Making Money in RuneScape

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Original Guide by: Techx

There are all sorts of ways to make money in RuneScape, from growing herbs to making nature runes. This guide will outline a number of different ways to make a profit in RuneScape using many of the various skills in the game.


Be aware that this guide is not 100% accurate due to methods constantly changing, and new methods being discovered. The item prices in this guide may not be the items' current price and in order to make sure, double check the value of items. Nothing in this guide is guaranteed to be 100% successful.


Killing creatures is one of the most popular methods used to make money in RuneScape. This also ties into the members' skill, Slayer, where you kill creatures for profit. Players who train and make money off the Slayer skill are simply called Slayers. While raising Slayer levels, you can make profit. Also in non-member worlds, the style of killing even the most basic creatures can have profits. For example, beginners at combat in RuneScape can kill Chickens or Cows. The feathers from the Chickens can be sold for 5-15gp each, to Fletchers and Fishers. Cow Hides can be sold to Crafters who use it to level the Crafting Skill, and sell their crafted armor to Rangers.

Slayer monsters such as Jellies, Nechryaels, and Abyssal Demons drop items for people to make a profit from. The following table consists of the best monsters to fight for profits:

Recommended Monsters
Chickens Can be found north of Lumbridge, Southeast of Falador, among other locations. Since Chickens only have 30 Life Points, they are relatively fast to kill, and their Feathers can be sold for 5-15gp each.
Cows Can be found slightly northeast of Lumbridge, southeast of Falador, and in many other places. In non-member worlds, these locations are relatively crowded since their hides can be sold for 100-150gp each.
Minotaurs Are found in the Stronghold of Security. They are killed for their iron arrow drops, which can be sold on the Runescape forums or World 1 for about 15 gp each.
Hill Giants Are found west of the gate of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and in Edgeville's Dungeon. They are easily killed when you are around 45 Combat, and you can sell their Big Bones for 300-400gp each.
Moss Giants Can be found in Varrock Sewers and on Crandor Isle, an attachment to Karamja. The main reason they are killed are for their bones. Their Big Bones can be sold for 300-400gp each.
Fire Giants Can be found in the Waterfall Dungeon and the Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon, and are stronger than the other giants. Instead of killing them for their bones, they are killed for their Rune Scimitar, and Dragon Drops. Also, they drop Fire Battlestaffs which can be High-Alched using Magic for 9,300gp.
Aviansies Can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. They drop many Adamantite Bars, Rune Daggers, and Rune Limbs. They are one of the best monsters to kill for money. By wearing a symbol from the god, Armadyl, they will be non-aggressive to you.
Lesser Demons Can be found under the Karamja Volcano. They are mainly killed for their Rune Medium Helm drops, which can be High-Alched for 11,520gp.
Greater Demons Can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon and at Gu'Tanoth's Dungeon. To kill Greater Demons at Brimhaven, take 875gp, a Machete, a Rune Axe (hatchet), the best armor and food you have, as well as a way to teleport out of the dungeon. Head through the dungeon until you see Moss Giants, and then climb the stairs to get to the area with Greater Demons and Wild Dogs.
Greater Demons are killed for Level 3 Clue Scrolls and Rune Full Helms. If you also pick up the coins they drop you can easily gain a few thousand coins. The Rune Full Helm drops can be sold for 20,000-30,000gp each.
Snakes You can kill the snakes to the north of Mos Le'Harmless. They drop Snake Hides which can be sold for around 2,000 gp each.
Crawling Hands Require a Slayer level of 5, and the main reason to kill these is the fact that they drop colored gloves which can be easily sold on non-member worlds. Nearly anyone can kill them, and make at least 500gp off each set of Gloves.
Bloodvelds Require a Slayer level of 50. It is recommended that you Range them, as there is a safe spot, or you can attack them with a Halberd, however the Halberds speed does not work with its benefits. Bloodvelds are killed for the Blood Runes they drop.
Jellies Are found at the Fremennik Slayer Caves. They use melee style attacks with a magic basing. In other words, they attack melee style, but you will want to wear Dragonhide Armor for protection as their attacks are magic based. They are primarily killed for coins (which if you pick up all the coins they drop, can add up to a few thousand), Rune Full Helms, and Level 3 Clue Scrolls.
Dust Devils Require a Slayer level of 65, and are found in the Smokey Well. You need a Facemask to protect against the smoke which acts as poison. Dust Devils are primarily killed for their rare Dragon Chainbody drop which occurs 1 in a 10,000-16,000 chance range. It is recommended to either range them using Safe Spots, or Hally them, as they can deal up to 8 damage. Dragon Chainbodies can be sold for 10,000,000 gp each.
Gargoyles Require a Slayer level of 75 and are located at the Canifis Slayer Tower. In order to kill them, you need a Rock Hammer, which is used on them when their health is low. Gargoyles are primarily killed for their Granite Maul drop which can be sold for about 30,000gp.
Nechryaels Require a Slayer level of 80. They are also found at Canifis Slayer Tower, and are primarily killed for Rune Boot drops, which can be sold for 25k.
Abyssal Demons Can be found at the top of the Canifis Slayer Tower or in the Alternate Abyss which is reached by using the Fairy Ring's coordinates ALR. Abyssal Demons require a Slayer level of 85, and they are primarily killed for their Abyssal Whip drop which can be sold for 1,400,000gp.
Green Dragons Are found in the Wilderness and are mainly killed for Green Dragonhides which sell for about 1,600-1,700gp, and Dragon Bones which sell for 1,500-1,600gp each. For more Dragon hunting information, see the Dragon Hunting guide.
Blue Dragons Are found in the Taverley Dungeon, the Heroes' Guild, and the Ogre Enclave. There is only on in the Heroes' Guild, but it's in a fenced off area and can be ranged or maged. Blue Dragons drop Blue Dragonhide which sell for 1,700-2,000gp each. They also drop Dragon Bones which can sell for 1,500-1,600gp each.
Black Dragons Are found in either Taverley Dungeon or the Evil Chicken's Lair. They are easily ranged. They drop Black Dragonhides which sell for 3,300-3,600 gp each. They also drop the elusive Draconic Visage. Steel Dragons, Iron Dragons, Mithril Dragons and Skeletal Wyverns also drop the visage, but it is a very rare drop.
King Black Dragon Is the second strongest dragons in RuneScape, and due to this, drop some of the best items. Their drops include Dragon Medium Helms which sell for 75,000 gp, Dragonstones which sell for 50,000-60,000gp, Black Dragonhide which sells for 2,500-4,000gp, Dragon Bones which sell for 1,500-1,600gp each, and Level 3 Clue Scrolls. For more information on killing this dragon, see the King Black Dragon Hunting guide.
Kalphite Queen Lives in the Kalphite Lair and might drop a Dragon Medium Helm which sells for 68,000 gp, Dragon 2h Sword which can sell for 1,150,000-1,300,000gp, or a Dragon chainbody which sells for around 5,000,000gp. For more information on how to kill the Kalphite Queen, please see the Kalphite Queen Hunting guide.


Cooking is a difficult skill to make money off of, mainly because raw food generally sells for higher prices than cooked food. One of the only ways to make money with this skill is to fish your own fish and then cook and sell them. One item that would help cooking most food are the Cooking Gauntlets from the Family Crest Quest, you are given an invisible level boost that will help prevent burning of seafood.

Another method is to make Wild Pies. These pies are very cheap to make, but are quite profitable once you sell them. You usually make around 800 gp each pie. Their materials can be obtained quite easily. The table below shows what items you need and where to get them.

Cooking Items
ItemCostWhere to Obtain
Raw Rabbit Meat 20gp Oo'glog Food Shop -> Oo'glog Bank
Raw Bear Meat 8gp Oo'glog Food Shop -> Oo'glog Bank
Pie Dish 4gp General Store at Gnomecopters -> Bank Deposit Box
Pot of Flour 14gp Port Khazard -> Bank Deposit Box
Bucket of Water 6gp Shantay's Shop at Shantay Pass -> Shantay Pass Bank
Raw Chompy 276gp Grand Exchange
Total Cost328gp-


With the Crafting skill, a large variety of items can be created with most of them in demand by other players.


