Getting Around RuneScape

By: Twist of Fate
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The world of RuneScape can be rather frightening to new players; huge and unfamiliar - we've all been through it. Getting around a certain place is supposedly easy. Many would hope. However, in most cases, it isn't. There is by some means a way of transporting yourself around the crazy world we call RuneScape. This guide will show you all the tips and tricks to getting around easily!

The Basics

First off, you need to know how to move around RuneScape. The most basic factor is to walk. This is done by either left of right clicking anywhere on the screen you'd like to walk to. If you left click, you get instant access to where you'd like to go. If you right click, you get an option of walking there. Select this option to move to your area. However, there is also running. To activate your running ability, right click on the boot icon around the minimap. You will also see your remaining Run energy here:

Click on the "running man" icon to change to "run" or "walk" mode

By right clicking on the icon, you are able to rest and recharge your energy much quicker. There are some restrictions. If you are in combat, holding a Monkey GreeGree or are in certain quest scenarios, you may not be able to rest.

Alternatively, you can hold down the control button (you will only run as long as you are holding the button though).

Now when you click on the space you would like to go to, you will get there faster than you would have if you walked. But beware - your energy will decrease as you run. Your energy will start as 100% and slowly decrease until it reaches 0%. When it reaches 0%, you your character will automatically start walking.

There is a way to make you run longer, Agility! The higher your agility level, the longer you will be able to run. If your agility level is high, your energy will not reach 0% as fast as it normally would. That is another reason to train agility. For tips on how to raise it, visit the Agility Help Guide.

Purple Sweets, acquired from Treasure Trails, are stackable and heal 10% of your energy. Energy Potions, as well as Super Energy Potions, restore run energy based on your agility level.

Keeping your Run high is fairly simple; either wear light armor, or clothing that decreases your characters weight. Mithril is light and durable and helps free players, as well as members, run for longer periods of time (compared to, let's say, rune). Another recommendation in apparel is Spotty Capes, Spottier Capes, Spottiest Capes and Boots Of Lightness (all members only). These are recommended because they bring your weight down and, therefore, allow you to run for a longer amount of time.

Your energy does recharge overtime, however, the higher your agility level, the faster it will recharge. Your run energy will only recharge when you are walking or standing still. You will learn how to run when you start some of the very first moments of your game play. If you wish to see how much energy you have left, check the upper right corner of your screen (next to the logout button where your Prayer Points, Life Points, and Summoning Points are located). Your Run Energy is the second icon from the bottom.

To make your energy recharge even faster, listen to the various musicians around Runescape! Just click on them and select "Listen". Even standing within a reasonable distance of them has an effect on recharging your energy.

Your remaining run energy is displayed next to the minimap


Teleportations are one of the most used ways to get around the entire world of RuneScape in the blink of an eye, here's a reason to get you magic up, move around RuneScape with the quickest way possible with teleportation! There are quite a few places to teleport, each requiring a specific amount of runes. All modern teleport spells require Law runes, which can be costly if using this method to train, so stock up on those the next time you go on a shopping spree!

One of the most basic teleports is, of course, the Home Teleport, although teleportation is often used quickly, this could be the only exception to that. Home Teleport is not usually used for a quick method of teleportation, well, because it's just plain old slow. It takes a long time to teleport and may be interrupted by any form of combat, so don't use this to get out of a bad situation, it's just suicide! Other teleports aren't like that because they teleport much faster and don't need time to recharge, they just need the necessary runes.

Keep in mind teleporting can and will cost you money one way or another so make sure you have the money to support yourself.

Teleporting with all three types of magic will show the following animation:

Home teleport animation

Modern Magic

The first teleportation method we will go over is teleporting through the modern teleport spell-book. This is the spell-book you start with when you join the game. There are 14 different teleportation spells in this spell-book.

Modern magic spellbook

Lodestone Teleport

Magic Level: 1
Runes: None.
Magic Xp: 0

Lumbridge home teleport area

This is a very helpful teleport network that can get you to most of Runescape's major cities, provided you have manually gone to that location before and have activated the lodestone. Freeplayers only have access to freeplay cities, and members can access the entire network. Lodestones are marked on the map by a Symbol symbol.

Map of the Lodestone Network

The locations are Al Kharid, Ardougne, Ashdale, Bandit Camp (desert), Burthorpe, Catherby, Canifis, Draynor Village, Eagle's Peak, Edgeville, Falador, Fremennik Province, Lumbridge, Lunar Isle, Karamja, Oo'glog, Port Sarim, Seer's Village, Taverley, Tirannwn, Varrock, Wilderness Volcano, and Yanille.

The Lodestone teleport looks different than other teleports. Here is what it looks like:

Home teleport animation

As well as these cost and level-free teleports, there are regular teleports that do require you to have a certain level and runes. The following pictures show where you will end up when using that particular spell.

