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By: Salmoneus
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In both RuneScape and RuneScape Classic, it's possible to change the color or effect of your text, but it's different in both versions. Whether you're trying to buy a new weapon, or asking for help on a quest, the best way to make your message stand out is with colored text.

RuneScape Text Effects

Changing the colors and effects of your text in RuneScape is a bit different than in the Classical version, but it's the same idea. You may want to attract attention and make your message stand out with color, but there are lots of other effects you can use.


The 5 different colors you can use will show up in the main game-play window, but they always show up in blue in the chat area (unless you split chat). You can type in red, green, cyan, purple, and white. To type in a different color, you first type in a color mentioned above, followed by a colon, and then your message.

Color Codes
cyan: Bright Blue Text cyan:Sal's Realm Sal's Realm (cyan)
green: Green Text green:Sal's Realm Sal's Realm (green)
purple: Purple Text purple:Sal's Realm Sal's Realm (purple)
red: Red Text red:Sal's Realm Sal's Realm (red)
white: White Text white:Sal's Realm Sal's Realm (white)


There are 7 different text effects that you can use in RuneScape. You can make text scroll from right to left, wave up and down, flash quickly in 3 different ways (flash1, flash 2, flash3), and glow slowly in 3 different ways (glow1, glow2, glow3). The latest effects added to the game wave more slowly (wave2), slide into view, and shake up and down.

Effect Codes
flash1: Text cycles red to yellow quickly.
flash2: Text cycles blue to cyan quickly.
flash3: Text cycles green to light green quickly.
glow1: Text fades red to blue.
glow2: Text fades red to purple to blue.
glow3: Text fades white to green to blue.
scroll: Text scrolls right to left.
shake: Text shakes up and down.
slide: Text slides from top to bottom.
wave: Text waves up and down.
wave2: Text waves slowly from left to right.


You can have combinations of colors and text effects in your messages too. Colored text (cyan, green, purple, red and white) can scroll, shake, slide, or wave. Flashing and glowing text effects may also have a scroll or wave effect added to them.

Combination Codes
red:scroll: · red:shake: · red:slide: · red:wave: · red:wave2:
green:scroll: · green:shake: · green:slide: · green:wave: · green:wave2:
cyan:scroll: · cyan:shake: · cyan:slide: · cyan:wave: · cyan:wave2:
purple:scroll: · purple:shake: · purple:slide: · purple:wave: · purple:wave2:
white:scroll: · white:shake: · white:slide: · white:wave: · white:wave2:
flash1:wave · flash1:scroll
flash2:wave · flash2:scroll
flash3:wave · flash3:scroll
glow1:wave · glow1:scroll
glow2:wave · glow2:scroll
glow3:wave · glow3:scroll

R.S. Classic Colors

In RuneScape Classic, making your messages change colors is a little bit different than in RuneScape. Usually, you type the first 3 letters of the color, with an "@" symbol before and after it

Tip: Pressing and holding the Shift key while pressing the 2 key will create the "@" symbol.


If you type: "@blu@ Hey everyone, sup?" you would get: "Hey everyone, sup?"

Color Codes
Random Flashing @ran@
Red @red@
Dark Red @dre@
Orange @ora@ -or- @lre@
Light Orange @or1@
Dark Orange @or2@
Red-Orange @or3@
Yellow @yel@
Yellow-Green @gr1@
Green @gre@ -or- @gr3@
Light Green @gr2@
Blue @blu@
Cyan @cya@
Magenta @mag@
Black @bla@
White @whi@

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