Besides Smithing, Crafting is the only other skill that players can use to make a variety of armor with. Out of the armors available to be made (Leather, Snakeskin, and Dragonhide), the Dragonhide yields the most profit. Out of the Dragonhide, you can make three items: Vambraces, Chaps, and a Body. It can be sold as a set (all three items together), or individually. Usually, the body sells more than the vambraces or chaps.

Dragonhide Armour Info
PictureNameCrafting LevelFull Set Sell PriceBody Sell Price
Green Dragonhide Green Dragonhide 57-63 8,600gp 4,400gp
Blue Dragonhide Blue Dragonhide 66-71 9,400gp 5,400gp
Red Dragonhide Red Dragonhide 63-77 13,400gp 6,900gp
Black Dragonhide Black Dragonhide 79-84 14,000gp 7,900gp


To make Battlestaffs, you first need a minimum of level 54 Crafting. You are able to buy battle staffs from Baba Yaga, on Lunar Isle, and Zaff, in Varrock's Staff shop. For more information on making battle staffs, check out the Making Battlestaffs guide.

Black Dragonhides

Buy Black Dragonhides from the Grand Exchange (they currently sell for 3,500gp). Then go to Al Kharid and tan the hides (20gp each) at the Tannery. You can then sell the tanned hides on the Grand Exchange for a 300-400gp profit per hide.


The Farming skill itself can be one of the slower skills, but the crops you harvest can lead to big profits.


It's recommend to use Super Compost as it produces a larger harvest, resulting in a greater profit than regular Compost.

Compost vs Supercompost Yield
Crop TypeNormal Compost YieldSuper Compost Yield
Allotment 4 to 28 5 to 30
Herb 3 to 10 5 to 12

Method One

Once you complete Garden Of Tranquillity, you are given a super compost potion. Use this potion on a decomposed compost bin to change the normal compost into Super Compost.

Method Two

Pick Pineapples southwest of Brimhaven and use them with your compost bin to make Super Compost.


Farming Ranarrs to make money is extremely easy, although there are a few requirements. The guide below shows how to grow them using the Troll Stronghold patch.

To grow Ranarrs here you need at least level 32 Farming, at least 25,000gp to start, and completion of Troll Stronghold. It's recommended to have 61 Magic for teleportation, a pair of Magic Secateurs to increase harvests, and completion of Eadgar's Ruse.

First of all you need to purchase some Ranarr Seeds. They can be bought for 25,000-30,000gp each.

Once you have your supercompost and seeds, we must set off for the herb patch.

Here is the recommended inventory:

Inventory: Ranarr seeds, falador teleport runes, monkfish

  • Ranarr Seeds to plant.
  • Some runes so to teleport in and out.
  • Some monkfish in case of an attack, either by troll or a random event (you can substitute for your preferred food)

When you have absolutely everything, set off to the herb patch.

Routes to the herb patch in the troll stronghold

There are two possible routes:

  1. Route one starts at the number three, and the path is Cyan in color. To get to the starting point you must head through the path you went through to get to Troll Stronghold. You must then run past the thrower trolls and into the cave. The ladder is located near the first Troll General.
  2. Route two starts at number one and is highly recommended. To get to the starting point you must use Trollheim teleport (requires 61 mage and completion of Eadger's Ruse, also requires 44 agility) you then use the shortcuts down the mountain side to get to the base. Then run into the cave and to the ladder located near the first Troll General.

Congratulations! You are finally here at the herb patch! Now you must prepare the herb patch. This is done by raking the patch, then putting your compost down and finally planting the seed. Now you must wait 70 minutes for the plant to finish growing.

When you harvest your Ranarr make sure you have Enchanted Secateurs wielded to increase the yield. You now have two choices:

Sell the Ranarr herbs as they are. You can expect around 7,000gp for each of your herbs. If you've followed the guide, you should have gotten around 5-10 Ranarrs, so then your money would be 35,000gp turnover with a 10,000gp profit.

Note: This is near minimum profit; you could get more.

The second choice makes more money, but requires level 38 Herblore. Once you have grown your Ranarrs, put them into water filled vials to make a Ranarr Potion (unf). These can be sold for 8,500-10,000gp. As you can tell, the potions make a higher profit than just simply selling the individual herbs.

Trading prayer potions for money


Another great way for making money with Farming is to grow Toadflax. Grow in as many herb patches at the same time, then harvest and sell as grimy on the Grand Exchange.

Another option is to create Toadflax Potions (unf) by adding the cleaned Toadflax herb to a vial of water.

Farming, Level-By-Level

The following step-by-step guide highlights the most valuable crops you can sell at certain levels.

Note: If you are looking for a fast way to make money this is not it. If you are looking for the fastest way to get from 1 to 99 farming this is not it either.

Levels 1 to 9

CabbageYou will not make much (or any) money from growing any of these plants but you do not need much experience to make it to level 9.

Levels 9 to 14

Grimy GuamGrow Guams, buy the seeds at 100 to 200gp each then sell each herb for 200gp each, keep growing whatever allotment seed you have. At level 12 you can grow Tomatoes. Buy tomatoes seeds for 50 to 100gp and sell the fruit or use to make garden pies.

Levels 14 to 19

Grimy MarrentilGrow Marrentils, buy the seeds at 300gp each and then sell each herb for 300gp each or make into anti-poison potions and sell, and continue growing Tomatoes and flowers.

Levels 19 to 26

Grimy TarrominGrow Tarromins, buy the seeds at 500 to 700gp each then sell herbs for 500gp each or make into strength potions and sell for 500 to 1,000gp each, then at level 20 you can grow Sweetcorn.

SweetcornSweetcorn seeds can be bought from 300 to 800gp each and the sweet corn grown can be sold for 100gp each.

Levels 26 to 32

Grimy HarralanderYou have two good money making crops now: Harralander and Limpwurts. Harralander seeds can be bought for 500 to 1,000gp each and the herbs can be sold for 1,000gp each. Limpwurt seeds can be bought for 700 to 1,000gp each and the Limpwurts, 3 per seed, can be sold for 800gp each. At level 31 you can grow strawberries. Strawberry seeds can be bought for 1,000 to 1,500gp each and a basket, 5 strawberries, can be sold for 1,000 to 1,500gp each.

Level 32

Grimy RanarrA lot of people stop right here because of the amount of money to be made from Ranarrs. Ranarr seeds can be bought for 12,000 to 22,000gp then Ranarr weeds and Prayer potions can be sold for 6,000 to 7,000gp each. But I recommend continuing on growing the higher seeds.

Levels 32 to 38

Limpwurt RootKeep growing Ranarrs, Strawberries and Limpwurts.

Levels 38 to 44

Grimy ToadflaxGrow Toadflax, buy the seeds for 1,000 to 2,000gp each and the herbs can be sold for 2,000gp each, Strawberries and Limpwurts.

Levels 44 to 50

Grimy IritGrow Irit Leafs, buy the seeds for 1,000 to 2,000gp each and sell the herbs for 1,500 to 2,000gp each, then at level 47 you can grow Watermelons. If you grow Watermelons sell the fruit for 1,000gp each or you will lose money.

Levels 50 to 56

Grimy AvantoeGrow Avantoes, you can buy the seeds for 1,000 to 2,000gp each then sell for 2,000gp each, the fruit you decided on, watermelon or strawberry, and Limpwurts. At level 55 grow Cactuses, buy the seeds for 1,000 to 2,000gp each then sell the cactus spines, 3 per plant and they grow back, for 2,000gp each.

Levels 56 to 62

Grimy KwuarmGrow Kwuarms, buy the seeds for 4,000 to 8,000gp each then sell the herbs for 4,000 to 5,000gp each or make into Super Strength potions and sell for 5,000 to 7,000gp each, and continue growing Limpwurts and your fruit. At level 59 start growing Whiteberries, buy the seeds for 1,000 to 2,000gp each then sell the Whiteberries for 800 to 1,000gp each.