Mobilising Armies Teleport

Magic Level: 10
Runes: 1 law, 1 airs and, 1 water
Magic xp: 19
Image Description

Varrock Teleport

Magic Level: 25
Runes: 1 law, 3 airs and, 1 fire
Magic Xp: 35

Varrock teleport area

If you have completed the easy tasks in the Varrock Task System, you may speak to Rat Burgiss at the crossroads north of Lumbridge and south of Varrock to change your Varrock teleport location to south of the Grand Exchange.

Lumbridge Teleport

Magic Level: 31
Runes: 1 law, 3 airs, and 1 earth
Magic Xp: 41

Lumbridge teleport area

Falador Teleport

Magic Level: 37
Runes: 1 law, 3 airs and, 1 water
Magic Xp: 48

Falador teleport area

House Teleport

Magic Level: 40 (also requires you to have a house)
Runes: 1 law, 1 air and, 1 earth
Magic Xp: 30

House teleport area

Camelot Teleport

Magic Level: 45
Runes: 1 law, 5 airs
Magic Xp: 55.5

Camelot teleport area

Ardougne Teleport

Magic Level: 51 (must have also completed Plague City)
Runes: 2 laws, 2 waters
Magic Xp: 61

Ardougne teleport area

Watchtower Teleport

Magic Level: 58 (must have also completed Watchtower)
Runes: 2 laws, 2 earths
Magic Xp: 68

Watchtower teleport area

After completing the hard tasks in the Ardougne Task system, you can change your teleport location to inside of Yanille.

Trollheim Teleport

Magic Level: 61 (must have also completed Eadgar's Ruse)
Runes: 2 laws, 2 fires
Magic Xp: 68

Trollheim teleport area

Ape Atoll Teleport

Magic Level: 64 (must have also completed up to the Awowegei part of Recipe for Disaster).
Runes: 2 laws, 2 fires, 2 waters and 1 banana
Magic Xp: 74

Atoll teleport area

Teleother spells

You have the option to turn accept aid on or off. If accept aid is off, and someone casts a teleother spell on you, nothing will happen to your character. If accept aid is turned on, and someone casts a teleother spell on you, a screen will pop up asking you if you wish to be teleported. If you click "no", nothing will happen. If you click "yes", you will appear in that area as if you teleported there yourself.

Teleother to Lumbridge

Magic Level: 74
Runes: 1 law, 1 soul, 1 earth
Magic Xp: 84

Teleother to Falador

Magic Level: 82
Runes: 1 law, 1 soul, 1 water
Magic Xp: 92

Teleother to Camelot

Magic Level: 90
Runes: 1 law, 2 souls
Magic Xp: 100

Teleporting Though Your Player Owned House

To teleport within a house you must be a member and must have bought a house, or be at a friend's house. There are two rooms which allow you to make teleporting tablets or portals: a Study allows you to make tablets which are like stackable teleporting cards, and in Portal Chambers you can make up to three different teleportation portals.

Portal Chamber

In this room there are 4 portals, all of which can teleport you to Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Ardougne, Watchtower and, Kharyrll. The same teleporting rules apply like the requirements for each teleportation. The room looks like this.

A portal chamber in a player owned house

Also here are the prices for making each teleport portal:

Teleport Portals
Varrock 100 law runes, 300 air runes, 100 fire runes None
Lumbridge 100 law runes, 300 air runes, 100 earth runes None
Falador 100 law runes, 300 air runes None
Camelot 100 law runes, 500 air runes None
Ardougne 200 law runes, 200 water runes Completed Plague City
Watchtower 200 law runes, 200 earth runes Completed Watch Tower
Kharyll 200 law runes, 100 blood runes Completed Desert Treasure

The Study Room

Uses tablets to let you teleport. You need soft clay and the runes required to make a tablet, also the correct lectern. When you use the lectern a screen shows up showing you your available tablets you can make, the screen looks like this.

The lectern screen, letting you choose a tablet

The tablets will show up in your inventory, and they will be stackable. After the Love Story quest, you have the ability to change standard home teleport tablets into teleports to Rellekka, Brimhaven, Rimmington, Pollnivneach, Taverley, Yanille, or Trollheim.

Ancient Magicks

The intense Desert Treasure quest must be completed to use this spell book!

Ancient magick spellbook

For more detailed information on the Ancient Magicks, please visit the Ancient Magicks guide.

Ancient Magicks
PictureSpellMagic LevelRunesMagic Experience
Paddewa Teleport Paddewa (Edgeville Dungeon) Teleport 54 2 laws, 1 fire, and 1 air 64
Senntisten Teleport Senntisten (Digsite Exam Centre) Teleport 60 2 laws and 1 soul 70
Kharyll Teleport Kharyll (Canifis Bar) Teleport 66 2 law and 1 blood 76
Lassar Teleport Lassar (Ice Mountain) Teleport 72 2 laws and 4 waters 82
Dareeyak Teleport Dareeyak (Level 23 Wilderness) Teleport 78 2 laws, 3 fires and 2 airs 88
Carrallanger Teleport Carrallanger (Wilderness Graveyard) Teleport 84 2 laws and 2 souls 94
Annarkal Teleport Annarkal (Demonic Ruins) Teleport 90 2 laws and 2 bloods 100
Gharrock Teleport Ghorrock (Ice Plateau) Teleport 96 2 laws and 8 waters 106

Lunar Magic

After a new spell book you can now do more group related spells on your fellow party, but to use Lunar magic you need to have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and have 65+ magic level.

