Charter Ships

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Charter ships are a way to sail across and travel Runescape. They were added to the game on August 22, 2006, and they are another very useful way to get around RuneScape. You can use ships to travel to different ports, such as Port Sarim, Port Phasmatys, Port Khazard, and even the new Port Tyras! Of course, there is a fee, but not to worry, the fee is not very much.

Access to Charter Ships

The ships will sail you to all of the locations found on the map below.

A map of charter ship locations

No special requirements are needed to use the ships. You simply need to find a dock with a Charter Ship, pay a fee, and off you go. To get to some locations, there are certain quest requirements. When you select your destination, your current location will not be shown, for obvious reasons. Why would you want to pay to get taken to the place your at right now? Anyway, some ports are unavailable from other ports. Example, you cannot sail from Port Phasmatys to Mos Le'Harmless. Why? Well, Bill Teach has a ship close to the Port Phasmatys charter ship, and Bill will take you for free.

When you land at your destination, a message will appear in your chatbox to inform you of where you sailed.

You pay the fare and sail to Port Tyras

Payment for Charter Ships

As stated before, there is a fee to use these ships. The fee is different for each dock. It could be cheaper at other docks. You can also lower the prices. With completion of Cabin Fever, the people who run the ships will give you discount prices, since you have proven you know your way around the ship. The prices will all be halved. You could also use the Ring of Charos (activated), which will also lower the cost by a few more coins. If you use both the ring and have the quest complete, the costs will be a lot smaller. One more thing, you can only lower the cost of traveling to Mos Le'Harmless by the Ring of Charos (a) as Cabin Fever is required to sail to the pirate island.


The Charter Ship is located north of Brimhaven, west of the boat that takes you to and from East Ardougne.

Charter Ship Dock
The Brimhaven Docks


Prices From Brimhaven
Destination Price
Catherby 480gp
Karamja 480gp
Mos'Le Harmless 725gp
Port Khazard 400gp
Port Phasmatys 3,660gp
Port Sarim 1,600gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp
Shipyard 400gp


The Charter Ship is located south of the bank and south of the general store.

Charter Ship Docs
Catherby Docks


Prices From Catherby
Destination Price
Brimhaven 480gp
Karamja 480gp
Mos'Le Harmless 625gp
Port Khazard 1,600gp
Port Phasmatys 3,250gp
Port Sarim 1,000gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp
Shipyard 1,600gp


The Charter ship is located north of the dock that takes you to and from Port Sarim.

Charter Ship Dock
Karamja Docks


Prices From Karamja
Destination Price
Brimhaven 200gp
Catherby 480gp
Mos Le Harmless 225gp
Port Khazard 400gp
Port Phasmatys 1,850gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp
Shipyard 200gp

Mos Le'Harmless

In order to sail here, you need to complete Cabin Fever. The Charter ship is located at the very south dock of the island.

Charter Ship Dock
Mos Le'Harmless Dock


Prices From Mos Le'Harmless
Destination Price
Brimhaven 725gp
Catherby 625gp
Karamja 1,025gp
Port Khazard 1,025gp
Port Sarim 325gp
Port Tyras 2000gp
Shipyard 275gp

Port Khazard

The Charter ship is located south of the Trawler Fishing Activity.

Charter Ship Dock
Port Khazard Docks


Prices From Port Khazard
Destination Price
Brimhaven 1,600gp
Catherby 1,600gp
Karamja 1,600gp
Mos'Le Harmless 1,025gp
Port Phasmatys 4,850gp
Port Sarim 1,280gp
Port Tyras 2,000gp
Shipyard 1,600gp

Port Phasmatys

In order to sail here, you need to complete Ghost Ahoy!. The Charter ship is located north of the bank and northwest of Bill Teach's boat. It's important to note that while wearing Sheets or Slime-covered sheets, you cannot use this charter ship.

Charter Ship Docks
Phasmatys Ship Docks


Prices From Port Phasmatys
Destination Price
Brimhaven 3,650gp
Catherby 3,250gp
Karamja 1,850gp
Port Sarim 2,050gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp
Shipyard 1,850gp

Port Sarim

The Charter ship is at the very south end of Port Sarim, east of the jail.

Charter Ship Docks
Port Sarim docks


Prices From Port Sarim
Destination Price
Brimhaven 1,600gp
Catherby 1,000gp
Mos'Le Harmless 325gp
Port Khazard 1,280gp
Port Phasmatys 650gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp
Shipyard 400gp

Port Tyras

In order to sail here, you need to complete Regicide. The Charter ship is southwest of Tyras Camp.

Charter Ship Docks
Port Tyras Docks


Prices From Port Tyras
Destination Price
Brimhaven 3,200gp
Catherby 3,200gp
Karamja 3,200gp
Mos'Le Harmless 1,600gp
Port Khazard 3,200gp
Port Phasmatys 3,200gp
Port Sarim 3,200gp
Shipyard 3,200gp


The Charter ship is at the southern half of the shipyard docks.

Charter Ship Docks
Shipyard Docks


Prices From Shipyard
Destination Price
Brimhaven 400gp
Catherby 1,600gp
Karamja 200gp
Mos'Le Harmless 225gp
Port Khazard 720gp
Port Phasmatys 1,850gp
Port Sarim 400gp
Port Tyras 3,200gp

The General Store

Wait! There's more! Along with these charter ships come a brand new general stores. All the stores are linked (meaning the stock of items would be the same in Brimhaven and Port Tyras). These general stores sell very useful items, such as seaweed, soda ash, and sand, which is very fast in glassmaking. Here, take a look for yourself:

Trader Stan's Trading Post
Picture Item Price
Pot Pot 2gp
Jug Jug 2gp
Shears Shears 2gp
Bucket Bucket 5gp
Bowl Bowl 10gp
Cake Tin Cake tin 25gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 2gp
Chisel Chisel 2gp
Hammer Hammer 2gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 2gp
Security Book Security Book 5gp
Rope Rope 45gp
Knife Knife 15gp
Banana Banana 5gp
Glassbowing Pipe Glassblowing Pipe 5gp
Lobster Pot Lobster Pot 50gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 12gp
Swamp Paste Swamp Paste 75gp
Tyras Helm Tyras Helm 1,375gp
Raw Rabbit Raw Rabbit 50gp
Eye Patch Eye Patch 5gp

That's about it. Enjoy the new travel. Don't forget cash and your evil Ring of Charos (a). Muahahaha!

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