Halloween 2009 Event: Web of Shadows

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"Grim has found it difficult to live without a servant (if 'living' is the correct term), and has gotten himself into another domestic muddle. Rather than help him with the chores this time round, you'll be required to remove something unwanted from his bathroom. That 'something' is slightly more dangerous than belly fluff stuck in the plug hole."

Note: This event was only available from 26 October 2009 until 9 November 2009.

Message of the Week: Happy Hallowe'en

Essential Info

Start Point

Enter the Dark Portal south of Falador.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

The dark portal

To start this quest, find the dark portal south of Falador and west of Port Sarim, near the Elemental Mages and Malignius Mortifer.

Map of routes to the portal

  • Cabbage Port (completion of all Lumbridge Tasks needed. The fastest and most direct route to the starting point)
  • House Teleport (40 Magic needed without Teletab. House must be in Rimmington. The second fastest route, falls just short of Cabbage Port)
  • Balloon Teleport (Enlightened Journey needed. Not recommended as you need an oak log for the journey. Skills Necklace can also be used to teleport to the Crafting Guild)
  • Glory Amulet Teleport (Use if you don't have a Explorer's Ring or a house in Rimmington)
  • Falador Teleport (37 Magic needed without Tele-tab. Long route but probably the easiest to access)
  • Walking
  • Charter Ship (Expensive, and also requires you to use a different charter ship somewhere in RuneScape. The farther away you are, the more expensive it is)
    As you near it, you'll notice your screen will get considerably darker.

When you enter the portal, you'll wind up in a strange house, and unlock the track 'Trick or Treat?' Welcome to Chez Grim Reaper! If at any time you wish to leave, simply click the portal again and you'll wind up south of Falador again.

The Grim Reaper's house

Walk into the living (dead) room and you'll see the Grim Reaper himself.

The Grim Reaper!

Talk to him, and you'll find out what is problem is...

There's a spider in his bathtub! Head to the upper floor by going up the stairs, then head go to the room east of the staircase to go to the bathroom, and you'll see why he's so worried about a spider in his bath.

A giant spider in the Reaper's bathtub

Talk to her, and the spider of few words will tell you she'll only move if the Spider Queen tells her to move. For reasons unknown to us, the Spider Queen has told the spider to sit in the Grim Reaper's bathtub. Go back downstairs and report your findings to Grim.

Grim will tell you to negotiate with the Spider Queen, and will open up a blue portal next to you.

A portal leading into the Spider Queen's plane

Go through it to enter the Spider Queen's plane, which is a rather Spiderman-esque establishment. You'll unlock the track 'Itsy Bitsy...' at this point.

The Spider Queen's Plane

The spider queen's plane of existence

Walk along the spider's webs by clicking from one web to another. Most strands of web will be unstable. If you walk on one of the unstable ones, you'll fall and be brought back to the start.

Slipping and falling

If you have completed Underground Pass and/or Lunar Diplomacy, this kind of puzzle may be familiar to you. As you may well know, it helps immensely if you keep track of which webs are walkable on and vice versa on a program like Paint. As per usual, the puzzle is different for everyone. The aim of the game is to get to the center of the web, and climb up the web ladder, which you can see on your mini map.

When you reach the top, you'll find another floor with more puzzles.

At the top of the ladder

This floor resembles a playground with monkey bars, swings, nets, stepping stones and so on. You can NOT fail anything on this floor.

The monkey bars:

Monkey bars

The stepping stones:

Stepping stones

The swing bars:

Swinging bars

The web walk:

Web walk

The wall run:

Wall run

The ledge walk:

Ledge walk

Make your way towards the north part of the obstacle course, and climb up the ladder. You'll arrive in a room that looks like it's crafted from styrofoam and unlock the track 'Poison Dreams'.

A room constructed of... styrofoam?!

Talk to the Herald, and tell him Grim sent you, then climb up the ladder.

The Herald

You'll arrive in the Spider Queen's chambers, with the Queen herself.

The Spider Queen's chambers

The Queen will tell you that she put the spider in Grim's bath because he insulted her by cleaning the cobwebs from his house. She explains that Guthix ordered Grim to wear a cloak, wield a scythe, have a lack of any skin whatsoever, and have spider webs in his house.