Lunar spells

For a more detailed and in-depth guide on Lunar Magic, please visit the Lunar Magic Guide.

Lunar Spells
PictureSpellMagic LevelRunesMagic Experience
Home Teleport Home Teleport 0 None None
Moonclan teleport Moonclan Teleport 69 2 Astral, 1 Law, 2 Earth 66
Moonclan group teleport Tele Group Moonclan 70 2 Astral, 1 Law, 4 Earth 67
Ourania teleport Ourania Teleport** 71 2 Astral, 1 Law, 6 Earth 69
Waterbirth teleport Waterbirth Teleport 72 2 Astral, 1 Law, 1 Water 71
Waterbirth group teleport Tele Group Waterbirth 73 2 Astral, 1 Law, 5 Water 71
Barbarian teleport Barbarian Teleport 75 2 Astral, 2 Law, 3 Fire 76
Barbarian group teleport Tele Group Barbarian 76 2 Astral, 2 Law, 6 Fire 55
Khazard teleport Khazard Teleport 78 2 Astral, 2 Law, 4 Water 80
Khazard group teleport Tele Group Khazard 79 2 Astral, 2 Law, 8 Water 81
Fishing guild teleport Fishing Guild Teleport 85 3 Astral, 3 Law, 10 Water 89
Fishing guild group teleport Tele Group Fishing Guild 86 3 Astral, 3 Law, 14 Water 90
Catherby teleport Catherby Teleport 87 3 Astral, 3 Law, 10 Water 92
Catherby group teleport Tele Group Catherby 88 3 Astral, 3 Law, 15 Water 93
Ice plateau teleport Ice Plateau Teleport 89 3 Astral, 3 Law, 8 Water 96
Ice plateau group teleport Tele Group Ice Plateau 90 3 Astral, 3 Law, 16 Water 99

Enchanted Jewelry

These are enchanted rings and amulets available to members to teleport across the world of Runescape. They are exactly like teleporting, but they do not need runes! Now you can save up your money rather than spending it on all those Law Runes! To use the enchanted item right click on the item and select "Rub" or when equipped; go to equip menu. Then right click on enchanted item and select "Operate." Read below to see what they can do,

Games Necklace

Games NecklacewTeleports user to Troll Invasion, Barbarian Assault,  and Clan Wars.
Charges: 8

Amulet of Nature

Amulet of NatureCan be bound to a farming patch to alert you when your crops are dying. It is able to teleport you to that patch.

Ring of Kinship

Ring of KinshipTeleports to Daemonheim, useful for starting the Dungeoneering skill.

Ring of Duelling

Ring of DuellingTeleports user to Al Kharid Duel Arena or Castle Wars, the Gamer's Grotto, or Mobilising Armies.
Charges: 8

Digsite Pendant

Digsite PendantTeleports user to the Digsite.
Charges: 5

Ring of Life

Ring of LifeWhen the user's health is reduced past 10% they will be teleported to the place of respawn and healed of all poison.
Charges: 1

Slayer Ring

Ring of SlayingThe user of the ring when rubbed is teleported to either

  1. Canifis Slayer Tower
  2. Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
  3. Pollnivneach
  4. Tarn's Lair (If you have killed him already)

Charges: 8

Drakan's Medallion

Darkan's Medallion This item is obtained early on in the Branches of Darkmeyer quest. It offers teleports to Burgh De Rott (Right by where you need to go to recharge it), Barrows (After the full power of the medallion is unlocked),Meiyerditch Laboratories , Meiyerditch Hideout (After a certain point in the quest), and the highest class level in Darkmeyer after the full power of the medallion is unlocked.
Charges: 8 outside of Morytania, unlimited inside Morytania. Can be recharged in Burgh De Rott.

Amulet of Glory

Amulet of GloryAllows user to teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Edgeville, or Karamja.
Charges: 4 may be recharged at the Heroes' Guild

Bracelet of Combat

Dragonstone braceletAllows user to teleport to Warrior's, Champion's, or Ranging guild as well as the Monastery.
Charges: 4; may be recharged at Legends' Guild (requires quest completion of Legends' Quest)

Explorer's Ring

Explorer's RingTeleports user to cabbage patch south-east of Falador
Charges: Unlimited.
Notes: Obtained by completing three difficulty levels of Lumbridge/Draynor Tasks.

