RuneScape Acronyms and Abbreviations

By: b0b2oo0, Mr FANG
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Original Guide by: Salmoneus

Have you ever wanted to know what the sentence "Rofl z0mg I just got PKed in the Wildy and lost full Dh and my Abby Whip" means? If so, this is just the guide for you! This is not an all-inclusive list of every abbreviation in RuneScape, but it lists the most common ones that you will come across while playing.

Table of Contents


(a): Activated, usually in terms of Ring of Charos
(g): Gold trimmed
(h#): Heraldic, either Rune helmets or kites
(H): A person with sunglasses. Often means cool or awesome.
(p): Poisoned
(P+): Extra poisoned
(P++): Super poisoned
(s): Super poisoned.
(t): Trimmed
(u): Unstrung; Unactivated, usually in terms of Ring of Charos.
(unf): Unfinished
:3: Cat face
?: question
[] : Square shield, Varrock Square
^: Above
<: Left
<>< : Fish/Fishing
<><>: Thieving
<3: Heart or love
=/=: Does not equal(not the same)
>: Right
¥: Lobster
1337: Elite
1337speak: The official "geek" language
2h: 2-handed sword


Abby: Either Abyss or Abyssal Demon/Whip
AC: Anti-crash team
Addy: Adamantite
AFAIC: As far as I care; As far as I'm concerned.
AFAIK: As far as I know.
AFK: Away From Keyboard
Agil: Agility
AGS: Armadyl Godsword
Aka: Also known as.
Alch: High level alchemy spell (verb: TO alch, in other words to use alchemy spells on something.
Ammy: Amulet
Ancients: The spell book reward (Ancient Magicks) from Desert Treasure, mostly used for the ice barrage and burst spells
Anti: Either Anti poison or Antifire (Antidragon breath potion), usually accompanied by P or D
AP: Agility Pyramid
APKER: Anti-Pker. Someone who only pks other pkers, instead of anyone
Ardy: Ardougne; a city with Market Stalls which you can steal from.
Arrowz: Arrows
ASAP: As soon as possible
ASS: Arcane Spirit Shield
ATK/ATT: Attack
ATM: at the moment


B/C: Because
B2B: Back to Back
B2P: Bones to peaches (Prayer)
B4: Before
BA: Barbarian Assault
Barrows/Barrower/Barrowing: The Activity, Barrows.
Baxe: Battleaxe
BB/ B bones: Big bones
BBL: Be Back Later
BBQ: Barbeque
BBS: Be back soon
BCP: 1.Bandos Chest Plate 2. Blue chest plate (rune)
BF: Boyfriend
BFD: Big firetruckin Deal
BGS: Bandos Godsword
BH: Bounty Hunter
Big Z: Zaros
Bil: Billion
BOB: Beast of Burden (familiar that carries)
Brawls: Brawlers
BRB: Be Right Back
Brim: Brimhaven
BRT: Be Right There
BS: 1.Battle staff 2.bull Sh*@
BS: Back-stab, bow string (usually "Bowstring", but can also be backstab)
Bsale: A sale usually in the bank, where varieties of items are sold
BSS: Blessed Spirit Shield
BTD: Bored to death
Bts: Behind The Scenes, the monthly updates of RuneScape listed on the first of every month.
BTW: By the way
Bunny: Bunyip
Burst: Use Ancient Spell Ice Bust
Bzy: Busy


C u (l8er): See you (later)
C.A.T.T.L.E.: Cows Are Taught To Lie Earthward
C: As in "see"
Cammy: Camelot
Camo: Camouflage from the Drill Demon Random Event.
Cath: Catherby
Cav: Cavalier, Treasure Trail reward
CB/CMB: Combat
CB: Cannon balls
CBA: Can't be arsed(bothered)
CBB: Can't be bothered
Chain: Chainmail, usually Dragon or Rune.
Chins: Chinchompas.
Choob: A J-Mod playing account
Cleaned: When you lose almost all your bank through staking, Can also mean fought and won without taking damage.
Clw: Clan Wars.
Cmbt: Combat
Con: Construction
Corp: Corporal Beast
CP: Chest plate
Cracker: Christmas cracker
CT: Can't talk
CUL8R: See you later
Cuz: Because
CW: Castle Wars, an Activity found close to Yanille; Clan Wars.


