Seers' Village

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That's right, the sixth set of Tasks from Jagex is out. This time it focuses on Seers' Village and its surrounding areas. This Diary is only available to members. The tasks range from Easy to Hard, varying from level difficulties and quests you need to complete in order to do specific tasks. Of course, after completing all of the tasks, you get that awesome reward for all of your hard work. Please note that the guide will go in the order Jagex has written them. At the start of each section is the recommended way to do the tasks.

Essential Info

The following are the combined requirements to fully complete all difficulty levels for this set of Tasks. Individual requirements to complete all Tasks for a specific difficulty level are listed under the corresponding Task section.

Start Point

Talk to any Seer in Seers' Village, Sir Kay in the Camelot Castle courtyard, or Stankers, at the Coal Trucks west of Seers' Village.


Getting Started

To begin the diary talk to one of the three people below:

Seer: Talk to any Seer in Seers' Village.


Stankers: Talk to Stankers near the Coal Trucks.


Sir Kay: Talk to Sir Kay in the Camelot Castle Courtyard.

Sir kay

Easy Tasks

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Map of Locations

Click to view a fulll-sized map

The Tasks

Quickest Method to Complete:

1 - 11 - 5 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 9 - 8 - 3 - 7 - 10 - 12

1. Pick 5 flax from the flax field
For this task you won't need to bring anything along. Make sure you have 5 free inventory spaces. Go to the flax field and pick five pieces of flax. Remember to save the flax for a later task.

Pick 5 flax

2. Walk clockwise around the big mysterious statue
East of the bank and south of the Camelot Castle will you find the mysterious statue. Once you find it, walk around it clock-wise. It has been known to have to make several attempts.

Walk around the mysterious statue

3. Have Sir Galahad make you a cup of tea
Head west until you hit McGrubor's Wood. Once you get there, locate Sir Galahad's house, found west of the Woods. Go inside and speak with Galahad. While talking to him, he will put a cup of tea on for you and give it to you at the end of your conversation.

Sir galahad

4. Take the poison chalice to King Arthur
Go and grab your poison chalice. If you don't already have a Poison Chalice, you'll need to talk to Stankers at the Coal Trucks, west of McGrubor's woods. Say "Hello Stankers" to him and then accept the Poison Chalice. Head to the Camelot Castle. Once there look around for King Arthur, somewhere in the northernmost room on the first floor. Once you find him, use the poison chalice on him to complete the task.

King arthur

5. Spin five bow strings
Now go and get the five flax you picked earlier. Just south of the bank and north-west of the flax fields you can find a building with a spinning wheel. The spinning wheel is upstairs. Go there and spin the flax into regular bow strings. This takes 10 Crafting.

Spinning wheel

6. Fill five pots with flour from Sinclair Mansion
Once you get five pots, follow the path that is just east of the bank, and head north until you reach Sinclair Mansion. Fill your pot up the same way you did during Murder mystery. If you need a refresher, see what you need to do here.

Barrel of flour

7. Give five locals a glass of cider in the Forester's Arms
You cannot buy the Ciders from the Pub. You'll need to obtain them beforehand, either by making them, buying them from the Pub under Miscellania or from another player. Simply go to the pub in western Seers' Village and use a Cider on a Man or Woman. You can use all five on the same person. Be careful not to accidentally drink the Ciders.

Man: Ah, a glass of cider, that's very generous of you.

8. Plant some jute
You'll need a Rake, a Seed Dibber, and 3 Jute Seeds. The Jute doesn't have to survive, so it doesn't matter if you use Compost or not. The Hops patch is north-west of Seers' Village, north of the coal cart tracks. Clear the patch and then use the seeds on it. It takes 16 Farming to do this.

Jute plants

9. Use the churn in the Sinclair Mansion garden
Take an empty Bucket to the Sinclair Mansion, north-east of Seers' Village. Milk the cow inside their gardens to fill it with milk, and then use it on the Churn north of the Cows. Make anything. Cream requires 21 Cooking, Butter requires 38, and Cheese takes 48. You can also bring Cream or Butter and turn it into the next stage.

Dairy churn

10. Buy a candle from the candle-maker
Withdraw 3 Gold from the bank and head to the Candle-Maker in the westernmost building in Catherby. Trade with him and buy a White Candle.

Candle shop

11. Pray at the Seers' Village altar
The Seer's Village altar is located in the southernmost building in Seers' Village. Simply make sure you have less than full Prayer Points and pray at the altar to recharge them.