Eek!The Queen will tell you to speak to the Herald, so go back downstairs and talk to him. He will give you a companion for the journey back to Grim's house, the tiny Eek the spider.

Re-Webbing Grim's House

Climb down the ladder, and select the option 'Return to the Grim Reaper's House.'

Talk to Grim, and he'll ask you to use Eek to cover 64 pieces of furniture in his house with webs. In each room you walk into, Eek will tell you how many things he needs to coat in webs. To find out if something is web-able, right click on a piece of furniture. If you have the option to 'Web' it, you must web it.

Grim's Room (9 Things)

  • Four Candle stands
  • The Fireplace
  • Two Chairs
  • The Death Clock
  • A Cabinet

Note: The room south of Grim's room counts as the same room. Rooms are separated by doors.

The Dining Room, west of Grim's Room (7 Things)

  • Five Chairs
  • The small Table.
  • A Candle stand

The Kitchen, north of the Dining Room (6 Things)

  • Two Chairs
  • The Table
  • The Larder
  • The Bookcase
  • A Cabinet

The Parlour, south-east of Grim's Room (5 Things)

This room is slightly different. Eek will be too scared to web anything up because of Grim's skeletal dog, Muncher.

Muncher, the skeletal dog

You have four options to calm him down: stroke him, entertain him, blow a raspberry at him, or let him sniff Eek.

Your character will refuse to stroke him, blowing a raspberry at him will instantly kill you (you won't lose anything and will appear at the porch of Grim's house), and letting him sniff Eek won't really do anything.

Entertain Muncher to calm him down, then let him sniff Eek. He'll grow friendly towards him, and you'll be able to web the following things in this room:

  • Two small Chairs.
  • The Bookcase.
  • A larger Chair.
  • The table with the plant on.

The Library, north of the Parlour (5 Things)

  • Four Bookcases
  • A Candle stand

The Lower Staircase, north of the Library (2 Things)

  • A Candle stand
  • A Footlocker

Climb up the stairs and move onto the second floor.

The Upper Staircase (3 Things)

  • Three Candle stands

The Corridor, south of the Upper Staircase (5 Things)

  • Two Candle stands
  • A Table
  • A Footlocker
  • A Bookcase

Note: Again, all of the corridor is one room. Rooms are separated by doors.

The Bedroom, south of the Corridor (5 Things)

  • A Chair
  • Two Cabinets
  • The Bed
  • A Bookcase

Note: The two bookcases joined together count as one bookcase.

The Other Bedroom, east of the Bedroom (7 Things)

  • The Fireplace
  • A Wardrobe
  • The Death Clock
  • The Table
  • Two Bookcases
  • A Candle stand

Note: Again, the two bookcases joined together count as one bookcase.

The Third Bedroom, north of the Other Bedroom (4 Things)

  • A Cabinet
  • The Table
  • The Chair
  • The Bed

The Fourth Bedroom, north of the Corridor (6 Things)

  • Two Chairs
  • The Bed
  • A Wardrobe
  • The Footlocker
  • The Death Clock

Eek will notify you everything is sufficiently web-bed up. Go back downstairs and talk to Grim, he'll tell you to go back to the Spider Queen. Click back on the spider portal and select 'Go to the spider court' for a quick trip there. Walk up the ladder again and talk to the Queen. She'll give you a nice reward...

The Spider Queen gives you a colak made of spider webs

...Eek will want to come with you, and...

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Congratulations, Web of Shadows Halloween 2009 Event complete!


Spider Cloak

Web cloakThe Spider Cloak the Queen gives you gives no bonuses, weighs nothing and has no special feature like previous holiday rewards. It's just there to look nice.

Spider Cloak equipment screen


Eek the spiderEek is like any other pet, but a bit more interesting. You can right-click on Eek to equip him. He looks like this when equipped:

Eek equipment screen

While equipped, he will occasionally roll over your shoulders, like a basketball. Right-clicking on Eek brings up three options:

eek menu options

  • Hold/Remove - Equips or un-equips Eek.
  • Talk to - Brings up numerous amusing conversations with Eek.
  • Play-with - Eek spins a web and dangles between your hands, the builds another web and hangs from that.
  • Eek can be stored in your menagerie.

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