D bone/Db: Dragon bone
D bow: Dark bow
D: 1.Dragon 2.Dark
D00d: Dude
D2/D2h: Could mean Diablo II in the first one, but generally Dragon 2 Hander, a drop from the Kalphite Queen and Chaos Elemental
Dag: 1.Dagger 2.Dagannoth
Dc: Disconnect
DD: Death dot, in terms of pking meaning a clan or a group standing on one spot to make it look like only one person is there.
DD: Dragon dagger (Note: ddp, dds and ddp++ is a dragon dagger with various poisons.)
DDS: Super poisoned Dragon Dagger
Def: 1. Defence 2.Definitely
Def: Defence
Dev Diary: Development Diary
Dewd: Dude
Dfh/D Full: Dragon Full Helm
Dfs: Dragonfire shield
Dh: Dharok, usually meaning the armor, which is a reward from Barrows; Dragonhide.
Dhide: Dragonhide
Ditto: Same here
DIY: Do it yourself
DK(Ing): Dagannoth King Hunting.
DM: Deathmatch; A fun/planned fight to the death.
Drag: Dragon
Drop Mining: Mining where you just drop the ores you get, usually to level up faster.
DSS: Divine Spirit Shield
Dt/Des Tre: Desert Treasure
Dunno: Don't know


Ea: Each
Ecto: Ectofuntus
Edge: Edgeville
Ele: Elegant Armour (Treasure Trail Reward); Elemental.
Emote: Usually a skill emote done by a person achieving 99 in a skill or completing all quests
EP: Earned Potential
ESS: Elysian Spirit Shield
Ess: Rune essence, used in the Runecrafting skill
Evry1: Every one
Exp/xp: Experience.
Ez(pk): Easy (playerkill)


F2F: Face to face
F2p/Ftp: Freeplayer, or Free to play, also known as nonmembers.
Fally: Falador.
FFS: For Frick's Sake
FH: Full helm
FI/Fall In: Follow Person Who Said- Usually Clan Leader
Flail: Verac's Flail, a barrows item/reward
Flatpack: Items built in workshops that can be sold or put in house
FM: Firemaking or Forum Mod
FML: Firetruck my life
F-Mod/FMod: Forum Moderator
FoG: A common abbreviation used for the Fist of Guthix Activity
Fremmy: Fremennik
Frm: 1.Farm 2. From
FS: For sale
FTLOG: For the Love of god
FTW/FTL: For the win/ For the Loss
Fury: An enchanted Onyx Amulet, which is known as the Amulet of fury
Fwd: Forward
FWIW: For what its worth
Fyi: For your information


G maul: Granite Maul
G1: Good one
G2G: Got to go
G2H: Go to hell
G4I: Go for it
G4N: Good for nothing
G4u/GFU: Good for you
GAL: Get a life
Gawd: God
Gc: Gnomecopters
GDS: Greater Demon building
Ge/Gx: Grand Exchange
GF: Go figure/Girlfriend/Good fight
GFF: Go firetucking figure
GFY: Good For You/Go Firetruck Yourself
GG: Good game
GI: Google it
GJ: Good job
GL: Good luck
Glory: Amulet of glory, an enchanted Dragonstone Amulet
GM: Good morning
GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
GN: Good night
GOP: Great Orb Project Activity
GP/Geepee: Two other ways of saying gold pieces
Gr8: Great
Grats: Congratulations.
Gs: God Sword
GTFO/GDfo: Get the firetruck out
GTG/G2g: Got to go
Guth: Guthix/Guthan
Gwd: God Wars dungeon
GWS: Get well soon


H4x0r: One who hax
Hally: Halberd
HAM: Humans against Monsters.
Hax: To hack
HB: Hurry Back
Helm: Helmet
Herb: Herblore
Herby: Herblore
HO: Hold on
Hop: To change worlds.
HP: Hitpoints
Hybrid: a pure with 2 or sometimes all 3 combat skills, usually ranged and magic.


IC: I see.
Id10t: Idiot
IDC: I don't care
IDK: I don't know
IHU: I hear you
IIRC: If I recall correctly
ILU: I love you
IMHO: In my honest opinion
IMO: In my opinion
IMS: I'm sorry'
Invo: Inventory
IRL: In Real life
IYD: In your dreams


J4F: Just for fun
J5M: Just 5 minutes
Jad: Tztok-jad
Jag: Jagex
JAM: Just a minute
JAS: Just a second
Jav: Javelin
JK:Just kidding
JMod: Jagex Moderator
JW/ J/w: Just wondering


k: Okay or 1000 (I.E. 10k = 10,000)
Kb/kbase: Knowledge Base, found on the RuneScape homepage, or in terms of (m)IRC, Kick Ban.
KBD: King Black Dragon
KO: Knock Out
KQ(ing): Kalphite Queen (hunting)