Skills Necklace

Skills NecklaceTeleports user to Cooking, Crafting, Fishing, and Mining Guild.
Charges: 4; may be recharged at Legend's Guild (requires quest completion of Legends' Quest)

Other Items

These items are exactly like enchanted jewelry, they teleport you to places and require no runes,

Arougne Cloak (1)

Ardy CloakTeleports to: The Monastery south of Ardougne. Ardougne Cloak (2) or higher teleports to the Farming Patch north of Ardougne as well as the monastery. These are a reward from the Ardougne task system.

Teleport Crystal

Teleport CrystalTeleports To: Lletya

Note: It has 3 uses before it must be recharged at Ilfeen for a price. When you first recharge it it costs 750 gp, 2 times equals 600 gp, 3 times equals 450 gp, 4 times equals 300 gp and 5 and over times equals 150 gp.


EctophialTeleports To: Ectofunctus just north of Port Phasmatys

Note: Must have completed Ghost's Ahoy Quest. To teleport just click the vial and to recharge it just use it with the Ectofunctus.


CamuletTeleports To: The temple you uncover in the Enakhra's Lament Quest quest.

Note: Must have completed Enakhra's Lament Quest. It also only has 4 uses, and when it runs out you will need to use a bucket of Camel Dung on it to recharge it

Skull Sceptre

Skull SceptreTeleports To: The Barbarian Village Stronghold of Security

Note: From Security Stronghold: Flesh crawlers drop the bottom half, catablepons drop the top half, Minotaurs drop the right half of the skull, and Ankous drop the left half of the skull.


  • White Tree Fruit White tree Fruit - When eaten, this fruit replenishes 8% of your energy. Can be picked from the White Tree after completing Garden of Tranquillity.
  • Summer Pie Summer Pie - When eaten, restores 10% of your energy and temporarily increases your Agility level by 5. Can be cooked.
  • Energy Potion Energy Potion - Restores 10% of your energy (per dose) when drank. Made with your Herblore skill.
  • Super Energy Potion Super Energy Potion (3) - Restores 20% of your energy (per dose) when drank. Made with your Herblore skill.
  • Strange Fruit Strange Fruit - When eaten, this odd fruit restores 30% of your energy. Obtained from the Strange Plant Random Event.
  • Gout Tuber Gout Tuber - Restores 50% of your energy when eaten. Obtained from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Activity.
  • Mint Cake Mint Cake- Restore 50% of your energy when eaten. Obtained from the Gnome Restaurant Activity.

Pharaoh's Sceptre

Pharaoh's Sceptre Teleports To: Jaldraocht (The Desert Treasure Pyramid), Jaleustrophos (The Agility Pyramid), and Jalsavrah (The Pyramid Plunder Pyramid)

Note: It's located in the Pyramid Plunder, it could be in a chest or a sarcophagi and after finding it you will be teleported out. After 3 charges it must be recharged by the Guardian Mummy for either 6 gold artifacts, 24 clay/ivory artifacts or 12 stone artifacts. For more information on this sceptre click here.

Sceptre of the Gods

Sceptre of the GodsTeleports To: Same teleport options as the Pharaoh's Sceptre above.

If you have at least level 91 Thieving and 75 Runecrafting, you will be able to loot the Engraved Sarcophagus in the top floor of the Pyramid Plunder minigame. A possible but rare reward from this is the untradeable Sceptre of the Gods. You may only own one at a time and can only get it on your own. This sceptre performs the same purpose as the Pharaoh's, but with 10 charges instead of 3. If you've completed all of the desert hard tasks, it will have 20 charges.

Wielding the Sceptre of the Gods while playing Pyramid Plunder will open up four new urns divided between the last two rooms. You have a better chance of obtaining more valuable loot and also a better chance of receiving Black Ibis clothing. There are four ways to recharge it using artefacts from the game:

  • 1 Jewelled Diamond Statue
  • 1 Jewelled Gold Statue with 4 other gold artifacts
  • 10 gold artefacts
  • 20 stone artifacts

Enchanted Lyre

Enchanted LyreTeleports To: Rellekka
Recharges: Pick from the following: one raw shark, one raw manta ray, one raw sea turtle or while wearing ring of charos(a), one raw bass. Each one also has 2 charges if used with a shark or a bass, 3 charges if used with a sea turtle, and 4 charges if used with a manta ray.

Teleportation Tabs

Falador TeleportSince the release of the Construction skill, players have been able to make these teleportation tabs, so players won't have to use runes, or acquire a magic level to do a specific teleport. The only thing needed to use a teleportation tab, is the tab its self. Just break it open and you will be where you want to be. Ardougne, Camelot, Falador, House, Lumbridge, and Varrock are the available places to go to.

Runecrafting Teleportation Tabs

Chaos runecrafting teletabEver since the release of the Runecrafting guild, new teleportation "tablets" have been released to RuneScape. These teleports when broken allow you to teleport to the Runecrafting altar of the type of tablet you break open. If you break open the guild tablet, you will be teleported to the Runecrafting guild.

