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The dropping of rare items on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas is a well-known tradition throughout the RuneScape land. These items would be found in random places at certain times during the special day, and anyone who found one would have a great surprise! Since these items were only dropped on that day, they are considered rare and have become quite valuable (expensive too!).

2001 Event Items

The first year of drops was full of surprises. No one had expected there to be items dropping, and many RuneScapers were unaware of how to get these new items. False rumors went around, claiming that there was actually a store to buy them from, and people wandered around aimlessly trying to obtain one.

2001 Event Items
Pumpkin Pumpkin Halloween "Happy Halloween."
These were the first Holiday Items ever dropped in RuneScape.
Christmas Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas "A Christmas Cracker."
When used with another player, one person would get a Party Hat, and the other would get a random item.
Red Party HatYellow Party HatGreen Party Hat
Blue Party HatPurple Party HatWhite Party Hat
Party Hats Christmas "A nice hat from a Cracker."
These stylish hats came from an opened Christmas Cracker.

2002 Event Items

If you didn't have a chance to try your luck at being in the right place at the right time for the first year of Holiday Items, you would have yet another chance at these ones. There was a variety of items to collect this year, just like the last, and this time the events were somewhat expected by many people.

2002 Event Items
Easter Egg Easter Egg Easter "Happy Easter."
A nicely-painted Easter Egg, dropped by none other than the Jagex Easter Bunny.
Blue H'ween MaskGreen H'ween MaskRed H'ween Mask H'ween Masks Halloween "Aaarrrghh... I'm a monster."
A scary-looking Halloween mask. Let's go trick-or-treating!
Santa Hat Santa Hat Christmas "It's a Santa Hat."
Well, Santa's mass-producing Elves have sure left us RuneScapers a surprise!

2003 Event Items

Holiday drops were much more different this year. Of course, the drops were the same as usual, but these items were untradeable, and you could only have 1 of them. This was due to the fact that people were "hoarding the items" and selling them for extreme prices. Many people were upset about this since they couldn't trade items to friends.

If you should lose these items, go back to Thessalia in Varrock for a replacement.

2003 Event Items
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears Easter "A rabbit-like adornment."
The first untradeable Holiday drop. Another fluffy present left by the Jagex Easter Bunny!
Scythe Scythe Halloween "It's a Scythe."
It looks like a pointy weapon used by the Grim Reaper!

2004 Event Items

Obtaining a holiday item this year was much more different than in the past, as there was no official "holiday item drop." Instead, Santa Claus decided to visit RuneScape for two weeks during the Christmas Holiday and give out free Yo-Yo's to anyone who wanted one. He could be found in Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, Catherby and Yanille.

If you happen to lose your Yo-Yo, you can get a replacement from Diango in Draynor Village.

2004 Event Items
Yo-yo Yo-Yo Christmas "A gift from Santa."
A toy that has several options, including 'Play', 'Loop', 'Walk,' and 'Crazy.'

2005 Event Items

It seems that there are no longer Holiday item 'Drops,' but instead items are given out to players by a character in the game.


Basket of eggsThe Easter bunny came to RuneScape first, and she gave out Rubber Chickens. But before you got one, you would need to give out Chocolate Eggs from a Basket to as many players as you could. After handing out an egg or 2, you would talk to the Easter Bunny who would give you a Rubber Chicken. The eggs melted away after April 4th and became Chocolate Dust.


This year's Halloween event was interesting. You had to scare the children wandering around in Lumbridge, but they aren't easily scared. There were a few Zombies wandering around in Lumbridge Swamp, each with different options including "scare," "call-over," and "insult." If you insulted or scared a Zombie, it would drop its head and you could pick it up!

All of the options would eventually cause your character to become scared so that they could use the "scared" emote.

Now, you could go back to Lumbridge and talk to a child, who would yell "trick or treat!" You could either Trick or Treat. Tricking involved showing them the Zombie head and scaring them into giving you candy. If you had any candy or money, you could treat them and they would say nice things about you.

Unfortunately, the candies melted away shortly after Halloween.


This year, the Christmas event was massive. Players were told to head over to Diango in Draynor Village, and he asked you to help his fairies in the workshop by making baubles and toys, and players were rewarded with the Christmas items shown below. For more info on what players had to do, check out the Christmas 2005 Event guide.

All of the items are untradeable, but players who helped Diango can replace the items if they are lost. Any extra baubles or player-made toys disappeared on January 3, 2006.

