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Brewing ales and ciders is another small part of RuneScape, just like Gnome Cooking. It was introduced along with the Farming skill, and when you brew, you can get both bad batches and mature batches.

Essential Info


  • Skills: 14 Cooking
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

The Basics

Firstly, you'll need to know where to make your own brews. There are two Breweries in RuneScape:

Note: The Port Phasmatys Vat seems to take longer to brew ales than the one in Keldagrim.

Now you need to find out which ales you can make. To do this, just click on the cooking icon in your stats menu and select the "Brewing" tab.

Things you can brew

Brewing Ales

To brew an Ale...

  1. Fill the Vat in a Brewery with two buckets of water.
  2. Put two handfuls of Barley Malts (cook a Barley on a Range) in the Vat.
  3. Place your main ingredient in the Vat.
  4. Pour a potfull of Ale Yeast into the Vat.

Note: You can add The Stuff into the vat after the Barley Malt to increase the chance of your ale being mature. This can be obtained As a prize from the Trouble Brewing Activity.

In Port Phasmatys, the Ale Yeast will cost 5 Ectotokens per pot. In Keldagrim, it will cost you 25gp. To get the Ale Yeast, bring a pot and the payment to either of the guides in the Breweries (Blandebir in Keldagrim and Metarialus in Port Phasmatys) and ask if they have any spare Ale Yeast.

Brewery in Port Phasmatys

Now just wait for your ale to mature. Unfortunately, just like Farming, it will take a long time to mature. So wait about 24 hours. After that, examine the vat and it should say it is ready. If it isn't matured, it will say that it is fermenting.

When it has matured, turn the valve on the Fermentation Vat and the mixture will pour into the barrel. Just use your beer glasses on the barrel to fill them with the ale.

Brewing Cider

To brew your very own Cider...

  1. Bring 16 Apples and four Buckets to the Vat.
  2. Crush the apples using the Cider Press.
  3. Fill four buckets with the apple-mush and pour them into the Vat.
  4. Then just pour a pot of Ale Yeast into the vat, and wait for it to mature.

Again, Cider can take up to 24 hours to mature, so sit back and play some Castle Wars, another RuneScape activity, or get some fresh air outside in the "Real World."

Bad Ale

Sometimes your character will fail at brewing the different kinds of Ales, and it will become un-drinkable. The Vat will have Bad Ale in it, should the fermenting process fail. Simply turn the valve and choose the "Drain Barrel" option to remove the ale and start over.

The Brews

There are all sorts of brews that you can make, all of which increase your stats.

Brewed Beers
Image Name Cooking Level Ingredients Price Effects
Cider Cider 14 4 Apple Mush Not sold. -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Farming
Dwarven Stout Dwarven Stout 19 4 Hammerstone Hops 2gp -6 Attack
-6 Strength
+1 Smithing
+1 Mining
Asgranian Ale Asgarnian Ale 24 4 Asgarnian Hops 3gp -8 Attack
+4 Strength
Greenman's Ale Greenman's Ale 29 4 Harralander Herbs 10gp -8 Attack
-6 Defence
-6 Strength
+2 Herblore
Wizard's Mind Bomb Wizard's Mind Bomb 34 4 Yanillian Hops 2gp -4 Attack
-3 Defence
-3 Strength
+3 or +2 Magic, depending on your level
Dragon Bitter Dragon Bitter 39 4 Krandorian Hops 2gp -6 Attack
+4 Strength
Moonlight Mead Moonlight Mead 44 4 Bittercap Mushrooms 5gp Heals 40 Life Points
Axeman's Folley Axeman's Folley 49 1 Oak Root 993gp -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Woodcutting
Chef's Delight Chef's Delight 54 4 Chocolate Dust Not sold. -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+4 or +5 Cooking, depending on your level
Slayer's Respite Slayer's Respite 59 4 Wildblood Hops 2gp -3 Attack
-3 Strength
+1 Slayer

Enjoy your ales! Cheers!

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