Goblin Teleport Spheres

Goblin teleport sphereAnother method of teleporting is from Spheres. These are obtained from Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan. You need to give him two law runes and some molten glass, and you can choose if you want one to teleport you to the Goblin Village or back to Dorgesh-Kaan. They are stackable like Teleport Tabs, and are broken to teleport. The blue one will teleport you to Dorgesh-kaan, the brown one will teleport you to the Goblin Village and the green one will teleport you to the Plain of Mud

Rum Teleport

RumBlue rumTeleports To: Trouble Brewing
Obtained: From the Trouble Brewing Activity by paying 20 "pieces of eight"
Uses: One charge

Grand Seed Pod

Grand seed podTeleports To: The Grand Tree
Obtained: Gnome Delivery Activity
Uses: One charge

Note: The Grand Seed Pod has two options for transportation. You can "launch" it, or "squash" it. The launch option only works outdoors. If you launch it you will send a signal into the sky which, a gnome pilot will see, then fly down to you and take you to the glider in the Grand Tree. This does take a while, but, you also gain 100 farming experience in the process. If you squash it then the roots of the tree will from around you and take you to the bottom of the grand tree. However for destroying a pod so precious, you will temporarily lose 5 Farming levels. The grand seed pod is also stackable.

Karamja Gloves 3

Karamja glovesTeleports To: The Gem Mine beneath Shilo Village.


Observe the image below to see where you are able to go with agility.

Agiility locations

Spirit Trees

Spirit trees are another Gnomic method of transportation. However, this does not require any items at all. Just the completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest. They are members only and can transport you to six different places around the map which will be listed later on.

To use a Spirit tree, click on one to talk and select "Travel", or simply right click on it and select "Teleport".

A Spirit Tree
Spirit Tree: If you are a friend of the gnome people, you are a friend of mine.

You will then be given the option to teleport to one of five places at a time. The tree will then drag you down with its roots and you will appear at your destination!

If you have not completed the Path of Glouphrie quest, you will always teleport to the Tree Gnome Village before being able to teleport to another location.

The Locations

Spirit Tree: Where would you like to go?

If you are unfamiliar with the network, hovering over the trees on the map will identify the location. Trees that are not coloured in indicate a spot where you have either not yet planted a tree, or the location you are currently at.

1. The Tree Gnome Village

You will always come here first when teleporting unless you have completed the Path of Glouphrie quest.

Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Village

2. The Tree Gnome Stronghold

You must have completed The Grand Tree quest to teleport from this location.

Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold

3. Battlefield of Khazard

Spirit Tree in the battlefield of Khazard

4. Northeast of the Grand Exchange in Varrock

Spirit Tree northeast of the Grand Exchange

5. Mobilising Armies

Spirit Tree at the Mobilising Armies minigame

6. Port Sarim

Spirit Tree Patch at Port Sarim

7. Etceteria


8. Brimhaven


9. Mountains east of the Poison Waste

You must have completed the Path of Glouphrie quest to teleport here.

Spirit Tree east of the poisonous waste

Evil Trees

When you talk to a Spirit Tree, you will be given the option to ask about Evil Trees.

Spirit Tree: The taint of the evil tree is not currently on the land.

Evil trees are a distraction and diversion where you will have to nurture an evil tree, chop it down, and burn it to claim a reward. You will have to have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest to talk to the Spirit tree about it.

If there is a tree growing in your world, you will be informed with one of two messages.

  • If it's just a sapling, he will give you a clue to its location. For example, a tree growing near Draynor might be the answer to the clue "Near a town of Willows".
  • If it's fully grown, the Spirit Tree will teleport you there.

More information can be found in the guide linked at the top of this section.

Growing a Spirit Tree

When you have reached level 83 Farming, you will be able to grow a Spirit tree in one of the three "Special" patch locations. Etceteria, Brimhaven, and Port Sarim. Spirit seeds are not tradeable. You can either get one from a bird's nest while Woodcutting, or from buying it from Mrs. Winkin for 55,000 points in the Vinesweeper Activity. If you have completed the Royal Trouble quest, there is a small chance that you may get a Spirit seed from Managing your kingdom. The tree takes 58 hours and 40 minutes to grow after being planted.

A Spirit Tree Patch

You can pay a farmer to look after this tree to prevent it from disease and death.
For a farmer to look after your tree they must be paid the following items:

  • 1 Ground Suqah Tooth (Use pestle and mortar with a suqah tooth)
  • 1 Monkey Bar
  • 5 Monkey Nuts

To grow your own spirit tree with boosts, you must have a minimum level of 77 Farming if you are using Evil Dave's Spicy Stew from the Recipe for Disaster quest. Players cannot use the assist system to grow their own spirit tree. You may only have one tree planted at a time.

Gnome Gliders

The Spirit Trees aren't the only things you could use from the gnomes, you could also use Gnome Gliders. They are found all over RuneScape, and are primarily used to get to places in RuneScape to reach in a short period of time. One quest you have to do to use the Gnome Gliders transportation method is complete the Tree Gnome Village Quest. An easy way to use the system is only approach the Gnome Captain, right click on him and click the "Glider" option for a faster way.