Levels 62

Grimy SnapdragonIf you had wanted to stop at any seed, this would be the one. Snapdragon seeds are sold for 10,000 to 18,000gp each and the herbs can be sold for 6,000 to 7,000gp each or Super Restore potions can be sold for 7,000 to 8,000gp each.

Levels 62 to 67

StrawberryGrow Snapdragons, Limpwurts and fruit.

Levels 67 to 73

Grimy CadantineGrow Cadantines, buy the seeds for 4,000 to 5,000gp each and sell the herbs for 2,000 to 2,500gp each or make into Super Defence potions and sell for 3,000gp each, at level 68 plant 4 palm trees the seeds are around 75,000 to 90,000gp each. Coconuts can then be sold for 3,000gp each and grow back fast. At level 70 grow Poison Ivies, buy the seeds for 2,000gp each and sell the Ivy berries for 2,000gp each. At level 72 start growing Calquat Trees. Calquat Trees will give you the most experience for your money in the game and are only around 35,000 to 45,000gp each to buy.

Levels 73 to 79

Grimy LantadymeYou can grow Lantadymes just buy the seeds for 7,000gp each and then sell the herbs for 3,000 to 4,000gp each or sell Anti-Fire potions for 3,500gp each or Mage potions for 5,000 to 6,000gp each.

Levels 79 to 85

Grimy Dwarf WeedGrow Dwarf weeds, buy the seeds for 5,000 to 12,000gp each then sell the herbs for 3,000 to 4,000gp each or sell Range Potions for 4,000 to 5,000gp each.

Levels 85 to 99

Grimy TorstolGrow Torstols, buy the seeds for 5,000 to 10,000gp each then sell the herbs for 8,000 to 10,000gp each. After that you are on your own and you should know what to do from here.


Shade Burning

To make money off of Firemaking, you need to be a member in RuneScape. The only way to make money off of the Firemaking Skill is Shade Burning. To be able to burn shades it's suggested to go to World 77, the themed world for Shade burning.

You must have completed the Priest In Peril quest, along with Nature Spirit, and the Shades of Mort'ton.


  • Helm: Fremennik Helm, Berserker Helm, Warrior Helm, Dragon Medium Helm. Any can be substituted.
  • Cape: Either a Legend's Cape, Obsidian Cape, a Cape of Achievement, or a Fire Cape. Any can be substituted.
  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory or an Amulet of Fury is recommended.
  • Weapon: Either a Dragon Dagger(P++), Dragon Scimitar, Abyssal Whip, or Gadderhammer are recommended.
  • Body: Either a Rune Plate Body, Granite Plate Body, or Dragon Chain are recommended.
  • Legs: Either Rune Platelegs/Skirt, Granite Legs, or Dragon Platelegs/Skirt are recommended.
  • Gloves: Barrows Gloves, substitutable with any other gloves.
  • Boots: Climbing Boots, Rune Boots, or Dragon Boots.


Recommended invetory for shade burning

  • A Rune Axe (allows players to cut down normal trees nearby for burning Loar Shades).
  • Logs for higher leveled Shade burning.
  • Cash to pay for Olive Oil.
  • Monkfish for healing during Combat (or your preferred food).
  • A Tinderbox for starting the fires.

Once you are ready, go speak with Razmire in the General Store in Mort'ton and buy Olive Oils.

Inventory: Logs, Olive oil, tinderbox, monkfish

Now you need to go near the Temple and get your sanctity up to at least 10% while others are building the temple. It's also recommended you keep attacking Shades as over time your sanctity decreases.

*Temple Repair*

When someone lights the altar on fire and your sanctity is over 10%, start using your Olive Oils on the fire to get Sacred Oil. Once you have Sacred Oil start collecting the remains of shades. Then use the Sacred Oil on logs to get Pyre Logs.

After that, look for one of the funeral pyres located around the town. Once you have found one, use the Pyre Logs on it then use the Shade Remains on the funeral pyre. Use a Tinderbox on the funeral pyre to burn the Shade.

Lighting a pyre

As a result of burning shades you usually get a key of a metal, with a color. The metal marks the level of doors the key can open, the color marks the chest behind that type of door which it can open.

Once you have several keys, it's recommended that you start going into the dungeon, and fighting higher leveled Shades, while collect their remains to burn for better key rewards. Higher level Shades use higher leveled Logs, but the higher level the Key, the better the rewards can be. The chests yields anything from Swamp Tar to a Rune Scimitar. The primary reward you are looking for is Fine Cloth. This can be obtained from any level chest and can be sold for up to 10,000gp per piece.

You find some tradure and 64 gold coins.



The best way for free-to-players to make money with the Fishing skill is on Karamja. Since they can only fish up to Swordfish, these fish along with Lobsters and sometimes Tuna are the best healing fish in the Free-to-play world. Fish that can only be caught using a Harpoon or a Lobster pot can only be fished by free-to-players in the Wilderness or from the dock on the northern shore of the Karamja island:

Route to karamja dock

  • Number 1 is where you arrive on the island from Port Sarim
  • Number 2 is the Musa Point dock where the fishing happens at

To get to Karamja, head over to Port Sarim with 60gp (boat ride costs 30gp each way) and either a Harpoon or a Lobster pot and talk to Captain Tobias, Seaman Thresnor, or Seaman Lorris to get transport to Karamja. Once there, walk west down the path past the house until you see a hole in the fence. Walk north following the path and you will come out of the banana trees near a dock. If you see a General Store you have gone too far west. Fish until your inventory is full then return to the bank. You can cook the fish if you want, but most people won't light a fire near the dock to save inventory space. Raw Tuna sells for 100-300gp each, Raw Lobsters sell for 250-300gp each and Raw Swordfish sell for 200-400gp each.


Members have a wider range of fish to profit off of obviously including the free-to-play top fishes. The best Member only fish to sell are Raw Monkfish at 300-330gp each and Raw Shark at 800-1000gp each. Monkfish are fished with a Small Fishing Net which can be used with river and lake fishing spots, and the Shark is fished with a Harpoon or your bare hands. You can fish Sharks using only your hands after partial completion of Barbarian Training. Raw Sea Turtles and Raw Manta Rays can be sold for more than the Shark, but are slower to catch and are best to make a profit off of at a high Fishing level. The Sea Turtles and Manta Rays also have a much smaller demand so the best bets for profits are the other suggested fish. To catch Sea Turtles and Manta Rays, you need to play the Fishing Trawler Activity.


Fletching can be an excellent moneymaker, although it has some high requirements:

  • 70 fletching.
  • 55 magic (highly recommended)
  • 10 Crafting, 44 Runecrafting, or 60 Woodcutting

To start, buy some Yew Logs, Bowstrings, or Nature Runes (you will not be buying all three of these, which will be explained later on in this section). Find a one click bank like in Lumbridge Basement (requires helping the cook in Recipe for Disaster) or Castle Wars bank.

Here's what your inventory should look like:

Inventory: yew logs and a knife

  • A Knife
  • 27 Yew Logs

Use your Knife on a Yew Log, and an interface will appear in your chat box. Click "Yew Long Bow".

Make a yew long bow

And the "Make X" option. Then type in 27, or how much Yew Logs you have in your inventory.

Enter 27

Now you have to string that Yew Longbow. Here is what your inventory should look like.

Inventory: Yew long bows (u), bowstrings

  • 14 Yew Longbows (unstrung)
  • 14 Bowstrings

Use your unstrung yew longbow with your bowstring, then right click and choose "make all". At the end there will be 14 strung Yew Longbows in your inventory!

To efficiently bank them, once you open up to your bank screen, choose the "All" option on your unstrung Yew Longbows that were in your inventory before you banked. Now, deposit All of your Strung Yew Longbows. You should have 14 spots left in your inventory, so use the withdraw "All" option on your bowstrings. You should now have a perfect inventory!

You can do two things with these. You can try to sell them either on the Grand Exchange, or in the RuneScape forums. However, it is usually hard to sell them in the RuneScape forums, so the Grand Exchange is recommended. Another alternative is using the High Alchemy spell on the Longbows. You will get 768 coins for each alchemy spell.

