Ice Giant and Ice Warrior Hunting

By: Sobend, Veni Vidi Vici
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Ice warriors and giants are great NPC's to train on, especially if you are limited on cash. They can drop items such as armor (up to Mithril), law and other runes, gems, herbs and coins. They are also good charm droppers. Even if you aren't looking for a way to make money, these guys are excellent to train on!

Monster Details

Ice Warriors

Level: 57
Life Points: 600
Combat Type: Melee
Aggressive: Yes
Max Hit: 60

Ice Warrior

Ice Giants

Level: 53
Life Points: 710
Combat Type: Melee
Aggressive: Yes
Max Hit: 70

Ice Giant



When slaying Ice Giants and Warriors, make sure that you wear armor that's Adamant or better. Ice monsters can be dangerous if you are unprepared.


Suggested melee equipment

  • At least full adamant armor. Rune or Adamant chainbodies, medium helmets and shields are also acceptable choices.
  • Wear anything else you want that doesn't give a negative stat bonus. Fist of Guthix Gauntlets are recommended, but regular gauntlets or gloves are okay as well.


Suggested mage equipment

  • Magic Robes
  • Amulet of Magic
  • Fire Staff
  • Have about 1,000-2,000 Air runes and half as many Mind runes.


Suggested ranged equipment

  • Studded Leather Armor or Green Dragonhide.
  • Any bow will do. A shortbow is recommended because it is faster
  • About 1,500-2,000 arrows; Iron is the recommended arrow.


These pictures are just for visual aid. You don't need to have the exact amounts; it's just to give you an idea.

Your inventory should look something like this if your combat is about 60:

Suggested inventory (combat around level 60)

This is what your inventory should look like if your combat is about 50:

Suggested inventory (combat around level 50)

This is what your inventory should look like if your combat is below 50:

Suggested inventory (combat below level 50)

Your inventory should only consist of food. These guys aren't too tough, so even if you are a member, it isn't recommended you bring potions. You shouldn't even bring that much unless you are lower than their combat level.

If you have a lower combat level then you should have better food like lobsters. If your combat is over the ice warriors then tuna or Salmon should be okay. If you are lower than their combat level then you should bring lobsters or even swordfish. You don't even need to bring that much food, unless you are a lower level (below their combat level). When doing this, your combat should be 40 at the bare minimum, but I would recommend at least 50 combat before trying this.

Ice Cavern

The Ice Cavern is located a short distance south of Port Sarim, and just north of Mudskipper Point. This is one of the most popular locations for training on both Ice Warriors and Ice Giants.

Routes to the ice cavern south of port sarim

The entrance to the cave should look like this. You may remember it from the Knight's Sword Quest.

The entrance to the Ice Cavern

Run past the muggers and pirates and take the east route to the Ice Giants.

  • Red Route: How to get to the Ice Warriors/Giants
  • Blue Route: How to get to safe spots (no monsters)

A map of the ice cavern

There is a safe zone just past the hob-goblins and right before you see the Ice Warriors and Ice Giants!

Inside the Ice Cavern

Make sure you are at full health and go teach those Ice Warriors and Ice Giants a lesson! If you are a lower level you would probably want to use 'Block' instead of training attack because they can hit pretty high! Ice Giants are actually a lower level than the Ice Warriors but they have a higher Defence level. I would recommend starting with the Ice Warriors first, then trying the Ice Giants. The ice warriors may be easier because they have a lower Defence level but they do have a higher attack level. If you are above 60 combat, you can go right to killing Ice Giants. If you are low on food just re-stock. It is okay if you have some food left over; you might die on the way back!

When you run out of food, go back the way you came and go to the Falador Bank to re-stock on food and store your treasure.

White Wolf Mountain

First, head to White Wolf Mountain, located northwest of Taverley. While there are Ice Warriors located on top of the mountain, the best place to train is inside the mountain itself.