Note: You need to finish the The Grand Tree Quest to use this method of getting around.

Then, once clicked on, a map will show up. Examine the one below.

Gnome glider locations

You will see the six choices, if you are not familiar with their language then there is the translations below.

  1. Sindarpos (White Wolf Mountain)
  2. Ta Quir Priw (The Grand Tree)
  3. Kar-Hewo (Al-Kharid)
  4. Gandius (Karamja)
  5. Lemantolly Undri (Feldip Hills) - After doing the One Small Favour quest.
  6. Lemanto Andra (Digsite)

Now that you have the translations you should meet your captain, and the glider he's flying,

Captain Dalbur, Al Kharid

Al kharid glider

Captain Errdo, Gnome Stronghold

Gnome stronghold glider

Captain Bleemadge, White Wolf Mountain

White wolf mountain glider

Captain Klemfoodle, Karamja Shipyard

Shipyard glider

Captain Alvafrim, Feldip Hills

Feldip glider

Captain Errdo, Digsite

Digsite glider

Captain Belmondo, Tree Gnome Village

Tree Gnome Village

Another area to go to using the gnome glider method is Crash Island, if you've at least started the Monkey Madness quest. Please note that when you go to the Digsite by gnome glider, it crashes and you can't use it to go anywhere else. Also note that the Grand Tree captain and the Digsite captain is the same gnome.

The only way you can arrive at your destination on the map is if you start your journey at the Gnome Stronghold. Example: If you would like to pay a visit to Karamja and you are at Al-Kharid at the time, you must first go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, then you may go to Karamja. That may be a set back but, on the brighter side it's much faster than walking and doesn't cost any money either.

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are a good method of teleportation that has most of the RuneScape members world covered. To use Fairy rings you need to approach one after the completion of the A Fairy Tale Part Two: Cure a Queen quest. Once approached you need to type in a certain combination to be transported to a certain area. So, if you want to see all the different places you may go, visit the Fairy Rings guide on the site.

Fairy ring


Have you ever seen the James Bond movies where he'll escape an exploding building by grappling to the flag pole just outside the window? Well now you can do the same (minus the exploding building and the flag pole of course)! A grappling hook can be made by Smithing a mithril grapple and attaching some mithril bolts. Add a rope and voila! You have a grappling hook!

Grapple Tree

Using a grappling hook

It can be used to scale walls and pass over certain agility obstacles, while wielding a crossbow made of mithril or better. Here are all the shortcuts you can use with a grappling hook...(all shortcuts require a specific Agility, Ranging and Strength level as well as the hook and crossbow)

Grappling Locations
Karamja 53 Agility, 42 Ranging, 21 Strength
Scale the Yanille Wall 39 Agility, 21 Ranging, 38 Strength
Escape From the Water Obelisk Island 36 Agility, 39 Ranging, 22 Strength
Scale the Catherby Cliff 32 Agility, 35 Ranging, 35 Strength, completion of The Fishing Contest
Scale the Falador Wall 11 Agility, 19 Ranging, 37 Strength
Cross the River Lum 8 Agility, 37 Ranging, 19 Strength


There are many sneaky shortcuts around RuneScape. Here are a few to get you moving around pretty quickly,

Draynor Manor to Barbarian Village

Map: Click Here.

A simple shortcut, requiring no agility levels or runes, is the shortcut east of Draynor Manor to get to Barbarian Village. Once you have walked/ran to the entrance of Draynor Manor (where Veronica is) begin walking East. Follow the fence north from the manor and you will arrive at Barbarian Village. Turn east to get to Varrock, North to get to Edgeville or West to get to Falador.

Rimmington to Taverley

Map: Click Here.

A great, yet simple shortcut, requiring no agility levels or runes, is the shortcut starting at Rimmington, but taking you to Taverley. All that is need is to follow up to the pathway and make a left turn, then from there head up towards the makeover mage, after that, go through the gate and continuously head north until you arrive at a lake. From there, go West, then North to arrive in Taverley.

Lumbridge to Wizards' Tower

Map: Click Here.

Another great freeplay shortcut, requiring no agility levels or runes, is the shortcut going behind Lumbridge Castle and going to the Wizards' Tower. It starts in the great small village of Lumbridge, and then you follow the castle wall to behind the castle and follow the path west until you arrive at a North-South turn. From there, take the South way, and follow the way down to the Wizard Tower Bridge, and go to the Wizards' Tower!

Shantay Pass to Port Sarim

To get to Port Sarim can always be a pain since there are no teleports to it. However, this useful trick will teach you otherwise, and the best part about it is, you need no runes, or agility levels! If you just happen to be in the sweaty desert city of Al-Kharid you should make your way to Shantay Pass. It is in the very southern part of Al-Kharid just before the desert.

Talk to Shantay, and ask him, "What is this place?"

What is this place?