The only problem with this, is that you must gather one of the following: Yew Logs, Bowstrings, or the Nature Runes, by yourself.

How to get these items:

  • Yew Logs- cut them from a Yew Tree. Requires 60 woodcutting
  • Bowstring- Spin some Flax on a Spinning Wheel. Requires 10 Crafting. The better Spinning Wheels are in Neitiznot, Camelot, and Lumbridge. You can still buy the flax and profit.
  • Nature Rune- Runecrafted at the Nature Altar. Routes are in the Runecrafting Help Guide. You can still buy the Pure Essence and profit.

Now get a Fire Staff (or five times the amount of Fire Runes you have in Nature Runes) and put your finished Yew Longbows where indicated in the picture below.

Inventory: Nature runes, notes yew longbows

(This all can be done with Magic Logs. If you do that, it requires 85 fletching to make Magic Longbows, and 75 Woodcutting to cut Magic trees, and the high alchemy is 1,536 gp).

Then, all you have to do is click on the High Alchemy icon, and then your Yew Longbow. Enjoy your money!

Grand Exchange

Method One

This method is more for people with less money looking to build up. It is recommended you start with at least one million gold, since you only make up to 10% profit. First, you need to find a good item to merchant. Head to the Grand Exchange (abbreviated as GX or GE) database on the Runescape main page:

Grand exchange link on the RS homepage

From there, search for a good item to merchant. A good place to look is on the top 100 most traded items list, which is found on the GX Database main page. When you find an item, go to it's data page to get a good look at it. Here's what to look for:

GE page for fire rune

For example purposes, we will use the fire rune as our item. Here's the information:

  1. The name of the item.
  2. The current market price range.
  3. This tells you how many days are shown in the graph. You want it set to one month.
  4. This is the panel that allows you to switch the graph between one week and one month.
  5. This is the graph. It shows price fluctuations over a period of time.

In this case, the fire rune has a market price of 9gp, a minimum price of 9gp, and a maximum price of 10gp. Over the month prior to when this screenshot was taken, May 22nd of 2008, the price did not fluctuate at all.

Now head off to the Grand Exchange in game.

Location of the grand exchange

Now, for the tricky part. However, before you invest all of your cash, you should do a test run. To do this, take a smaller amount, such as 10,000gp (10k). Buy as much of the item as you can with your 10k. In the case of the fire rune shown above, buy as many fire runes as you can with 10k at market price.

After you've bought as much of the item as you could with your 10k, sell all of it for one gold more, so 10gp each. Here's how you can tell if the test worked. If it took you more than twelve hours to receive 10,000gp's worth of your item, or more than one day to sell your 10,000gp's worth of the item, you should try a different item, or different business plan. If possible, try lowering the prices at which you bought and sold the item, or the opposite.

Once you have completed your test, take all of your cash, and purchase as much of the item as you can, then sell it all for a little bit more. This can take time, though no longer than a week for amounts of items smaller than 200,000.

Some places to look at when finding an item

  1. The list of 100 most bought and sold items in the GX database.
  2. Items which are used commonly by people.
  3. Items with equal amounts of supply and demand. If people want more of the item than what's available, or if there's more product than people want to buy, you'll have a tough time either buying or selling.


  1. Always test before you invest all your money!
  2. Check the GX Database for price fluctuations, as they may interfere or help with your buying and selling!

Method Two

For this method, it is recommended you have a lot of cash available to you. You need to be able to buy rarer items, from Guthix Armour to even a Party Hat. This is also more dangerous than the first method, though with the risk comes a greater reward!

First, go to the GX Database, and find a high priced item. You are looking for an item that happens to be in a slump. If the graph shows that the price of a Santa Hat has been dipping to low prices, you should jump right on it. Buy a few of them, and wait until the price goes back up. That's basically all there is to it.

This is similar to the stock market. When the price of a 'stock' goes down, you start buying it. When the price goes back up, you sell it. Taking advantage of this wave of supply and demand is the key to being successful here. If supply goes above demand, the price of the item will go down. If the demand goes up above the level of supply, the price of the item will go up.


  • Buy when the price goes down and sell when the price goes up. This is the essence of merchanting.
  • Remember to check the current item prices! If you lose your money due to ignorance of the item's price history, you can only blame yourself. Know the prices at all times.
  • Use your brain and common sense. It's your money, not someone else's. Again, if you lose it, it's your fault.



Making money off of Vials can be long and difficult or short and easy. The difficult methods to make money off of Vials are to buy the Vials from the store, although you gain more profit this way. There are three stores you can collect Vials from this way, one residing in Taverley, one on Entrana, one in Shilo Village, and one in East Ardougne. The shops in Shilo Village and East Ardougne sells Vials filled with Water.

If you have a large amount of fully charged Amulets Of Glory in your bank, put them in the last open slot you have (right after your last item), bank all your equipment, take one of the Amulets of Glories and leave it in your inventory, then take out 5,000gp. Go to Entrana and buy Vials at 5gp each, then use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Draynor Village, and repeat this process until you have 1,000 Vials. You can also fill up your Vials with water here before you leave.

Another method is to take about 5,000gp and head from Burthorpe to Taverley, and buy your Vials there for 5gp each. Then, head back to the Rogue's Den under the Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe to bank until you have 1,000 Vials.

Another method is to buy Vials of Water in Shilo Village at 10gp each. This method is good since the shop is very close to a bank, but since the Vials already have water in them, the price is more than doubled.

Another method to get Vials is to Craft them. See the Crafting Section for a more detailed explanation.

To get the most cash out of your Vials however, you want to fill them with water. The most convenient locations to do this, are in the Lumbridge Castle Basement, providing you have access to the Bank Chest from Recipe For Disaster or if you have access to The Lost City of Zanaris, once you have completed the Lost City Quest to use the fountains nearby the bank.


Herbs can be either obtained by killing creatures, buying them or farming them. The best way to get herbs through combat is to kill Chaos Druids in Taverley Dungeon or the Edgeville Dungeon, just inside the wilderness gate. They are only level 13, and have a very high Herb drop rate. Herbs, just like most tradeable things, can be bought in-game or on a forum's marketplace section. Buying in game is easy if you only need a few Herbs, but to see a more varied player Herb stock, check out a forum.

Secondary Ingredients

Secondaries are all of the ingredients that are added to potions besides the Herbs. The only free-to-play secondary available are Limpwurt Roots, dropped from Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are located in many locations, with the easiest to reach being just south of the Crafting Guild on the peninsula. Limpwurts can be sold for 500-1,000gp each. Another option of doing this is trading them to a member, have them make Strength Potions with them, and then trade then back to you which you can then sell for up to 1,000gp each. That might not seem too much better than selling Limpwurts, but the price range on Limpwurts is greater than the price range on Strength Potions (meaning Limpwurts can have a lower selling price than a Strength Potion).

For both, freeplayers and members, the Eye of Newt are fairly popular as a merchantable secondary ingredient. An Eye of Newt can be bought from the Port Sarim magic shop, or from any one of the Herblore shops scattered over RuneScape. They are bought for 3gp and can be sold at 80-150gp each, making it quite profitable in large quantities. When merchanting any other secondary, remember the first rule of merchanting. Buy low and sell high.


Potions can also be sold for money, since their effects can be very helpful. Free-to-players can only trade and use one potion, even though they are made by members or from the Apothecary. This potion is the Strength Potion, so that is your potion. Already mentioned in the Secondary section, Strength Potions can be sold for up to 1,000gp each.

For Members, the most popular potions are the ones dealing with Combat, Prayer, and the Weapon Poison potions. Recommended potions are the Combat potion, Super sets (a collection of a Super Defence, Super Attack, and Super Strength potions), the Prayer potion, and all Weapon Poison potions. Combat potions can be sold for 2,000-3,000gp each, while a Super Set can go for 8,000-10,000gp each . A simple Prayer Restore may be sold for about 6,000gp, and the Weapon Poison potions can be sold as follows: Weapon Poison sells for 1,000-2,500gp each, Weapon poison(p+) sells for around 6,000gp each, and Weapon poison(p++) sells for up to 10,000gp each.


