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Gravestones are very useful in RuneScape. Their main use is to keep the items that are dropped whenever you die. When someone dies, they have a certain time limit to return to their gravestone and retrieve their items before it degrades and the items are lost forever. The time limit depends on which gravestone you own.

The Basics

Only the person who died can retrieve their items. They can do this by walking over their gravestone and picking up the items dropped upon death. By right-clicking on a grave, you are able to repair it or bless it. Repairing lets the grave last up to five minutes longer while blessing lets the grave last up to a full hour more, depending on the prayer points used. To bless a grave, you need to have a minimum of level 70 Prayer. Repairing other's graves costs three prayer points.

Another interesting feature about gravestones is that if you are a member and buy a grave from Blasidar, that grave will show up on a freeplay world!

"Instance" Areas

An "instance" is a special area in RuneScape such as the area used during a boss battle. If you die in one of these areas, your gravestone will apear in the closest location outside of the instance area, rather than the exact location you died.

Gravestone Sellers

Father Aereck

Father Aereck is in the church of Lumbridge

To buy a gravestone, you need to talk to Father Aereck in the Church in Lumbridge (#3 on the map of Lumbridge) after completing The Restless Ghost quest.

A map of the city of lumbridge - Aereck is at location #3.


Blasidar is located in kedagrim

Members can also talk to Blasidar in Keldagrim (In the pink square on the map) after completing the Giant Dwarf quest.

A map of keldagrim


From Father Aereck

It is the generic sign that everyone starts out with, so it only lasts five minutes. It is, luckily, free to any adventurer who wants to have it.

Memorial Plaque - a simple plaque, bearing the name of the deceased.

This flag symbolizes the place that you died, giving you six minutes to get back to your items.

Flag - A dignified little flag flutters in the breeze.

This small, simple grave lasts a mere six minutes, giving you just enough time to get your items back.

Small Gravestone - A simple little gravestone.

This ornate and grand gravestone last for a nice even eight minutes. It is the best grave available to freeplayers.

Ornate Gravestone - An ornately carved gravestone.

From Blasidar

This grave lasts for ten minutes, until new life is created by the water collected into it.

Font of Life - An elaborate font. As water collects in the bowl, it symbolises new life and hope.

This ornate grave honors the three more known gods, giving ten minutes of time to get back to it.

Stele - A monolithic memorial stone bearing a selection of emblems.

This grave pays tribute to the god of nature and balance, Guthix. It lasts for ten minutes, preserving the balance of this world.

Symbol of Guthix - Favoured by humans of a mystical or druidic inclination.

This 50,000 coin grave is dedicated to the god of order, pleasantry, and wisdom, Saradomin. The grave lasts ten minutes, in order to preserve your wisdom.

Symbol of Saradomin - The four-pointed star is universally recognised as the symbol of Saradomin.

This 50,000 coin grave is dedicated to the mighty god Zamorak. The fury of the god of chaos keeps it standing for ten minutes.

Symbol of Zamorak -  This serpentine sigil represents the ruthless Zamorak.

This grave lasts for ten minutes. This grave requires completion of the quest, Land of the Goblins. This one honors the Bandos warriors who fought in the God Wars!

Symbol of Bandos - Followers of Bandos are now scarce, but this symbol is still used by those who remember that violent god.

This grave lasts for ten minutes. This grave requires completion of the quest, Temple of Ikov. This grave honors the great bird gods!

Symbol of Armadyl - Armadyl's love of winged creatures is represented by this elegant symbol. Little else is remembered of him.

This grave lasts for ten minutes. This grave requires completion of the quest, Desert Treasure. It pays tribute to the ancient gods from before the time of Azzanadra.

Ancient Symbol - Adventurers often request this symbol although its origin and meaning have become obscure in the centuries since the god wars.

The Angel of Death gravestone is one of the largest gravestones, so it will cost a whopping 500,000 gp! Of course, such an extravagant gravestone has its benefits. It will remain standing for 12 minutes without a repair.

Angel of Death - The ultimate marker for a grave, this statue evokes intimations of mortality in all who are faced with it.

The Royal Dwarven Gravestone is the largest gravestone currently available in RuneScape. It costs 500,000gp to buy, and requires the completion of the King of the Dwarves quest before you can use it. It will remain standing for 15 minutes before collapsing.


In conclusion, gravestones are the only chance to retrieve your items after you die, so be sure to hurry back if you die! If someone dies near you, be helpful and bless or repair their grave.

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