12. Catch a mackerel
Go to the Fishing Shop in Catherby and buy a Big Fishing Net. Go south to the shore and Net fish from the spot with the two options, "Net" and "Harpoon" this spot. You will catch a Mackerel eventually. This takes 16 Fishing.

Fishing for mackerel


The seer hands you a strange-looking headband and a rusty lamp.

Seers' headbandSeers' Headband:

  • This headband acts as a weak light source when equipped.
  • When worn, you can get 30 noted flax each day from Geoffrey. You can find Geoffrey wandering around the flax fields.
  • While cutting regular Trees around Seers' Village, you will get two Logs per Tree instead of one. You only get the XP for one log however.
  • The Coal Trucks now hold 140 Coal, instead of the original 120 Coal.

XP Lamp1,000 XP Lamp:

  • Can be used on any skill above level 30.

Medium Tasks

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Average Ranged Armour, 120x Coal, Combat Armour, Weapon

Map of Locations

Map of medium task locations

The Tasks

Quickest Method to Complete:

1 - 6 - 10 - 4 - 5 - 3 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 2 - 11 - 12

1. Use the Sinclair Mansion to Fremennik Agility shortcut
Starting in the Seers' Village bank, follow the path east and then north to the Sinclair Mansion. Follow the fence along the western side of the mansion north. Beware of Wolves (level 64). You'll come to a river with a log across it. Cross this log. It will require 48 Agility.

Walking across a log

2. Talk to Thormac the Sorcerer about making mystic staves
Thormac is the wizard involved in the Scorpion Catcher quest. His tower is located directly south of Seers' Village and slightly north-west of the Legend's Guild. If you have completed Scorpion Catcher, simply talk to him and ask him about Battlestaffs

Thormac the sorceror

3. Transport a full load (120 pieces) of coal to Seers' Village
You will need either a pickaxe or 120 Coal in your bank to complete this task. You can find the coal trucks by following the coal truck cart tracks north-west of Seers' Village. The trucks themselves are located across the river west of McGrubor's Woods. You have two options to complete this task, either go there and mine 120 Coal and deposit it in the Carts, or run back and forth from the bank to do it. The closest bank is in the Fishing Guild, but you can also use the one in Seers' Village. Coal takes 30 Mining to mine.

Coal truck

4. Find the highest point in Seer's Village
During the quest One Small Favour, one of your tasks is to repair the weathervane on top of the house with the Spinning Wheel in it. You will have to have completed up to at least this part of that quest to do this task. Simply climb the ladders to complete this task.

The highest point in seers' village

5. Defeat each type of elemental in the Elemental Workshop
These monsters are level 34 and 35. To have access to them, you must have started Elemental Workshop I and found the Battered Key. Go to the building in Seers' Village with the anvil inside. "Open" the odd looking wall in the north with the stairs behind it. Go down. The monsters are located directly north, east, south, and west of the stairs. Kill one of each and proceed.


6. Teleport to Camelot
You'll need one Law Rune and 5 Air Runes for this task. From almost anywhere in RuneScape, use the Camelot Teleport spell, requiring 45 Magic. This task is best completed while doing another task.

Camelot teleport location

7. Kill one guard on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a longbow
For this task, get your best Ranged armour, a regular Longbow, and around 200 Bronze or Iron Arrows. The items for this task are very specific. Follow the path in Seers' Village west until you reach the Ranging Guild, which requires 40 Ranged to enter. In the middle of the guild, there is a ladder. Climb up it. To the north, east, south, and west, there are towers with archers in them. They are levels 19, 34, 49, and 64. Kill one of each. Because you are using such weak weapons, beware of taking too long. If you plan to use Prayer, a Prayer Potion might be necessary.

Range guild guards

8. Have the Ranging Guild competition judge congratulate you for acquiring over 1,000 archery tickets
You will need around 6,000 gold depending on your Ranged level, or 1,000 Archery Tickets, which can be bought from other players. Head to the south side of the Ranging Guild. If you have the money, talk to the Competition Judge and say you want to participate. Fire the Bronze Arrows he gives you at one of the targets. You'll get 1 ticket for every 10 points you score. This should take around 20-30 attempts depending on your Ranged level. If you have the tickets, simply talk to the Competition Judge and the task will be completed.

Range guild targets

9. Buy something from the Ticket Exchange in the Ranging Guild
Using the tickets from task #8, find one of the Ticket Merchants just inside of the entrance to the Ranging Guild. You can buy anything you want from them, and you don't have to spend all 1,000 of the tickets.