Red Chinchompas

Your journey with the "Red Chin" begins at level 63 Hunter. At this level, you have now had experience setting 4 traps, and are ready to embark on a journey with this wonderful new animal. Red Chinchompas are located south of the Feldip Hills in the appropriately named "Feldip Hunter Area" or woodlands.

Map of Hunting locations

Getting to the Chinchompa area can happen in a variety of ways, whether it be the gnome glider marked on the map (which requires previous access to the gnome gliders and the quest One Small Favour) or by fairy ring which requires access to Zanaris via the quest Lost City and at least the start of Fairy Tale Part 2. The third option of getting to the area would be by teleporting to Castle Wars with a Ring of Duelling or teleporting to the Watchtower and walking south from Yanille.

Before you set off to hunt Red Chinchompas, you will need some equipment. This equipment varies slightly on your Hunter level, For those at 63 Hunter, Red Chinchompas aren't actually recommended quite yet, but if you are set on hunting them you will need at the minimum 4 traps. You should bring some extra in case you get a random, accidentally log out, or just forget them on the ground. If your Hunter level is 80 or above, you will want at the minimum 5 traps although you definitely should bring more, because as you have more traps set up you are more likely to lose them.


Recommended hunter equipment


Inventory: Traps, impling jars

This would be the basic set up for any hunter at the Red Chins, the impling jar and butterfly net are included for well the obvious reason Catching Implings, the Feldip Hunting Area is a hotspot for all sorts of Implings, especially the fabled dragon impling. If you have the Hunter level or the ability to use a Hunter Potion to get the level, bringing the supplies to catch a dragon impling is a must. The chisel is included in your basic equipment because you will most likely be at the Red Chinchompas for extended periods of time and will get many randoms. This way, when you get the mysterious box holding a gem, you can immediately turn that uncut gem into a cut one. Some people then drop the gems or turn them into bolt tips. It is really up to you. Either way it can give you a little crafting exp on the side instead of just dropping the uncut gems.

Once you have all your equipment and transportation in order, you are ready to start hunting. Here are a few screenshots of different ways to set up your traps and the different spots you can set them up. Hunting Spot number 1 is the most commonly used area because of its openness and the closeness to two main forms of transport, but there are actually four all together as you can see from the map.

Hunting Spot 1

Hunting spot

This area usually has 1-4 people, 4 people is very crowded though and you should either world hop or try and convince one of the other players to do so as you will not get much hunting done very quickly.

Hunting Spot 2

Hunting spot

This area is quite a bit smaller and can usually fit two people at the max but one is recommended. There are quite a few plants in the way, as well as a number of larupia wandering around which can be distracting, although they will not attack you.

Hunting Spot 3

Hunting spot

This area is not used as much as spots 1, 2, and 4 because it is so far south and very small. Only one person can fit here.

Hunting Spot 4

Hunting spot

This spot can fit 2-3 people and is used as much as spot 1. There are not many plants to interrupt your trap setting, although when in high detail its a little tricky to see your traps because of the tall grass.

Now that you know the different places to set your traps, there are different ways to set your traps. In the images you can see three of the ways you can set traps. In hunting spot 1 the character sets her traps up in a line, this is more commonly used by higher level hunters, in image 2 the character sets up her traps in a square shape, and in image 3 a square with a 5th trap in the center, the image 2 and 3 are the most commonly used setups. By watching other players, you might find a way that works better for you.

After catching the Chinchompas, you can sell them to other players for around 780 gp each. If you hunt many of these, they can be a great source of income.


If you decide to hunt Graahk, you can make around 100,000 gp in an hour by collecting their perfect furs. Graahk can be found west of the Nature Altar, north of Cairn Isle, and north-west of Shilo Village..


Mining can be a slow skill at times, but knowing how to manage those ores you mine can lead to big profits.

Gold Ore

Mining gold can be a slow, but extremely profitable way to raise mining. There are several places to mine gold. There is the Crafting Guild, Karamja, TzHaar, Keldagrim, and the Gold Mines that you can access as a reward from the Between a Rock quest. Be sure to note that when using the quest mine, the dwarf will bank it for you at a cost of one gold ore every five you send him.

Iron Ore

First, take at least 10,000gp to the mines southwest of Varrock.

Mining in the varrock southwest mine

First, Mine 26 Iron Ores from the surrounding rocks. Then ask the people around you if they want to make some money by helping you, or wander into Varrock asking people. Tell them you will pay them 1,000gp for every 26 noted Iron Ore they bring you. While they are taking the Iron Ore to the bank, continue mining. When they come back, you should have 26 Iron Ore mined already. Trade them 1,000gp and the 26 Iron Ore for the 26 noted Iron Ores. You can repeat this as many times as you want, as long as you have enough money and some helpers.

Trading ore for noted ore

When you are finished Mining and trading ores, take all of your noted Iron Ore (including the ore in your bank) to World 1. Go to Falador and try to sell there, or post on the forums. Sell for around 90-100gp each, which gives you a profit of at least 51gp per ore.

Posting in the official RuneScape forums


Mining coal is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money, and respawns approximately every 30 seconds. It can sell from 150-200 gp each, and is found in many different mines. Though you can mine it at level 30 mining, 40+ is advised so you are able to mine faster.

If you have a combat level of at least 29, I would recommend mining in the Dwarven Mines, where there are many coal rocks. It would be wise to wear armor, though, if your combat is lower than level 65 because there are many King Scorpions and scorpions in the area which hit quite high for their level. Another great mine is the Al Kharid mine. Just like the Dwarven Mines though, scorpions are around the rocks and wearing armor is recommended for lower-leveled players. Not too many coal rocks are in Al Kharid, but it's still a good choice because the Duel Arena bank is nearby. The south-western part of Lumbridge Swamp has another mine that contains a fair number of coal rocks and is somewhat close to a bank.

Once you reach 60 Mining, go to the Mining Guild, which contains 37 coal rocks. Even though it might get crowded at times, there are so many rocks there that you won't have to worry about fighting with one another for coal.

Crandor Isle may be far away from a bank, but don't be discouraged to go try to mine coal at that location. You'll get virtually no competition even on the most populated worlds.

Another good place to mine coal is just west of Seer's Village. There are coal trucks, which when fully loaded hold 120 coal, which let you transport coal to a place near the Seer's Village bank.

Mithril Ore

Mithril ore is another great ore to mine, which requires at least 55 Mining. Mithril can be sold from 150-400 gp each, which is great money if you add it all up. Mithril is located in many mines but mines that stand out are the Mining Guild, Lumbridge Swamp, and Crandor.

The Mining Guild has 5 mithril rocks which are also close to a bank. However, you will get a lot of competition, so this area is not recommended.

Southwest of the Lumbridge Swamp is a mine containing five mithril rocks and are usually open for mining. Since this place is not very well-known, you will get little competition while mining your ores.

On Crandor Isle, there are at least six mithril rocks that are almost always open, so take advantage of this and mine them! Mithril ore takes at least two minutes to respawn, though, so you might want to do something else while waiting for those rocks to respawn. World hopping is also a good way to increase your mining speed.

Adamantite Ore

Adamantite ores are a bit harder to get than other ores, but they sell from 1000-1500 gp, which can bring you with a large sum of cash if you mine many of them. They can be mined at level 70 Mining. Adamantite ore can be found in the Dwarven Mines just outside the underground entrance to the Mining Guild. The area south-west of Lumbridge Swamp also has two rocks of adamantite ore. On Crandor Island, there are three adamantite ore rocks that are almost never mined as well and are great and almost always open for a miner.

Note: If you are looking to stock up in a lot of ores it would be wise to world hop since adamantite ores take at least four minutes to respawn.

Rune Ore

Mining runite makes much more money than many other skills, and sells for a whopping 12,000 gp each! It's possible to make up to 1 million gp per hour, believe it or not. For mining runite, it is strongly suggested to world hop because ores take 12-30 minutes to respawn. For F2P, runite ores are located only in level 46 wilderness near the Lava Maze. Members can mine runite at the Heroes' Guild and the Lava Maze Dungeon. However, mining runite isn't the easiest thing to do. If you're not careful, you can die in a flash. Beware of revenants if you are taking any wilderness routes!