Note: This area is not recommended for players with a combat level below 60.

Routes to the white wolf mountain dungeon

  • Blue Line - From White Wolf Mountain to Falador
  • Red Line - From White Wolf Mountain to Catherby Bank
  • Bank (Not recommended because it is farther away than Catherby)

The entrance to the dungeon

That is what it will look like; as you can see, Ice Warriors!

The entrance to the white wolf mountain dungeon

You need to mine to get to the ice warriors below. This is what the rocks will look like:

Mine the rocks to gain access to the cave.

When you get inside white wolf mountain, there should be many ice warriors. The Ice warriors are vicious. Try and get them into a line, so you can attack them one by one, and avoid using precious food.

Insize white wolf mountain


Ice Warriors and Ice Giants can also be found in level 44-48 wilderness. You can start by banking at Edgeville, and then heading as west as possible, and finally heading north. The entire route up should be a single combat zone. Be sure to avoid the area around the altar as it is multi-combat.

The Wilderness Ice Warriors

When you get to the Ice Warriors and Ice Giants, it looks like winter. If you are a member it will look similar to the entrance of the God Wars Dungeon. There you will find Ice Warriors, and to the north you will find Ice Giants right against the fence separating the members area from freeplay. Because this area is in the wilderness, you may run into a PKer. If you do, refer to the escape route below.

Wilderness escape route for Ice Warriors/Giants
  • Cyan Route: This is the route you should follow if you are attacked.
  • Red Circle: Inside this area is a multi-combat zone. It is imperative that you stay out of this area at almost all times because in it you can be attacked by more than one person. Only enter it to recharge prayer.
  • Green Circle: This is a Wilderness Beacon. Although it may seem useless to Ice Giant and Ice Warrior hunting, it can prove useful. It is a place to escape if you are low on food. You cannot climb up the ladder to the beacon if you are being attacked, but you can use it if you are being chased. It is also a good place to log in. Surprisingly, both freeplayers and members can repair and climb up the ladder to the beacon. Requirements to fix the ladder are 70 Smithing or 59 construction and 2 iron bars and a hammer or 2 planks, 4 nails, and a hammer.
Fighting an Ice Warrior

This area provides certain advantages over the other areas. It is the only area where you can attack a large amount of Ice Giants without being attacked by Ice Warriors. It is also close to a Prayer altar. Some players might want to use Prayer-boosting gear and use Protect From Melee to kill the warriors and giants without food. The nearby altar also allows players to "flash" (use a Prayer only when you are about to hit a target or get hit by a target) medium level offensive prayers (such as Superhuman Strength). It is always good to have some Prayer available however in case you run into a PKer. Again, the altar is located in a multi-combat zone so proceed at your own risk. 

The big drawback to this area is of course that it is in the Wilderness. Do not be discouraged by that, however. It is rarely visited by anyone, and most of the visitors are trainers or new players adventuring. Even if a PKer does come by, your white dot will be camouflaged by the snow on the minimap and it will be hard for him or her to attack you because the area is full of monsters who will attack the PKer, not letting the PKer attack you. The area is about a 7-10 minute round trip to Edgeville walking. When you are low on but not out of food, consider banking. Walking straight down will land you just north of Goblin Village.

Ruins south of the Wilderness


  • When you are fighting them, don't run away if they hit high on you. Just have some of your food and continue fighting. If they continually hit high on you, get better food, or your Defence level/armor is not good enough.
  • If you are on a member's server, you don't need to pray. If you are a member your combat should be pretty high and you probably won't even need member armor. Remember, this guide is meant for medium-level non-members.
  • If you die, don't get your head down. Train on other monsters for now and get those levels up!
  • They look pretty scary! But don't be intimidated - You have food and armor; they got a sword.
  • Most importantly, don't give up. If you give up as soon as you kill one and are almost out of food, bring better food, get your levels up and eventually you will be training on Lesser Demons!

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