Gods and Demigods of RuneScape

By: Felinoel
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The gods are important to know for they are gods; a god in itself would be good to know about because when the Second God Wars occurs, you must be ready. The Second God Wars is thought to be coming due to certain preparations from some gods and some gods who were sent away from the planet Gielinor (Runescape) appear to be trying to return and those gods that are here would most likely have conflicts with the returning gods. The demigods are basically half gods, and they could very well include problems in the upcoming god war, which side they are on would be good to know.

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Saradomin Saradomin symbol


Saradomin is considered to be the god of good, although it is verified that he is the god of order, pleasantry, and wisdom. It is confirmed that he came from the same world as Zamorak, and so Saradomin's race would most undoubtedly be Mahjarrat. Saradomin would be the only known Mahjarrat to go against the ways of his race and survive. He was first mainly noticed on Gielinor in the Third Age of Gielinor, which was the arrival of the First God Wars, it is thought that Zamorak and Saradomin brought this battle from their home planet, which they might have destroyed in their battles. It is considered that the island of Entrana is where Saradomin first stepped foot in Gielinor. He is the most followed god in the known parts of the planet Gielinor, his followers include Men, Women, Monks, Guards, White Knights, the Employees of the Warrior's Guild, Paladins, Saradomin Mages, the citizens of Tutorial Island, H.A.M. Cult Members, the Phoenix Gang, regular Wizards, the Knights of Ardougne, and many many others. The colors that have been used to symbolize him are Blue, White, and sometimes Gold.

Items that are symbolic of Saradomin include:

  • Holy Symbol Holy Symbol
  • Monk Robes Monks' Robe (top)
  • White Armour White Platebody
  • Saradomin Armor Saradomin Platebody
  • Saradomin Brew Saradomin Brew
  • Saradomin Mjolnir Saradomin Mjolnir
  • H.A.M. Robes Ham Robe
  • Saradomin Banner Saradomin banner
  • Saradomin Cape Saradomin Cape
  • Saradomin Cloak Saradomin Cloak
  • Salve Amulet Salve amulet
  • Saradomin Castle Wars Items Castlewars Cloak (blue)
  • Saradomin Crest Items Saradomin crest
  • Saradomin Staff Saradomin Staff
  • Saradomin Godsword Saradomin Godsword
  • Holy Book Holy Book

Guthix Guthix Symbol


Guthix is considered to be the god of nature and balance. Guthix is genderless, thus totally balancing the male/female characteristics. Guthix is thought to be the first god to come to Gielinor, and apparently when it came to Gielinor it was in the form of a butterfly, Guthix is a shapeshifter. Apparently Guthix shaped the old barren planet of Gielinor to it's liking, and according to Guthix, it required something to have been there before it changed the barren planet to what it is now in order for it to have been able to come to our realm. So it probably felt the barren planet was dying off and it just put new land on top of the old one along with new life. Guthix apparently was the one who stopped the First God Wars by forcing Saradomin and Zamorak to stop their quarrel for now, but what about the other gods that were fighting? This is unknown, but anyways Guthix's followers include Druids, Seers, most Dwarves, Gnomes, Void Knights, and others. The colors that has been used to symbolize Guthix are Green and White and possibly Cyan.

Items that are symbolic of Guthix include:

  • Silver Sickle Silver Sickle (b)
  • Druid Robes Druids' Robe (top)
  • Void Knight Clothes Void Knight Robe
  • Void Knight Mace Void Knight Mace
  • Guthix Armor Guthick Platebody
  • Guthix Rest Guthix Rest
  • Guthix Balance Guthix Balance
  • Guthix Crest Items Guthix crest
  • Guthix Mjolnir Guthix Mjolnir
  • Guthix Cape Guthix Cape
  • Guthix Cloak Guthix Cloak
  • Guthix Staff Guthix Staff
  • Book of Balance Book of Balance
  • Green Fremennik Robes Fremennik Robe