You have a choice of two outfits to wear:

Outfit 1
  • Rune Full Helmet
  • Rune Plate Body
  • Rune Plate Legs
  • Rune Kiteshield
  • Power Amulet or Holy Symbol
  • Leather Boots/Fighting boots/Fancy boots
  • Any Cape
  • Dragon Hide Vambraces
  • Pickaxe wielded
Outfit 2
  • Rune Full Helmet
  • Dragon Hide Body
  • Dragon Hide chaps
  • Rune Kiteshield
  • Power Amulet
  • Leather boots/Fighting Boots/Fancy boots
  • Any cape
  • Dragon Hide Vambraces
  • Pickaxe wielded


Carry about 10-20 lobsters, and make room for the ores. As you mine more, eat or drop some of the lobsters to make more space to mine runite. The idea is to have many lobsters in case you are under attack by a revenant. Mine until two lobsters are left then head back to the bank located near Bounty Hunter for easy, close, and fast storage.


If under attack by a revenant, turn on the prayer needed for the type of attack it is using. If you do not have 37+ prayer run away immediately, since some revenants hit as high as 300 Life Points! Always run a far distance and log out. Remember, these ghosts are known to follow people for several screen lengths.


Bounty Hunter is an Activity where you are able to kill other players and take their items if you win. Trying to make money by player killing (pking) is a little like gambling. You can't win anything unless you take risks. Therefore, in order to try and make some cash by player killing, you must be willing to lose what you have. With that in mind, many people will steer away from this as a source of income. It is not recommended that you use player killing as your only source of income, for three reasons:

  • First, since you have to spend money on player killing in the first place, you already start out with a negative profit. Whether you spend money or use items you've made yourself, you're still experiencing a cost of some kind.
  • Second, it isn't completely dependable. The Bounty Hunter Activity is unpredictable. At one time, a certain place will be empty, while at a moment later, it'll can be swarming with a clan. Other players will also be using their own strategies or teams to make sure they get kills, so you must always be aware. Since you are at high risk, you may end up worse off than you were before.
  • Third, even if you do successfully kill another player, you may not receive very valuable items in the drop. Therefore, while using skills to make money is consistent, the use of player killing to make money will not guarantee the same amount of money received with each kill.

So how do you become a successful player killer? You must be smart while in the Wild. You have to be aware of everyone and everything around you at all times if you expect to be successful. It may be a good idea to bring another trusted player or two with you into Bounty Hunter. This is a much safer way to travel than alone.

How do you decide whether or not you would like to fight another player? Whether or not you choose to attack a player will depend on various factors. Look at that person's items. If the player has valuable goods with him, attacking him will be more enticing. If you use the Protect Item Prayer you will save one item even if you are killed.

While in the fight, when you eat and drink is very important. Assuming you have brought good food and potions, you will have to time them accordingly. It is a good idea to drink a dose of any potion you may have with you at the beginning of the fight, and drink more when you notice it has faded. You should try to eat food sparingly, because conservation is the key. However, this does not mean that you should fight with a low amount of Life Points because you can end up dying. Prayer can also be used in fights if you want. Defensive and offensive prayers are available as well as the popular Smite prayer, which helps reduce your opponent's remaining prayer.

After a successful kill, you'll receive the opposing players items, depending on whether or not they used the prayer "item protect". It may be a good idea to leave Bounty Hunter at this point to bank the items and replenish your supplies. Afterwards, you may sell the items you've received for some well-earned money.


Runecrafting is a good way to make money for members, and while it isn't as good for non-members, it is still a source of profit. There are also other methods that have to do with Runecrafting, but don't require you do actually do any crafting of your own.

Note: For running and crafting any type of rune for another player, both players need to have at least 80 quest points for the trade to be completed.

For non-members, they only need to have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest. For now you need to mine Rune Essence on your own, and then runecraft Air Runes. The Air Runes can be sold for up to 20gp each. Once you reach level 14 in Runecrafting, you can switch to Fire Runes, however once you have reached around 44 Runecrafting, if you're a non-member, go back to Airs using the World 16 Airs method but use it as a runner instead of a crafter. See below for a more detailed explanation of World 16 Air running.

For members, once you reach level 44 Runecrafting, it is suggested to craft Nature Runes as they can be sold for much higher than Air Runes. An easy crafting option is crafting through the Abyss. The fastest way to do this is to buy a mass amount of Amulets of Glory. Then use them to teleport back to Edgeville after crafting the runes. Whenever one loses all four charges, simply change out with a charged one. The other way to do this, if your Construction Level is high enough, is to hang an Amulet of Glory inside your house, and use the House Teleport spell after you have crafted your Nature Runes through the Abyss, and then use the hung Amulet of Glory in the house to teleport back to Edgeville for another round. Another method is to use the Paddewa Teleport to teleport to Edgeville, which is obtained from Ancient Magicks once you have completed Desert Treasure.

Double Nature Rune Running

Double nature rune running is one of the best ways a RuneScape member can make money. Double Nature Rune running, or "double nats", is when you trade someone with 91+ Runecrafting in between 9 and 54 Pure Essence, and they trade back double the amount of essence you offered in Nature Runes.

There are three main ways of getting to the Nature Altar with your load of Pure Essence. One way is through the Abyss, but it is a popular place for revenants, so beware. The second way is simple running to the altar from the Shilo Village bank. The last way is noting all of your Pure Essence, and bringing some money along with you. You then want to travel between the altar and the General Store northwest of there. If you use the abyss, you have to do the Zamorak Mage mini-quest. If you want to use fairy rings to reach the Nature Rune Altar you must have at least started Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen If you want to bank at Shilo Village bank, you must have completed the Shilo Village quest.

Once you are on the Double Nature Rune world (World 36), head off to the nature rune altar using the method of your choice. The maximum amount of essence you can take is 28, and you can request assistance again after emptying any pouches you might have. Once you reach the altar, there is usually a line of people also running natures. You must wait your turn in line, or else the crafter(s) will not trade you. Once you reach the front of the line, request assist the crafter. Here is an example:

The nature runecrafting altar

Once you have crafted all of your essence, you can bank the runes if you want, but it will take much longer unless you are planning on running between the bank and the altar anyways. Get some more essence and repeat.

The best place to sell the Nature Runes is probably in Seers' Village. Always try to get the best trade possible, because you want to get the most out of all the running you've done. You can also sell the Runes on the official RuneScape forums, or any other forums' marketplace section.

World 16 Airs

Another way to make money that has to do with Runecrafting is the World 16 Airs method. This is a lot like Double Nature Rune Running, but it's Air runes instead of Nature runes, you don't get double, and the crafters pay you money. If you want money, you need to be a runner while if you are going for experience, you want to be a crafter instead.

First, you want to hop to World 16 and somehow get to Falador. You need either an Air Talisman or Tiara to enter the altar, so make sure you have one before setting off. The Tiara is preferred since it won't take up an inventory space like the Talisman does. Fill your inventory with 28 Essence and head south towards the Air Altar, then go inside it. You will see people saying things like "7x".

Req assist at the air runecrafting altar

These are the crafters saying they can make that many Air Runes per essence. Request Assist them to receive the benefit. Obviously, you want to trade whoever is offering the highest multiple. After crafting them, leave the altar. Return to the bank to un-note the essence and continue as long as you want.

Merchanting Air Runes


  • Money - 500,000gp would produce a decent amount of profit, but any amount works.

Recommended Items

  • Explorer's Ring (3) or Falador teleport runes.
  • Varrock teleport runes.

Getting There

You're going to want to make your way to Falador by either teleporting, walking or using the cabbage patch teleport. This process takes place solely in the Eastern Bank (north of the Mining Guild). It is highly recommended that you do this in world 16, as this is the Air Running world.

Routes to the Varrock east bank

The Method

Now you're going to be buying air runes from the runners for 1.5-2k cheaper than market price over the whole trade (e.g. 1k Airs = 13k, you buy for 12k). You should continue this method until you use all of the money you wish to.

