Crystal Triskelion

By: Army of One

The Crystal Triskelion is a piece of high-level content. It mainly consists of finding the 3 pieces of the Triskelion Key by engaging in high-level activities. After all 3 have been found, you can craft the Key together (similar to the Crystal Key, however these parts are untradeable) and take the key to the rock face near the Relleka Slayer Dungeon for your reward.

Finding the Key Pieces

Various high-level activities will have a chance of yielding key pieces. These activities include:

  • Killing Monsters that require level 80 Slayer or higher. 
  • The Rare Drop Table. 
  • Smithing Ceremonial Swords at the Artisans Workshop 80% or better out of Mithril and up. 
  • A Wishing Well Fruit.
  • Pickpocketing Elves at Lletya or Dwarf Traders at the Consortium.
  • Chopping down Elder Evil Trees.
  • Kingly Implings.
  • Vorago may drop a piece, or the entire Key.
  • The Barrows Chest.
  • Catching Butterflies Barehanded.
  • The Skeletal Horror.
  • Opening a Crystal Geode which are obtained from Crystal Trees.


Your reward can be received at the rock face, which can be found south of the Relleka Slayer Cave. The easiest way to get here is to teleport with a Ring of Slaying. The Fairy ring code to this location is a j r. You can use the Lodestone teleport to the Fremennik Province, or teleport with an Enchanted Lyre.


Every key will always grant 5 noted Uncut Dragonstones.

There are 12 other "reward packages" if you will, that go with the Dragonstones.

  • The first possibility is a piece of the Dragonstone armour. The chance of getting a piece of the Dragonstone armour is rare
  • The second is 3 Lantadyme, Torstol, and Dwarf Weed seeds.
  • The third is 3 Papaya tree, Palm tree and Calquat tree seeds.
  • The fourth is either a Dragon Hatchet or a Dragon Pickaxe. The chances of receiving either of these is rare.
  • The fifth is either a Crystal Key, a Loop half or Tooth half of a Key, and 125 Magic Logs.
  • The sixth is 1 Magic tree and 2 Yew tree seeds.
  • The seventh is 125 Adamant Ore and 750 Coal.
  • The eighth is 40 Runite Ore and 320 Coal.
  • The ninth is 10 Grimy Torstol, Lantadyme and Dwarf Weed herbs, and 15 Grimy Snapdragon and Avantoe herbs.
  • The tenth is an Uncut Onyx. This is a rare reward.
  • The eleventh is either Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1, 2, or 3, alongside a Sinister Key, 15 Uncut Diamond and 15 Uncut Rubies.
  • The twelfth is 100 Crimson and 80 Blue charms.

There is also an uncommon chance of receiving either an Ancient Effigy or Elite Clue Scroll alongside the prize you recieve.

Dragonstone Armour

The stats of the Dragonstone armour is as follows:

Helm: Armour rating: 107 Life bonus: +420
Hauberk: Armour rating: 123 Life bonus: +840
Greaves: Armour rating: 117 Life bonus: +840
Gauntlets: Armour rating: 26 Life bonus: +105
Boots: Armour rating: 26 Life bonus: +105

All items are classed as Hybrid.

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