After you click, he will ask whether or not you are an outlaw. Click yes, then this message will appear:

I am definitely an outlaw, prepare to die!

Then, Shantay will put you in a small prison in Shantay Pass.

Shantay pass prison

If you pay him 5 coins you may walk out, refuse this offer.


Shantay will then tell you, "You will be placed in a maximum security prison", and you will end up in the jail in Port Sarim:

Port sarim jail

No matter how high ranked you are on the most-wanted list, you can still simply right-click your door, click "pick-lock" and you will find yourself on your merry way just west of the docks.

Dark Wizard Tower to Lumbridge Swamp

Going from the west side of Asgarnia to South of Misthalin can be a pain. However, If you are a member, Zandar in Dark Wizard Tower west of Falador teleports you to Lumbridge Swamp if you refuse to leave the tower.

Zandar the wizard


There are many docks located all around the world of RuneScape. In a free world, sailing is usually one of the only ways to travel. Although sometimes it requires a small fee, you use it in many freeplay quests, like Pirate's Treasure, and Dragon Slayer. Sailing is not a very efficient way to travel, although sometimes it's the only way.

Here are the locations of places you may travel:

A map of places you can sail to

Freeplay Areas

  1. Karamja
  2. Crandor (only during Dragon Slayer quest)
  3. Port Sarim

Members Areas

  1. Karamja
  2. Crandor (only during Dragon Slayer quest)
  3. Port Sarim
  4. Karamja Shipyard
  5. Entrana
  6. Brimhaven
  7. Feldip Hills
  8. Port Khazard
  9. Ardougne
  10. Cairn Isle
  11. Port Tyras
  12. Moss Le Harmless
  13. Oo'glog

The Abyss

The Abyss is a strange place filled with odd creatures, however it can be used to get around very quickly. Before using the Abyss, however, you will have to complete a small mini-quest for the Mage of Zamorak. He will then give you access to The Abyss. Once you have completed the mini-quest you can speak to the mage of zamorak in around level 5-8 wilderness, north of Edgeville; he will then teleport you to this different dimension. Once inside, you will be on the outside ring with your prayer drained to 0 and skulled.

To gain access to the inner ring you will have to find a way through. There are many ways to do this, including: chopping tendrils, squeezing through tight gaps and distracting eyes. Once you have gotten through you will be right outside many "rifts". These are entrances to to the many Rune Crafting altars throughout RuneScape. However, now comes the part about getting around, once through the altar you can walk out of it and appear next to the specific Runecrafting altar opening back in the Runescape World.

For more information, check out The Abyss Guide.

Inside the abyssal space


Canoeing is a good way to get to places you need to get to. It doesn't have very many options but it helps members very well. The only item needed for this process is, your woodcutting axe! To use a canoe is quite simple, approach one of the five locations on the River Lum and use you woodcutting axe to chop the canoe stand. Then, depending on your woodcutting level, you may make different types of canoes.

Map of canoe locations along the river lum

Shape it, and then float it on the river.

Canoe types

Right click option "Paddle" or just left click the canoe and choose your location from the following.

Canoe map

  1. Lumbridge
  2. Champion's Guild
  3. Barbarian Village
  4. Edgeville
  5. Wilderness

While you are in the canoe, you can't move anywhere, communicate or perform any emotions, your player just paddles the canoe to your destination. Here is what it looks when you are travelling in a canoe:

Travelling in a canoe

Note: You must be a member to use this feature. And when you are in the Wilderness there is no canoe stand to chop. So if you are ready to embark into the deep level 35 wilderness, don't bring any items you fear to lose.

For more information on canoes, visit the Canoe guide!

Magic Carpets

Magic Carpets are a good way to travel the Al-Kharidian desert. Simply approach a rug merchant, and click to use his carpet. There are many places to travel with these carpets, observe the Magic Carpet map to see all of the places you may go.

Flying on a magic carpet
Magic Carpets

For more information on Magic Carpets visit the Magic Carpets guide on the site!


There are two types of Mine Carting transportation systems in the game. Read below to see them both and where they are located.

One of the first types of Mine Carting Transportation in the game belongs to the lovers of mining, dwarves! Although first, the Giant Dwarf quest must be finished before using the dwarves type. This system connects major dwarf locations Keldagrim, under the White Wolf Mountain, and The Dwarven Mines under the Ice Mountain. Using this method is rather simple, and for you mining lovers, it can help you get to MASSIVE mining locations only for free!

Talk to cart conductor
Cart conductor

Just buy a ticket from the conductor and hop on the cart!

Getting a ride on a mine cart

The other type of carting is the Jungle Carts located on Karamja. It connects Shilo Village and Brimhaven. So, if you want to get around that crazy jungle faster, use this method for only the fee of 10-200gp! If you don't have enough money with you, they will charge you less. It is ran by two very nice brothers, Vigroy and Hajedy. This method can be used after the completion of the Shilo Village quest. The circles on the Mine Cart map represent where you can use the carts and where to find them.