Zamorak Zamoray symbol


Zamorak is considered the god of chaos, evil, and destruction. He was originally a mortal of the Mahjarrat race, and his race was from the realm of Frenskae. This race was under the control of Itchlarin but then Zaros "freed" them off Icthlarin's "enslavement." Under Zaros' reign, Zamorak trained and became rather strong, he was the best of Zaros' army, of which he actually became the general of. But one day Zamorak got too power hungry, and he felt a mutiny was needed. He enlisted his fellow Mahjarrat to help him and he directly fought Zaros with the staff of Armadyl, which he had pulled a few strings to get. Zamorak technically won because Zaros is currently trapped somewhere which is technically in the center of Gielinor. But he is no longer considered a mortal due to the "curse" into immortality which was either caused purposely by Zaros or a slip-up Zamorak made when attacking Zaros with the staff. Currently Zamorak is now banned to another realm and a group of elves called the Mourners who follow Zamorak are currently trying to bring him back using the death altar in the Temple of Light. Zamorak's followers include the Zamorak Monks, General Khazard and his troops, Chaos Druids, the Red Axe Mining Company, Chaos Dwarves, Prince Anlaf of Burthorpe and the Imperial Guard, Black Knights, Mourners/Death Guard/Dark Elves, Dark Wizards, Demons, the Black Arm Gang, Zamorak Mages, Iban, a few Mahjarrat, and many others. The colors that are used to symbolize Zamorak are Red and Black.

Items that are symbolic of Zamorak include:

  • Unholy Symbol of Zamorak Unholy Symbol of Zamorak
  • Zamorak Monk Robes Zamorak Robe (top)
  • Khazard Armour Khazard Armour
  • Black Armour Black Platebody
  • Zamorak Armor Zamorak Platebody
  • Wine of Zamorak Wine of zamorak
  • Zamorak Castle Wars Items Castlewars Cloak (red)
  • Zamorak Banner Zamorak Banner
  • Zamorak Crest Items Zamorak crest
  • Stone Head Zamorak stone head
  • Zamorak Potion Zamorak Brew
  • Zamorak Mjolnir Zamorak Mjolnir
  • Mourner Set Mourner Top
  • Zamorak Cape Zamorak Cape
  • Zamorak Cloak Zamorak Cloak
  • Zamorak Staff Zamorak Staff
  • Zamorak Godsword Zamorak Godsword
  • Unholy Book Unholy Book

Armadyl Armadyl symbol


Armadyl is considered the true god of good, he is against fighting but do not think he is weak, he has to be able to defend himself and defend true peace. So he must have some power. It was his staff which had been used to send Zaros to the center of Gielinor. Armadyl's "main enemy" is thought to be Zaros, because they are considered to have both been around a little after Guthix came around, and it is thought they have been bickering ever since they met. It is thought that Armadyl's base was in the Kandarin region. Armadyl currently have few followers since he is as unknown as he is now. His few followers are the Armadyl Guardians who guard Armadyl's Staff, and a few Fremenniks are thought to possibly follow Armadyl. The colors that could be used to symbolize Armadyl are Cyan, White, and possibly Brown.

Items that are symbolic of Armadyl include:

  • Staff of Armadyl Armadyl staff
  • Armadyl Pendant Armadyl Pendant
  • Armadyl Godsword Armadyl Godsword
  • Armadyl Armour (Helmet, Chestplate and Platelegs) Armadyl Helmet

Zaros Zaros symbol


Zaros is considered the true god of evil by some, the true god of chaos by others, or the true god of both evil and chaos by the rest. He is called the "Empty Lord" because by merely mentioning his name, he is given power. He "freed" the Mahjarrat from Icthlarin and he used them in his army. He trained them and trained them till one decided to get Zaros out of the picture. Zaros had other races in his army including the Kalphites which some believe Zaros created from mere bugs in the sand. According to the Kalphite Queen they are still waiting diligently for his return, although they do not appear to be putting full effort into rescuing him. Zaros is considered to be the creator of the Ancient Magicks and it seems he wielded this magic quite well. Compared to Zamorak, some people find Zaros "good" and that's why some do not consider him the god of evil. Some players consider Bob the Cat to be Zaros in disguise or Zaros trapped in the cat form, this is not true because Bob is Robert the Strong, slayer of Dragonkin, and if Zaros was in anyway a part of Bob, the Sphinx would have noticed it. It is possible that Zaros has possessed Bob, but that is doubtful. After Zaros' downfall Ancient Saradomin Priests covered up the existence of Zaros, they went so far they even built a new city which is now known as Varrock right on top of Zaros' main area of where he was worshipped. The follows of Zaros of today include some of the remaining Mahjarrat, the Kalphites, and certain Goblins. The colors that could be used to symbolize Zaros are Purple and Light Tan.

