black Hatchet Black 6
Mithril Hatchet Mithril 21
Adamant Hatchet Adamant 31
Rune Hatchet Rune 41
Dragon Hatchet Dragon 61
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 61

Inferno Adze

The Inferno of Adze is a reward from the Activity All Fired Up. It requires 61 woodcutting, 92 firemaking and 41 mining to wield, and is the equivalent of a dragon woodcutting axe and a rune pick axe. The item can be used as a mining pick axe, as well as a woodcutting axe. When woodcutting, there will be a 25.6% chance of burning the next log you cut and receive Firemaking experience.


Machetes are mainly used to chop through the Jungle Brush on Karamja Island. There are no requirements to use these, but the types of brush you can cut will require you to have a specific Woodcutting level (those are included below).

To get these, you can either buy them from Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai with Trading Sticks, or you can have them made by Safta Doc if you bring him the materials.

PictureMacheteRequired Materials
Machete Regular None
Opal Machete Opal · 300 Trading Sticks
· 3 Opals cut/uncut
· 1 Gout Tuber Plant
Jade machete Jade · 600 Trading Sticks
· 3 Jades cut/uncut
· 1 Gout Tuber Plant
Red Topaz Machete Red Topaz · 1200 Trading Sticks
· 3 Red Topaz cut/uncut
· 1 Gout Tuber Plant


Throughout RuneScape there are 21 types of trees to be cut, with the exception of the Kharidian Cactus. Rare trees (those which require 35+ Woodcutting) are marked with a (Uncommon Trees icon) icon on your in-game map to help you locate them.

PictureLogsTreeWoodcutting LevelWoodcutting ExperienceLocations & Special Uses
Tree Logs Tree 1 25 Throughout RuneScape
Dead tree Logs Dead 1 25 Draynor Manor, the Wilderness.
Achey tree Achey Tree Logs Achey 1 25 Castle Wars, Feldip Hills. Used in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.
Scrapey tree Scrapey Tree Logs Scrapey 1 25 Only found during Trouble Brewing. It's worth noting that unlike other level 1 trees, the Scrapey Tree has multiple logs.
Kharidian cactus Waterskin (4) Kharidian Cactus 1 10 Found in the Kharidian Desert, and cut with a Knife.
Light jungle Thatch Spar Light Light Jungle 10 32 Tai Bwo Wannai
Oak tree Oak Logs Oak 15 37.5 Throughout RuneScape
Medium jungle Thatch Spar Medium Medium Jungle 20 55 Tai Bwo Wannai
Willow tree Willow Logs Willow 30 67.5 South of the Legend's Guild, Draynor Village, Rimmington, Lumbridge, around Seer's Village, Daemonheim Woodcutting Island.
Teak tree Teak Logs Teak 35 85 Tai Bwo Wannai, Mos Le' Harmless (through the Cave of Horrors), Ape Atoll, South-west of Castle Wars, Kharazi Jungle, Uzer.
Dense jungle Thatch Spar Dense Dense Jungle 35 80 Tai Bwo Wannai
Dramen tree Dramen Branch Dramen 36 - Entrana Dungeon; used to make Dramen Staffs in the Lost City Quest. Also used to get Cinnamon during Recipe for Disaster: Part 8 Sir Amik Varze
Swaying tree Branch Swaying 40 1 Only found in Rellekka; used to make Lyres.
Maple tree Maple Logs Maple 45 100 Seers' Village, Miscellania, around Rellekka, Daemonheim Woodcutting Island.
Hollow tree Bark Hollow 45 82.5 Swamp east of Canifis to make Splitbark Armor.
Mahogany tree Mahogany Logs Mahogany 50 125 Tai Bwo Wannai, Mos Le' Harmless (Through Cave of Horrors), Ape Atoll.
Arctic pine tree Arctic Pine Logs Arctic Pine 54 40 Neitiznot island (during the Fremennik Isles quest). Used to make Fremennik shields
Dramen Dream Logs Dream 55 37 Found only in Dreamland during the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.
Eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus Logs Eucalyptus 58 165 West of Oo'Glog
Yew tree Yew Logs Yew 60 175 South of Camelot, south of Falador, Edgeville, Seers' Village, behind Varrock Castle.
- - Ivy 68 332.5 North wall of Varrock Castle; near the Varrock tree patch; north and south walls of Falador; east wall of the East Ardougne church; south wall of Castle Wars; southeast wall of Taverley; north wall of Yanille
Magic tree Magic Logs Magic 75 250 Tree Gnome Stronghold, south of Seers' Village, near the Ranging Guild, in the Mage Training Arena, southwest of Lletya.
Cursed magic tree Cursed Magic Logs Cursed Magic 82 275 The Spirit Realm. Requires the completion of the Spirit of Summer quest and is accessed through the village portal.


Canoes are yet another way to get from place to place in RuneScape, and they allow you to travel up and down the River Lum. There are currently four types of canoes players are able to make; the higher the level, the better. One of the destinations (the one in the wilderness) can lead to 30+ wild, so be careful when choosing!

Canoe Stations

To travel by canoe, just visit any of the above four areas. Chop the Canoe Tree and choose the 'Shape Canoe' option. The better the canoe, the farther it will go.

What sort of canoe would you like to make?

Each type of canoe requires a particular Woodcutting level to make, and gives a certain amount of experience:

CanoeWoodcutting LevelWoodcutting Experience
Log 12 30
Dugout 27 60
Stable Dugout 42 90
Waka 57 150

For more detailed information on canoes, please see the Canoe Guide.

Helpful Equipment

Lumberjack Clothing

Lumberjack equipmentLumberjack clothing, when worn, will give a woodcutting bonus: you will receive more experience per log than usual. The clothing is obtained during the Temple Trekking Activity and is rather hard to get. You will need 44 woodcutting to wear these clothes.

Rabbit Foot Necklace

Strung Rabbit FootWhile wearing this necklace, your chances of receiving a birds' nest are significantly increased. So if you're going for 99 woodcutting, this would be ideal! This necklace is made by catching a rabbit and then using a ball of wool on it to obtain a Strung rabbit Foot.

Seers' Headband

Seer's Headband 3The Seer's Headband 1 is a reward from completing the Seers' Village Easy Task set. When worn, players will receive an extra set of logs when cutting regular trees. Additionally, when players wear the Seer's Headband 2 or Seer's Headband 3, they will receive ten extra experience when cutting Maple trees.

Other Features

Bird Nests

Bird Nest (red egg)Sometimes while while chopping a tree, a bird's nest might fall out. When searched, you may find seeds ranging from acorns to magic tree seeds. Other rewards include Summoning eggs, which can be put into in incubator and hatched. Nests can also be used with a pestle and mortar and turned into a 'crushed birds' nest' which can be used to make a saradomin brew.

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