Ancient Magicks

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The Ancient Magicks are another form of Magic, only useable by Members after completing the Desert Treasure Quest. These spells are powerful, but you can't use both regular spells and Ancient Magic at the same time; you must switch between the two types when you wish to use one or the other.

Essential Info


Getting to the Temple

The Ancient Magicks are powerful spells. If you want to use Ancient Magicks, you will need to switch to the Ancient Spellbook using a special altar inside the Pyramid.

Map to the Temple

The Tunnel

Enter the pyramid through here

The Altar

Pray at this altar to switch between Magics

Whenever you want to change, you will have to go to the altar and pray at it. If you're switching back to normal magic, the following ways are recommended.

Duel Ring

Teleport to the Duel Arena.

Spirit Trees

Go to Edgeville and use the Spirit Tree to get to Tree Gnome Village. Then use the Spirit Tree there to get to Gnome Stronghold. Walk a short distance north, and into the Gnome Tree and go to the top floor. Use the glider there to get to Al Kharid.

3. Glory Amulet

Teleport to Al Kharid.

King's Sceptre

If you've completed the Pyramid Plunder Activity, you can teleport to the pyramid using the King's Sceptre.

Unless you use the King's Sceptre method, it is recommended that you bring 205gp, or, if you have a Ring of Charos (a), 105gp. This is because you need to buy a Shantay Pass, which is 5gp, and use the carpet, which is 200gp (100gp with Ring of Charos (a)). You can walk, but don't forget to bring 2-3 full waterskins. You can also bring a knife to refill them from the cactus plants. Walking takes a while, so the carpet routes are recommended.

Now once at the pyramid, you can go in through the main gate like the time you did during Desert Treasure, and try to kill yourself and waste a lot of time or you can just use the small door in the middle of the south side of the pyramid.

Types of Spells

  • Smoke: Poisons the opponent, and deals damage (p++).
  • Shadow: Lowers the accuracy of the opponent and deals damage.
  • Blood: You Heal 25% of the damage done to your opponent.
  • Ice: Freezes the opponent so they can't move. Deals damage.
  • Teleport: Teleports you a specific area.

Smoke Spells

Smoke Rush:

Smoke rush

Smoke Burst:

Smoke burst

Smoke Blitz:

Smoke blitz

Smoke Barrage:

Smoke Barrage

Shadow Spells

Shadow Rush:

Shadow Rush

Shadow Burst:

Shadow Burst

Shadow Blitz:

Shadow Blitz

Shadow Barrage:

Shadow Barrage

Blood Spells

Blood Rush:

Blood Rush

Blood Burst:

Blood Burst

Blood Blitz:

Blood Blitz

Blood Barrage:

Blood Barrage

Ice Spells

Ice Rush:

Ice Rush

Ice Burst:

Ice Burst

Ice Blitz:

Ice Blitz

Ice Barrage:

Ice Barrage


Ancient Teleport - 1Ancient Teleport - 2Ancient Teleport - 3Ancient Teleport - 4

The Ancient Magicks

Ancient Magick spell list

When you have the Ancient Magicks enabled, you will see a list of spells like the above ones when you open your spellbook.

Ancient Magicks Spellbook
PictureSpellMagic LevelRunesMax Hit
Smoke Rush Smoke Rush 50 2 chaos, 1 fire, 2 deaths and 1 air 15
Shadow Rush Shadow Rush 52 2 chaos, 2 deaths, 1 air and 1 soul 16
Paddewa Teleport Paddewa (Edgeville Dungeon) Teleport 54 2 laws, 1 fire, and 1 air -
Blood Rush Blood Rush 56 2 chaos, 2 deaths and 1 blood 17
Ice Rush Ice Rush 58 2 chaos, 2 deaths and 1 water 18
Senntisten Teleport Senntisten (Digsite Exam Centre) Teleport 60 2 laws and 1 soul -
 Miasmic Rush Miasmic Rush 61 2 chaos, 1 soul, 1 earth, Zuriel's Staff -
Smoke Burst Smoke Burst 62 4 chaos, 2 deaths, 2 fires and 2 airs 19
Shadow Burst Shadow Burst 64 4 chaos, 2 deaths, 2 soul and 2 airs 20
Kharyll Teleport Kharyll (Canifis Bar) Teleport 66 2 law and 1 blood -
Blood Burst Blood Burst 68 4 chaos, 2 deaths and 2 bloods 21
Ice Burst Ice Burst 70 4 chaos, 2 deaths and 4 waters 22
Lassar Teleport Lassar (Ice Mountain) Teleport 72 2 laws and 4 waters -
 Miasmic Burst Miasmic Burst 73 4 chaos, 1 soul, 2 earth, Zuriel's Staff -
Smoke Blitz Smoke Blitz 74 2 deaths, 2 bloods, 2 fires and 2 airs 23
Shadow Blitz Shadow Blitz 76 2 deaths, 2 bloods, 2 airs and 2 souls 24
Dareeyak Teleport Dareeyak (Level 23 Wilderness) Teleport 78 2 laws, 3 fires and 2 airs -
Blood Blitz Blood Blitz 80 4 bloods and 2 deaths 25
Ice Blitz Ice Blitz 82 2 deaths, 2 bloods and 3 waters 26
Carrallanger Teleport Carrallanger (Wilderness Graveyard) Teleport 84 2 laws and 2 souls -
 Miasmic Blitz Miasmic Blitz 85 2 blood, 3 soul, 1 earth, Zuriel's Staff -
Smoke Barrage Smoke Barrage 86 4 deaths, 2 bloods, 4 fires and 4 airs 27
Shadow Barrage Shadow Barrage 88 4 deaths, 2 bloods, 4 airs and 3 souls 28
Annarkal Teleport Annarkal (Demonic Ruins) Teleport 90 2 laws and 2 bloods -
Blood Barrage Blood Barrage 92 4 bloods, 4 deaths and 1 soul 29
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage 94 4 deaths and 2 bloods and 6 waters 30
Gharrock Teleport Ghorrock (Ice Plateau) Teleport 96 2 laws and 8 waters -
 Miasmic Barrage Miasmic Barrage 97 4 blood, 4 soul, 4 earth, Zuriel's Staff -

Ancient Staff

Ancient StaffYou may notice that you cannot use the normal staffs to auto-set the ancients spells. You need to use an Ancient Staff, which can be purchased after the quest (only once) for 80,000gp. You can also obtain them from Mummies in the temple, or from other players for about 80,000gp.

When wielded it gives you the following bonuses:

Ancient Staff Stats: +15 to Magic Defense and Strength

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