2005 Event Items
Chocolate Eggs Chocolate Eggs Easter "Best before April 4th 2005."
When eaten, you will do the Chicken Dance. They all melted away on April 4th.
Rubber Chicken Rubber Chicken Easter "Perhaps not the most powerful weapon in RuneScape."
When wielded, it allows you to 'whack' another player for fun.
Zombie Head Zombie Head Halloween Alas... I hardly knew him."
A Zombie Head that has 3 options: 'Talk-At,' 'Display,' and 'Question.'
Bobble ScarfJester ScarfTri-Jester ScarfWooly Scarf Scarves Christmas "A Woolly Scarf."
Scarves are worn in place of amulets and necklaces.
Bobble HatJester HatTri-Jester HatWoolly Hat Wooly Hats Christmas "A Woolly Jester Hat."
Four kinds of Jester Hats, each one has a matching scarf.
Blue MarionetteGreen MarionetteRed Marionette Marionettes Christmas "I want to be a real boy!"
Your character can make the puppet walk, bow or dance. These are available in different colors.

2006 Event Items


This year, the Easter Bunny was a bit behind with delivering eggs to all the little boys and girls of RuneScape. To get them delivered on time, the Easter Bunny asked all of the regular RuneScape bunnies to help, but they didn't quite understand the idea of hiding the eggs for the children to find. See the Easter 2006 Guide for everything that players had to do in order to help!

As usual, the items from this holiday event are untradeable, although if you participated in the event and got an Easter Ring, you may get another one from Diango in Draynor Village if you happen to lose yours.


This year, the fairies decided to begin making toys for the children sooner this year, and Diango stole some wood from Draynor Manor (and we all know that stealing anything from there is a no-no). Consequently, he ran into some trouble when the toys in his workshop became possessed! He enlisted each RuneScapers' help to do a bit of ghostbusting to get rid of these fiends, in return for some spooky Halloween attire! See the Halloween 2006 Guide for more info.


It's the joyful time of year again here in RuneScape, and Karamja has even seen snow on its' icy peaks. But Shanty Claws is upset - three Karamjan children have been kidnapped by the Gublinches, and are being held hostage in a cave below the island. See the Christmas 2006 Guide for more info.

2006 Event Items
Chocolate EggToffee EggOrange Egg
Caramel EggNougat EggCarrot Egg
Easter Eggs Easter "mmmm... [taste]."
Six kinds: Chocolate, Toffee, Orange, Caramel, Nougat and Carrot. They no longer exist in the game, as they melted after Easter.
Easter Ring Easter Ring Easter "A ring given to you by the Easter Bunny."
When worn, it turns you into an Egg of a random color!
Skeleton Boots Skeleton Boots Halloween "Skeleton feet."
Skeleton Gloves Skeleton Gloves Halloween "Some skeletal gloves."
Skeleton Legs Skeleton Leggings Halloween "Does my pelvis look big in this?"
Skeleton Shirt Skeleton Shirt Halloween "The shirt of a full body skeleton costume."
Skeleton Mask Skeleton Mask Halloween "A scary skeleton mask."
Jack Lantern Mask Jack Lantern Mask Halloween "Better not light it!"
Reindeer Hat Reindeer Hat Christmas "A reindeer hat and a matching flashing nose."
Can be "operated" to perform a reindeer-like emote.
Wintumber Tree Wintumber Tree Christmas "A wintumber tree for your player-owned house."
Can be planted in the garden of a POH.

2007 Event Items


In another attempt to make Easter practically take care of itself, the Easter Bunny decided to use enchanted Easter Eggs which would hide themselves around runeScape. However, his plan backfired when he was delivered enchanted Kebbits instead. Players had to catch 10 of these frisky Kebbits, drop them down a chute near the Easter Bunny, and then go bowling using eggs to destroy the Kebbits. For more info on this event, see the Easter 2007 Event guide.


This year, Death's servant has passed away, and he needs help taking care of his mansion until he gets another servant to work for him. Players need to tidy up his mansion, find and organize certain items and test out an obstacle-course-of-death to get Death's mansion prepared for the next servant. For more info, see the Halloween 2007 Event guide.


During this year's event, players got to build their own snowmen, visit the Land of Snow, and take part in Mortal Kombat with their melee, mage or ranged snowmen! For more details, see the Christmas 2007 Event guide.

2007 Event Items
Chicken Head Chicken Head Easter "cock-a-doodle-do!"
You will do an enhanced version of the Flap emote when worn with the entire Chicken Costume set.
Chicken Wings Chicken Wings Easter "I look fowl in this."
You will do an enhanced version of the Flap emote when worn with the entire Chicken Costume set.
Chicken Legs Chicken Legs Easter "What's the matter, are you chicken?"
You will do an enhanced version of the Flap emote when worn with the entire Chicken Costume set.
Chicken Feet Chicken Feet Easter Perfect for crossing the road."
You will do an enhanced version of the Flap emote when worn with the entire Chicken Costume set.
Grim Reaper Hood Grim Reaper Hood Halloween Allows me to imitate the harbinger of doom, the stealer of souls, the eternal end..."
Snow Globe Snow Globe Christmas "A tiny model of Lumbridge Castle inside a glass dome."
Can be shaken to fill your inventory with snowballs.

