Combat Triangle

By: Paul
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Ever wonder why a Mage with a low combat level will be able to defeat a high level Warrior? It all has to do with the mysterious Combat Triangle, a relationship between the different classes in RuneScape, including Fighters, Mages, and Rangers. One class may be stronger than another in combat, but much more susceptible to another's attack.

What is the Combat Triangle?

The Combat Triangle is basically a relationship between the different fighting-style classes in RuneScape. It consists of Warriors, Mages and Rangers, each using their own unique style of fighting to an advantage toward an enemy. Each class also has a disadvantage toward another enemy which makes them weaker.Combat Triangle -->Warrior-->Ranger-->Mage-->Warrior

In a normal situation, the Combat Triangle is as follows:

  • Rangers defeat Mages.
  • Mages are stronger than Warriors.
  • Warriors can defeat Rangers.

A normal situation is one where each class' main skill is about equal to one another. If there's a huge difference in levels, the Triangle could fall apart. A difference in your primary skill's level from about 5-10 could "tilt" the triangle.

Why Does the Triangle Work?

The Combat Triangle was implemented to give each class a 'fighting chance' against one enemy, and a disadvantage against another. In short, this has to do with different skills, weapons and armor used by each class.

Rangers Defeat Mages

A Ranger is able to defeat a Mage because of the fact that their armor mainly consists of Leather, which will not conduct Magical attacks. Rangers can attack quickly from a distance, which is one of the Mage's main specialties. Effectively, the Mage has lost it's main advantages towards the enemy. Magical attacks are much slower and weaker than Ranged attacks, and Wizard Robes will actually lower the Mage's Ranged Defence.

Mages Defeat Warriors

A Mage can defeat a Warrior in Battle due to the fact that a Warrior's heavy plate armor will conduct Magic and the attacks will be stronger. Warriors are unable to attack from a distance like a Mage can, so while the fighter is trying to advance on the Mage, strong Magical attacks are causing big damage.

Warriors Defeat Rangers

Warriors are strong against Rangers because their plate armor will deflect the Ranger's arrows and cause very little damage to the Warrior. The Archer has no way to stop the Warrior from attacking him, and Leather doesn't protect well from strong physical attacks.

Bending the Combat Triangle

It's actually possible to "bend" the Combat Triangle so that the opposite of the above situations may occur. This requires patience and strategy, and may take several times to get it right.

Mage Defeating a Ranger

Normally, a Mage will be hunting for Warriors in the Wilderness, with the only worry of the occasional stray Ranger. Remember, a Mage can teleport if things are looking bad, so you're granted an easy escape.

Armor: Bring some Wizard Robes, but if you feel too vulnerable bring a good set of plate legs too. Plate Legs do not penalize your magic attacks as much as Helmets or Plate Bodies, but be sure to teleport quickly enough or you may lose them.  You can take along a shield too, but remember that they penalize your magical attacks.

Weapons: Bring a Staff of Fire because Fire spells are usually the most powerful, and the staff will cut down on the need to buy fire Runes.

Other Equipment: Take plenty of chaos and air Runes, as well as some Runes to Teleport, cast Bind and Curse. Air Runes are easy to craft, and Chaos Runes will respawn in the Wilderness. Also, bring some decent food, and optionally a Wizards Mind Bomb.

Strategy: The golden rule of killing a Ranger with a Mage is that if you can hit them, they can hit you. But, the longer the distance is between you and your enemy, the better chance of winning you have. So, keep a long distance, and mage him as fast as you can. Remember to set the spell as your default attack so you can quickly engage him. Don't use your high level attack spells until last, when you're sure you can finish him off.

Tip: It's often less costly to simply run away or teleport than wasting tons of Runes getting a useless kill that will give you at most a couple hundred arrows. Be sure it's worth your time.

Warrior Defeating a Mage

Normally, Warriors wander the Wilderness looking for Rangers. Their strength is a great advantage.

Armor: Rather than using your expensive (and heavy!) set of plate armor, bring some leather armor instead. It provides excellent Defence against magic, easy to craft, less costly to buy, and it also weighs less so that you can run for longer periods of time. You should also bring an Anti-Dragon Breath Shield, or a wooden one which respawns just north of Varrock.

Weapons: The best bet to defeat a Mage would be to use a Mithril Scimitar or an Adamantite Long Sword (better metal is good too!), because they have fast attack speeds and a decent amount of damage.

Other Equipment: The standard Warrior gear is always helpful, which includes some Strength Potions, and food such as tuna or lobsters. A so-called "Defence cabbage" may also help.

Strategy: Make a character whose stats are: 40 attack, as high strength as you can make it, and 40 Defence. Get 40 ranged, so you can wear full green dragon armor. Make sure your ranged doesn't effect your combat level. Now the hardest part: Get 37 prayer! This will allow you to take half damage from all magical attacks in the wilderness! Now get a rune short sword, which attacks fast and an Anti-Dragon Breath shield, and you will be the perfect anti-Mager.

Tip: Rush! Rush! Rush! You want to tank through this mage, and annihilate him. Take maybe half a second to gulp a strength potion, and then rush him.

Ranger Defeating a Warrior

My favorite combo. Archers are fun to use and can be lethal to warriors as well as mages in the right hands.

Armor: Green dragon, full, no exceptions. If you use a crossbow (bad idea!) then you may want to use a shield, but I strongly recommend you use neither a crossbow nor a shield.

Weapons: Take an Oak Longbow or Shortbow, as well as about 50 Steel arrows and 100 Bronze per trip.

Other Equipment: Depending on how much money you have, you may want to bring a spare bow or extra arrows. You should also bring some Teleport runes.

Strategy: Your stats, being a ranger, should be about 1 Attack, 40 Defence, 1 Strength, and 50-ish ranged. Now, give or take 10 levels and you are still a ranger! Now get 20 or 25 magic! This may seem like a shock to you, but if you want to beat warriors consistently, you need it! 25 Magic if you want to Teleport; 20 if you aren't worried about that. What does 20 magic do? Bind! Bind can stop a warrior in his tracks while you range him! Now, if you want to Bind him from far away, then longbow, up close? Shortbow. Plan accordingly.

To make a good PKer of any sort, you need to be good at cooking and fishing, as well as RuneCrafting. You also need a great deal of money to buy your supplies. And, if you want to beat ANYBODY in the Wilderness, your stats will have to be 99 of everything. So go get em... one PKer at a time

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Published on: June 30, 2004 12:20 AM UTC by Salmoneus
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