Diamond Jubilee 2012 Event

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The Queen is coming... to Varrock! Are you ready to help in the celebration?

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 29 May 2012

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the reign of the Queen of England with a street party! There's lots going on: a corgi hunt, cryptic clue fest, balloon popping and a souvenir and food stall.

Head on over to Varrock market square if you want to take part in this event.

Essential Info

Start Point

Head to the centre of Varrock to enjoy the festivities.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Event Walkthrough

Getting Started

The holiday event is located in the Varrock main square. You can use the Home teleport spell and when you arrive at the lodestone, walk north to the event. You can also use the typical Varrock teleport spell to arrive directly in the middle of the city.

Varrock Centre, the location of the Diamon Jubilee event

Getting a Corgi Pet

First, talk to Minnie Coop, located at the Varrock Square near the fur trader. She will say that she can't find some of her Corgis and that she needs your help to find them. Below you will find a list with the Corgi locations:

  1. Temple of Saradomin
  2. Ardougne Market
  3. Brimhaven docks
  4. Citharede Abbey
  5. Castle Wars lobby
  6. Tree Gnome Stronghold entrance

CorgiWhen you find and click on a corgi, you will see a message saying that it has wondered off to Varrock. Once you have found all missing Corgis, go back to Varrock and talk to Minnie Coop again to get your new pet!

A pet Corgi!

Preparing For the Procession

You can talk to Big Ben, who is also standing near to the Varrock fur trader to participate in the Cryptic Clue Fest. He will say that the queen will arrive and they are not ready. He will tell you to talk to Essjay if you are willing to help. Talk to Essjay and she will say that you should check the Official RuneScape Forums. Once you have completed all the clues you will receive a Diamond Sceptre and Crown.

<You>: Can I help?

Other Things to Do

Queen's Guard

Located next to Gipsy Aris's tent, he will say that one of the guards has escaped to work as a servant. You can hire the Royal Guard for 500 coins at the Ardougne Domestic Service Agency.

The queen's royal guard
Queen's Guard: A guard's gon missin'. Said somethin' about 'running away to join the Servant's Guild'; never 'erd such nonsense!

Will Shakenspear

Next to Zaff's store, you can talk to him to buy Jubilee Souvenirs. Here you can find colored flags and hats and other items like celebration cakes and confetti for a few coins.

Will Shakenspear
Will Shakenspear: Why, such stuff as dreams are made on!

Bang Ersenmash

You can talk to him in front of the general store. He sells:

  • Full BreakfastFull Breakfast
  • Steak and Kidney PieSteak and Kidney Pie
  • Fish 'n' ChipsFish 'n' Chips
  • Coronation Chicken SandwichCoronation Chicken Sandwich
  • Cream TeaCream Tea
Bang Ersenmarsh

Important Characters

  • Thok
  • Generals Bentnoze and Wartface
  • Armicus
  • Diplomat the Troll
  • Sir Amik Varze

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