2008 Event Items


The Easter Bunny is in some trouble this year after all of the chocolate eggs he had been storing were eaten! Players had to find eggs located around Falador, Port Sarim and Draynor Village and bring them back to the Easter Bunny. They then had to hatch a Chocatrice, and collect Chocolate Chunks to create new eggs for Easter. For more info, please see the Easter 2008 Event guide.


Maggie the Witch needs players to go trick-or-treating for her this year because her oxen has become ill. To help, players get to dress up for Halloween and visit various NPCs around runeScape to collect goodies for Maggie. For more info, see the Halloween 2008 Event guide.


This year, the first Thanksgiving event was hosted in RuneScape. Players need to help the Lumbridge Castle Cook's brother by playing Turkey-hide-and-seek. For details, see the Thanksgiving 2008 Event guide.


Jack Frost has escaped from the Land of the Snow this year, and is causing some serious issues around RuneScape. Players must track down Prince Jack for the Snow Queen, and then thaw-out Santa's frozen sleigh so that he can continue delivering Christmas gifts to good little RuneScape boys and girls. For more info, see the Christmas 2008 Event guide.

2008 Event Items
Chocatrice Cape Chocatrice Cape Easter A thick, orange cape."
Can be operated to perform an emote.
Warlock Top Warlock Top Halloween "The height of warlock fashion."
Warlock Legs Warlock Legs Halloween Tattered but trendy."
Warlock Cloak Warlock Cloak Halloween "Ragged but rugged."
Witch Top Witch Top Halloween "The height of witchly fashion."
Witch Skirt Witch Skirt Halloween Tattered but trendy."
Witch Cloak Witch Cloak Halloween "Ragged but rugged."
Cornucopia Cornucopia Thanksgiving "A Horn of plenty."
Can be used to store food to restore a maximum of 14 HP.
Santa Costume Top Santa Costume Top Christmas "A red and jolly top."
Santa Costume Legs Santa Costume Legs Christmas "Some red and jolly legs."
Santa Costume Boots Santa Costume Boots Christmas "Some black and jolly boots."
Santa Costume Gloves Santa Costume Gloves Christmas "Some black and jolly gloves."
Ice Amulet Ice Amulet Christmas "A spikey amulet made of ice crystals. It has been enchanted so it will not melt."

2009 Event Items


The Easter Bunny made a big mistake leaving his son in charge of the Easter Egg Plant this year! Players had the job of fixing the Egg Plant and getting it back into tip-top shape by waking up the Easter Bird, rounding up the implings, and fixing the broken-down incubator. For more details, see the Easter 2009 Event guide.


Grim the Reaper is having a tough time living without a servant, and this time needs you to remove a giant spider from his bathtub! Players need to convince the Spider Queen to order this spider out of the tub, and even receive a new pet (Eek) to accompany them on their mission. For more info, see the Halloween 2009 Event guide.


The Snow Queen is throwing a big Christmas Bash this year, but grumpy-old Ebeneezer Scrooge has different (mischievous) plans: He has taken all of the food for the party and kidnapped Santa Claus! Players must teach Mr. Scrooge a lesson before it's too late! For more info, see the Christmas 2009 Event guide.

2009 Event Items
Easter Carrot Easter Carrot Easter "Spreading carroty goodness since 2009."
Can be used to whack other players.
Eek the spider Eek the Spider Halloween "Eek, a spider!"
Can be wielded, talked-to and played with. Can be put inside the Menagerie in your POH.
Web cloak Web Cloak Halloween "A very fancy cloak made from black silk and gossamer."
Christmas ghost hood Christmas Ghost Hood Christmas "This hood has been hewn from bedsheets."
Christmas ghost top Christmas Ghost Top Christmas "This robe top has been hewn from bedsheets and wrapped in chains."
Christmas ghost bottoms Christmas Ghost Bottoms Christmas "These robe bottoms have been hewn from bedsheets and wrapped in chains."
Candy cane Candy Cane Christmas "A must-have Christmas accessory."
Can be right-clicked to Spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Holiday Items, along with their answers.

Q: Will there still be holiday item drops?

A: There aren't item 'drops' exactly. Instead, NPCs are apparently going to visit RuneScape during the holidays and hand out a special item. These characters stay in RuneScape for a week or two and will freely hand out holiday items to any player that wants one.

Q: Why did Jagex stop doing those original drops on holidays?

A: Holiday drops were stopped after the "Halloween 2003 Debacle." A great deal of people complained about not getting a Halloween Scythe, and Jagex decided not to have another item drop after that.

Q: How do I get a Holiday Item?

A: In order to get a Holiday item, you need to trade from another player. All tradeable holiday items are quite expensive. Scythes and Bunny Ears are not tradeable, and only people who managed to find one on that specific Holiday have one.

Q: What were holiday drops like?

A: In past holidays, special holiday items would be dropped all over RuneScape in random places and different times during the day. Usually there would be several drops, and people would be running around trying to pick one up.

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