Ranging guild ticket exchange

10. Use a familiar to make a maple fire within Seers' Village
You will need either a Pyrelord Pouch, 46 Summoning, or a Forge Regent Pouch, 76 Summoning, and a Maple Log for this task. Standing somewhere in Seers' Village, near the bank is the safest place, summon your familiar and use the log on your familiar. It will light it and complete the task. It takes 45 Firemaking to light the Maple Log.

Fire from maple logs

11. Get a pet fish from Harry
You will need a Fishbowl, which can be obtained from blowing glass or from other players, some Seaweed, from Big Net fishing or bought from Arheim, and 10 gold for this. Use the Fishbowl on a water source then use the Seaweed on it to finish the home. Now, go talk to the owner of Catherby's fishing store and ask if you can have a pet fish for your fishbowl. He will sell you a Tiny Fishing Net for 10 gold. Go to the small fishing ponds in his store and fish in them. This will complete the task. Now you can play with or talk at your fish. To get rid of it, simply drop the bowl.

Harry's aquarium

12. Catch and cook a bass in Catherby
Buy a Big Fishing Net from the fishing shop in Catherby. Go south of the store to the shore and fish in the spot that has the two options of "Net" and "Harpoon". You will catch a Bass. Go to the Catherby range and use the Bass on it. This takes 46 Fishing and 43 Cooking.

Cooking a bass


Seers' headband 2Seers' Headband 2:

  • While worn, you can get 60 noted flax each day from Geoffrey in the flax fields.
  • When cutting Maples around Seers' Village, you will receive 110xp per log, rather than the normal 100xp.
  • While cutting regular Trees around Seers' Village, you will get two Logs per Tree instead of one. You only get the XP for one log however.
  • This headband acts as a light source, stronger than the first version.
  • The Coal Trucks now hold 168 Coal.

XP Lamp5,000 XP Lamp:

  • Can be used in any skill above level 40.

Hard Tasks

Essential Info


Map of Locations

Map of hard task locations

The Tasks

Quickest Method to Complete:

1 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 6 - 7 - 5 - 10 - 11 - 8 - 9

1. Teleport to the Ranging Guild
This task requires a Combat Bracelet, an enchanted Dragonstone Bracelet, with at least one charge on it. Simply rub the bracelet and choose to teleport to the Ranging Guild. If you need to recharge the bracelet, you will have to use it on the Totem Pole in the Legend's Guild.

Ranging guild teleport location

2. Cut five sets of yew logs
To cut these logs, you'll need a Woodcutting Axe of some kind. Outside of the monastery in Seers' Village, located south-east of the bank, there are four Yew Trees. Chop 5 logs and the task will complete. It takes 60 Woodcutting to cut Yew Trees.

Yew tree

3. Fletch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village Bank
Get a Magic Log and a Knife. Use the Knife on the Magic Log and select the Magic Shortbow. Then add a bowstring to the bow. Make sure that you are within the Seers' Village bank when you do this. Also note that this requires 80 Fletching to do.

Fletch a magic shortbow

4. Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with your Piety prayer turned on
Make sure you have at least a few Prayer Points for this task. Head to the courthouse, the south-easternmost building in the Village. Once inside, simply activate the Piety Prayer. Remember, to unlock this Prayer, you will need to complete the short Activity after the King's Ransom quest. Piety takes 70 Prayer to use.

Piety prayer

5. Use the fairy ring in McGrubor's Wood
You'll need a Dramen Staff or a Lunar Staff for this. You'll also need to have started Fairy Tale Part II. McGrubor's Woods are directly west of Seers' Village. The only way in is through a broken railing near the building. Squeeze through it, then run around the grove to the transportation sign. Beware of the Guard Dogs (level 44). To complete this task, simply use the ring to teleport to Zanaris. To return to McGrubor's Woods for the rest of the diary, the code is "A - L - S".

Mcgrubbor's wood fairy ring

6. Burn a magic log in Seers' Village
Obtain a Magic Log and a Tinderbox. Stand somewhere in Seers' Village and light it. The safest place that is definitely "in Seers' Village" is right outside of the bank. It takes 75 Firemaking to light Magic Logs.

Magic log fire

7. High Alch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village bank
With a Magic Shortbow, a Nature Rune, and either 5 Fire Runes or a Staff of Fire in your inventory, stand in the bank. If you have the staff, equip it. Cast High Alchemy (55 Magic) on the Magic Shortbow. It will destroy the shortbow and give you 960 Gold.