Items that are symbolic of Zaros include:

  • Ancient Talisman Ancient Talisman
  • Ancient Staff Ancient Staff
  • Stone Tablet Stone Tablet

Marimbo Marimbo symbol


Marimbo is the god of monkeys, he was considered to be big, possibly a gorilla. The story of the origin of Marimbo, is told by his followers, they say that Marimbo was the pet of a god, but one day Marimbo found a drink of his master's, and he drank it. He gained incredible wisdom and due to this new wisdom he left for the island that is now called Marim. There, he led the monkeys with his wisdom. In the new land of Marim, many monkeys reside and praise the name of the great Marimbo. His followers are mainly Monkeys. He could be symbolized by the colors Brown and Beige.

Items that are symbolic of Marimbo include:

  • M'speak Amulet M'speak Amulet
  • Monkey Talisman Monkey talisman
  • Monkey Corpse Monkey Corpse
  • Monkey Bones Monkey Bones

Tumeken Tumeken symbol


Tumeken is apparently the highest god of the Menaphite Pantheon and the god of the Sun for the Menaphite Pantheon. His partner is Elidnis and their children are Amascut and Icthlarin, although they seem to have other children as well. Not much else is known about him but the Menaphites worship him anyways.

Items that are symbolic of Tumeken include:

  • WaterskinWaterskin (4)
  • Pharaoh's Sceptre Pharaoh's Sceptre
  • The colors gold, purple and red

Elidnis Elidnis symbol


Elidnis is Tumeken's wife and the mother of his children, she is the goddess of Growth and Fertility and the River Elid is named after her. Not only is the River Elid named after her, it was created by her. One gruesome day during the third age, a woman named Nardarine escaped the fighting of the forces of Saradomin and Zamorak fighting. She ran out into the desert, at the moment she had nothing to sustain her and the desert was a harsh place. She cried out for help from Saradomin but she was in the area of the Menaphite God Pantheon and Saradomin couldn't reach her there. Then the great Elidnis came to answer her prayers and asked if she helped her, would she pray to her. Nardarine said yes and took an oath to vow to Elidnis. Then Elidnis created the River Elid. Nardarine drank from the water and Elidnis also gave Nardarine food to nourish her. Nardarine built a city there called Nardah, everyone who came to live in that city needed to take the oath of loyalty to Elidnis. The city was named after Nardarine, and it was called Nardah. The Citizens of Nardah are supposed to worship Elidnis, as well as the Elidnis Water Spirits and some Menaphites. Elidnis' symbolic colors possibly are the Blue of the River Elid, Gold, Purple, and Red.

Items that are symbolic of Elidnis include:

  • Any item containing water Bucket of Water
  • Statuette Statuette
  • Elidnis Robes Elidnis robes

Amascut Amascut symbol


Amascut goes by two other names, the Wanderer and the Devourer, and some believe that under her Devourer guise she takes the form of a soul-sucking Wurm. She is called the Goddess of Destruction of the Menaphite Pantheon. Amascut has a history of hating cats and she still despises them, apparently there is some power that cats hold that we humans cannot comprehend. Her history of hating cats is due to when she turned on her followers, of course the Goddess of Destruction would want to destroy even her followers, they rebelled, they were turned into cats by forces unknown and they try their hardest to make her life miserable even to this day. It is this that possibly makes Amascut hate and even fear all cats. Amascut is "daughter" of Tumeken and Elidnis. It is possible that she is somehow connected to the Wyrms spoken of by Juna and it is also possible that she commanded them. If the latter was correct this would explain why her brother had "gathered" the Majharrat for his own bidding to possibly keep the Wyrm menace at bay. The Menaphite Thugs and their leader appear to be the only current followers of Amascut. The colors that could be used to symbolize Amascut are Green, Orange, and Red.

Items that are symbolic of Amascut include:

  • Unholy Symbol Unholy Symbol



Seren is the goddess of the elves. It would appear that not all elves follow her though, some have chosen to follow Zamorak instead. She can only be described as Living Crystal but apparently our human minds could never comprehend what she truly is. A Pearl-ish Blue could be the color that symbolizes her.

