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The emote iconEmotes in RuneScape can be used by clicking on the waving man between options and music panel. When you begin the game you will have 22 emotes to choose from, and the rest need to be unlocked either from Random Events, quests, Holiday Events, the Stronghold of Security, or by unlocking 500 songs from the music player.

Standard Emotes

Standard Emotes are the ones that you are automatically given to begin with in RuneScape

Standard Emotes
Yes Yes Nods head.
No No Shakes head.
Bow Bow Bows down.
Curtsy Curtsy Your character bends his or her knees while holding his or her dress.
Angry Angry Shakes fist.
Think Think Rubs head.
Wave Wave Waves hand.
Shrug Shrug Shrugs Shoulders.
Cheer Cheer Waves arms above head.
Beckon Beckon Beckoning is done by holding your arm out and drawing your palm towards yourself.
Laugh Laugh Puts hands on stomach and laughs.
Jump for Joy Jump for Joy Jumps up in the air shaking legs and arms.
Yawn Yawn Stretches arms out and head.
Dance Dance Shakes arms with left leg shaking and then shakes right leg.
Jig Jig Jumps up on one side and jumps on the other.
Spin Spin Spins body counter-clock-wise and raises hands to the side.
Headbang Headbang Bangs head down 5 times.
Cry Cry Bows head and rubs eyes.
Blow a kiss Blow Kiss Put hand against mouth and stretches arm out.
Panic Panic Puts hand on head and shakes legs.
Raspberry Raspberry Bows down slightly, puts hands against head and shakes head.
Clap Clap Claps hands together.
Salute Salute Puts hand against chest.

Holiday Emotes

Holiday emotes are available at some holiday events.

Holiday Emotes
Scared Scared Hides head and shakes. Obtained during the 2005, 2006, or 2007 Halloween Event.
Rabbit hop Rabbit Hop Tucks in hands and legs and bounces. Obtained during the 2006 Easter Event and the 2007 Easter Event.
Zombie hand Zombie Hand A hand bursts out of the ground and your character steps away. Obtained during 2007 Halloween Event.
Snowman dance Snowman Dance You sway from side to side four times. Obtained during the 2007 Christmas Event.
Freeze and ice emote Freeze (and Melt) Obtained by completing the 2008 Christmas event. Your character will freeze in ice, and then melt.
The "give thanks" emote icon Give Thanks Obtained by completing the 2008 Thanksgiving event. Your character will flap their arms, turn into a turkey, turn around and then transform back to human form.
The trick emote Trick Obtained by completing the 2008 Halloween event. Your character will lift his or her arms and then bats will fly around him or her.
Around the World in Eggty Days Around the World in Eggty Days Obtained by completing the 2009 Easter Event. Your character will run forward and dissapear, then come back with a chocolate egg, throw it in the air and eat it.
Dramatic Point Dramatic Point Obtained by completing the 2009 Christmas Event. Your character will point forward and snow particles will go around him or her.

Stronghold of Security Emotes

After completing levels of the Stronghold of Security you receive one emote. There are four levels in total.

Stronghold of Security Emotes
Idea Idea Puts hand against head and a light bulb appears.
Stamp Stamp Stamps right foot on the ground.
Flap Flap Leans back and flaps really fast.
Slap Head Slap Head Slaps Head.

Random Event Emotes

Some Random Events like the Mime and Gravedigger will give you a new emote if you complete the tasks.

Random Event Emotes
Glass box Glass Box Unlocked during mime random event. Pretends to be trapped in a glass box.
Climb rope Climb Rope Unlocked during mime random event. Pretends to climb an invisible rope.
Lean Lean Unlocked during mime random event. Leans to the side like there is a wall to lean on.
Glass wall Glass Wall Unlocked during mime random event. Pretends to be touching a glass wall.
Zombie walk Zombie Walk Unlocked during Gravedigger random event. Your player leans forward and backwards
Zombie dance Zombie Dance Unlocked during Gravedigger random event. You twist from side to side and shake your hands and hips.