The other type of carting is the Jungle Carts located on Karamja. It connects Shilo Village and Brimhaven. So, if you want to get around that crazy jungle faster, use this method for only the fee of 10gp! If you don't have enough money with you, they will charge you less. It is ran by two very nice brothers, Vigroy and Hajedy. This method can be used after the completion of the Shilo Village quest. The circles on the Cart map represent where you can use the carts and where to find them.

Shilo Cart


After completion of the Eagle's Peak quest you will be able to use those 4 giant eagles to get around to 4 different hunting locations.

Fly like a bird


Jungle Eagle

If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Jungle. If you exit this area, you may not turn around because you will fall a little ways from a cliff, that is unreachable unless you have a Thatching Spar obtained from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup or a Teasing Stick that you can use with the young vine to help it grow, making it able for you to climb back up into the cave.


If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Snow region. When you exit this dungeon you will appear on a crevice and must use handholds to get down, and this time you can go back up to use the Eagle again, to return to the Woodland.

Polar eagle


If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Desert region, however you cannot exit this dungeon unless you have entered it from the desert at a point in time beforehand, and moved the boulder out of the way. The entrance to this dungeon is located north of the desert phoenix and west of the clay mines of the Ruins of Uzer.

Desert eagle

Karamjan Eagle

Karamjan Eagle

This Eagle is available after the Back to my Roots quest. Flying on the Karamjan Eagle will land you on a platform above the Jade Vine Maze. Climb down the vines to get to the main surface.


In the member's skill, Summoning, certain familiars of yours will teleport you to certain locations in-game.

Spirit Larupia

Teleports To: Feldip Hunter Area


Spirit Kyatt

Teleports To: Piscatoris Hunter Area


Spirit Graahk

Teleports To: Horned Graahk Area


Arctic Bear

Teleports To: Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter Area

Arctic bear

Void familiars

Teleports To: Pest control landers

Lava Titan

Teleports To: The lava maze

Hot Air Balloons

If you want to fly high, although not with magic carpets or gnome gliders, then, there is only about one solution, Ballooning!


After completion of the Enlightened Journey quest you will be able to use the hot-air balloon transportation network. It can take you to many important places in a members world. Read below for the price you need to pay for the certain area.

  1. Entrana: none
  2. Taverley.: none
  3. Crafting Guild: 10 oak logs
  4. Varrock: 10 willow logs
  5. Castle Wars: 10 yew logs
  6. The Grand Tree: 3 magic logs

Hot air balloon map

Note: These are the prices to "unlock" a route. Once unlocked that destination will only cost 1 log (of the same kind). To unlock a track you will need to complete a 3-screen puzzle like you did in the quest.


Obelisks are located in the wilderness. There are a total of 6 obelisks in all. To activate an obelisk, click on the surrounding poles and select the activate option. Run back to the center of the obelisk and your character will be whisked away to another obelisk. Where you go to is random so be prepared for what lies in out there in the wilderness!

A Wilderness Obelisk which has been activated

The six obelisks are found in the following locations:

  1. South of the Wilderness Volcano and west of the Chaos Temple.
  2. South of the Graveyard of Shadows.
  3. North of the Bandit Camp.
  4. Northwest of the Wilderness Volcano and south of the Lava Maze.
  5. South of the Frozen Waste Plateau and west of the entrance to the King Black Dragon lair.
  6. Southeast of the Rogues' Castle.

Map of Wilderness Obelisk locations


Sometimes when you wander around, you may find that your Life Points have dropped to 0! Well, It just means you have died. Dying is one of the fastest methods to get around RuneScape. It requires no runes, magic or agility level and you may do it as often as you wish. It's not recommended though, because should you be carrying more than 3 items with you when you die, you will lose everything except your 3 most valuable items. In the wilderness however you will lose all items upon death.

There are many ways to get killed, the first is with a monster attacking you and getting you down to 0 Life Points. Another is to get poisoned. There are also many other ways: you can use the "nitroglycerin" from the digsite quest to make an explosion thus hurting you or you can walk through the wilderness and get a revenant to attack you. After getting killed by one method or another you will end up at the closest lodestone.

Oh dear, you're dead!

Upon finishing the Recruitment Drive quest, you may speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien to change your respawn point to Falador. Upon finishing the King's Ransom quest and the completion of the mini game, Knight Wave's Training Ground, you may speak to Merlin to set your respawn point to Camelot. Once you die you will appear at this spot with your best 3 items and then you will be able to continue with your daily life...but next time don't be so careless, and, try not to die!

Other Methods

Magic Guild Portals

Where: Magic Guild
Required Level: Magic Level 66 or 63 if using a Magic Potion
Teleports: Dark Wizard Tower, Wizard Tower and Sorcerers House near Seers Village

A portal in the mage guild

Ardougne Lever

Where: Near Ardougne Castle
Teleports: High Level Wilderness

Ardougne lever teleport

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