Tasks, formerly known as "Achievement Diaries," consist of a series of challenges given by NPCs in order to test a player's knowledge of the area. Tasks for each area are divided into four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and elite. The further a player progresses through the task list, the more difficult the tasks get, and higher-level skills, advanced quests, and extensive knowledge on the area will be required in order to continue. Tasks are marked on the in-game map with a Task icon (Task icon) resembling a green star.

Icon Title Member Status
Ardougne Ardougne Members
Falador Falador Members
Fremennik Province Fremennik Province Members
Karamja Karamja Members
Lumbridge and Draynor Lumbridge and Draynor Freeplay
Seers' Village Seers' Village Members
Varrock Varrock Members

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