L: lol
l33tspeak/lee7speak: See also 1337speak.
L8r: Later
Lag: When a computer slows down and RuneScape "jumps" around
Law: Law rune
LB: Long Bow
Legends: Legends' Quest
Legs: Usually meaning platelegs, can mean plateskirt
Lev: Level
Limp: Limpwurt roots.
LM(f)AO: Laughing my (firetrucking) cabbage off
LMHO: Laughing my head off
Lobby: Lobster
Logger: Person that logs off right before something significan't happens
LOL: Laugh out loud
LOLZ: Laughing out loud
Loot: Items that the monster dropped when killed or items won
LP: Life Points
LS: 1.Long sword 2.Loot share
LTNS/LTNC: long time no see.
Lulz: Laughing out loud
Lumby/Lumb: Lumbridge, the town you start in.
Lvl: Level


M: Million Can also be Mill (XXX,XXX,XXX is Xhundred mil)
M'gany: Mahogany
M3: me
M8: Mate
Macro: Botting, against rules (Rule 7)
Mage: Magic, or could mean Magic robes, blue or black
Main: Most used Account
Mass: Large group
Max Hit: The highest hit you ever have done
ME /ME2: Mourning's End Part I/II
Meh: (Sound someone makes) whatever
Mems: Members
Mhm: (sound someone makes) Yes
Mil: Million
Mith: Mithril
MM: Monkey Madness
Mmk: Okay
MMO(rpg): Multi media Online (Role Playing Game)/ Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing game)
MOM: Mysterious old man, but could really mean their mother
Monks: Monk fish
Mossies: moss giants in wilderness
Msg: Message


[insert stat here] Noob: a person who has a higher stat compared to yours.
N00b: new or dumb
N1: Nice one
n1: Nice one
Nat/Nature: Nature rune.
NBD: No big deal
Ne: any
Ne1: anyone
Newb/Newbie: A person who is new to the game or low-leveled.
Nez: Neitiznot
NFS/N4S: Not for sale
NM: 1. Not much 2. Never mind
Nme: enemy
NMU: Not much you?
Nolyfe/N0lifer: A person who trains nonstop, without having any social activity with friends. Definition varies from person to person.
Noob/Choob/Froob/N00b/n00bie: An annoying player.
NOYB: None of your business
Np: No problem
NPC: Non player character
NQA: No questions asked
NSFW: Not safe for work
NSS: No sh** Sherlock
Nty: No thanks
Nub: (noob) New or dumb
Nvm: Never mind
NW: No way


Obby/Oby: TzHaar items, most of the time either Obsidian shield or cape
OFC-of course
OIC: Oh I See
OM(f)G: Oh my (firetrucking) gosh
OMW: On my way.
Orly: Another way of saying oh, really?
Over 9000: Comical way of saying I don't know (these days) or used just to annoy Originated from Dragon Ball Z
Ownt: Conquered


PC: Pest Control/ Price Check
Peeps: Peoples
Phat: Partyhat, from the 2001 Christmas event
Ping: Time it takes for a packet (data) to get sent and received back
Pix: Pictures
PJ: Pile Jump(er)- Meaning you kill other people right after they get their loot, which makes it easier for you to get both loots
Pk Run-in: Planned fight between 2 clans with no special rules.
PK: Player Kill(ing/er)
Pl0x/plz/pl0x/plx: Please
pl8: Plate(mail/armour)
PLOS: Parents looking over shoulder
Pls: Please
Plunder/ PP: Pyramid Plunder, a Thieving Activity.
Plz: Please
Pm/Pmod: Player Moderator
PM: Private message
PMG: Deliberate mispelling of OMG in accord with the principles of l33tspeak
PO: Pi**ed Off
POH: Player owned house, from the Construction skill.
Pony: Unicorn
Pot up: Telling someone to drink potions
Pot: Potion
POV: point of view
Power [skill]: Leveling a skill the fastest way possible, for example, Power-ranging is ranging without picking up the arrows, and powerfishing is fishing while giving the fish away.
Powermining/Power mine: Staying in a mining area and either having a runner run ores for you or dropping them, to level up faster.
PP: Pyramid Plunder
ppl: People.
Ppot: Prayer potion
Pray: Prayer
Prayer noob: Someone who uses protection prayer in a 1v1 fight
Prost: Proselyte
Pure Set: Super attack and Super strength, mainly used in World 18 for pking
Pure: A person who trains usually one type of skill, or there are skill pures which train all non combat skills to earn money.
PVP: player versus playing
PWN: Pronounced "poon", it's a deliberate misspelling of own in terms of l33tspeak.
Pwned: Owned/Conquered
Pwnt: own/Conquered


Q: question
Qc: Quick Chat
QFT: Quoted for truth.
QP: Quest points.