High alching a magic shortbow

8. Catch five sharks in Catherby
Head to the shore south-east of Catherby with a Harpoon in your inventory. If you have done the Barbarian Fishing Training, you won't need a Harpoon. Harpoon on the spot that has two options, "Net" and "Harpoon" until you've caught 5 Sharks. 76 Fishing is required to harpoon Sharks.


9. Cook five sharks in Catherby using the Cooking Gauntlets
Equip your Cooking Gauntlets. These are obtained by paying Caleb in Catherby 25,000 Gold to enchant the Gauntlets given as a reward for Family Crest. If you lose the Gauntlets, talk to Dimintheis in south-east Varrock. Unless you have 94 Cooking or higher, you might want to bring extra Sharks in case you burn one or two. Cook the Sharks on the Range in Catherby. It takes 80 Cooking to cook them.

Cooking sharks

10. Charge five water orbs in one go
Get five Uncharged Orbs, made by blowing glass, 15 Cosmic Runes, 150 Water Runes, your Dusty Key, and an Anti-Poison in case of poison. You might want to bring a Crossbow and Mithril Grapple to get off the island easily and to complete task #11. You also might consider bringing an Anti-Dragonfire Shield or a Dragonfire Shield, you will be walking past Dragons. Head to the Taverley dungeon, south of Taverley and north-west of Falador. Follow the dungeon around, past Lesser Demons, through the door, past the Blue Dragons to the Black Demons. Go north of these and then head east to the Black Dragons. This map will show you the paths. Climb up the ladder near the Black Dragons. You'll be on an island south of Catherby. Use the Enchant Water Orb spell (56 Magic) on the Water Obelisk five times to enchant the orbs.

Charging water orbs

11. Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk island to Catherby shore
The easiest way to do this task is to bring the Crossbow and Mithril Grapple required along with you while you do task #10. If you don't, follow the steps in that walkthrough to get to the island. Select to "Grapple" the tree on the opposite shore from the island, back on the mainland. This will require 39 Ranged, 36 Agility, and 22 Strength.

Using a grapple


Seers' headband 3Seers' Headband 3:

  • While worn, you can get 120 noted flax each day from Geoffrey in the flax fields.
  • When cutting Maples around Seers' Village, you will receive 110xp per log, rather than the normal 100xp.
  • When you use the Seers' Village Altar, you will restore your Prayer Points to slightly over their normal maximum.
  • When you wear this headband and use the Teleport to Camelot spell, you will teleport to the middle of Seers' Village.
  • Thormac will now enchant your battle staves for a cheaper price.
  • While cutting regular Trees around Seers' Village, you will get two Logs per Tree instead of one. You only get the XP for one log however.
  • This headband acts as an even stronger light source than the previous two versions.
  • The Coal Trucks now hold 196 Coal.

XP Lamp10,000 XP Lamp:

  • Can be used on any skill above level 50.

ExcaliburEnchanted Excalibur:

Once you have completed the Hard tasks, take Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake in Taverley. She will enchant it, making it even stronger and making its special even more potent. The new special will provide twice the Defence bonus that it previously did, and it will also heal you 200 Life Points over a short period of time. The stats for this new Excalibur are listed below.

The lady of the lake reaches out and touches the blade Excalibur...
Enchanted Excalibur Stats
Item Attack / Defence Stab Slash Crush Magic Summoning Range Strength Prayer
Attack +38 +47 -2 0 0 0 +45 0
Defence 0 +3 +2 +1 0 0

Complete Walkthrough

This section focuses on completing the entire Diary, all three sections, in the least amount of time possible. There is no point in following this walkthrough if you do not already meet all the requirements for the entire Diary. To find the requirements, look here. This walkthrough assumes that you have already talked to one of these people and are now ready to complete all of the tasks.

This map merely shows the general path that you will take while following this walkthrough. Use it as a reference.

Map of general task locations


We shall start this Diary by completing all of the tasks in the area around Catherby. To begin, go to the Catherby bank and withdraw the following: a crossbow, a Mithril Grapple, 5 Uncharged Orbs, 15 Cosmic Runes, 150 Water Runes, some form of anti-poison, a Dusty Key (unless you have 70+ Agility), a Harpoon, a Big Fishing Net, 13 Coins, a Fishbowl with water and Seaweed in it, and your Cooking Gauntlets. Make sure you have at least 10 to 20 Prayer Points.