Quest Emotes

Some emotes can be gained during a quest or after completing a quest.

Quest Emotes
Goblin Bow Goblin Bow Unlocked during the Lost Tribe quest. Touches forehead and bows forward.
Goblin Dance Goblin Dance Unlocked during the Lost Tribequest. Bends back slightly and jabs at the sky three times.

Penguin Emotes

During the Cold WarQuest, there are 8 penguin emotes. You may notice they can not be found in the emote panel but in your inventory instead.

Penguin Emotes
Shiver Shiver Crosses fins over chest and lowers head. Body shakes as if he/she is cold.
Spin Spin Spins once in a clockwise direction.
Clap Clap Claps fins together.
Bow Bow Lifts both fins into the air. Places left fin over chest and bows.
Cheer Cheer Waves fins above head.
Wave Wave Waves left fin.
Preen Preen Turns head down; moves left fin behind; shakes head.
Flap Flap Lifts fins into air and flaps them rapidly.

Skill Cape Emotes

Skill Cape emote iconThere are 25 different Skill Cape emotes in RuneScape There are 24 skill emotes (one per skill cape), which are only activated when you're wearing the skill cape. There is also an additional one for the Quest Cape, which you can wear if you have completed every quest in RuneScape. All of these emotes are covered in detail in the Capes of Accomplishment guide.

Other Emotes

These emotes don't fit into the other categories of RuneScape emotes.

Other Emotes
Air guitar emote Air Guitar Can be used after unlocking 500 songs in RuneScape. Your character plays an air guitar and musical notes appear around him/her.
Safety First! Safety First Complete the Stronghold of Player Safety to obtain this emote. Your character folds his or her arms and a shield appears in front of you for a short time.
Explore Explore Unlocked after completing the beginner-level Lumbridge/Draynor Village Tasks. When performing the Explore emote, your character will look around the area using a sextant.

Emote Enhancers

Some items can enhance your emotes so they are longer and better.

Flared Trousers

Flared TrousersThis is an enhancement of the 'Dance' emote. You do a disco kind of dance, and swing your arm side to side, after that you finish off with multiple splits. One of the rewards from a (Level 1) Treasure Trail.

Sleeping Cap

Sleeping CapThis is an enhancement of the 'Yawn' emote. You throw your arms in the air, and yawn. You then rest your head on your hands and animated Z's appear above your head. One of the rewards from a (Level 1) Treasure Trail.

A Powdered Wig

Powdered WigEnhances Angry Emote. One of the rewards from a (Level 1) Treasure Trail. Puts hand to neck and bends over.


PantaloonsEnhances Bow Emote. One of the rewards from a (Level 1) Treasure Trail. Squats down and makes wild scratching motions.

Builders' Gear

Builders gear can be obtained from the Tower Of Lifequest, wearing one piece will enhance the Beckon Emote. He will stand up tall with his hands on his waist and then whistle.

  • Hard Hat Hard Hat
  • Builder's Shirt Builders' Shirt
  • Builder's TrousersBuilders' Trousers
  • Builder's BootsBuilders' Boots

Chicken Costume

The chicken outfit can only be obtained from the 2007 Easter Update. Wearing the chicken outfit will enhance the Flap emote. Instead of just flapping his or her arms, your character will actually float up into the air. After a few seconds he or she will come back down and look surprised.

  • Chicken Head Chicken Head
  • Chicken Wings Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Legs Chicken Legs
  • Chicken Feet Chicken Feet

Rubber Chicken

Rubber ChickenThe Rubber chicken can only be obtained from the April 2005 Easter Update. You character will put his or her hands by her side and flap like a chicken. The emote can only be used while wielding the Rubber chicken.

Reindeer Hat

Reindeer HatThe Reindeer hat can only be obtained from the 2006 Christmas event. Wearing the reindeer hat allows you to do a emote when you select operate. He/she will jump up in the air throwing stars, shaking his/her head downwards and then your red nose will flash.

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