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Ever wondered how you'd look like in a Santa Hat? How about wielding a powerful whip? Or perhaps wearing the fabled Third Age armour? Well, the time is here! With the Item Lending feature, you have the ability to give or lend items for a certain period of time. You will learn how to lend and borrow items in this guide.

How to Lend an Item

Lending an item is very easy. When a friend has "Accept Aid" turned on, simply trade with the person you wish to lend an item to. Along with the "Offer" options, there will be a "Lend" option. Simply choose how long you wish to lend the item for this person.

The Interface

This is a very simple interface. Simply click on someone, select trade, and then right click on your item in your inventory and select "Lend" down near the bottom. From there you can still select the "Until Logout" duration or you can right click and select edit to put in any number between 1-24 hours.

Selecting a lend duration

Being lent an item involves simply clicking accept or decline when the offer comes up.


This is a list of items in their categories that you can lend and receive.


  • Abyssal whip
  • Ancient Staff
  • Dark bow
  • Dragon axe
  • Dragon battleaxe
  • Dragon Claws
  • Dragon dagger (poisons too)
  • Dragon halberd
  • Dragon longsword
  • Dragon mace
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Dragon two-handed sword
  • Godswords
  • Granite maul
  • Magic composite bow
  • Magic longbow
  • Magic shortbow
  • Maple composite bow
  • Maple longbow
  • Maple shortbow
  • Rune axe
  • Rune battleaxe
  • Rune cane
  • Rune longsword
  • Rune pickaxe
  • Rune scimitar
  • Rune warhammer
  • Runite crossbow
  • Saradomin sword
  • Seercull
  • Yew composite bow
  • Yew longbow
  • Yew shortbow
  • Zamorak spear


  • Archer helm
  • Archer ring
  • Armadyl armor
  • Bandos armor
  • Berserker helm
  • Berserker ring
  • Dragon armor
  • Dragonhide armor in all colors
  • Farseer helm
  • Fury Amulet
  • Granite Armor
  • Mage boots
  • Mystic boots, gloves, hat, robe bottom, robe top in all colors
  • Obsidian cape
  • Ranger boots
  • Robin Hood hat
  • Rockshell armor
  • Rune armor
  • Seers' ring
  • Skeletal armor
  • Spined armor
  • Splitbark armor
  • Third Age melee armor
  • Third Age mage armor
  • Third Age ranger armor
  • Warrior helm
  • Warrior ring

Rare Items

  • Animal mask (all types)
  • Beret (all colours)
  • Cavalier and mask
  • Cavalier hat (all colours)
  • Flared trousers
  • Halloween mask (all colours)
  • Headband (all colours)
  • Highwayman mask
  • Pantaloons
  • Party hat (all colours)
  • Powdered wig
  • Santa hat
  • Sleeping cap
  • Top hat

In addition, you may only lend or receive one item at a time. You can borrow one item and give one item, but you can't borrow two items or give two items at once. The only place where you can't take a borrowed item is in the Bounty Hunter Activity. There are also places where you can't make a borrow or lending transaction. Those places are in Barbarian Assault, Duel Arena, Tears of Guthix, and in the Chamber of Koschei the Deathless in Rellekka.

Retrieving Your Item

After the transaction is completed according to the player's agreement, the item will be in a banker's possession either when the player who has the item dropped it, or the lending time has expired.

Bank Tutor: Before we go any further, I should imform you that an item...

Simply talk to the banker with the option "I'd like to see my returned items box" and you will be directed to where you can get your item back.

Returned items

Things to Remember

  1. When you're borrowing a weapon or piece of Armor for combat, you must remember how long you have left with the item at all times. For example, you could be fighting a powerful monster and the item time would still run out and return to the person who lent it to you and you will be left for death. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure how long you will have the borrowed item.
  2. When you borrow an item, there are certain things you can't do with it. This includes alching, selling to stores, placing it inside the drop party room chest, and trading. If you decide to drop it, the owner of the item will get it back.
  3. If someone borrowing your item dies with it, the item will be protected no matter what and they'll still have it.
  4. Think carefully before lending an item, there is no way to get your item back early. It's theirs for a max of 24 hours and a minimum of 1 hour.
  5. If you want to give an item back early, simply right-click on the item, select the "Use" option, and then click on the player you borrowed it from. The item will be instantly returned to him or her.

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