Items that are symbolic of Seren include:

  • Crystal of Seren (Crystal Singing for Beginners) Book IPB Image
  • Crystal Seed Crystal Seed
  • Crystal Bow Vrystal Bow (full)
  • Crystal Shield Crystal Shield

Kendal Kendal symbol


Kendal is a god of Trollheim. He is god-like in the way that he is worshipped as a god, he is merely the totemic nature spirit that the Mountain People worship. There are other totemic spirits that they worship, but Kendal is the nature one. It appears he is bear-like, from the rumors and hints of the Mountain People. He recently had someone impersonating him and this impersonator killed people.

Items that are symbolic of Kendal include:

  • Bearhead Bearhead
  • Brown items

Fossegrimen Fossegrimen symbol


Fossegrimen is another goddess of Trollheim. She is god-like in the way that she is worshipped as a god, she is merely the totemic water spirit that the Mountain People worship. There are other totemic spirits that they worship, but Fossegrimen is the waster one. She appears ghostly, although that is probably because she is a spirit.

Items that are symbolic of Fossegrimen include:

  • Enchanted Lyre Enchanted Lyre
  • Blue or brown items


Iban Iban symbol


Iban is the "son" of Zamorak in the way that Iban followed the ways of Zamorak to such extent. Iban was a Black Knight, who had learned to fight from Daquarius, a Lord of the Black Knights, long ago. Together they had destroyed the might of the White Knights and Iban alone killed no less then one hundred soldiers. Iban was a well-educated nobleman who preferred the finer things in life, but he always had a taste for more, nothing he ever received was enough. This hunger for more went far past the realm of mere mortals, into the shadowy places of darkness and evil. His ambition was godlike in its insatiability, and that was the cause of his darkness, he didn't just want people to salute him and pledge their forever allegiance, he wanted a whole legion of soulless followers, followers without free will or thought. He planned for this army to have their minds demented from the sheer power of his darkness radiating through them, and to become zombies, no emotion, feelings, or even a care. They would be servants to their evil master until their deaths. But this was a dream which seemed as if Iban could never achieve. Iban was eventually killed by the White Knights with the foul taste of failure in his mouth he mournfully died. But little did he know that wasn't the end of his tale. A witch, named Kardia, loved the tale of Iban up until his death and she vowed to use her evil powers to find a way to bring him back so he could fulfill his dream to become a master of the undead. She found out that with a doll that has been smeared with the four elements (flesh, blood, shadow, conscience) that bring existence into being, could bring him back, so she went around Gielinor gathering those needed elements and brought him back to life. A human walks in and kills Iban again and that is that Iban gets defeated once more, although it is rumored that he is possibly still alive. Iban's followers include that witch obviously, the Iban Disciples, the Soulless, and possibly some Dark Wizards. Iban's symbolic colors could be the color of his armor (back in his first life), Black and Pinkish-Purple of the symbol on the robes he adorns in his second life.

Items that are symbolic of Iban include:

  • Iban's Staff Iban's Staff
  • History of Iban Book Iban history book
  • Iban's Doll Iban's doll
  • Iban's Shadow Iban's Shadow
  • Iban's Dove Iban's Dove
  • Iban's Ashes Iban's Ashes

Icthlarin Icthlarin


Icthlarin is the jackal headed "brother" of Amascut, he is the demigod of the dead and of proper burial rituals. He tries to see to it that souls find rest. He has no care for good or evil, he just cares that dead people get buried correctly and that their tombs do not get desecrated or something along the lines of that. Although his head is slightly that of a dog, he loves cats, this is possibly because his "sister" despises them, or because of the power in them that we humans can't comprehend. The People of Sophanem are among the few who worship Icthlarin, and the colors that could be used to symbolize him are a dark Navy Blue and Purple.

Items that are symbolic of Icthlarin include:

  • Menaphite Holy Symbol Menaphite holy symbol
  • Stone Head Stone Head



Ikov is considered to possibly be the son of Saradomin. If this is so then there must have been an alliance between Saradomin and Armadyl because within the temple of Ikov, Armadyl's staff is protected.


This is not a listing of all the gods in the realm of RuneScape, it is only what is known and who is known as of now, more will show up later for as a Guardian of Armadyl once said:

Guardian of Armadyl

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