Halloween 2007 Event

By: Matt T
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Death's servant just recently passed away, and now he has need of a temporary replacement to make sure that his terrifying Mansion of Death is in good order to receive his new servant. If you help him tidy things up a bit he's sure to be grateful, and might even offer you a dark and deathly reward...

Note: This event was only available from 22 October 2007 until 5 November 2007.

Essential Info

Start Point

Enter the portal south of Falador, near the Elemental Wizards.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

This event is available to freeplayers and members, and has no requirements! It is a safe event as there's no chance of losing items. To start, head south of Falador near the elemental wizards. If you are of a lower level watch out for the Highwaymen, as they are prone to attack anyone who comes into their territory.

Leave your furry friends at home, Death's more of a dog person.

As you approach the portal nearly all light from the world is sucked away. Click on the portal to get started. It is represented as a present icon on your mini-map. If you log out during this event you will appear here, outside Grim's house.

The dark portal

You will appear inside Grim's mansion. Head east and talk to the Grim Reaper. If you happen to log out, talk to Grim again to find out what stage you were up to.

Note: You will have to regain any items that you had in your inventory if you log out.

The grim reaper!

Grim asks you to prepare his house for his next servant. You will then be presented with two options. If you select 'That doesn't really appeal, I'm off.' the Grim will kill you and you will return outside his house.

Note: As this is a safe event you will lose no items. If you select this option you can still complete the event by talking to Grim again.

Grim Reaper

Select 'I'll help out, no problem.' to continue with the event.

The Garden of Deathly Shadows

Pass doorway

Right-click on the doorway just north of Grim and select 'Pass Doorway.' Randomly, or if you try to pass through a door that you haven't been instructed to, the Gargoyles might attack you sending you back to the start.

Just inside the doorway you will see Muncher, Grim's dog.

Muncher the dog... skeleton

There is an option to interact with Muncher, but beware, choosing the wrong option might land you back at the start.

Fighting muncher

Continue north until you reach another doorway, and select pass.

Grim Reaper

The Grim will present you with your next task.

Grim Reaper

You are to make your way through the spider webs.

Pass spider web

The path is random - it's different for everyone. If you reach the skull and log out, you will need to make your way through the webs again.

Pick-up skull

Right click on the skull and pick it up.

Make your way back through the webs. As you are going through the doorway the Gargoyles will take the skull off of you.

Grim Reaper

Lounge of the Reaper of Souls

Go to the Grim's lounge, he'll tell you what to do once you get through the doorway.

Grim Reaper

After reading the diary, which can be found on the table, it seems Muncher has wreaked havoc around the house. You're to search the room for Grim's items, in total there are 7 items to collect.

Search table

Then put them back in their correct places by using the items on the correct locations.

Last will and testament

The diary will tell you where the items go.

Diary of death

Key Items
PictureItemFoundWhere to Put It
Diary Diary Table -
Sharpener Sharpener Bookcase Cabinet
Robes Robes Cabinet Fireplace
Eye Eye Under cushions of sofa Shelf
Voice of doom 'Voice of Doom' Fireplace Bookcase
Last will and testament Last Will and Testament Grim Chest Sofa
Bones Bones Right hand side of fish tank Chest
Hourglass Hourglass Shelf Fishtank

Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper

Go back into the main part of the house and climb the stairs.

Climb up staircase

The Playground of Solitude and Lost Toys

Grim reaper

Grim wants you to test his obstacle course.

First, slide-down the slide.

Slide down the slide

Bounce over the holes.

Step on springboard

You'll end up in some green goo.

bouncing through the air
In some green goop

Wade through the goo until you see a ramp and exit through the ramp.

Exit ramp

In the next room you'll have to walk around the trapdoors. This step should be done in high-detail mode so that you can see the traps more clearly. If you step on a trap you will have to complete the obstacles again from the start.

Path through the safe area

After passing through the last doorway you will learn you have the do the course again.

Grim Reaper

Do the course again. After you've completed it, go downstairs and speak with Grim.

The Grim Reaper has given you the Grim Reaper hood...

Death then leaves you with the following words:

Grim Reaper

He kills you and you return outside the portal. It is now locked, as you have no need to go back down there.

The Rewards

Grim Reaper Hood

Grim reaper hood See the Item Database for detailed information on the Grim Reaper Hood.

Grim Reaper Hood equipment stats

If you ever lose the Grim Reaper Hood you can get it back by speaking to Diango in Draynor Village.


Zombie Hand Emote

Zombie hand emoteYou will also unlock the 'Scared' Emote if you have not already done so.

The zombie hand emote

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