Easter 2008 Event

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Just like in past Easter events (see the Easter 2006 and 2007 guides), the Easter Bunny has gotten himself into another predicament this year. Creatures have been burrowing into his warren and eating the chocolate he's been storing! And without any chocolate eggs being produced, and with Easter right around the corner, the Easter Bunny needs a plan to build his egg stock back up.

Note: This event was only available from 18 March 2008 until 31 March 2008.

Essential Info

Start Point

Enter the Rabbit Hole south of Falador, north of Rimmington, or west of Draynor Village.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

The Easter Bunny is back! Visit his choc-tastic warren...

To start, go south of Falador, north of Rimmington, or west of Draynor Village and Port Sarim to get to the event.

Routes to the Easter Bunny's warren

Now, click on the hole to start the event.

The entrance to the warren

After clicking on the hole, a conversation will ensue.

Rabbit Hole: Well, he has his reasons. It's a long story.

After the conversation, the first part of the event begins! Go find your eggs!

Part One: The Egg Hunt

You need to find three eggs to bring back to the warren. While you only need three, all nine are listed here. You cannot get the same egg more than once. To obtain an egg, simply click on it.

You find a chocolate easter egg, and put it in your inventory

Here is a map of each egg location:

Map of Easter Egg locations

Egg #1 is just south of the warren.

The first egg

Egg #2 is underneath the chin of the statue pictured below.

The second egg

Egg #3 is on the ship that sails to Karamja in Port Sarim. You need to cross the gangplank to get to it.

The third egg

Egg #4 is on a boulder north of Port Sarim and west of Draynor.

The fourth egg

Egg #5 is on a shelf on the second floor of the Wise Old Man's house, which is located across from the Draynor bank.

The fifth egg

Egg #6 is on the path directly north of Falador.

The sixth egg

Egg #7 is behind the bar on the second floor of the Party Room. It is on the north wall of the room.

The seventh egg

Egg #8 is in the furnace room near the center of Falador.

The eighth egg

Egg #9 is in the Falador Gem Shop, just south of Falador's west bank.

The ninth egg

Each egg has four options. Eat, Use, Destroy, and Examine. You cannot eat the egg until after you've completed the event and found more eggs.

You doubt the easter bunny would be very impressed if you ate this chocolate egg.

If you destroy an egg, it reappears at whatever location you found it at. You cannot find an egg after you've given it to the Easter Bunny. If you find one after you've given the Easter Bunny three eggs, you can eat it to heal 20 Life Points. See the section on rewards to learn more. Keep in mind that these eggs turn to chocolate dust after the event is over.

Now that you have your eggs, return to the hole to give the bunny your eggs.

Rabbit Hole: You're just the right person to help us out down here, actually.

You are now ready to start the next part of the event!

Part Two: The Chocatrice Hatchling

To start this portion of the event, enter the hole.

You squeeze into the rabbit hole and are surprised to find that you fit inside

Upon entering, you will unlock a new track, Bittersweet Bunny.

You have unlocked a new music track: Bittersweet Bunny

Here is a map of the warren:

A map of the underground warren

Go and talk to the Easter Bunny.

The easter bunny
Easter Bunny: Anyways, once you've hatched the chocatrice, you should guide it around the warren and turn any creatures into chocolate.
So, that's my mission.

Cockatrice eggYou need to hatch a chocatrice. To begin, pick up a cockatrice egg.

Chocolate Cockatrice eggNow walk to the chocolate pool and dip your egg into it.

Dip the egg in the chocolate pool

Go over to the incubator with your chocatrice egg, and place it inside.

Put the egg in the incubator

Now, go get some buckets to fill up with coal and water, in order to adjust the temperature. You will probably want more than five buckets for each material.

Take some buckets

Fill some buckets with water.

Fill some of the buckets with water

Fill the rest of the buckets with coal.

Fill the other buckets with coal

Bucket of WaterBucket of CoalNow, put your coal and water into the Coal Scuttle and Water Tank in the incubator.

Coal scuttle and water tank

Now for the tricky part. You need to get the black needle to match up with the blue pointer which measures the target temperature.

Operate the controls
The controls menu

To increase the temperature, click on the picture of fire. To decrease the temperature, click on the picture of a drop of water. The meter next to the two icons shows how much coal and water you have left to use. You may need to increase or decrease the temperature to above or below the target to get the correct temperature, and you may need to leave the controls to re-fill the Coal Scuttle or Water Tank. When you get the correct temperature, you will get a message saying that the target temperature has been changed.

Temperature reached!

You need to get the target temperature a total of five times to hatch your chocatrice.

The chocatrice has hatched!
You watch the scared, confused chocatrice dash around for a moment...

After your chocatrice has hatched, you no longer need your buckets. They will automatically leave your inventory.

Now, speak to the Easter Bunny again to figure out what has happened.

Easter Bunny: That's okay, I expected as much.
So, now I go into the warren and turn things to chocolate?
Easter Bunny: Correct, but you won't be able to enter like that.
Easter Bunny: Now, the only way in and out is through a small rabbit hole...

At this point, you get to transform into a rabbit!

Part Three: Collecting Chocolate Chunks

This is the final part of the Easter 2008 event. You need to go to the southern warren for this part. The entrance to the southern warren is at the southernmost point of the main warren. Once you enter the southern warren, you will be followed by your chocatrice.

Enter through the small rabbit hole

Both members and freeplayers will have access to the summoning toolbar for this part of the event.

The summoning toolbar for the chocatrice

If you get separated from your chocatrice, click on the whistle at the bottom of the menu to call it. For this portion of the event, you need to use your chocatrice to turn rats, mice, spiders, and cockroaches into chocolate chunks. To do so, click on the cross hairs in the top left corner of the summoning menu, and then click on a creature to target. Once you've targeted your creature, you will shout an insult to your chocatrice, infuriating it to the point where it attacks the creature you have targeted.

Teasing the chocatrice to make it attack a rat

Chocolate chunkUnfortunately, if you target a creature someone else is already targeting, you will stop targeting it. This may cause you to take a longer time collecting your chocolate chunks. Also, if your chocatrice cannot see the target, it will not attack it. The chocatrice can see the target if there is a direct line between the chocatrice and its target. The attack will not stop after your chocatrice has spit its chocolate. Once you have a total of twelve chocolate chunks, return to the main warren and place them in the Chocolate Chunk collector.

The chocolate chunk collector

After inserting your twelve chunks of chocolate, you will automatically be in conversation with the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny: Well done!
The easter bunny gives you a luxurious chocatrice cape.

Congratulations, you have now completed the event! If you do not already have the Bunny Hop emote, you can talk to the Easter Bunny, and get another ten chocolate chunks to obtain this Easter emote!


For your efforts, you will receive a cape, which when operated, will perform a new emote. In this emote, you spin a chocolate egg around you, and then burst out of it.

Easter 2008 Cape AnimationThe Easter 2008 Cape

Also, if you talk to the Easter Bunny again, you can get chocolate Easter eggs for more chocolate chunks. You need eight chunks for the first egg, six for the second, and four for the third. You cannot get more than three eggs. Unfortunatly, the eggs crumble to chocolate dust on the 31st of March.

You remember with dismay that you left some chocolate eggs in your bank.

Happy Easter from Sal's Realm!

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