Bonus Experience Weekend Calculator

By: Neo Avatars

During Bonus XP Weekend events, players receive extra experience while training skills. These events typically take place over a weekend, beginning on Friday and ending on the following Monday. While training during the event, players initially receive 2.7 times the regular experience for performing a given task. Over a period of ten hours of playing, the bonus experience will gradually decrease to 1.1 times the normal experience. Experience rewards from quests, distractions and diversions, miniquests, or Random Events are not subject to earning extra experience during Bonus XP Weekend.

Jagex normally announces the upcoming Bonus XP Weekend several days in advance of the event, to give players time to gather materials for training. Doing so will allow players to plan their training, gather any items needed for their training activities, and maximize the experience earned during the Bonus XP Weekend event. Use this calculator to find out how much experience you will earn whilst training during the next Bonus XP Weekend.

Bonus XP Weekend Calculator

Using the Calculator

To use the calculator, you just have to enter in the experience a task will normally provide, the time the task takes and how long you will have spent in-game before starting the task. Having entered the data, simply hit the "Calculate!" button to find out what the average multiplier will be over the course of completing the task and how much experience you will gain.

  • Normal XP: The experience you would normally gain by completing a task. This information can be found in the Skill Guides.
  • Task Length: The amount of time the task takes to complete.
  • Start Time: The amount of time you will have spent in-game during the weekend before starting the task.
  • Summoning Task: Tick if the task provides Summoning xp since you will only be given 10% bonus xp throughout the whole weekend

Previous Bonus XP Weekend Events

There have been four Bonus XP Weekend events in the past, including:

  1. 12 March 2010 through 15 March 2010
  2. 3 September 2010 through 7 September 2010
  3. 11 March 2011 through 14 March 2011
  4. 9 September 2011 through 12 September 2011

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