Make your way to the Taverley Dungeon, there is a crossbow shortcut over White Wolf Mountain that can be very useful. Follow one of these paths and you will come to the Water Obelisk. Cast the Charge Water Orb spell on the five orbs and then use the crossbow shortcut to get back to Catherby.

While on the shore, use your fishing equipment to catch one Mackerel, one Bass, and five or more Raw Sharks. Now, go into the Fishing Shop and talk to the owner about getting a pet fish. He will sell you a Tiny Fishing Net for 10 Coins. Now "Fish" from one of the ponds in his store to get a pet fish. Take the Bass and five or more Raw Sharks that you caught to the house in Catherby with the Range in it. Cook them on it, making sure you have your Cooking Gauntlets equipped for the Sharks. If you have 94 Cooking or higher, you will not burn Sharks.

Finally, head to the Candle Maker west of the bank and purchase a candle for 3 Coins. Go to the bank and deposit everything.

The South and West

Now, we will continue working clockwise around the area. Using the bank in Catherby, equip the following: a regular Longbow, ~200 Bronze or Iron Arrows, a Combat Bracelet with at least one charge, some decent Ranged armor. In your inventory, carry a pickaxe, a woodcutting axe, either around 6,000 Coins or 1,000 Archery Tickets, and the runes or Teletab for a Camelot Teleport.

Leaving the Catherby bank, head south-west until you find Thormac's tower. Climb up the ladders inside to reach him on the top floor. Speak to him about battlestaffs Use a charge from your Combat Bracelet to teleport to the Ranged Guild. Go inside. Climb up the tower in the middle. Kill one guard in each tower, making sure you are using a regular Longbow and Bronze or Iron Arrows.

Now, go down from the tower and speak to Competition judge on the north-east side of the Guild. If you have tickets, move on, if not, play the archery game until you do. Find a Ticket Merchant near the Guild Door and purchase one of anything from them.

Leave the guild and go north-west to Sir Galahad's house. Talk to him to get a cup of tea. Cross the log west of his house and fill the coal trucks with 120 Coal. Finally talk to Stankers and get a Poison Chalice. Teleport to Camelot using the runes or tab you brought.

Camelot & Seers' Village

Head north after teleporting and use the Poison Chalice on King Arthur. Head south to the Flax fields and pick five flax. Head north-west of the Flax fields to the monastery. Cut five Yew Logs and recharge your Prayer points inside. Now exit the Monastery and head to the bank, stopping to spin your flax and climb to the roof of the building with the spinning wheel in it on the way.

At the bank, deposit everything except one bowstring. Withdraw the following: a Maple Log, a Tinderbox, either a Pyrelord or Forge Regent Pouch, two Magic Logs, a Knife, and the runes for one casting of High Alchemy. Standing in the bank, Fletch one Magic Log into a Magic Shortbow, use the Bowstring on it, and cash High Alchemy on it.

Now exit the bank, summon the familiar of your choice, and use a Maple Log on it. Then light a Magic Log using your Tinderbox. Now, go back and deposit everything again. Withdraw and equip the armor and weapon required to kill four level 35 monsters and five Ciders.

Head east out of the bank and carefully walk around the statue north of the courthouse, then walk into the courthouse with Piety turned on. Head back into the Village and search the bookcase in the building south of the anvils. You will receive a Battered Key. Head north to the building with the Anvils, open the wall in the back, head down the stairs and kill one of each elemental in the room below. They are north, east, south, and west of the stair that you come down.

Head back up the stairs and west again into the Pub. Use a Cider on a local Man or Woman five times. Head back to the bank.

The North & Northwest

For the final time, deposit everything in the bank. Withdraw the following: a Dramen or Lunar Staff, 3 Jute Seeds, a Rake, a Seed Dibber, a pot, and a bucket.

Head north-west of the village, go into McGrubor's Woods and use the Fairy Ring. The code to get back is "A - L - S". Now head out and north to the Hops patch and plant your Jute Seeds. Run or walk north-east to the west side of Sinclair Mansion and use the Agility Shortcut to cross the river. Head south and into Sinclair Mansion. Milk the Dairy Cow to fill up the bucket, then use the churn nearby to make something. Go inside the house and fill your Pot with flour five times.

Finishing the Diary

Congratulations, you have now completed the entire Diary. First speak to any Seer in the village to claim your first level or reward, then head over to Stankers and collect the second tier, and finally walk or teleport back to Camelot and speak to King Arthur for your final reward. Remember, you can now take Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake to get it enchanted and make it even stronger.

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