R U SHUR: Are you sure.
R: Rune
Ranger Set: Ranger Boots and Robin Hood Hat.
RC(ing): RuneCrafting
Red/Reds: Red Chinchompas.
Rests: Restores
Returning: if you die in a pk, it means you can come back and fight again.
Rev(s): Revenant Ghost, found throughout the wilderness.
RFD: Recipe for Disaster, Runescape's 100th quest.
Rimm: Rimmington
Rimmy: Rimmington; a small town south of Falador and west of Port Sarim, with a range for cooking, a General Store and a Crafting Shop.
Rl: Real life
RN: Right now
ROD: Ring of Dueling
ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO: Rolling on the floor laughing my cabbage off
ROFLMHO: Rolling on the floor laughing my head off
ROL: Ring of life
ROR: Ring of Recoil
ROW: Ring of Wealth
RR: Rune rocks
Rsc: Usually means Runescape Classic, but in some cases can mean Runescape Community.
RSMV - RuneScape Music Video
RU: Are you?
RUFKM: Are you firetruckin kidding me?
Rune: Runite
RWIT: Real World Item Trading


S: Super
S2U: Same to you
Safer: A person who eats when their health is high, usually used in terms of Pking
Sals: Best place ever with the best people ever
Santa: Santa hat, from the 2003 christmas event
Saph: Sapphire
Sara: Saradomin
SB: Short bow
SC: Stealing Creation Activity.
Scimmy/Scim: Scimitar
Screeny: Image shot of monitor
SDTG: Standard Desert Traveling Gear (Desert Shirt, Robe and Boots, a Knife and Waterskins)
SGS: Saradomin God sword
Sig: 1. Signature 2. Sigil
SMD: suck my door knob
Smith: Smithing
Some1: someone
SoS: 1.Stronghold of Security 2.Save our ship (or souls)
Soz/Sry/Srry: Sorry.
Soz: sorry
Spec: Special attack
Spell puppet - A trapped monster you can easily cast spells on for fast Mage experience.
Sq: Square, usually meaning shield
SS: 1.Saradomin sword 2. Spirit Sheild
SS: So sad/Sorry; Saradomin Sword.
SSS: Spectral Spirit Shield
St00f: Stuff (eg: Fr33 st00f pl0x)
Staker: One who stakes in the Duel Arena.
STFU/SDFU: Shut the firetruck up.
STR: Strength
SU: Shut up
Sum: Summoning
Sup: 1.What is up 2. Super(potions)
Super Set: Super attack, Strength, and defence potion. Can be (3) or (4), ask seller
Sux: Sucks
Swordy: Swordfish


T2G: Time to go
Tally: Talisman
Tank Ranger/Mager: A pure with defence.
Tassy: tasset
Tb: Trouble Brewing, an Activity in RuneScape. Could also mean teleblock
TBA: To be advised
Tbh: to be honest
Telly: Teleport
Theiv: Thieving
THX: Thanks
TK: Team kill/killer/killed
Tlk2ul8r: Talk to you later
Tnx: Thanks
Tort: Tortoise
TT: Treasure trail
TTFN: Ta ta for now, another way of saying goodbye, and a reference to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
TTYL: Talk to you later
TWSS: That's what she said
Txs: Thanks
TY: Thank you
TYVM: Thank you very much; can also be TYSM = Thank you so much


U: You
U2: You too
Uok: Are you okay?
Ur: Your/You're
URW: You are welcome
Urz: Yours
UTM: up to me


V: 1.Varrock 2. Very
V: Below
VIP: Very important person
Visage: Draconic Visage


W(#): World (#)
w(/): With
w/e: What ever
W/o or Wo: Without
W8: Wait
Wb: Welcome back.
Wbm: Wannabe Mod
WC: Woodcut
WD: Well done
Wep: Weapon
WF: Water-filled vial.
WGS: While Guthix Sleeps
Whip: Abyssal Whip, dropped by Abyssal Demons.
Wildy: Wilderness.
WIP: Work in Progress
WOM: Wise Old Man
Woot!: Usually a term of just accomplishing something that took awhile
WP: Wrong person
WTB: Want to buy?
WTF: What the firetruck
WTG: 1.Way to go 2. Want to go
WTH: What the heck
WU: What's up?
WUU2: what you up to?


X: Canceled
X[)/XD: An emoticon, usually said after saying something funny.
X-bow: Cross Bow, usually Karil's (barrows reward)
Xp: Experience


Y: Why?
Yan: Yanille
YW: Yea whatever or Your welcome


Z0mg: Just another way of saying OMG
Zammy: Zamorak
ZGS: Zamorak Godsword

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