A typical trade should look something like this:

Trading air runes for money

You now have X amount of air runes and it's now time to get some profit! Head to the Grand Exchange, either by teleporting to Varrock and walking north, or simply by walking all the way from Falador. Open up a trade window and put all the runes you have up for sale for at least market price.

This is how it should look once you put the airs for trade in the Grand Exchange:

Using the Grand Exchange to buy air runes

Now it's time to play the waiting game, go and do something else, or log off as selling them may take a while. Once they do sell, you should get a nice profit.


  • Be persistent, stick to your prices.
  • Do not give into bargains.
  • Note down the money you are spending on paper or a program similar to Notepad on your PC
  • Note down the money you are getting on paper or a program similar to notepad on your PC
  • Don't use all of your money for this. Remember to leave some other trade money to use for Grand Exchange Merchanting, if you wish, and keep some for personal use.
  • Respect other players using the same method and be friendly


Smithing can be a very tedious skill, but with a lot of effort, you can make millions (Even in freeplay!). The basic idea of money making with Smithing is to take any ores you bought or Mined, and Smith them into bars which can be sold like that, or made into something else.

There are three or more ways to make money from Smithing, and they both require a lot of steel bars. The Freeplay Smithing method requires a higher level than the Members method, but the Freeplay version can also be used by Members to make money.

Steel Platebodies

This method will require 48 Smithing to smith the Steel Platebodies and 55 Magic to High Alch them. If you buy your ores you will need around 320,000-400,000gp per 2,000 Coal Ore. Coal ore sells 160-200gp each, or you could always Mine the ore although it would take quite a while. With 1,000 Iron Ore (suggested you mine this but it could only cost 100-120gp each), you will end up with 1,000 Steel Bars when you finished Smelting the ores. It's recommended you have a random object such as a set of logs to make withdrawing ores easier. Withdraw 9 Iron Ore and then 18 Coal Ore and Smelt them all. Members have the option of using the Keldagrim Blast Furnace, which only requires half the coal ores.


Another method of moneymaking with Smithing is to make cannonballs. This requires a cannonball mold and the completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest. Withdraw the mold and 27 Steel bars. Take them to any furnace and use the Steel Bar on the furnace. You will make a total of 108 cannonballs each inventory. This results in around 200 gp profit per steel bar.

Iron Knives

You can also make money by smithing Iron Knifes. This method requires Smithing level 22, Iron Ores (can be mined at level 15, or bought from other players) and a Ring of Forging (can be made with Crafting level 34 and Magic level 49 or bought).

First of all, buy or obtain Iron Ores and a Ring of Forging. Smelt the Iron Ores into Iron Bars while wielding a Ring of Forging. Then smith the Iron Bars into Iron Knifes. This way you can make a profit of 68gp per bar even when you buy all the materials. When you get all the materials yourself you can make a profit of 175gp per bar.

Good Places to Smelt

These routes are the shortest routes between a bank and a nearby furnace:

Falador is a very convenient place to smelt, since its furnace is very close to both banks. The map below shows the closer one.

Falador furnace

Al-Kharid is also a very convenient place to smelt. This furnace is even closer to the bank than Falador's furnace.

Al kharid furnace

For members there is Port Phasmatys. It's recommended you wear your Ghostspeak Amulet to make it easier to bank. This is the second shortest route between a furnace and a bank anywhere in RuneScape.

Phasmatys furnace

You can also smith in Neitiznot. The furnace is one of the closest ones in the game, behind Edgeville and Port Phasmatys.

Neitiznot furnace

The closest route between a furnace and a bank is in Edgeville, but its only cons are the facts that you need to have the Varrock Armour 1 or higher to use it, and you must open the door each time you enter and exit the building which slightly slows travel time.

Edgevill furnace

Good Places to Smith

Now that you have smelted your bars, you must smith them into Steel Platebodies. Here are some great places to smith:

Varrock's banks are very close to an anvil, with one on the east side of Varrock, and on the west side. The one on the west side is one of the closest routes between an anvil and a bank.

Varrock anvils

Members can smith in Yanille, this is also one of the best place to smith in RuneScape, but is harder to get to than Varrock.

Yanille anvils

When you have the desired amount of Steel Platebodies, it's time to High Alch them. The is the best inventory set up is putting the platebodies on the left side, fourth row down, as this way you can click on the same spot without having to move your mouse. The Platebodies also have to be noted.

High level alchemy spell

Since you will get 1,200gp per Alch and the Nature Rune cost around 250-350 each, if you plan on buying all the supplies you will end up with up a loss. Use Runecrafting or Nature Rune Running to get your Nature Runes, and use a Fire Staff/Battlestaff or a Lava Staff (members only). The Lava Staff gives no additional bonuses, but it can be used instead of a Fire Staff.

Steel Bars

Another good way to make money is to smelt steel bars. In order to do this, have at least enough money to buy reasonable amounts of both coal and iron ore. Always buy twice as much coal as iron, for if you don't, you will not make the right amount of steel bars and you will have unwanted ores left over.

Begin off by heading to the Grand Exchange. Here you will buy any amounts of the coal and iron ore, but remember to get twice as much coal. (It can be recommended to buy 1k coal and 500 iron, because the cost is only about 250k.) Once you have bought the materials, head toward a bank that has a furnace near it. When you have arrived at the bank, withdraw 18 coal and 10 iron ore. When you go to the furnace, you will make 9 steel bars and have one iron ore left over. The iron ore is used as a placeholder for later runs to the bank.

Withdraw 10 iron ore

After smelting the first 9 bars, head back to the bank. Once again 18 coal and 10 iron ore. Repeat this process until wanted, or until you run out of materials.

When you have smelted all the bars you have wanted, head back to the Grand Exchange. Sell the bars you just made. After selling, you should realize you have made a profit. The percent of this profit is 33 percent! That means if you use 1 million gp for materials, you will receive 1.33 million gp in the end! Talk about a well made profit! Plus, you made a great deal of smithing experience!

Superheat Ore

The Superheat (Level-43 Magic required) item spell costs more than to smelt your ores. However, it is a potential way to train magic, making it popular.

Start off by Mining 100 or more Iron ore. Then Mine 200 or more coal. (A Steel bar requires 1 iron and 2 coal). You can make a profit as long as you mine the iron, and at least 1 coal per bar. Of course, if you mine it all, you'll make even more money! When Superheating, your inventory should include 100 or more Nature runes, 9 iron ore, and 18 coal.

Here is an equation describing the Superheat spell profit method:

600 - (180 + 290) = 130

600 - how much Steel bars sell for
180 - price of 1 Coal
290 - price of 1 Nature rune

The above method requires you to mine 1 Iron ore and 1 Coal per bar.

600 - (290) = 310

600 - how much Steel bars sell for
290 - price of one Nature rune

The above method requires you to mine 1 Iron ore and 2 Coal per bar.

600 - (80 + 180 + 290) = 50

600 - how much steel bars sell for
80 - price of 1 Iron ore
180 - price of 1 Coal
290 - price of 1 Nature rune

The above method requires you to mine 1 Coal per bar.

600 - (80 + 290) = 230

600 - how much steel bars sell for
80 - price of 1 Iron ore
290 - price of 1 Nature rune

The above method requires you to mine 2 Coal per bar.


The first method only requires level 10 Summoning. First, either buy or make one Spirit Spider Pouch and at least 10 Egg Spawn Scrolls. Summon the spider and then use the scrolls. They will cause eggs to spawn on the ground surrounding you. Red Spiders' Eggs sell for around 340 gp each on the Grand Exchange.

Collecting red spiders' eggs

The second method requires level 23 Summoning. First, either buy or make one Albino Rat Pouch and at least 10 Cheese Fest Scrolls. Summon the rat and then use the scrolls. A piece of cheese will float above the rat's head, then disappear. After that happens, interact with the rat and withdraw the five cheese produced. Cheese sells for around 120 gp each on the Grand Exchange.

