Magic Carpets

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Magic Carpets are only available to Members, and they are a much quicker way to travel through the Desert when compared to conventional walking. It's somewhat expensive to use these flying carpets, although if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, they are worth it.

Essential Info


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

A Magic Carpet Ride

To go on a carpet ride, you'll need to travel to 1 of the towns or cities in the desert south of Al Kharid. Of course, before entering the desert you should always bring Desert Robes, Boots, and a full Waterskin or 2, along with a Knife in case of an emergency (for cutting open water-filled cacti).

Rug Merchant

Inside any of the various cities found in the Desert should be a Rug Merchant, marked by a Transportation (Transportation icon) icon . Speak to him and tell him that you wish to go on a Magic Carpet ride and choose Your Destination.

Note: Due to the Great Carpet Crash of '76, players used to be required to remove any equipment from their right hand before riding a carpet. However, this is no longer required.

Carpet merchant

The Carpet Rides don't take very long, but you must pay 200gp for each trip. Be warned that some places are only one-way rides, including the Bedabin Camp, Uzer, Sophanem and Menaphos. When you try to take another carpet ride from those cities, you'll find that you can only fly back to where you've come from.

Tip: if you complete the Rogue Trader Activity, the price for taking a Carpet Ride will be reduced to 100gp. If you have a Ring Of Charos (a), you can further have the price reduced to 75gp by charming the merchant.

There are two Pollnivneach Carpet Stations; the north and the south. The northern station goes to the Shantay Pass while the southern one goes to Sophanem and Menaphos.

A magic carpet ride!

Some players may find that these Carpet Stations are especially useful in swapping between normal magic and Ancient Magicks. You must pray at the Pyramid from the Desert Treasure Quest to swap between the 2 kinds of spells, so this will be a much quicker way to get there!


The Monkeys

The merchants always seem to complain about how much a pain the monkeys are. If you have an Amulet of M'Speak you can talk to the Monkey, but it only wants Bananas and it keeps being rude. There doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it.

The Infamous Carpet

Back in '76, the Grand Sultan of Al Kharid mistook his doormat for a racing rug and jumped off a high balcony of his palace. He fell to his death (as the mat wasn't magic), and soon after the townspeople banned carpet travel.

You can find this Infamous Non-Magical carpet upstairs in the Al Kharid palace. It has its own glass casing to preserve it over time.

The Infamous Carpet of '76

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