Halloween 2006 Event

By: Uzumaki Naruto
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This year's event is located in Draynor Village. It began on October 30th, and ended on November 13th. Apparently Diango has tried to cut his costs of production by stealing wood, but it doesn't look like it's working!

Note: This event was only available from 30 October 2006 until 13 November 2006.

Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Diango in the Draynor Village marketplace.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 1x Hatchet
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Ghost Busting!

Talk to Diango in Draynor Village and select "Talk about H'ween."

Nothing, Nothing!
Of course.
Or at least they would be if I had middle names
So, I got my workers started on the presents now...

You will find out that he stole some wood from Draynor Manor to cut price costs in order to get ready for Christmas since last year was terribly rushed in a funny little conversation about middle names. He will ask you to help. Of course you will!

Ghostbuster 500He will give you a Ghostbuster 500 and 10 of each destabiliser with it as well as 50 White Destabilisers:


You need to spray 3 of each color ghost with it's corresponding color. Also, there is a Large tree down there that will swallow you if you annoy it. Yes, swallow you! Anyways, head on north to Diango's workshop from Christmas.

Diango's Workshop map

To get ready, load a "White Destabiliser" with your Ghostbuster by selecting "Use White Destabiliser". You always have to put the white one to get the ghost out of the object, then the correct color of the ghost to dismiss it. Also note that once you spray any object, and you didn't get the "Scared Emote" last Halloween, you will get it now.

Ghost Buster 500 equipment screen

Source PictureGeist PictureGeist NameSource Item
Possessed Puppet Black Geist Black Geist Possessed Puppet
Wooden Duck Yellow Geist Yellow Geist Wooden Duck
Toy Boat Red Geist Red Geist Toy Boat
Hand in a box Green Geist Green Geist Hand-in-a-box
Floating Table Blue Geist Blue Geist Floating Table

Head on back to Diango when you've dismissed them all. He will take the Ghostbuster 500, and give you a full skeleton outfit:

Skeleton Equipment

  • Skeleton BootsSkeleton Boots: Reward for dismissing 3 of one kind of Geists.
  • Skeleton GlovesSkeleton Gloves: Reward for dismissing 3 of 2 kinds of Geists.
  • Skeleton LeggingsSkeleton legs: Reward for dismissing 3 of 3 kinds of Geists.
  • Skeleton ShirtSkeleton shirt: Reward for dismissing 3 of 4 kinds of Geists.
  • Skeleton MaskSkeleton Mask: Reward for dismissing 3 of 5 kinds of Geists.

Evil Roots

Now head on back to the Workshop with your axe. If you try to talk to any of the Fairies, you will get this message:

That was so scary!
The pixie is scared to say much more...

Before you go back to the workshop, put on your Halloween clothing or store it in the bank, or Diango won't give you your reward for hacking the roots. Climb down to the main floor and head over to the tree. You will see some roots. Try to pull them up, and you will get sucked under.

Pull up Large root
You go to pull up the root...

Once you are down there, you will see plenty of hanging roots to hack at to your heart's content.

Hack hanging roots

Cut at least 10 "Evil Roots."

Climb roots

To get out, find the ladder icon on the minimap and select "Climb Roots."

Destroy evil root

Map of the Underground World:

Map of the dungeon

Head on back to Diango, and you will get a Jack'o Lantern Mask.


Congratulations, you have completed the 2006 Halloween Event!


  • You cannot bank either the "Evil Roots" or the "Ghostbuster 500" or any color "Destabiliser" - a magical force will stop this from happening.
  • Once you have completed both parts, you cannot re-enter the workshop.
  • If you lose either the skeleton outfit or the pumpkin mask, you can get another from Diango for free.

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