There are several other uses for summoning such as:

  • Using Abyssal familiars to aid in Nat running/pure essence mining.
  • Using Beasts of burden to help you with mining/woodcutting.
  • Having a macaw out while killing monsters. This increases the herb drop rate.
  • Having a magpie out. The magpie will automatically forage gems and jewelry which can then be sold or alched.
  • Having a fruit bat out. Fruit bats will often forage seeds and other fruit that are useful for Farming and selling.
  • Gathering secondary ingredients such as Spider Carcasses, Iron Ore, and Raw Chicken.


Thieving as an option to make money in RuneScape is a tedious one, but in the end can be profitable. Basically there are few likely targets to try your pickpocketing on. For more detailed information, please refer to the Thieving Help Guide.

One of the most used NPCs for pickpocketing are Paladins, when they are either in Ardougne Castle (since they already are trapped inside a room), or trapped in one of the houses around Ardougne Square.

Pickpocketing a paladin

For each successful attempt you will get 80gp and two Chaos Runes. Keep at this for a while and you can reach a total of up to 900-1,000 Chaos Runes and 36,000-40,000gp. Selling the Chaos Runes to players can give you a total of 100,000-130,000gp per hour.

Another way to sell your Chaos Runes is at Tzhaar Magic shop for 9 Tokkul each. If you have enough Tokkul to buy an uncut Onyx stone, costing 300,000 Tokkul, it can be Crafted into an Amulet of Fury with level 90 Crafting and sold to players for 2,900,000gp-3,200,000gp (23/12/07). This method can take a while since you would need over 30,000 Chaos runes to sell, and since the more you sell to a store the less they buy the same item for, you might want to switch worlds every so often to get a fresh store inventory to sell to.

The second option are Knights of Ardougne. They bring 50gp per successful attempt, which can add up to 75,000gp per hour played.

Pickpocketing a knight

The last way NPC suggested to pickpocket are Master Farmers. They can yield a large variety of seeds, making them a good target for Farmers, and Pickpockets. Ranarr seeds can bring up to 25,000gp each and both Strawberry and Watermelon seeds are wanted by the avid farmers. Strawberries can be sold for up to 2,000gp each, while Watermelon seeds may sell up to 3,000gp each. Though these particular seeds are pretty rare, on average 75,000-100,000 per hour played is possible.

Pickpocketing a master farmer

Lastly, there is the Pyramid Plunder Activity. The Gold Trinkets that might be obtained can be sold to Simon Templeton for up to 1,250gp each. But the most important item possible is the Pharaoh's Sceptre. This can bring a hefty 800,000gp when sold to fellow players. Though a rare find, some players may get up to 2 per hour.


Woodcutting is one of the top money making skills for free-to-players since it requires little effort and the logs can be sold for up to a few hundred gp each.

Required Items

The only item needed for Woodcutting is an axe, also called a hatchet. Axes come in all the metals from Bronze all the way up to Dragon(members only). The higher level requirements for an Axe, the faster it will cut logs.


Since you will be doing a lot of running around to and from the bank, you will need a light outfit.

Recommended woodcutting equipment

This is what is being worn:

  • Spotted Cape or Spottier Cape
  • Rune Axe (Or best axe you can afford and use)
  • Black Dragon Hide (suggested for Evil Chicken random events, but not really needed. Wear the best you can)
  • Boots of Lightness
  • Strung Rabbit Foot

Anything can be switched and you don't need any of this, apart from the axe, of course. This is just a suggested outfit.

Most of these items are members only, so for free-to-players, you might just want to bring some light armor or nothing else besides your hatchet.

Woodcutting, Level-By-Level

Levels 1 to 15

This, sad to say, is one of the worst times to make money through Woodcutting. All you will need to do, is gather around 1,000 normal logs with the best place to buy them is in Draynor Village. Then sell them on the Runescape Forums (You have to be a member to post on there, but not to view it). They usually go for between 10-25gp each.

Levels 15 to 30

Oaks are more profitable than normal logs but again, this still isn't the best way to get cash from Woodcutting. People buy Oak Logs in any amounts. The place to cut them is once again, Draynor Village. If you're looking to sell them, try selling in the Construction or Fletching sections on the Runescape forums. The prices are around 25-50gp each.

Levels 30 to 45

Willows are an okay way to make cash, and also provide the best experience. Most people will want to buy these logs to get their Fletching level up. Catherby is the best place to cut these logs. There is usually somebody there, but the other two lonely trees are usually free, so it's recommend cutting Willows there. Prices range from 25-30gp each.

A great way to cut willows:

1. Teleport using a games necklace to the Barbarian Outpost
2. Very slightly to the west of the building are many willows, begin to cut there.
3. When your inventory is full, simply go inside the Barbarian Assault building and use the bank deposit box. Repeat this cycle.

Levels 45 to 60

Maple Logs. These beauties will give you some OK experience, but not as much as willows. They sell for 55-70gp each. The trees are located around Seers Village, which is convenient since there there is a bank nearby. Above the bank are 3 trees that might get a little crowded, but all the other trees get less crowded.

Levels 60 to 75

Yews are one of the best ways to get money. These are high in demand due to players trying to raise their Fletching level. These are sold for a pretty high price, 300-380gp each, and are very easy to sell.

Levels 75 to 99

Magic Logs are the most expensive logs, but are really hard to get a whole inventory as they take a long time to cut. These trees are almost always packed, so competition can be tough. Magics are sold for 900-1,200gp each.

Other Methods

Tanning Cow Hides

First, buy or collect as many cow hides as you want. Then tan them via the tanner in Al Kharid, the Crafting Guild, or Canifis (higher prices). Sell the tanned leather for around 150 gp, while being bought at around 100 gp.

Battlestaff Merchanting

In order to do this successfully and make money off of it, you need to have the following things:

  • At least 224k. Less can work, but you make more money with the more you bring
  • Varrock Armour 2 or above
  • A members account

How to Start

First, go to Zaff's Staff shop in Varrock while wearing the Varrock Armour 2 or above. Right-click him and select "Buy-Battlestaffs" option. Buy as many as you can (32 for Varrock Armour 2, 64 for Varrock Armour 3) and bank. Repeat the process until he no longer sells any to you. Withdraw the battlestaffs as notes and go to the Grand Exchange. Sell them for around 8,500 gp each, resulting in 1,500 gp profit for each Battlestaff sold.


Making planks can bring great profits to you. There are three distinct ways to make planks. The first one is to run them on foot from the east Varrock bank to the Sawmill and back. You could also choose to teleport back to Varrock and walk the short way to the bank. In addition to doing this by foot, you can also send your servants to make some planks.

The second way to make planks is to use Air Balloons. This requires the completion of the quest Enlightened Journey and the unlocking of the Varrock Hot Air Balloon. To start out, you will wear as little as you can, preferably weight reducing items. Also wear a Ring of Duelling for teleportation. You can only take up to 40 kg of items onto the balloon at once, so you need to take 1 Willow Log, 19 Oak Logs, and one tinderbox. Each log weighs 2 kg, so weight reducing items would allow you to make planks faster. Start out at Castle Wars and run to the north-east. Take the balloon to Varrock and run the short distance to the Sawmill. Use the Ring of Duelling to teleport back to Castle Wars to bank. Repeat this as much as needed.

The third way to make planks is to cast the Plank Make Lunar spell. This method does not gain money unless you make your own runes. Each cast of this spell will convert a single log into a plank. To turn a regular log into a plank, you will need 70gp. To turn an Oak log into a plank, you will need 175gp. To turn a Teak log into a plank, you will need 350gp. To turn a Mahogany log into a plank, you will need 1050gp. This spell can only be used after completion of the Dream Mentor quest. It requires 2 Astral, 15 Earth, 1 Nature and coins. It grants 90 experience per cast.


You can make some money playing Activities too. In Pest Control, you can spend your points on the Herb Packs, making around 120,000 gp an hour. In Barbarian Assault, you can buy the Granite Plate for only 95,000 gp and a queen point and then sell it for more profit. In Trouble Brewing, you can buy "The Stuff" for use in Brewing. It increases the chance your drink will be mature.

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